New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
Excerpts From Chapters 39 & 40
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chapter 39



How To Overcome The Fear & Apathy That Is Rampant In The Black Community

Considering the existing levels of apathy, indifference, lack of expertise and high levels of fear that currently exist in Black America; as well as, the penchant to holler racism and accuse other ethnic communities of being racist when members of our community are denied anything by State Powers, none of the aforementioned legal structures are suitable for organizing, establishing, funding and building a world class New Age Corporation™ in the Black community. Therefore, organizing structures that can adapt or neutralize extremely high fear levels; as well as, negative existing realities will be far more effective in implementing a developmental and growth strategy.
What is a cell? Using a traditional definition, a cell can best be described as a small group acting as a unit within a larger organization. The converse of this definition, that is suitable for a New Age Corporation™'s developmental purposes, is a small group acting as a unit to build a larger organization. There are no laws governing this particular organizational structure. The primary purpose of a community “Cell” or “Group” is to determine factually, the actual financial condition of the Black community in which they live. This information will be used to address community needs after the corporation is formed, fully funded and operational.
Community Cells or Groups will also determine; on a preliminary basis, the types and kinds of profitable businesses the community needs, i.e., grocery stores, gasoline stations, clothing stores, dollar stores, possible franchise operations or real estate acquisitions for low cost leasing or rental purposes. Goods and services are at cost. This includes rents for corporately owned apartment complexes and any other form of residential housing. The same is true for any commercial real estate. Therefore, businesses owned and operated by New Age Corporations™ basically cycle inventory, thus bringing immediate financial benefits to Shareholders because they own the assets collectively.
Community Cells or Groups will also take the financial pulse of the community. This will help determine the minimum participation fee for the community. Based on an unscientific assessment of the financial health of members of America’s Black community, the Participation Fee for Asset Acquisition is $500.00, the Administration Fee is $200.00 and the Processing Fee is $100.00 so that an individual can be legally transitioned in to a shareholder in a New Age Corporation™ that has financial power and political clout.
Cells will also gather information and make decisions as to the members of the first Board of Directors, i.e., the Chief Executive Officer, President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and the Corporate Secretary. These people must be people in the community that are not only intelligent, respected, have character, are principled morally and ethically; as well as, educated; either self educated or a graduate from an institution of higher education, they must also have a fairly good credit rating in order to open the corporate bank account. Cell members also have the responsibility of naming the corporation.


Chapter 40



Why New Age Capitalism™ & New Age Corporations™ Will Benefit White America

Throughout the preceding chapters of this book the benefits of New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™ for Black America have been thoroughly discussed. In this final chapter, the writer of this publication will discuss the benefits of this economic engine for White America. Unlike Black America, White America clearly understands, Black America needs more wealth, not more welfare and Black America needs to learn how to generate profits not programs. White America will benefit from New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product New Age Thinking, for the following reasons.

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