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Chapter 29



Black People Under “White” Christians Vs Black People Under Arab Muslims & Islam

When it comes to moving a people forward after years of stagnation, a number of issues must be addressed. Many issues that require a detailed analysis and discussion are beyond the scope of this publication. The purpose of this publication is to address the major issues, mindsets, belief systems, attitudes and behaviors that will hinder the growth and development of New Age Corporations™.
Islam, Sharia Law and the other ideologies that are rampaging in the streets of America’s Black communities will hinder this process. This is why major philosophical belief systems are discussed. For other impacting issues, those issues can be handled in community forums, at local churches, on college campuses and/or anywhere else people can organize themselves to discuss them.
Black people need to be aware of facts that are not being taught in schools. We also need to be aware of the propaganda on national television that constantly make excuses for deviant behavior, rather than confront the facts and the truth. There are a lot of myths and mythology circulating in the Black community that are not beneficial to developing world class and competitive corporate enterprises.
This should be our collective focus, not wallowing in self pity about the atrocities of the past. Our goal as a people should be and...must be to make sure those atrocities do not happen again. Alleviating the crushing poverty in Africa and in America will put all of us on a path to self-actualization and self-realization.
As a people and ethnic group, we absolutely cannot continue the way we are. New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, are new concepts that have never existed on this planet and the Black community has them and we all need to use them. As stated in this publication, in the 1950s many Black communities were virtually self sufficient and businesses were expanding.
To their credit, the Nation of Islam did adopt and perhaps still have some of the philosophical tenets of Booker T. Washington and Marcus M. Garvey. Booker T. Washington advocated education and entrepreneurship and Marcus M. Garvey advocated improving the conditions of ethnic Africans "at home and abroad" under his Universal Negro Improvement Association. Garvey also founded the African Communities League and the Black Star Line.
Perhaps Malcolm Little, aka Malcolm X, was on to something back in the 1960s with his constant reference to the 'so called Negro'. Perhaps there are Black people and there is.... Malcolm Little’s aka Malcolm X’s ‘so called Negro’. What are the facts? With our communities and business enterprises growing instead of dying, why did the ‘so called Negro’ march down America's streets with Michael King aka Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and demanded integration rights into the political and economic systems of predominately White Christians, rather than join Malcolm Little, aka Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam in their movement for land and self-determination?
The Nation of Islam, even with its severely watered down and distorted version of Islam, did advocate, self-determination, re-educating the 'so called Negro', entrepreneurship, self-actualization and land for African American growth and development. When you consider the fact that many 'so called Negroes' considered the White man a brutal oppressor, the position of the Nation of Islam should have been the most intelligent and logical course to pursue. Under normal circumstances, any intelligent group of people would have desired to separate themselves from their oppressor and seek autonomy.


Chapter 30



New Age Capitalism™ Vs Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association

Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), represent the largest mass movement in the history of Black people living in America. Unlike New Age Capitalism™ that is based on asset acquisition on a worldwide scale, and even though there were economic elements associated with it, Garvey’s movement was not about economic empowerment. Garvey’s movement was primarily concerned with Black people establishing themselves as a unified or a single nation of African peoples. In retrospect, Africa would be a united nation. Therefore, Garvey’s message was more focused on Black pride, encouragement and of course "Black Nationhood".
By the early 1920s, Garvey and his United Negro Improvement Association had established more than 700 branches in no fewer than thirty-eight states. Even though most UNIA chapters existed in large urban areas such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Garvey's message reached into small towns as well. Practically every successful Black organization, has drawn upon the philosophy of Marcus Garvey including Father Divine's Universal Peace Mission Movement and the Nation of Islam.
Malcolm Little, aka Malcolm X is the son of Garveyites, Earl and Louise Little and Elijah Poole, later known as Elijah Muhammad, was also a Garveyite in Chicago. Elijah Muhammad later became the leader of the Nation of Islam.
The UNIA's appeal and influence were not only felt in America, they were also felt in Canada, the Caribbean and throughout Africa. The similarity between the UNIA and New Age Capitalism™ lies in the fact that New Age Capitalism™ and Marcus Garvey’s approach to self-realization realize the importance of owning productive enterprises. Like Marcus Garvey’s belief in capitalism, New Age Capitalism™ is the tool that can establish African Americans as an independent group. New Age Capitalists™ and Marcus Garvey realize economic success is the quickest and most effective way to self-actualization for Black people.
In 1919, Garvey established the Negro Factories Corporation and offered stock for African Americans to buy. Like Marcus Garvey, New Age Capitalists™ also want African Americans to rely on our own efforts. At one point, Garvey’s corporation operated three grocery stores, two restaurants, a printing plant, a steam laundry, owned several buildings and trucks in New York City alone. His most famous economic venture was the Black Star Line, a counterpart to a white-owned company called the White Star Line.
Garvey started the shipping company in 1919 as a way to promote trade but also to transport passengers to Africa. He believed it could also serve as an important and tangible sign of Black success. However, the Black Star Line eventually failed due to expensive pairs, mismanagement and corruption. Other than the common desire to fund Black owned, managed and operated business entities, this is where New Age Capitalism™, it mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, leaves Garveyism behind.

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