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Chapter 9



The Future Of Black America



The Future of Black America is dependent on millions understanding and accepting the most important reality that --- the severely flawed economic and social systems of communism and/or socialism will never benefit the majority of Black Americans or any other majority that believes in these philosophies. This is proven by the rejection of socialism and communism in every nation in which the advocates of socialism and communism have seized power and control.


The majority of people in everyone of these nations; either secretly or openly, want to rid themselves of these governments, their sponsors and their supporters that live well, while they struggle to keep a roof over their heads and food on the proverbial table.


The people that support these regimes and their rise to power fail to read the books written by the proponents of these governing philosophies or fail to accept the undeniable fact that there is absolutely nothing in the Communist Manifesto that states or even hints that the communists will be subjected to the same laws, rules, regulations and mandates they impose on others.


The same is true for advocates of socialism. There is nothing in any socialist doctrine or dogma that states the socialists will be subjected to the edicts they impose on others. If this were true, China, Cuba, North Korea, Western and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and many other countries with these governing philosophies would be paradises on earth...and they are not.


The same is true for politicians in America today that prey on the collective ignorance of the Black American population. These modern day carpetbaggers and political misfits have no interest in ending poverty or doing anything for Black America; except to use America's Black population as a springboard for their own political ambitions of power, wealth and influence. The progressives and socialist operating today have learned how to exploit, use and transform; in a Predatorially Capitalistic way, the failure of America's government policies and the collective ignorance and failure of the American people, into policies, programs and income..that benefit the few, and only the the expense of.... and the detriment of the many.


In the past, the ‘so called Elite Blacks’, the American government and the White business community promised much..but delivered very little. The vast majority of Black Americans are still waiting for their American dream to become a reality. This will never happen in their lifetime. For the vast majority, there is no American dream. What the evidence and America’s history clearly shows and verifies is an American nightmare or an illusionary virtual reality.


The “so called Establishment or Elite Blacks” that seem to be severely afflicted with the “Slave Mentality” of Malcolm Little’s aka Malcolm X’s ‘so called Negro’, Preachers, Ministers and Bishops in America’s Black Churches, the Liberal White Media, Black business leaders and many others are seemingly pre-occupied with proving to the masses of Black Americans that we have arrived; when in actuality all we have done is moved down the track.


As long as a private bank prints the currency and controls the money supply, there are only 3 classes of citizens in America. First Class, Second Class and No Class. The bankers and controllers are First Class. Corporate owners and their accredited investors are Second Class  and everyone else has No Class distinction. Therefore, all that is happening on Black America’s train to prosperity is the accommodations for No Class citizens have improved. The bottom line, however, is the remaining cars that are hooked to Black America’s prosperity train are still at the depot. Many African American publications; that are filled with well dressed No Class citizens, insist on perpetuating the myth with token images of the “so called progress” of African Americans. Frankly, Black publications need these token images to sell advertising space to White businesses.


Over the years, Black publications have become adept at showcasing successful Blacks for advertising purposes. Every presidential administration; since the Civil Rights Movement, has done and will continue to do the same thing. Since this is America and not the former Soviet Union or Communist China, the writer of this publication is reluctant to call this triumphal procession and charade a PROPAGANDA parade.


The fact of the matter is, only a handful of Black Americans or a token few will ever be allowed to really “make it”; and those that do, will basically be White people clothed in Black, Brown or Yellow skin. Another bottom line fact Black people refuse to accept is the unmistakable reality that we; as a racial and/or ethnic group, are a colony inside a sovereign state. And like every other colony, we are allowed to exist in a powerless state so that we can be managed and of course, exploited.


The horrifying reality of all this is that in Black America, we have become experts at exploiting ourselves and to our own detriment. Psychologically induced self exploitation and imprisonment are far more effective as a control mechanism than barbed wire fences and guard towers. The reality of living 40-50 years in America’s highly controlled African colony are states of mind and an adaptive behaviors that would stagger the imagination of anyone that is trained in scientific observation and/or evaluation.


This is proven by America's and the entire western world's expenditures on poverty programs. After trillions of dollars spent on education, training and social programs for the poor, the poor are poorer now than they ever were before the money was spent. If western governments would have given the trillions to the poor, rather than spend it on programs for the poor, the world’s poor would have been much better off. As the following excerpts from the Heritage Foundation reveal, the more government spends, the more poverty remains.


Chapter 10



A New Age Corporation™ Is Not Your Average American Corporation


When New Age Corporations™ begin to emerge in 2016, and during the years after 2016, it is important to remember how and why New Age Corporations™ are different from every other corporation in America. New Age Corporations™ are based on New Age Capitalism™. In 2016, with a $500.00 participation fee, a non refundable $200.00 administration fee, a $100.00 nonrefundable processing fee, and a $5.00 a month continuous funding fee; to maintain offices and staff, any working man and/or woman with verifiable ©Transition Documents can participate in business ownership, asset acquisition, profit sharing and experience the power of being an owner of a mega corporation.


Ownership and responsibility is shared collectively, rather than individually. New Age Corporation™ shareholders/owners are directly involved in the decision making process by contributing insights as to what business format/s and/or idea/s can work successfully in their market environment. Since it may take 2 or 3 years before a business realizes a profit after expenses and taxes, A New Age Corporation™’s stock stays with the individual and his/her family during and after the growth and development process. Therefore, ownership is permanent and generational.


In New Age Corporations™, the Board of Directors and the shareholders/ owners are a collective unit with shared and equal responsibility for corporate growth and expansion. The Board and shareholders/owners work together; rather than separately, to ensure the corporation’s long term viability and solvency.


Business ideas and/or concepts from the community are sent to the Standing Committee that sends them to the Board of Directors for research, evaluation and/or development. If the evaluation and research process produces a viable business venture with profit making potential, it is presented to the Shareholders for an up or down vote. Shareholders’ firsthand knowledge and experience in their communities are priceless corporate assets. The direction a New Age Corporation™ takes; relative to a business acquisition, is dictated by their votes.


No other corporate concept exists that can help hourly wage earners own corporations like New Age Capitalism™’s innovative.. and.. creative business acquisition.. and.. development concept. Most New Age Corporations™ can begin with franchise acquisition because of the advantages that are inherent in franchise ownership. Franchises are only the tip of the iceberg. In a New Age Corporation™, shareholders/owners collectively make the decisions and the Standing Committee and the Board of Directors implement what the shareholders/owners have decided.


Therefore, all the activities, knowledge and expertise required to develop and manage the business enterprises are agreed upon by a majority vote. The Boards of all New Age Corporations™ exist to benefit the owners. Shareholders/owners do not exist to benefit the Board of Directors. The Board and shareholders/owners exist to benefit each other and the community in general. The more benefits, profits and wealth a New Age Corporation™ earns or generates for its owners, the more a New Age Corporation™ can assist in improving the Black community.


Unlike, your average corporation, a NO vote for a business acquisition in any New Age Corporation™ is vitally important. When a shareholder casts a NO vote, it is important to the Board of Directors and other shareholders to find out why. A shareholder/ owner that votes NO, may have valuable insights the majority have not foreseen, or overlooked or he/she/they might have information that he/she/they have discovered that could have devastating impact on an approved project. Thus, every NO vote is another way to improve a New Age Corporation™’s business development model/s before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions just to discover, the shareholder/s/owner/s that voted NO, were right all along. Therefore, the Nays are just as important as the Ayes.


In addition, every share of a New Age Corporation™'s stock is a vote. One share equals one vote, 10 shares....10 votes, 100 shares...100 votes..and 1,000 shares...a 1,000 votes., etc. This is why the Nays are important. An individual with 10,000 shares automatically has more votes than an individual with one share. 10,000 voting shares can stalemate a project and...for other than...personal reasons. Consequently, to balance the voting field before a venture is funded, the Board of every New Age Corporation™ will always find out the reasons why a shareholder/owner voted NO, especially a NO vote from a shareholder/owner with a huge number of shares.


Whenever this happens, the Board must investigate the matter further. Therefore, this will require additional research before engaging in a proposed venture. It is also important to remember the SEC’s requirements for ‘accredited investors’ automatically eliminate segments of the American population from ever participating in start up business ventures at the Founder’s level that might have huge profit making potential.

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