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Chapter 3


The ‘So Called Negro’ Needs To Stop His Unproductive Activity Of Marching In The Streets, Rioting, Looting & Burning



Marching in the streets of America for more government programs for Malcolm Little’s aka Malcolm X’s ‘so called Negro’ is a waste of time. America is already heavily in debt to foreign countries and more government programs to increase the ignorance levels and dependency of the ‘so called Negro’ on the Democratic Party or any other Political Party will not solve the ‘so called Negro’s’ economic woes. In fact, more government dependency will slowly but surely hasten the demise of what is left of America’s predominately Black communities. As a distinct ethnic and racial group, we cannot allow this to happen.

Rioting, looting and burning down the only businesses in the community, in which you live, are also unproductive and destructive. Black people are not the only ethnic group in America.....and the rest of America’s ethnic populations are getting just a little bit tired of this kind of mindless, savage..or..barbaric behavior. This sudden explosion of violence against the ‘so called Negro’ in police custody might be the precursor of a major shift in attitude and tolerance. The reader can go to to see America’s mounting debt and to the October 22nd Coalition’s website at to learn more about efforts to stop police brutality, repression and criminalization.


New Age Capitalism™'s concept of "many paying a little to fund corporate enterprises that they collectively own, manage and operate" is the only viable and workable strategy that can produce immediate and long lasting positive results. New Age Capitalism™ mandates those who put up the money shall collectively own and share the profits. Considering the economic state of the Black community, it is also the only viable long term economic strategy for Black people or Alkebulanians (many now believe this is the original name of Africa. If this is proven true, then by default, Black people are Alkebulanians – Re: Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan).


Surely, when hundreds of thousands or millions of Black Americans collectively own profitable business enterprises and income producing properties, they are not going to be rioting, looting and burning down the income producing assets they own. And, they are going to do whatever is necessary to stop anyone else from looting and burning down their profit making businesses and income producing assets. The following are excerpts from the BBC’s report on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri that occurred in November of 2014.


“[F]erguson riots: Ruling sparks night of violence


25 November 2014

From the section US & Canada”


“[T]he US town of Ferguson has seen rioting and looting after a jury decided not to bring charges over the killing of a black teenager.”


“[M]ichael Brown was shot by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, on 9 August, sparking protests.”


“[A] police chief said the latest violence in the suburb of St Louis, Missouri, was probably much worse" than on any night since the teenager's death.”


“[S]t. Louis County police chief Jon Belmar said rioters had fired 150 shots.”


“[M]any in the African-American community had called for Mr. Wilson to be charged with murder, but after three months of deliberation a Missouri grand jury - of nine white and three black members - made no recommendation of charges.”


“[P]resident Barack Obama joined the teenager's family on Monday in appealing for calm, urging Americans to accept the decision was "the grand jury's to make''.”

Source: 7/6/2015 -


Within months after Ferguson, Missouri, Malcolm Little’s aka Malcolm X’s ‘so called Negro’ was rioting, looting and burning again. This time in Baltimore, Maryland. The following are excerpts from CNN’s report on the riot.


“[B]altimore riots: Looting, fires engulf city after Freddie Gray's funeral


“[B]y Holly Yan and Dana Ford, CNN

Updated 10:30 AM ET, Tue April 28, 2015”


“[(CNN)] Streets in Baltimore looked like a war zone early Tuesday after a night of riots, fires and heartbreak.”


"[T]oo many people have spent generations building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs who -- in a very senseless way -- are trying to tear down what so many have fought for," Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.”


“[S]ecurity beefed up after looting, fires engulf Baltimore”


“[Buildings and cars across the city were engulfed in flames. About a dozen businesses looted or damaged. At least 15 officers were wounded, six of them seriously, the police commissioner said.”


“[L]ate Monday night, CNN crews saw looters breaking in through the roof of a Baltimore liquor store. They were tossing bottles and cans of alcohol onto the street below.”


“[A]ll this came just hours after the funeral for Freddie Gray, who died of a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody.”


“[G]ray's family denounced the violence.”  Source: 7/5/2015 -


The ‘so called Negro’s’ mindless stupidity never accomplishes anything worthwhile and it is typical of his “Slave Mentality” that will be thoroughly discussed later in this publication. It never occurs to the ‘so called Negro’ to engage in behaviors that are conducive to his/her personal growth and development; such as studying or researching zero energy technology, biotechnology, robotic technology, avionics, metallurgy, aerodynamics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace technology or any other technological or scientific pursuit from which he can benefit himself and others.


Malcolm Little’s aka Malcolm X’s ‘so called Negro’ is locked into a mindset, that is difficult, if not impossible, to extricate him from without New Age Thinking. Otherwise, it will never occur to the ‘so called Negro’ to spend more time studying calculus, trigonometry, mathematics, biology, botany or zoology; rather than studying Thugology. It will never occur to the ‘so called Negro’, to stop wasting what little financial resources he/she does have and save at least $800.00 so he/she can participate in an asset acquisition program so that he/she can be transitioned into a shareholder/owner of a New Age Corporation™.


The world’s first New Age Corporation™ is limited to 200,000 owners and to approximately 8 billion in annual income for shareholders/ owners. Therefore, thanks to New Age Capitalism™, there is room on this planet for 100 more New Age Corporations™, each with 100,000 shareholders that own the corporation and its income producing assets. Rather than have unproductive Million Man Marches every 20 years, it is far better and wiser to have Black people owning major corporations.


The bravery and courage of New Age incorporators must be duplicated over and over and become the standard for corporate growth and development in Black America, rather than the exception. Rioting, looting, burning and millions of Malcolm Little's aka Malcolm X's ‘so called Negroes’ perpetually living on government programs will eventually lead to a backlash with devastating and perhaps violent and/or deadly results. The only perspective the ‘so called Negro’ is concerned about is his/her own Iism, meism and myism i.e., "I got mine.. you get yours". He/she rarely, if ever demonstrates a proclivity to intelligently consider another individual's or group's point of view. Yes, there is such a reality as a “White Backlash”, that is very, very real as the following article describes.


Chapter 4

What Is New Age Capitalism™?


The only thing about New Age Capitalism™ that is a fixed location in time and space is an office building. The reality of New Age Capitalism™ is not a physical place or location fixed in time and space. Therefore, a New Age Corporation™'s location is wherever a Shareholder/ Owner lives. At its core, New Age Capitalism™ is a philosophy of action and activity that is based upon seven principles. When properly understood, New Age Capitalism™ is the only means by which poverty can be eradicated and the Black community can earn a right to sit at the economic table.


New Age Capitalism™, when properly understood is the only means by which environmental issues can be solved, social issues solved, economic issues solved, political issues solved, zero energy technologies developed and anything else human society needs for long term sustainability that can be researched and developed. New Age Capitalism™ is independent of race, creed or national origin, religious beliefs, education, relationships, affiliations or any other self-limiting factor.


When it comes to asset acquisition, there are only seven questions a New Age Capitalist™ will need to ask himself/herself.


1.         Does a genuine opportunity exists for profit or gain?


2.         What is the upside gain? ( profit making potential)


3.         What are the downside risks? (the potential for loss)


4.         Is it morally sound?


5.         Is it ethically sound?


6.         What are the tangible and/or intangible benefits for myself?


7.         What are the tangible and/or intangible benefits for others?


            Anyone with half a brain can ask himself/herself the same seven questions. Now that you have a working knowledge of New Age Capitalism™, we can now proceed to a definition of New Age Capitalism™ the historical record can and will support in years to come.


New Age Capitalism™ is an asset acquisition philosophy and strategy based on Otis Harrison’s concept of "many paying a little to capitalize, fund or provide money for a corporate entity that they collectively own. Even though the concept is great in theory and practicality, it absolutely will not and cannot work without George M. Sistrunk's copyrighted Transitional Documents that makes the concept compliant with SEC guidelines and regulations. This concept came into existence because of the failure of government policies, as it relates to people of color living in America. George M. Sistrunk realized there is too much apathy within the Black community; as it relates to self development and personal growth.


In addition, there is rampant; as well as, deeply entrenched ignorance as to the limitations and the devastating impact of government sponsored programs on Black people. A new concept was needed because of the absence of the psychological and intellectual importance of community directed economic development. These maladies; that currently exist on a massive scale within Black communities and our institutional structures, are self-defeating, self-limiting, debilitating and unproductive.


New Age incorporators like those that will be funding and owning New Age Corporations™, did not create Black America’s economic nightmare of total dependency on others to educate Black Americans, provide jobs for Black Americans, give Black Americans credibility and/or careers and provide opportunities for Black Americans. New Age Capitalism™ has simply discovered effective methods and means that will reverse this trend. For the first time in the history Black America, Black people can become participants, innovators and beneficiaries of technological advances, rather than be the only ethnic group that is always marginalized, victimized and/or demoralized by advanced technological innovation. You cannot call people racists because they developed new technologies that eliminated the need for your labor or because; we, as an ethnic group, consistently fail to develop technologies ourselves.


The following are simply the facts: Advanced cotton picking methods destroyed the need to have millions of unskilled Black people in the cotton fields and robotic technology has virtually eliminated the need for hundreds of thousands of low skilled factory workers.


The abundance of factory jobs, contributed to the migration of Black people out of the South into what are now the crumbling ghettos and inner cities of the North, Northeast, Midwest and West. The Black people that remained in the South now have the same debilitating community realities as every other major town or city with large Black populations, regardless of its geographical location.


A New Age Capitalist™ can be anyone, living anywhere on the planet; such as, a retired worker, a bum on the street, an entertainer, a movie producer, writer, artist, educator, plumber, singer, machinist, small business owner, or a farmer growing organic foods in Idaho, Israel, Canada or anywhere else he can take advantage of a market for organic foods or the revolt against genetically modified foods (GMOs). The opportunity for profit or gain is virtually everywhere.


New Age Capitalists™ have no desire to cheat anyone out of anything because they are innovative and imaginative; as well as, being astute investors in income producing assets. In addition, since the owners of New Age Corporations™ are the people themselves, who is left to cheat? The most lucrative opportunities for New Age Capitalists™ exist whenever and wherever they can take advantage of opportunities in business, industry or government.

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