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Chapter 33




What Contributed To The  Creation & Development Of The “Slave  Mentality” In The Psyche Of The  ‘So Called Negro’?

If the failure to rid himself of his plantation mindset maintains the “Slave Mentality” of the ‘so called Negro’, what contributed to the creation and development of it? The most significant factor that contributed to the creation and development of the ‘so called Negro’s’ “Slave Mentality” is the existence of cultures that are capable of providing the ‘so called Negro’ with benefits that require little or no effort.
The 'so called Negro' does not have to build dams or maintain them, power plants or maintain them. He does not have to invent elevators or escalators or the manufacturing processes to produce them. When it comes to labor intensive work, and contrary to the mythology of the ‘so called Negro’, Black people do not, did not and have not worked any harder than any other race or ethnic group on this planet.
The difference is the lack of technological sophistication that can provide benefits beyond those that nature provides. Nature does not and will not provide electricity to every home, paved streets, cars, air conditioned buildings or grocery stores and neither will the ‘so called Negro’. These benefits come from creative ingenuity, manufacturing capability and a commitment to product research and development. Manufacturing creates jobs, technological sophistication creates jobs; as well as, supporting services and a taxation base for government programs and services. This developmental ability also creates wealth. This is why the ‘so called Negro’ has no wealth.
Since the ‘so called Negro’ has no real desire to develop technology, he/she is comfortable surviving off the generosity and technology of cultures that are heavily engaged in manufacturing products and/or services and advancing technology. Living off the generosity of other cultures is basically how the ‘so called Negro’ has been sustaining himself/herself; as well as, the children he/she produces in or out of wedlock. Many researchers in this area confuse the “Slave Mentality” of the ‘so called Negro’ with mindsets that either hinder or support growth and development. Even though evidence exists to support this assessment, it is an incorrect conclusion when it comes to the “Slave Mentality”, any researcher can prove this beyond any doubt.
A “Slave Mentality” will never support any growth or development unless there are benefits that can be received from it that require little or no effort. Western culture made it possible for the ‘so called Negro’ to create his own “Slave Mentality” because of its sophistication and technological achievements. If there are no benefits in being a slave, there is no reason to remain a slave and there would definitely be no benefit to maintaining a “Slave Mentality”. Hence, the “Slave Mentality” would have been discarded or replaced years ago with another mentality from which benefits can be realized.
As long as Asian and/or Western civilization continues to allow the ‘so called Negro’ to live off their generosity and technology, the ‘so called Negro’s’ "Slave Mentality" will remain and will be passed on to his/her children and their children. This is a harsh assessment and the writer of this publication knows it is a harsh assessment. However, the writer of this publication must accept reality as it is and not as he wants it to be.
The ‘so called Negro’ no longer benefits Western civilization and the financial cost of sustaining him is becoming unbearable even to his most staunchest Asian, Hispanic and/or White Liberal and/or Christian supporters. The fact of the matter is, technological advancement and robotic engineering has replaced the need for the ‘so called Negro’. The White community no longer needs the ‘so called Negro’ to work in their fields, offices or factories or as servants or slaves.


Chapter 34



New Age Capitalism™ Neutralizes The “Slave Mentality” Of The ‘So Called Negro’

New Age Capitalism™ has the innate ability to neutralize the “Slave Mentality” in the ‘so called Negro’. Since the ‘so called Negro’ is driven by benefits that can be obtained with little or no effort, a New Age Corporation™'s Phase I Acquisition programs are committed to acquiring businesses at reasonable market prices that can provide immediate benefits to the owners/shareholders, i.e., restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, gasoline stations, convenience, jewelry, shoe and appliance stores, automobile parts or service centers. This supports the psychological need that already exists in the ‘so called Negro’ for benefits. The ‘so called Negro’; along with the other owners/shareholders in a New Age Corporation™, can purchase items from their own stores at cost and eat out at cost.
Therefore, the ‘so called Negro’ can abandoned his/her role as an impediment to Black America’s progress and be a participant in it. Instead of using his/her considerable communication, oratorical, elocutionary and political skills to promote poverty programs, ineffective educational programs and Dead On Arrival community programs, he/she can now promote productive enterprises that will benefit the Black and White community. This is especially beneficial to inner cities that need revitalization, rejuvenation and/or renovation.
Revitalizing downtown areas in inner cities is virtually assured because businesses acquired by a New Age Corporation™ are based on diversification and not consolidation. This means the department store business model is done away with. Jewelry stores sell jewelry, not belts, scarves and handkerchiefs. This means more business owners or managers and more variety in each store relative to the merchandise and/or inventory being sold.
As a direct result of buying at cost, New Age Corporations™ basically cycle inventory. This aids and drives the overall economy. Instead of buying a little, buying at cost, basically allows owners/shareholders to purchase what they need when they shop. Naturally, all stores and businesses are opened to the general public. However, shoppers from the general public must pay retail prices for any item purchased and/or for services used.
New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, effectively ends the philosophy and mythology that has sustained the ‘so called Negro’ and his/her descendents since 1865; and that philosophy or mythology is simply this: The ‘so called Negro’ really believes in the lower levels of America’s society that it is White America’s responsibility to provide him/her with everything from education to transportation, health care and welfare to daycare and from apples to zucchini, while they sit home, watch TV, and/or engage in other forms of unproductive behavior, be it criminally inclined, psychologically inclined, sexually or spiritually inclined and do virtually nothing to help themselves, improve themselves or develop themselves.
The social and economic cost to the White and Black community of maintaining such a dysfunctional system of public assistance is staggering and dangerous to law enforcement personnel, the ‘so called Negroes’ that are promoting the welfare or nanny state and to the ‘so called Negroes’ that are directly benefitting from it. The reason: No one will ever know when the criminally inclined aspect of this evolving culture will turn on the ‘so called Negro’ who is the primary advocate of the welfare state when he/she leaves his/her safe haven in a gated White community or his/her suburban home in a traditional White middle or upper class community.

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