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Chapter 5

New Age Capitalism™ Vs Predatory Capitalism 


The most corrupt form of Capitalism currently operating in America and in many countries around the world is Predatory Capitalism. What is Predatory Capitalism? First, let's define Predator. This word has a dual application, one for animals that prey on other animals for food, and the other, that is the definition that history supports when it comes to business and finance. Therefore, Predatory Capitalism can be defined as the ruthless exploitation of people for profit so that a select few and only a select few will benefit from it.


Ruthless is defined as having no pity, mercy or compassion for others. Combining the definitions, will give Black Americans a workable definition that is supported by the historical record; as well as the facts, and not some empty and useless intellectual debate or rhetoric. Predatory Capitalism is the exploitation of people and resources without pity, mercy or compassion so that a select few and only a select few will benefit from it.


African Americans have not, did not, do not, will not and cannot ever realize any financial benefits from Predatory Capitalism. The most this form of capitalism will ever give Black Americans is another Democratic Politician with a notebook full of empty promises and feel good slogans.


No meaningful comparison exists or can be made between Predatory Capitalism and New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™, and its by-product, New Age Thinking. This can be proven; not only by the definition of the words, it can also be verified by how it is practiced in America and in many countries around the world.


In addition, it is virtually impossible to enter into any meaningful discussion or enter into any worthwhile debate with anyone of reasonable intelligence, since there is no comparison between the two. The best analogy that can be found is the difference between darkness and light.


New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product,New Age Thinking, is the light for Black America’s economic development; while, Predatory Capitalism is Black America’s absolute darkness with no hope of light, growth, participation or development. All Predatory Capitalism means for African Americans is certain economic death on another Democratically sponsored welfare program.


Chapter 6


Applying New Age Capitalism™ in 2016 & Beyond 


New Age Capitalism™ is a powerful economic development engine the likes of which the world has never seen before. For the first time in world history, Black America has its own economic development philosophy that is not dependent on anyone else’s definition and/or acceptance of it. New Age Capitalism™ is also based on effective resource management for corporate development that can compete effectively in the world’s markets. New Age Capitalism™ can either utilize existing circumstances, situations and/or events for profit and/or gain or create them for profit and/or gain. Therefore, it is vitally important that these principles be used wisely.


In addition, there is absolutely no need for New Age Capitalists™ to be immoral or corrupt. New Age Capitalists™ expose the immorality and corruption of others that prey on people’s weaknesses, ignorance and self destructive habits; i.e., drunkenness, drug addictions, self pity, low self esteem, feelings of inferiority, conspicuous consumption habits relative to products, positions, services and/or information and exploits these people for profit or gain. Exploiting people is not a goal or objective of New Age Capitalism™. On the flip side, New Age Capitalists™ will gladly develop the information systems, educational programs, processes or technological applications that can end destructive addictions or minimize their impact on the individual and/or society.


In a free market economy, every human or natural problem that exists is an opportunity for profit or gain. Therefore, New Age Capitalists™ train themselves to recognize trends in government, politics, industry, society in general, business, banking and finance. These subtle movements become indicators as to what products, programs, technologies, processes, services or information systems that need developing that will either solve the problem or minimize its impact. If it is a trend, New Age Capitalists™ will mobilize the necessary resources to take advantage of it.


If the natural talent, knowledge or ability to take advantage of a circumstance, situation and/or event does not exist in the Black community, New Age Capitalists™ will not have a problem with finding the individual or people that has/have capability, knowledge and/or necessary skills and finance that person or group.


New Age Capitalists™ must also train themselves to identify trends and profit making opportunities in any established institutional or group structure. All that is required is an opportunity to maximize profit making potential from it. Therefore, with New Age Capitalism™'s simple principles, entire communities, states, nations and continents can organize themselves for profit or gain and financial growth and development. This leads to collective wealth that can address any and all social and/or economic problems within the community.


This is the primary reason why Black America must champion free and competitive markets with level playing fields and not more government control that economically speaking only benefits the few. Government’s role is to keep the field level and prevent abuses and not get in the business of transferring or redistributing wealth; especially, to those that never earned it. Hardworking and inventive business people are not the Sheriff of Nottingham.


New Age Capitalists™ are problem solvers and innovators. Therefore, in time, All African Americans or Africans living anywhere in the world will have to do is use New Age Capitalistic™ principles to solve their collective economic problems that will invariably lead to solving or minimizing the social problems of individuals and/or groups within their respective communities.


More money might not make you happy. However, having more money can definitely contribute to your well being as it relates to food, clothing, education, shelter, medical care, transportation and lifestyle requirements. Unlike more Socialism, Communism, Progressivism or Nazism that stifles creative ingenuity, New Age Capitalism™ has the power to drive technology, technological innovation and societal development in practical and beneficial ways.


New Age Capitalism™ can create viable career opportunities be it in environmental protection, conservation of raw materials, recycling waste, neutralizing nuclear waste, cost effective space exploration, cleaning up the world’s oceans, desert reclamation, pollution control or elimination, zero energy technology research and development in nanotechnology, biotechnology, health and nutrition; as well as, scientific research for product and/or service development for cold fusion, gravity induced propulsion, terra forming, wildlife preservation or improved methods of building roads.


For example: If Africa needs water to increase crop production, all a New Age Capitalist™ wants to know is how much water do you need?, Where do you need it and how soon do you need it? Naturally, payment for rendered services can be negotiated or based on flat or graduated fees. This applies to any and all circumstances, situations and/or events from which a service can be rendered at the corporate level for profit and/or gain that will benefit the owners of the corporation.

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