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Chapter 35



New Age Capitalism™ Vs Macro-Economic Interaction And High Tech Industrial Capacity

The African American community must understand this simple fact: The world's collective political and socioeconomic experience are still firmly rooted in Western ideologies that began their evolution during the 17th Century and have simply continued until the present day. Therefore, the emergence of Macro-Economic Interaction and High Tech Industrial Capacity have rendered current political and socioeconomic problem solving strategies obsolete. Any political or economic strategy that does not incorporate Macro-Economic Interaction as its guiding principle is doomed to fail.
Past economic transitions were primarily single staged or dual staged, national or continental in their impact and scope. This new transition is multi-staged and global. Therefore, little or no empirical data exists that can accurately measure its effect on socioeconomic or political systems. A global socioeconomic transition of this magnitude has never occurred before in modern world history or in the Piscean Age. Accordingly, theorems must be discovered and developed before they can be taught to others. Black political leaders and socioeconomic planners who do not understand or realize the implications of Macro-Economic Interaction, will be promoting solution concepts and strategies that will have potentially devastating long term consequences.
Major psychological and philosophical changes must be made in order to incorporate this new socioeconomic development into reality systems of African Americans. Monumental intellectual adjustments must take place; similar to one..that had to occur, when science proved the earth is a globular and not an endless flat terrain. "Flat Earth" conceptualizations immediately became obsolete. The same is true for socioeconomic concepts developed during the modern industrial era. Bottom line: The days of finding meaningful employment as low skilled laborers for millions of people are over; so is working in a factory for 30 years.
The evidence is overwhelming that the majority of Black politicians are trying to solve multi-dimensional problems that are being created by high tech industrialization with antique solution strategies based on linear thinking. Linear thinking will not solve a multi-dimensional problem. Linear thinking is hopelessly inadequate and powerless to deal with 21st century socioeconomic reality that is impacted by multiple interrelated sources.
Many Black leaders do not realize 21st century problems cannot be solved with 19th century concepts. These problems require the development of a much more advanced socioeconomic solution concept that is based on 21st century global economic reality. Any attempt to diminish the importance of global economic interaction will lead to disaster.
Therefore, in order to avoid certain catastrophes, Black leaders must reach the next level of leadership; which is managing activity, human and financial resources in a Macro-Economic environment. Macro-Economic Interaction creates multi-dimensional problems that are immune to traditional problem solving approaches and solution concepts. Integrated solutions are required to solve multi-dimensional problems. Before integrated solution concepts can be developed and implemented, a transition must be made from obsolete and failure prone linear thinking to thinking in multi-dimensional terms. This is the essence of New Age Thinking.


Chapter 36



New Age Capitalism™ Vs 50 Years Of Black America’s Economic Failure

It is obvious to any intelligent observer of the Black community in White America, that Black people; as an ethnic group and race, have lived through and are still living with 50 years of economic failure. There is no need to point fingers or find fault with any single person or organization. All of us, collectively speaking, have been willing participants. The primary reason why we have not positioned an economic foundation like other ethnic groups is deeply rooted in our failure to understand Western culture in general and America’s culture in particular.
In addition to these facts, there is another peculiar development in Black America that is not as prevalent in any other ethnic group or race. For over 50 years, the real leaders in the Black community have been preachers of the Gospel. Preachers and/or ministers are more adept at ask-ing for money, rather than developing effective ways, means and/or methods that can generate income producing assets for their faithful and true congregations. Having a revival does nothing for a person’s survival in the here and now.
This is the only logical explanation that can adequately explain the pulpit brigade’s inability to develop sound and workable economic sustainment strategies. If a minister is constantly preaching money is can he/she now tell his/her faithful and true congregation they should go out from the church and acquire bank vaults full of the wicked and evil money. This; in itself, is a contradiction and a hypocrisy. The reason: Every Sunday; and as often as possible, Black preachers and ministers are constantly passing the proverbial plate to collect as much of the wicked and evil money as possible from their true and faithful congregations.
It obviously never dawned on millions of Black church goers and believers, if piety and poverty are so virtuous why do so many members of the clergy live in splendor and so many of the faithful live in squalor? Pressing an economic agenda is a recent development within the Black Church as more and more of its congregation lose homes and jobs.
For years the Black Church and its congregations faithfully and loyally followed, supported and voted for the Democratic Party’s political and social agenda. Now that...that agenda has boomeranged on the Black community with devastating economic and social consequences, the Black Church is now suddenly concerned about economics.
In fact, from a purely economic point of view, the vast majority of America’s entire Black Church population is still in the same position they were in 50 years ago; and from a wealth point of view, the entire Black population is still in the same position it was in 150 years ago. For 150 years, we as a people, had nowhere to go and we still have nowhere to go. However, in 2016 and beyond, we now have a place to leave and a place to enter. We can leave our place at the bottom of the world’s economic spectrum and enter a place we have never been before...our the 21st century.
Since the Civil Rights movement ended, the socioeconomic condition of Black America has been steadily going in reverse. What little gains, our so called leaders like to refer to are insignificant when compared to the whole. The harsh reality is, we; as an ethnic and racial group, are being systemically destroyed with almost ruthless precision by ourselves. The entire social, mental and economic character of Black America is being strained beyond repair. The leadership crisis is immense. What few leaders we may have had, were sucked into state or federal systems.
Once inside, they have been effectively isolated, desensitized, institutionalized, demoralized and silenced. Therefore, our place is in the 21st century and beyond and not in the 19th century or ancient Egypt. To get there we must abandon the obsolete mentalities of the past and take on an entirely new persona that is firmly rooted in New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking. What else can we do?

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