New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
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Chapter 15

New Age Capitalism™ & The Black Middle Class



            Without New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™, the verifiable reality is this: The current Black Middle Class will eventually die out and not be replaced. Political power without economic power is analogous to having a car without an engine. No matter how good the car looks on the inside and outside, the undeniable and irrefutable fact of failing to put in an engine, simply means the car is not going anywhere.


Nationally, African America has no engine for economic development and growth, therefore, the Black Middle Class is not going anywhere and neither is the Black community. Without an economic engine, a Black Middle Class is not sustainable for the long term or generationally. If Black America think America’s other ethnic groups are going to keep millions of Black people on welfare or in cost intensive government run prisons for another generation, they are sadly mistaken.

Without an economic development engine or power source to sustain a Black Middle Class beyond the lifespan of its current members, there is no real hope of another Black Middle Class existing in America’s future. The other players in America’s political and economic arena are poised to replace the Black Middle Class and they are replacing us slowly but surely. This is why bottom up, from the grass roots, capitalization transfers economic power to the people.


When you examine the facts; relative to schools and communities that are predominantly Black, and having primarily Black Democratic politicians in positions all over America, this strategy did not improve schools, communities, increased opportunity or expanded the Black Middle Class. White Americans still maintain the Black Middle Class and the entire Black community with little or no help from Black Americans until the advent of New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking.


Black politicians have done little or nothing to move the Black community into the 21st century. Could it be having high profile Black politicians; Democrat or Republican, and/or entertainers on display is analogous to putting new tires on a car that has no engine? The car has display value, but as a means of getting you somewhere or taking you somewhere, the car is practically worthless as a means of independent mobility.


This begs the question. Where has Black politicians taken the Black Middle Class or the African American community? Since these politicians are supported 100% by the Black Church, where has the Black Christian Church taken the Black Middle Class or the African American community? Where has the Nation of Islam or Al-Islam taken the Black Middle Class or the Black Community? Where has the Black Middle Class taken themselves or the African American community?


And....Where has Black entertainers and professional athletes taken the African American community or the Black Middle Class? The answer is NO WHERE!! What economic engine has any member of this highly esteemed and high profile group developed in the past 50 yrs, 20 yrs, 10 yrs or in the last 5 yrs that can sustain a Middle Class or a community of over 30 million people? The answer is...NONE!! Will these high profile Black entertainers, politicians, athletes and the remaining members of the Black Middle Class that are still alive, support New Age Capitalism™?


Chapter 16



New Age Capitalism™ Vs The ‘White Liberal Paradigm’ Of Black Victimization

In this publication, the writer has compared New Age Capitalism™ to Black Capitalism, Communism and Socialism and the misguided notion of Reparations for Slavery. Another significant hurdle standing in the way of Black America's self-actualization and movement to a seat at the world's economic the widespread acceptance of the ‘White Liberal Paradigm’ of Black Victimization that has done nothing for Black America; except, destroy the Black family; as an institutional building unit, at break neck speed. When examined from the perspective of the man on the street and not from a Liberal in a limousine, Black people, far more often than not, victimize themselves.
For many African Americans that need this psychological crutch to camouflage a collective failure, one thousand examples of the intellectual dishonesty, self-limiting, counterproductive and the destructive impact the ‘White Liberal Paradigm’ of Black Victimology has had on the mindset of millions of Black Americans will not be enough. When it comes to a business decision; with no evidence to the contrary, 3 is more than sufficient. Additional examples include, but are not limited to the following:
1. There is no verifiable evidence that White people, Chinese, Hispanics/ Latinos, Japanese, Koreans, Persians, Indians or Vietnamese with guns are preventing Black Americans from reading, studying and improving ourselves intellectually.
2. There is no evidence that White people or any other ethnic group with guns are forcing Black Americans to spend billions on consumer goods; rather than seek out and organize ourselves to take advantage of appreciating commodities.
3. There is no evidence that White people or any other ethnic group with guns are preventing Black Americans from organizing ourselves so that high standards can be maintained in our communities, schools and organizational structures.
4. There is absolutely no verifiable evidence that White people or any other ethnic group with guns are preventing Black Americans from studying and learning about the traditional sciences, the postindustrial sciences, such as nanotechnology, biotechnology or robotic technology; as well as, aerospace technology, zero point energy technology, gravitational propulsion system technology, fusion technology, computer technology, geology, biology, physics, chemistry, advanced mathematical concepts, engineering in all of its forms, learning how to weld metals together, build bridges, roads or industrial complexes.
5. There is no evidence that White people or any other ethnic group with guns are preventing African Americans from organizing ourselves and combining our financial resources; a minimum $800.00, to fund 100 or more New Age Corporations™.

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