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Glossary Of Terms & Words To Know
The Key - Make Sure You Are Understood
It is important to be able to define your words and concepts to someone that has little or no experience with them.  This is why we included a glossary of terms in the Warehouse.  The vast majority of people in America and elsewhere on the planet have never been involved in networking or Wealth Building.  The terms you use will be new to them. 
Therefore, it will help you immensely if you are able to clearly define and explain what you mean in a language an individual can relate to and understand.  Building a successful business with others is as much an educational process as it is a moneymaking venture.  As leader, you need to be adept at both. 
When someone in your organization doesn't understand a word, phrase, concept or terminology, that person is coming to you.  Therefore, you need to have as much knowledge as possible about your offering, as well as the industry in which you are building your secondary income streams.  The following Glossary of Terms are words and concepts as defined by IMG.Ws.  The Glossary is updated as often as necessary.
Definitions A - F
Appointment - Meeting someone at a certain place and time.
Approach - A method of contacting potential customers to interest them in an offer.  This can be done in person, by telephone, direct mail or on the Internet.
Approach Close - Stating the chief benefit someone will enjoy by taking advantage of an offer in the form of a question.  Example:  If I could show you how to earn $1,000.00 a month for a $50.00 investment would you be interested?
Asking Questions - The active process of interrogating an individual to discover pertinent informaton about his/her particular situation, activities, condition or a person, place, or thing.  Asking questions is an excellent way to control and direct a conversation.
Automailer - A computer program that automatically sends prepared information to a list of email addresses.
Autoresponder - A computer program that automatically remits an answer or response to an inquiry or email.
Bonus - Monetary compensation or gratuity paid to an individual for encouraging another individual to join a particlar company or organization.  An allowance paid to an individual for exceptional performance that is in addition to what he/she would normally receive.  A payment out of surplus earnings to qualified recipients.
Bottom Line - Net income is informally called the bottom line because it is generally on the last line of a company's income statement. See also Net Income.
Business - A pursuit, occupation, trade, profession, calling, or a commercial enterprise or establishment. 
Business Volume - The total amount of goods or services sold by an individual, organization, or group at given time.
BV - An abbreviation for Business Volume.
Career - A profession, occupation, business activity, or enterprise that is done for an extended period, or during the lifetime of an individual.
Chain Letter - An illegal money scheme that involves repositioning names on a sheet of paper.  New participants buy into the chain by paying money to each person on the sheet.  The sheet is revised and mailed to a new list of names that continue the scheme.  Some popular chain letters are the Dave Rhodes and Edward L. Green letters.
Close - In networking or MLM, an organized method to ask an individual to take advantage of an offer, buy a product or use a service. 
Closed-ended Question - An interrogation or inquiry that must be answered yes or no. 
Closing - In networking, the active process of using an organized method to ask an individual to take advantage of an offer, buy a product or use a service.
Cold Call - An in person method of contacting potential customers or individuals to buy a product, use a service or take advantge of a networking opportunity without prior notification.
Commission - Monetary compensation paid to an individual as a percentage or flat fee that is derived from the sale of a product or service.
Condition - A valid reason why an individual can not buy a product, use a service, or take advantage of an opportunity at the time it is presented.
CPC - An abbreviation for cost-per-click, which essentially means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, link, or web page.
CPM - An abbreviation for cost-per-thousand, which essential means you buy leads, exposures, pageviews, clicks at a bulk rate or fee, rather than an individually.
Credits - A method used by exchanges or advertisement vendors on the Internet  that allows a website, text ad, banner, button or html ad to be viewed by others.
Direct Mail Approach - Sending pre-approach personal letters to a list of names in order to sponsor individuals by mail.  Usually, there is little or no personal contact. 
Discovery Question - An inquiry or interrogation that is used to uncover information about someone that is relevant to your offering. 
Domain - A designated information or data area in a computerized network.
Domain Name - The exact name of a designated information or data area in a computerized network.
Downline - All the people that have enrolled in a networking or MLM company after you that are under you and apart of your organization.
DNS - An abbreviation for Domain Name System.  The Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network. DNS basically translates host names into IP addresses.
DSL - (Digital Subscriber Line) is a family of technologies that provides data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network. DSL originally stood for digital subscriber loop. DSL service is delivered simultaneously with regular telephone service and on the same telephone line. This is possible because DSL uses a higher frequency. These frequency bands are subsequently separated by filtering.

E-mail - A condensation for Electronic Mail.  Electronic mail can be notes, memos, letters, advertisements, data, or documents, etc. that is sent or received  by computers over telephone lines or by wireless transmission.  Also email.

E-mail Address - The location of a designated information file in a computerized database on a server or controlling computer; from which an authorized user can send or receive electronic mail.  Also email address.
Employment - Work that is done in the service of another usually for an hourly fee or salary.
Exponential Income - Income that is earned from the number of people in a downline organization multiplied by the dollar amount earned from each.  For example:  30 people x $100.00 each.
File Transfer Protocol - The method by which electronic files can be safely transferred from one computer or database to another.
Follow up - Additional attempts to communicate or see an individual after an initial contact to provide information, additional services, improve an existing condition, monitor activity, or increase interest in an offering.
FTP - An abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol.
Definitions G - L
Goal - A definite aim or objective that requires effort to be achieved.
Graphics - The process used to display computer data pictorially.
Gross Volume - The total amount of goods or services sold at any given time.
Group Volume - The total amount of goods or services sold by a collective body of individuals. 
GV - An abbreviation for Gross Volume or Group Volume.
Hit - An individual or electronic device that has viewed a web page or pages.
Host - The home or controlling computer in a network of computers or printers.
Hosting Company - A computer database enterprise that is licensed or authorized to operate a controlling computer or server to display electronic files or web pages in ordinary text, visual imagery, data, graphics or sound or any combination of text, visual imagery, data, graphics or sound for private or public viewing.
Html - An abbreviation for Hypertext Markup LanguageHere are the HTML tags and their attributes which are used to insert links in web pages:
  • <a> (anchor tag): the HTML tag used to link to another document. It requires an end tag, which looks like this: </a>.
    • href: an attribute of the anchor tag which specifies the URL of the target destination (where the user will be taken when link is clicked on).
    • target: an attribute of the anchor tag which specifies where the target page should be displayed - in the same browser window as the link, in a new window, etc.
  • <img> (image tag): the HTML tag used when wishing to display an image on a web page. It does not require an end tag.
    • src (source): an attribute of the image tag which specifies the URL where the image is located.
    • border: an attribute of the image tag which specifies whether a border should be displayed around the image.
Html Editor - A computer database that transfers ordinary text, visual imagery, data, or sound in to electronic signals or vice versa.   Learn more about html at W3 Schools.
Http - An abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
Internet - A worldwide network of computer systems commonly called the Worldwide Web.
Internet Service Provider - An organization or commercial enterprise that is authorized or licensed to provide access to the worldwide computer network for a set rate or fee.
Interview - A scheduled meeting between two or more people to discuss an offering, exhange information,  or to increase awareness concerning a person, place, or thing.
IP - An abbreviation for Internet Protocol.  An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical label that is assigned to devices participating in a computer network that uses Internet Protocol for communication between its nodes.   An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location, addressing.
ISP - An abbreviation for Internet Service Provider.
Job - A specific piece of business that is done for a set fee.  Anyone that has regular employment is considered to have a job.
Landing Page - Generally, an advertising information page written and designed to excite and persuade an individual to take action or leave contact information. 
Layout - The exact placement or positioning of text, visual imagery, and the use of color, or graphics information for displaying on any backdrop or background material or electronic page.  
Laying Out - The active process of placing or positioning text, visual imagery, and using color and graphics to display information on a background or backdrop material or electronic page.
Lead Capture Page - A web page used in Internet sales or marketing designed and written to obtain email addresses or other contact information from an individual.
Lead-in Question - A inquiry or interrogation that is used to change the direction of a conversation.
Level - A position within a networking or multi-level marketing commercial enterprise from which income can be received from the efforts of others at lower positions beneath an individual or organization.
Linear Income - Monetary compensation in the form of salaries or wages.
Link - A graphic , icon or written text that will take an individual to a web page.
Listening - The active process of being alert to verbal or nonverbal communication clues or cues as to what a person is really saying with words or body language.
Definitions M - R
Marketer - An individual that is involved in presenting products, services, information, or an income opportunity from a seller to a buyer.
Marketing - The active process of moving goods or services from sellers to buyers.
Material - Any written, visual, or audio information used in a presentation to explain a product, service, or income opportunity.
Matrix - A system that limits the number of people that can occupy a single level or horizonal position in a networking or multi-level marketing organization or business.  Generally expressed as a maximum allowed per level and numbers of levels deep; such as, 3x5, 2x7, 3x9, etc.
MLM - Abbreviation for Multi-Level Marketing.
Money - A commodity such as gold or silver. Money can also be the currency, coins and negotiable papers issued by a government.
Multi-Level Marketing - A tier structured distribution system that is used to move products, services, or information from sellers to buyers.  Buyers can become sellers and receive monetary compensation for personal sales and sales made by individuals sponored or recruit into the system in tiers or levels beneath them.
Multiplex Income - A method of monetary compensation that is exponential in nature; whereby, income can be received from the total number of active participants in a particular group or organization. 
Networking - A process of getting people to work together for a common purpose or goal that is similiar in its application to Multi-Level Marketing, but differs in its concept.
Objection - A tactic used to slow down a process, prevent an action from being taken, or delay making a decision.
Opened-ended Question - Any inquiry or interrogation that can not be answered by yes or no, and requires elaboration.
Opportunity - A chance to advance, improve an existing condition, or an advantage that will aid in the attaiment of a goal or objective.
OTO - An abbreviation for One Time Offer.
Override:  Income earned from the sales volume or activity of those below you in a downline organization that can be received as a percentage or a set dollar amount.
Pageview -  A term used to describe the actual showing of a web page on a rotator.
Paper MLM - An MLM company that exist primarily on paper with no products or services. Participants buy slots on mailing circulars that comes from a central source.  In order to earn income, participants must mail money orders to each person on the circular and copies of sent money orders to the central source. The source revises the list with the participants name in a slot and mails it to the participant.  The participant mails the revised list to others.  Paper MLMs are similar in concept to illegal Chain Letters
Personal Approach - An in person method of contacting prospective buyers in order to interest them in a product, service, or income opportunity.
Personal Volume - The total amount of goods or services sold by a single individual or a group acting as a single individual.
Pixel - The smallest item of information in an image.
Pixel Ad - A small picture or icon generally displayed or placed on a Pixel Ad Board.
Power Leg - In networking, a marketing and business-building format that places all new participants in endless succession under the individual or organization that started the leg.
Powerline - In networking, an organizational format that places all participants in a sequential chain; whereby, an individual can leap ahead by completing conditions or requirements prior to others in the same line.
PPC - An abbreviation for pay-per-click.  PPC is essentially the same as CPC  The difference being, a CPC may require you to bid on certain keywords or phrases and if your is bid high enough, your web page or link will be among the first ones the online searcher sees.  PPC is simply paying for clicks on your link or page without the bidding process.
Pre-Approach - A method of contacting potential buyers for an offer by mailing post cards, personal letters, memos, or notes to a list of names to notify the individual recipient that someone will be contacting him/her at some future date and time.
Presentation - A formal offering of a product, service, or income opportunity to a potential cutomer for consideration; wherein, important features and benefits are explained prior to asking the individual to purchase or participate.
Prospect - A potental customer or recruit.
Prospecting -  The active process of finding potential customers or participants for a product, service, or income opportunity.
Primary Market - People in an individuals immediate family, relatives, friends, close associates, and individuals with whom an individual has a similar interest, ethnicity, concern, occupation, or experience.
Primary Prospects - People in an individual's immediate family, relatives, friends, and close associates.
PTP - An abbreviation for paid-to-promote.
PTR - An abbreviation for paid-to-read.
PV - An abbreviation for Personal Volume.
Pyramid - In sales and marketing, an illegal money scheme in which income is not based on the sale of a product or service, effort, or management.  Income is derived solely from positions sold in the scheme.
Qualifying Question - An inquiry or interrogation that is used to determine whether or not an individual is interested or meets the basic requirements to take advantage of an offering.
Quota - A set amount that must be done during any given period of time.
Rotator - A software program that places web pages in sequential order for display or viewing on the Internet; whereby, clicking a mouse will move the pages forward for viewing.
Recruit - A new member of an organization or group that was signed up or enrolled by an existing member, or by an organization or firm that specializes in signing up or enrolling individuals into an organization or commercial enterprise.
Recruiting - The active process of finding individuals to join or enroll in an organization or commercial enterprise.
Referrer - An individual, company, or organization that gives or sells to another the names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses of people he/she knows, or send others to contact people he/she knows for free,  monetary compensation, or gratuity.
Referral - An individual, company or organization that was given to another by someone else.
Referral Marketing - The active process of finding individuals known by others to interest them in a product, service, information, or income opportunity.
Roll Up - The process of filling spaces in a matrix caused by individuals leaving the matrix; whereby, everyone below the vacant space is moved up one level.
Definitions S - Z
Secondary Market - Any person that has something in common with another individual; such as belonging to the same organization, or club, or having similar interest or hobbies that can be used as the basis to approach that individual or group of individuals concerning a product, service, or income opportunity.
Server - A computer whose resources; such as, storage and data transfer, are available to other terminals in a computer network, or a controlling computer in a computerized network.
Snail Mail - A derisive term used by e-mail subscribers to describe the postal service or to receive mail by traditional means.
Spam - Unsolicited messages or advertisement to an Internet-based email address.
Splash Page - Generally a quick loading web page that has or displays an advertising message.
Sponsor - In networking and multi-level marketing, an individual that assumes the responsibility for another when that individual enrolls or joins his/her organizational structure.
Sponsoring - In networking and multi-level marketing, the active process of finding people to enroll or join an individual's organization for whom he/she will accept responsibility for their activities.
Subscription Fee - In networking, a monthly payment or fee that is required to remain active or receive monetary compensation.
Surfer - On the Internet, an individual that views web pages; either for profit, edification or personal enjoyment.
Surfing-The-Net -  An expression used to describe or define the action or activity of an individual that views web pages on the Internet.
Telephone Approach - A method of contacting prospective buyers or participants by telephone.
Track - The activity associated with monitoring an advertising campaign to determine its overall effectiveness (also tracking).
Traffic - The number of visits a website receives.
Traffic Exchange - An advertising and promotion website where members click on each other's websites for credits or to have a website placed in rotation to be viewed by other members of the exchange.
Unique Hits - The number of people that view a web page for more than a few seconds.
Upline - In networking and multi-level marketing, an individual that is above the person that is recruited or sponsored.
URL - Abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator.
W3C - Abbreviation for World Wide Web Consortium.
Warm-up -  Casual conversation before an actual presentation is given to a prospective buyer or participant.
WIIFM - An abbreviation for What's In It For Me?
WWW - Abreviation for World Wide Web.
The definitions used in the Glossary of Terms are the best we can find as of today.  If you have a more accurate and simpler explanation for the words in the Glossary, please send them to us to consider.  Use any one of the contact forms on any page in the Warehouse.
If we discover that your definition is better than what we have, we will replace ours with yours.  In addition, we will identfy you as the source for the definition, in order to give you the credit you deserve for your efforts.

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