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Chapter 17



New Age Capitalism™ Vs Black Unemployment & Underemployment

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg of the job creation capability of 100 New Age Corporations™. This does not include the employees and managers that must operate the businesses owned and/or acquired by New Age Corporations™ such as franchises, dollar stores, restaurants, grocery stores, gasoline station, automotive supply stores, small plants and/or factories, clothing stores, banks, finance companies, bus lines, trucking companies, warehousing facilities, product research and development facilities and the list of employees and/or managers, and/or supervisors that are employed in corporate business acquisitions in America and around the world is only limited by the profit making potential of the acquisition/s.


In addition to creating jobs and careers, 100 New Age Corporations™ will help thousands keep existing jobs. 100 New Age Corporations™ will need telephones and telephone services, specialty advertising products, utilities, office supplies, office equipment, cars, vans, trucks, computers, furniture, clothing for employees, staff and executives, airline services, motel and hotel accommodations for business meetings and training workshops. New Age Corporations™ will also need promotional material, continuing education material; as well as, professional services and this list goes on. Consequently, for the first time in our collective history, Black America’s growth and economic expansion contributes to the world’s financial growth, economic and political stability. All this pales in comparison to what we can finally do for the peoples and nations in Africa.


In the 1950s, America’s Black communities were almost completely self sufficient. In addition to being full of businesses and having professionals; such as, attorneys, doctors and educators; there were hospitals, movie theaters, insurance companies and banks. There were also plumbers, contractors, electricians, carpenters and other gainfully employed Black people. Black communities were once thriving places during the 1950’s.


As hard as it is to believe in 2015, a philosophical change happened in the 1960s. From August 11, 1965 to August 17, 1965, in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Malcolm Little’s aka Malcolm X’s ‘so called Negro’ rioted, looted and burned down over 600 businesses, many of which were never rebuilt or reopened.


In the late '60s, the ‘so called Negro’ went on to riot and loot in one city after another. In 1967, the Detroit riot left 43 dead, more than 7,200 arrested, and about 2,500 stores were destroyed. In April of 1992; again in Los Angeles, California, Malcolm Little’s aka Malcolm X’s ‘so called Negro’ rioted, looted and burned down homes and businesses. 60 people were killed, 2,383 injured, 850 left homeless, and 20,000 jobs were wiped out. Insured losses totaled $1 billion, with millions more in uninsured property destroyed by an estimated 623 fires.


From April 10-14, in 2001, the ‘so called Negro’ rioted in Cincinnati, Ohio. On August 10, 2014, Malcolm Little’s aka Malcolm X’s ‘so called Negro’ rioted, looted and burned in Ferguson, Missouri and from April 27-28, 2015, he rioted, looted and burned in Baltimore, Maryland. All this rioting, burning and looting was supposedly triggered by ‘Police Brutality’.


However, there have been no riots, looting, burning or even a protest over the hundreds of thousands that were killed or maimed by the ‘so called Negro’ from 1965 to 2015. It seems Black lives only matter when a White person is involved; or more specifically, a police officer. Otherwise, Black lives do not matter, as long as, we are killing and maiming each other. Again.. the writer of this publication is sure anyone with reasonable intelligence can readily see the difference 100 or more New Age Corporations™ can make and will make in the lives of America’s Black population, now and in the future. New Age Corporations™ can do nothing about the median net worth of Black females at this point in time because many have not been formed.


Chapter 18



New Age Capitalism™ Vs The Black ‘Gangsta’ Mentality & Mindset



In this publication, the writer will examine any idea, concept,precept and/or philosophy that might be floating around in the minds of African Americans that is hindering our social, scientific, economic and spiritual development individually and collectively. As stated, this publication is concerned with presenting reliable information so that New Age Corporations™ can be established on a national scale as fast as possible.
Other issues that exist within Black America such as moral dishonesty and hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy, spiritual and religious dishonesty and hypocrisy; as well as, racial dishonesty and hypocrisy when it comes to the ‘so called Negro’s’tendency to engage in the barbaric and savage behavior of rioting, looting and burning over injustices at the hands of White people; especially, White police officers are beyond the scope of this publication.

Even though this collective dishonesty and hypocrisy are even more profound when the reader considers the undeniable fact, the Black community is silent and unresponsive when it comes to the hundreds of thousands of Black people that have died at the hands of the ‘so called Negro’ since 1965. And even though this is a tragedy of monumental proportions that is beyond human reasoning and rationality; especially, when it comes to the slogans --“Black lives matter and “No peace”; addressing this level of hypocrisy is also beyond the scope of this publication.


Any kind of destructive, self-limiting, unproductive and/or debilitating mindset, mentality or philosophical belief system will hinder or neutralize the potential for explosive economic growth and the development of the Black community. Therefore, we must also consider the equally destructive, self-limiting and detrimental Black ‘Gangsta Mentality’ and mindset that is afflicting many inner cities and low income areas in predominantly Black communities. The 'Gangsta’ Mentality' effectively demonstrates the need for New Age Capitalism™, New Age Corporations™ and New Age Thinking that have the capacity to rejuvenate, renovate and invigorate predominantly Black communities in America’s major cities.


First: Who or What is a Gangsta? Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, defines a Gangsta as a member of a street gang or a person who performs gangsta rap music. According to the online Urban Dictionary, a Gangsta is a wanna’ be Thug. Well then; who or what is a Thug? According to Oxford’s Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, a Thug is a violent person, especially a criminal. It is interesting to note that the word.... Thug..., also has a historical reference as, “a member of a religious organization of robbers and assassins in India. Devotees of the goddess Kali, the Thugs, waylaid and strangled their victims, usually travelers, in a ritually prescribed manner. They were sup-pressed by the British in the 1830s.” Source: – 8/11/2015 - Oxford Online Dictionary


A Thug can also be defined as a Ruffian. A Ruffian can be defined as a violent person, especially one involved in crime. Synonyms that can be used as a descriptive term to describe this behavior in young Black men are hooligan, hoodlum, vandal, delinquent, rowdy, scoundrel, villain, rogue, bully, brute; killer, murderer, robber, assassin, bandit, mugger (informal), cut-throat, tsotsi (S. African) the cowardly thugs who mug old people, criminal, crook, felon, malefactor and outlaw. As anyone with reasonable intelligence can plainly see, many young Black men are becoming a threat to society in general and particularly to residents in the Black community.

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