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Chapter 11



New Age Capitalism™ Vs Reparations for Slavery

Consequently, asking people that never owned slaves to pay reparations to people that never were slaves will never gain any meaningful political traction. The Western world will always point to the verifiable facts that they have opened up all their public facilities and public schools, eateries, neighborhoods, government, military, professional careers, businesses, colleges, technical schools, universities, parks and recreational facilities, entertainment, motels, hotels, factories, plants, professional athletics, motion picture and music industry to Africans and African Americans, just to name a few. And they will point to the verifiable facts they have already spent trillions on educating, housing, providing opportunities, income, government programs and health care for millions of African descendants in America and all over the world and for all the money spent, the condition of the overwhelming majority of Africans and African Americans is still practically the same and in some instances.. even worse. Why is this so? The more you give a person, the more you destroy his/her incentive and/or initiative to improve and do for self. Therefore, rather than being progressive, it has the opposite effect of being regressive.
What White America, England and Europe will also point to are the verifiable facts that they pay Black entertainers, athletes and Black politicians millions annually, and for all the millions spent, the overwhelming majority have done virtually nothing major or significant for the Black community. They will also point to the verifiable facts that the Black Middle Class leave their communities en masse, rather than improve them.
Finally, they will astutely point to the undeniable facts, that the overwhelming majority of so-called Black leaders, in the street vernacular, are "Poverty Pimps" that have no real interest in ending Black America's cycle of dependency or ending the downward spiral of the Black community. Therefore, instead of doing everything possible to end the debilitating cycle, they do everything possible to maintain it and its political and/or financial advantages for themselves.
Christian White America's constant giving without demanding significant across the board improvements or self-actualization only increases Black America's dependency and its ever rising social and financial cost. Therefore, before Christian White America, other major ethnic groups; and the Western world in general, declare enough is enough and enact the Pontius Pilate Doctrine, by washing their hands of Africans and African Americans, Black America can utilize a new and viable revolutionary concept --- New Age Capitalism™ --- that originated in the African American community in Orangeburg, South Carolina --- to reverse this trend. The bottom line fact is: America’s welfare state is not sustainable for the long term; neither is Canada’s, Europe’s nor anyone else’s. Black America is not going to create any meaningful future for our children without an intensive and massive intellectual shift in priorities.
New Age Capitalism™ its mandated New Age Corporations™ that are collectively owned, managed, operated and controlled; including the income generated from asset acquisitions, and its by-product, New Age Thinking, can reverse this trend of dependency and put African America...on the path of genuine a relatively short period of time. New Age Capitalism™ is based entirely on the real financial condition of the African American community and not on any speculation or intellectual discussion about what could be or might be or what America’s government needs to do, can do, or might do.
In addition, it is based entirely on African Americans maturing and accepting the reality that the ‘Liberal White Paradigm’ of Victimized Black America has run its course. Black America is no longer the largest ethnic group and by 2020, we will be replaced by others. Black America is rapidly decreasing in size and importance. After 50 years, the ‘Liberal White Paradigm’ of Black Victimization has virtually destroyed the Black community.





Understanding The Private Placement Memorandum


Based on the economic reality of the Black community, and under existing laws, 99.9% of the New Age Corporations™ that will come into existence in 2016 and in the years after that, Capital Stock will be exempt from registration with the Security and Exchange Commission (hereafter also called the SEC). The reason: The vast majority of New Age Corporations™ cannot and will not be able to sell much stock to anyone in the Black community because the overwhelming majority of people in Black America will not be able to meet the SEC’s registration requirements or qualifications.
In addition, the overwhelming majority of New Age incorporators will not have any properties or businesses, passive income from investments and the vast majority of New Age Corporations™ will not have any certifiable financial statements. Practically, every New Age Corporation™ in Black America must start with nothing. Our only true capital will be the coins in our pockets, our faith, trust and the belief in ourselves that we can accomplish what will seem to many as an impossible dream. Everything in Black America must be built from the bottom up and from the grass roots because top down capitalization does not exist. 99.9% of the Black community will not qualify as accredited investors under existing rules and 35 non accredited investors will not build much of anything. Therefore, an entirely different approach must be used.
New Age Corporations™ must utilize a Private Placement Memorandum and give any qualifying individual a Private Placement Memorandum. A New Age Corporation™'s Private Placement Memorandum is not subject to some of the laws and regulations that govern registered offers. The reason: A New Age Corporation™ does not and cannot sell stock to the general public. However, a New Age Corporation™'s Private Placement Memorandum must still meet all the comprehensive disclosure requirements that apply to registered offerings.
At no time will anyone be told he/she will be given an exclusive opportunity. At no time will any New Age Corporation™ advertise in any newspaper, broadcast on any other electronic media and/or medium. At no time will any New Age Corporation™ offer any common stock, limited partnership interests, a membership interest in a limited liability company (LLC), or an investment product such as a note or bond.

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