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Chapter 23



New Age Capitalism™ Vs "Pimping" From The Pulpit

New Age Capitalism™ its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, can effectively neutralize the "Pimping of the Black community" by prosperity ministries and especially, the "Pimping of Black women". Remember this fact if you remember nothing else in this publication. Whenever a prosperity minister starts bragging about how much money he/she is taking to the bank, remember this: “MOST OF IT IS YOUR MONEY THAT’S GOING TO HIS/HER BANK!!!” God is good. Yes..God is good.
Researcher Henry E. Felder’s study of Blacks’ donation habits demonstrated per capita spending of $508 per year in 2009 dollars. Another source, Tyler Media Services, estimated that Black Church revenue approached $17 billion in 2006. LiveSteez research shows that Black churches, in aggregate, have collected more than $420 billion in tithes and donations since 1980. What does the black community has to show for over $420 billion in tax free donations... that was freely given? NOTHING!!
Do not let the size of the dollar amount create disbelief or incredulity within the reader. New Age Capitalism™ is based on the same or similar principle – “Many paying a little”. By this method, the Black community can fund 100 or more New Age Corporations™ with $50 billion dollars or more in liquid capital that can acquire income producing assets, fund communitywide business development, create jobs and revitalize dying inner city communities. What we are dealing with here are aggregate numbers. Just like $1.00 cannot do very much as an individual unit of currency, a million people with $1.00 can do quite a bit when pooled as an aggregate sum.
Now, let’s return to the "Pimping of the Black community" from the prosperity pulpit and how these sums are arrived at statistically speaking. Believe it or not, the $420 billion dollars that was collected over an extended period boils down to an average weekly donation of around $14.00 per member. When you consider, the number of functions and offerings within a typical Black church, this $420 billion dollar amount equals approximately $2.00 a day. It does not take a genius to realize, that Soteriology – the study of salvation – preaching the "White" Jesus and the coming of the Lord is big business.
“The church has gotten caught up in materialism and greed, a lifestyle. Many ministers today want to live like celebrities and they want to be treated like celebrities. In other words, instead of the church standing with the community, the church has become self-serving. It has strayed away from its mission” according to Dr. Love Henry Whelchel, professor of church history at The Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.
At this point in this section of the publication, it will be helpful to restate some undeniable facts. All the preaching and shouting about touch it, name it, and claim it... from America’s Evangelical Pulpits has not, did not and will not improve the lives or the condition of millions of African Americans. All the preaching and shouting about prosperity breakthroughs at higher levels of spirituality from America’s prosperity ministers on how GOD is working in your situation to raise you to a higher level for your prosperity breakthrough seemingly have overlooked what GOD said in the very beginning.


Chapter 24



New Age Capitalism™ & $2.00 A Day

You have seen and read how as little as $2.00 a day, when pooled into an aggregate sum can equal billions of dollars. For years Black people, with as little as $2.00 a day, have poured billions of dollars into Christian ministries. Even though Black ministers have received billions over the years, the vast majority of the money received has been spent on bigger churches and on themselves. A few benefit, the deacon board, their families and a few others, while the faithful that number into the millions, languish and waste away in poverty or crime infested communities.
Instead of a community prospering, only the prosperity preachers are really prospering. This is the primary difference between hoping and praying for a prosperity breakthrough that has yet to come (from hoping and praying) and doing something worthwhile that GOD can really bless. Nowhere in the Biblical Text will you find any scripture that tells you to hope and pray for prosperity or to plant money seeds for a prosperity breakthrough.
If this were true, after 30, 40 or 100 years of sowing, the Black community should be a marvel to behold, instead of hovels to escape from or avoid. Nowhere in the Biblical Text will you find a scripture that says prosperity breakthroughs can be realized by having a much higher level of spirituality. Therefore, with the same $2.00 a day average, the Black community can fund 100 or more New Age Corporations™ that can bring real prosperity to millions of people in practical ways. New Age Corporations™ are collectively owned by the community. Therefore, they have absolute control over their money that is taken to the bank.
As stated earlier, instead of soup kitchens and basketball courts, the community can collectively own gasoline stations, grocery stores, clothing stores, automotive repair shops, furniture stores, dollar stores, department stores, franchises, apartment complexes, residential and commercial real estate on a massive scale. Since the community or shareholders/owners own the property and the merchandise, they live at cost, thus, receiving immediate benefits that translate into thousands of dollars saved annually.
This annual savings in real dollars, in real time, is bigger than any dividend check from the corporation. In addition, when profits are sufficient from products and/or services that are purchased or used by non shareholders, they still receive the dividend check. Saving $2.00 a day to fund a business venture, or $800.00, is far more beneficial. The Black community can still hope and pray, except now, they collectively have something tangible to hope and pray for and they can still give their money to the prosperity preacher if they desire to do so.

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