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Chapter 37



 New Age Capitalism™ Vs The Cotton Fields

White America’s problem is simply this: What to do with millions of Black people that are totally dependent on them for everything ---- WHEN THERE ARE NO MORE COTTON FIELDS AND NO COUNTRY TO SEND US TO? Black people have a problem, what are we going to do when White America washes it hands of Black America? What are we going to do when government reduces it social service programs, when job opportunities in White businesses are non-existent and when we are left to fend for ourselves in a high tech industrialized world - WHEN THERE ARE NO MORE COTTON FIELDS AND NO COUNTRY WHITE AMERICA CAN SEND US TO?
For years, the status, prestige and sense of worth of the educated ‘so called Negro’ has been totally dependent on his/her acceptance in America’s government and business community. For years, the ‘so called Negro’ has confused toleration and accommodation for integration. Every success symbol that is paraded before us is a symbol of dependency and not a symbol of self sufficiency. In fact, 99.9% of the money that flows into and out of the Black community is from White America and not from Black America.
For the last 50 years, we as people have been educated, trained and programmed to become dependent on programs instead of profits. This is why so many Black teens have opted out of the system their parents so eagerly accepted. Black teens realize there are only a limited number of slots available in White America’s government and business communities and most of those slots are occupied by their parents.
Black youths know something most of their parents still do not know. They know there are only a limited number of companies that will accept them.... even with a degree. They also know the prospects of becoming a movie star, entertainer or star athlete, for the vast majority, are extremely remote. Before New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™, how were Black teens going to survive --WHEN THERE ARE NO MORE COTTON FIELDS AND NO COUNTRY TO SEND THEM TO?
Before New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product New Age Thinking, many of America’s Black youths went to the streets and became drug dealers and gang members and have become thoroughly victimized by their own "Gangsta Mentality", Thuggery and Thugology. The “Rap Music” is symbolic and symptomatic of the hopelessness and emptiness of inner city life in particular and living in the Black America in general.
“Rap Music” also reflects the absence of meaningful productivity. When one is troubled it is far easier to “Rap” than sing. This despair and frustration has created a unique parasitical relationship of the victim and the victimized.
Black teens, just like Black women, are telling Black men, they are tired of living without hope or personal fulfillment. Faced with these realities, it is no wonder drug addiction and corrupt spirituality have exploded in the Black community. Before New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, there was little or no hope of these problems abating anytime soon.
New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, have the power and the capacity to change the fundamental economic structure of the Black community. The economic structure of the Black community must be reorganized to give hope and opportunity where little or none currently exist. Restructuring income production is a necessity... BECAUSE...THERE ARE NO MORE COTTON FIELDS TO SEND US TO.


Chapter 38



Effective Organizing Strategies To Establish & Fund A New Age Corporation™

Since White America’s self imposed limitations and restrictions in their unofficial, unrecognized, unwritten and untelevised or talked about paradigm shift can be proven to anyone with reasonable intelligence it is about time; the Black community take advantage of this paradigm shift on a meaningful scale. Hollering racist and racism is a waste of time. Black Americans and the ‘so called Negro’ must come to realize some apparent, but rarely recognized, discussed or pondered irrefutable facts:
1.   Black people; as an ethnic group, will never be Western or Eastern Europeans, English, Irish, Asians or Native Americans, just to name a few.
2.  Black people, regardless of what American, European, English, or Asian community, city or town, in which we find ourselves trying to make a living or trying to be accepted and/or respected with whatever status we think or believe we have acquired for ourselves will always be a subservient group.
3.   Black people in any foreign country cannot print any currency, mint coins or develop any medium of exchange (money) that is fungible. This leaves us powerless to change the status quo in any major or meaningful way.
4.  The group that prints the currency and mints the coins will always be the most powerful and dominant group. In America, that’s ‘White’ people. Therefore, all other statistical, political, economic, social, spiritual and/or religious realities or whatever the case might be will be a function of this undeniable fact.
5. Black people must create, develop and utilize organizational concepts that are uni-que to Black people that are born and raised in foreign countries that will allow us to utilize another people’s currencies, culture, institutions and economic system/s to strengthen ourselves.
6. Since there is no highly organized and sophisticated social, economic and political infrastructure in which to establish, fund and build New Age Corporations, whatever legal and/or accepted methods and/or means that exist must be utilized for this purpose. Black people have no organizational concept that is independent of Western culture in which; we as a people, can organize ourselves.
7.   Largely because of the “Slave Mentality” of the ‘so called Negro’, 150 years after slavery was abolished, over 100 years after Plessy v. Ferguson and 50 years after the Civil Rights and the Black Power Movements, we still have not organized ourselves into an independent political party that would have allowed us to negotiate more effectively for concessions that would have provided far more benefits than a welfare program.
When considering these undeniable facts, that the White Community has been signaling for 50 years, and the Black community and its inept leadership group; either ignored or consistently failed to read the “tea leaves”, is this: They sincerely want Black people to organize themselves so that self sufficiency will eventually be realized by millions. By doing this, the financial burden on the White community can be reduced or eliminated. Otherwise, they will have no choice, except to enact, the Pontius Pilate Doctrine that has already been discussed.
White people cannot say this openingly because cries of racism would be everywhere, the funding lines to Washington D.C., would be miles long and the end result would be the same system that now exists. Therefore, in view of this assessment, the most effective organizational strategy to establish and fund a New Age Corporation™ in America or any other country is to create community based Cells or Ad hoc Committees to facilitate the process. However, the most basic structure most people are familiar with is a club. Therefore, the club will be discussed first.

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