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Chapter 7

The Potential Dark Side of New Age Capitalism™ 


        Everything in the known universe is impacted by the duality principle of opposites. New Age Capitalism™ cannot be and will not be excluded. There is a good and there is the absence of good or evil. There is light and the absence of light or darkness. Because the influx of cash to fund corporate operations and acquisitions is rapid, New Age Capitalim™ has only been discussed in its purest form.


Even though this might sound like a line from a Star Wars movie, New Age Capitalism™ can have a dark side if corporate managers and/or the Board of Directors decide they want faster profits in larger amounts to use for themselves. Huge numbers of Black Americans have been victimizing themselves for years with their habitual need for conspicuous consumption to impress each other as to how well they are doing financially.


Before the advent of New Age Capitalism™, Black Americans did not, could not and cannot impress any other ethnic group with their buying habits and spending tendencies. These detrimental and self defeating habits include, but are not limited to expensive clothes, cars, jewelry and homes, outlandish fashions and styles; as well as, having the latest fashions, styles and/or gadgets.


It is important to remember that New Age Capitalism™ is subject to the same binary forces that exist throughout the universe and in human societies around the world. This includes, Good and Evil, Positive and Negative, Right and Left, Cold and Hot, Up and Down, In and Out, Right and Wrong and On and Off, etc.. Therefore, New Age Capitalism™ can also be used to exploit people and their circumstances, situations and/or events, rather than bene-fit them. Like everything else in human nature, a profit is a profit and an opportunity for profit is an opportunity for profit. As already stated, even though it is not necessary for New Age incorporators to be corrupt, immoral and/or a degenerate, a New Age incorporator is just as human as everyone else.


            Consequently, if a government needs to find a corporation for a Black Ops program to provide weapons to terrorists for a political or any other reason, they can also use New Age incorporators for this purpose. Like everything else that involves profit and/or gain, all a New Age incorporator wants to know is how many weapons? ...what kind? ... and how soon do you need them? Additional examples are as follows:


You need drugs? How much.. and what kind? You need to discredit your political opponent? When do you need it done? You need to find some uninsured people with major health problems for legislative effect? How many people do need and when do you need them? You need an incident to pass some security legislation? When do want it.... and how bad of an incident do you need?


You need technology and expertise to disintegrate some towers? When do you want it? You need technology to fly jets into buildings at high speeds? When do want it? You need a President or a leader assassinated that wants to get rid of the central bank? When do you want it done? You need to get into America? How soon do you need to be across the border?


Throughout America and around the world, there are capitalists of all kinds, sizes, ethnic groups and types exploiting people, circumstances, situations and events for profit or gain. In America’s inner cities, even though the overwhelming majority are illegal, are numerous young capitalists involved in drug dealing, prostitution, the number rackets, extortion and the list goes on. Because of the speed that cash can flow into Black owned New Age Corporations™ that use New Age Capitalism™ to fund corporate operations, these newly created corporate entities must set themselves apart from all others and focus on viable and long lasting income producing strategies that acquire long lasting; as well as, beneficial income producing assets for their owners ..the shareholders. Before the advent of New Age Capitalism™, the following is a list of the infrastructure related accomplishments of African American males.

1.  Number of major cities built by African American males: -0-

2.  Number of major construction projects; dams, bridges, etc., completed by African American males: -0-

3.  Number of major industries built by African American males: -0-

4.  Tax bases created by African American males capable of sustaining government services at any level: -0-

5.  Number of African Americans employed by ‘Whites’ either in a household,a corporation or business and supporting a family: -Millions-

Source: 7/6/2015 - The Injustice File @  

The facts are clear and undeniable: The failure of African Americans; especially African American men to organize ourselves and create businesses and employment opportunities - like Whites, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups leaves Black communities, particularly within urban centers, without legitimate economic opportunities. This lack of economic opportunity for Black males within our own communities naturally produces idle Black males which, as one would expect, leads to criminal and/or violent behavior and/or violent and/or deadly confrontations.


When it comes to the Black Middle Class, no other race flees their own racial/ethnic group like Black people. Truly, can any reader of this publication think of..or know of..any multi-millionaire Black male or female that didn't get their millions then head straight for the White community to live. Blacks who flee to the White community are actually depriving the Black community of economic activity. This is another dark side to New Age Capitalism™, getting the money and fleeing.


Chapter 8



New Age Capitalism™ Vs Communism Or Marxism And/Or Socialism 


Since a New Age Corporation™ is not your average American corporation and currently Black America owns no major corporations, we must examine the ideas, concepts, precepts and/or philosophies that might be floating around in the minds of African Americans that have hindered our economic development for years and will continue to hinder it for years to come if not removed. Since this publication is concerned with presenting reliable information that New Age Corporations™ can be established on a national scale, in the remaining chapters it will be necessary to address some major philosophies that have seeped into the Black community since 1950 that might hinder this process.


We will even address the failed and failure prone philosophies of Reparations for Slavery and Black Capitalism. Communism or Marxism and/or Socialism are major national philosophies that can hinder or neutralize the potential for explosive economic growth and the development of the Black community. {Go to Chapter 11 to review why "Reparations for Slavery" has failed and will continue to fail as an income strategy or philosophy.} {Go to Chapter 14 to review why "Black Capitalism" has failed and will continue to fail as an economic development strategy or philosophy}


Remember: What a New Age Corporation™ is: A New Age Corporation™ is a legal entity that is based on New Age Capitalism™'s many paying a little to finance major corporate entities in which those that put up the money own the corporations. The Board of Directors work for those that put up the money. The purpose of these mega New Age Corporations™ is to acquire income producing assets on a massive scale for their owners – the Shareholders, i.e., more specifically, members of the world’s Black community. For the first time in the history of Black America, Black people will have a method and means to fund and own major corporate entities that can participate in or own a percentage of the means of production; most notably, manufacturing and distribution.


Unlike the owners of the vast majority of the world’s corporations, all New Age Corporations™ will come from the ranks of the millions of Black Americans that earn $25.00 or less an hour as a salary or wage. This also includes those that are on fixed income and are not participants or Founders in any major corporate entity that has the economic power to protect them and their families; financially and politically. The overwhelming majority of Black Americans and everyone else in this income range and/or category, will never earn $200,000.00 a year working in their current jobs or positions.


This cannot and will not be done because paying wages and salaries at this level to millions of lower skilled workers is cost prohibitive. Therefore, no Black American or anyone else that is employed as a government worker in the lower levels or working in factories or plants, department stores, convenient stores, restaurants or being a bricklayer, welder, plumber, sheet metal mechanic, electrician or an equipment operator on a construction site, driving trucks, teaching school, working in hospitals, barbershops, beauty salons, flower shops, delivering mail,serving in the armed forces and/or in law enforcement as semi-skilled or skilled laborers will never earn $200,000.00 a year individually or $300,000.00 jointly with a spouse.


The aforementioned are a just a few of the many occupations that will never have access to the Founder’s level of a major corporate entity. Therefore, under current SEC rules, Black people and many others are effectively barred from participating at the Founder's level in any major corporate entity in the United States. The Founder's level has the greatest risk and the greatest potential for profit or gain and its ensuing financial and/or personal rewards. New Age Capitalism™ changes all this. Thousands, if not millions, can now participate in corporate ownership at the Founder's level.


Since risk is effectively minimized across the board and throughout the corporation, the income producing assets that New Age Corporations™ acquire are held jointly by their owners. Therefore, individual risk is minimized because it is jointly experienced and shared by the many, rather than, a few. When profits and/or income from acquired assets are sufficient, they are paid to the owners on a regular basis based on the number of shares. Therefore, for years to come, the income from acquired assets can be used to improve the lives of the owners of these corporations, their families and the Black community in general; as well as, provide additional political leverage...that currently.... does not exist.


Marxism or communism and socialism are diametrically opposed to this concept. There is no freedom or ownership in Marxism or communisim and no genuine freedom in socialism. At their core; communism and socialism are economic, political, social and religious systems in which the state or the few control and own everything. There is no such reality as private enterprise in a communist state and only limited free enterprise in a socialist state.


If we analyze Marxism, communism and socialism from a street perspective, what you will discover is a gangster operation masquerading as a government. The key word in Marxism or communism and socialism is CONTROL by the communists and/or the socialist leadership, their sponsors and supporters. Under these governing philosophies there will never be any legitimate control or redress for the masses of people. Why did communism fail as an economic system? Well..let’s see.

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