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Chapter 19



Thugology & Black On Black Genocide

The suffix – ology – simply means the study of. Therefore, we can accurately conclude that a large number of people in the African American community are not only actively engaged in their own destruction, they are also actively engaged in studying the means and methods of accomplishing this objective – Thugology.
Therefore, Thugology can best be described as the study of criminal behavior and methods for practical use in the destruction of a community’s people, resources and opportunities for self-actualization, growth and development. What have Thugs done for the Black community? .. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!
The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2, states: “[I]n the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group such as (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.”
In America, preventing births is the primary purpose and function of Planned Parenthood. Therefore, by definition, Planned Parenthood is a genocidal operation that is masquerading as a legitimate nonprofit organization with the support of the lame brained Congressional Black Caucus.
These antique Black politicians need to be driven out of office and pastured on a Muslim Plantation in the Middle East. Perhaps there, they will discover what it is like to be a slave in the modern world. When it comes to the real Black community and not the 'so called Negro's, they are absolutely useless and an embarassment.
Therefore, based on the stated definition, Black Thugs are just as guilty of genocide as Planned Parenthood. Knowingly or unknowingly they are methodically carrying out a Black genocidal policy of their own or someone else’s creation. This genocide by American born Black people is being committed with the complete support of huge segments of the Black population that are simply not dead yet. This is not White racism, this is Black racism of the worst possible kind and sort. And it is just as savage, barbaric and brutal as the Black on Black genocide that happened in Africa.
What we are experiencing as African Americans is a dysfunctionality that is pervasive and all engrossing. This dysfunctional mindset and thinking are promoting the idea of using the mind to create reality; rather than using the mind to identify and integrate reality. Because of this, Black people, by the millions are becoming detached from their true selves and remain ignorant as to what is really happening to them.
The study of Thugology is a distortion that is progressively undermining the Black community’s young adult population’s ability and capacity to think and act with reason and rationality. A Thugology student epitomizes gross incompetence. Young Black Americans that are adopting a Thug’s approach to life, is symptomatic of an ingrained irrationality that is also limiting the intellectual ascension of many Black teenagers.
The Ganstaism that is permeating Black America, has open up millions of Black American teens to irrational ideas and concepts like being a Thug or White racism is the cause of all of our problems; rather than our own lack of vision and self-actualization. When millions of people are victimized by their own dysfunctional thinking, they will always lay the blame for their failures on others. Laying blame on others is the mindset of their parents that must be replaced with a mindset that is future oriented not past oriented. The ghetto and deprivation are not chiseled in stone.
When it comes to Black teens living in America, your collective failure is not caused by someone else, it is caused by your own lack of vision. Lacking vision afflicted many of your parents. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Black teens to become New Age Teenagers by discarding the obsolete mindset of your parents that is infested with intellectual dishonesty, intellectual hypocrisy and dishonest communication that ignored the facts and the evidence, and replace it with genuine value and value systems that are based on objective reality, scientific analysis and verifiable information.


Chapter 20



New Age Thinking Effectively Neutralizes The Black ‘Gangsta’ Mindset & Mentality

New Age Thinking promotes creative ingenuity, rather than docile acceptance of a circumstance of race or birth. This effectively neutralizes the destructive, self-defeating and genocidal Black ‘Gangsta Mentality’ and mindset by transforming it from dysfunctional to empirical. New Age Black American Teenagers can now rid themselves of the self-limiting, defeatist and the obsolete thinking of their parents and adopt a far more beneficial and empirical view of life in America and on this planet. It is time for a new path and an entirely different approach to everything. Your parents cannot save you..because..they cannot save themselves from their own mindless stupidity.
As empirical thinkers, New Age Teenagers must base their decision making processes on verifiable facts, observation, experimentation and scientific discovery, rather than on subjective views that are not substantiated by the evidence or the facts. As empirical thinkers, New Age Black American Teenagers will become more rational in their approach to life; thus, they will continually grow and evolve as human beings.
Instead of constantly blaming White people and racism, they will accept their personal responsibility to think objectively and act consistently to support themselves by producing value for others in New Age Corporations™. This is essential for effective, proficient and efficient corporate governance. With an empirical mindset; rather than a dysfunctional mindset, and unlike their parents, New Age Black American Teenagers will produce far more than they consume, and earn more money than they need.
Therefore, instead of foolishly and ignorantly burning dollars, they will be investing dollars in new technologies and/or research and development. As a direct result of this transformation from subjective reality to objective reality, New Age Black men and women will become benefactors to the system, rather than recipients and feeders in the system. In addition, this change in mindset, will allow New Age Teens to live in concert with reality and in harmony with others as contagonists and protagonists instead of antagonists.

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