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Life Science & Its Financial Implications
Life means to exist, to have essence, or being that is characterized by metabolism, growth, reproduction, and internally initiated adaptations to the environment. 
Science is knowledge as to facts, phenomena, laws and proximate causes that are verified by exact observation, correct thinking and organized experimentation. Science can also be considered the sum of universal knowledge.  "Life Science" revolves around verifiable, true and accurate knowledge.
Therefore, it is important to know and understand how one achieves knowledge.  Nothing is more important to your success in business, and in life, than knowing the foundation of your current knowledge base.
There are 4 primary foundations of an individual's knowledge base.  These foundations lead directly to your mind-set, that is, how you process information, make decisions and arrive at conclusions.
First:  There is Mass Induced Knowledge:  This is knowledge that comes from people around you and the mass media.  If you are afflicted with mass induced knowledge, you believe something is true simply because everyone around you believes it is true.
Second:  There is Theoretical Knowledge:  This knowledge is explanatory in nature and remains to be proven by using the scientific method.  The vast majority of the time, individuals whose mind-set is rooted in theoretical knowledge, think they have empirical knowledge because the academic community, government, and the intellectual community have given this form of knowledge credibility.
Third:  There is Subjective Knowledge:  This knowledge has no basis in fact, science, or reality.  With the exception of Christianity, it is the primary source of knowledge and understanding used by all religions on the planet and totalitarian governments.   And.. It is the most dangerous form of knowledge.  If your mind-set is heavily tilted toward subjective knowledge, you believe something is true, simply because you want to believe it is true.  This belief can be in anything or anyone without evidence or proof.
Finally:  There is  Empirical Knowledge:  This is knowledge that comes from intelligent observation and experimentation.  This knowledge is factual in nature, and generally comes from study, and piecing together various bits of information to form an objective view of reality.  If your mind-set is firmly rooted in empirical knowledge, then you already have the highest form of personal knowledge, and your life should be filled with meaning and joy.  If it is not, then your mind-set is one of the other three or a combination of them.
In reality, because of these 4 forms of knowledge, only two mind-sets actually exist.  One is the mind-set of "Empiricial Knowledge".  This is the mind-set of science, value production, true happiness, prosperity in all its manifestations, pleasure and meaning. 
The other mind-set is that of "Theorectical Knowledge", "Mass Induced Knowledge", and "Subjective Knowledge".  Millions of people live out their entire lives engrossed in one of  these 3 forms of knowledge.  As a direct result of these 3 forms of knowledge, millions lead unhappy, confused and unproductive lives, consumed with guilt, fear, and hopelessness.
These 3 forms of knowledge and the mind-set they produce can be grouped under one heading and called "Dysfunctional Thinking".  These 3 forms of knowledge collectively try to recreate, evade, or alter reality by intellectual dishonesty, rationalizations, half truths; and in far too many cases, by out right lies, deception, misinformation or force.
Next - The Critical Factor - Your Own Mind-set
The Critical Factor - Your Own Mind-Set
You need to know which mind-set is the most beneficial to your personal growth and achieving your goals, because any decision to take action has emotional, intellectual, and spiritual implications all occurring at the same time. 
Decisions are Emotional, because you have to overcome the fear of loss, which is greater than the desire for gain. 
Intellectual, because you have to use reason and rationality to arrive at your decision to take action.  Spiritual, because you have to have faith and belief in yourself and your abilities to manage and govern your resources, time, and talents. Therefore, you had to have faith and must have faith in order to achieve any worthwhile objective.
You also had to have belief in the income opportunity/ies you selected, life, the higher powers that govern all creation and the future. As you can see, completingStep 2 is a lot more involved than you realized. The reason why so many people fail in business, life and at networking is not because of a lack of information, training, will power, resources, intelligence or the system.
One of the biggest reason why so many fail is this: They never examined the knowledge they carry around in their heads or how they got that knowledge. If you don't have the right mind-set, it is much more difficult for you to increase your income by any means. 
The only people that don't have to worry about their mind-set are professional athletes and entertainers that work alone. They can survive on their honed skills and natural talents, and the world will pay a premium to be entertained by them. Whenever you must work with others, your mind-set will either be a benefit or a detriment to the achievement and/or realization of any goal, aim, desire or purpose.
Consequently, since the overwhelming vast majority of people that live on this Planet are not professional entertainers and/or athletes, the rest of humanity needs to have the correct mind-set and continually improve the way they think, what they think, how they think, and their decision-making process. Using your mind properly is the only known method to realize success or achieve great wealth. Do you know what your mind-set is? Do you know what is the absolute best mind-set to have? If you don't, proceed to the next module on "Dysfunctional Thinking".
Dysfunctional Thinking
A dysfunctional mind-set promotes the idea of using your mind to create reality; rather than using your mind to identify and integrate reality.  Because of this, people become detached from their true selves and remain ignorant as to what is really happening to them. 
Dysfunctional thinking is a disease that progressively undermines your capacity to think, identify reality, and live competently.  It blocks awareness and can actually create physical diseases. 
Dysfunctional thinking can make an intelligent person stupid.  It can even open people up to irrational ideas.  Dysfunctional thinkers seek to lay the blame for their failures on others.
And..... on good fortune for their successes.  The symptoms of dysfunctional thinking are dishonest communication, out of context assertations, and jumbled non-integrated thinking.  Dysfunctional thinking creates false realities, values, and value systems.  People afflicted with a dysfunctional mind-set, seek external guidance for their lives.  Their lives are not self directed.  Many times dysfunctional thinkers and empirical thinkers have similar problems and concerns, feelings and thoughts.  The difference is this: 
An empirical thinker will take responsibility for his/her life, solve his/her own problems, and reject the idea that mind created reality can replace objective reality.  Dysfunctional thinkers avoid responsibility, honesty, and the effort needed to identify and integrate reality.  They make realities out of what they feel, think, wish, or want; rather than accepting the actuality of their existence.
Dysfunctional thinking can blind you to truth and cause you to create problems where none exist.  You spend all your time focusing on symptoms, rather than causes.  Thus, you can become increasingly more incompetent, immature, and irresponsible.  As a result, you can't achieve or retain the major values of life, genuine prosperity or romantic love.  And what is even worse, you will become increasingly more unhappy, lost, and confused the older you get.
A dysfunctional mind-set can cause you to live out your entire life engrossed in illusions, rather than reality.  It can lead you to an irrational lifestyle, that only has scattered islands of happiness, and rationality.  Dysfunctional thinkers always seek honesty in others, while they are always dishonest with themselves.  They choose to deny or contradict nature because it is easier to live with lies and half truths, than with truth itself.  Dysfunctional thinkers usually end up hating life; rather than enjoying the wonders of life.
A dysfunctional mind-set can make you long for an escape into a magical paradise.  The nature of this paradise doesn't matter.  It could be drugs, booze, insanity, or religious asceticism.  Dysfunctional thinkers are limited, rather than expansive.  Unproductive, rather than productive.  Lazy, instead of energetic.  Cowardly, instead of courageous.  And when a dysfunctional thinker is involved in religion, for all the faith and belief he/she claims to possess, he/she is faithless, fearful and uncreative. 
Dysfunctional thinkers generally end their lives as parasites in the system; rather than contributors to it.  The vast majority of people that fail in business, networking, or any income or business opportunity that will improve their lifestyle are primarily dysfunctional thinkers.  Their own mind-set is their greatest obstacle to overcome.
If you have a dysfunctional mind-set, you must do everything within reason to change it.  If you don't change your mind-set, you won't succeed here or anywhere else.  The vast majority of people that are always looking to get-rich-quick are dysfunctional thinkers.  The only known way for a dysfunctional thinker to acquire great wealth is by a game of chance; such as, a lottery, gambling, or any other game of chance.  Sooner or later someone must win, and it is generally a dysfunctional thinker.
Empirical Thinking
Empirical thinkers are rational, continually growing and evolving as human beings.  They accept the personal responsibility to think objectively and act consistently to support themselves by producing value for others. 
They generally produce more than they consume, and earn more money than they need.  Therefore, they become benefactors in the system.  They live in concert with reality and in harmony with others. 
Empirical thinkers strive to honestly integrate their thoughts and words.  They also strive to integrate their actions with the objective reality they see. 
They seek to identify reality by intelligent observation and experimentation.  Since empirical thinkers earn far more than they need, they never steal, deceive, cheat, misinform or mislead others to earn their income.  They are constantly engaged in genuine value production.
Empirical thinkers do not live their lives by the dogma, dictates, principles, or opinions of others.  As a result, they benefit everyone they come in contact with, and society as a whole.  Unlike dysfunctional thinkers that find anxiety and unhappiness when they look within themselves, empirical thinkers find happiness, equanimity, peace, joy, and love. 
Free Will Vs Freedom To Choose
For centuries, and even today, people mistakeningly believe GOD (YHVH / JEHOVAH) gave us "Free Will". GOD (YHVH / JEHOVAH) never gave human beings "Free Will". He gave us the "Freedom to Choose". Even to this day, you can still choose him or reject him. Men and women have always had, and still have "Freedom to Choose". You can choose what you will or will not do or be.
"Freedom to Choose" determines the future of all human beings. Millions suffer from irrational choices made by a dysfunctional mind-set. Millions of people have diminished themselves and their potential to live happy productive lives because of dysfunctionality. Only GOD (YHVH / JEHOVAH) has genuine "Free Will".
The Reason:  GOD is not limited or bound by any physical law, precept, concept or reality. Humans beings are bound and governed by all the physical laws and cannot change a single one. Therefore, humans have "Choice". Consistently making the same or similar choices lead many to believe they are exercising a manifestation of "Will", which is not the case. What an individual confuses with "Will" is the end result of a decision making process that involves choosing, electing or selecting between various and/or alternative courses of action.
Not acting is also a choice. Therefore, empirical rational choices allow people to live happily and productively and go far beyond nature's preset course. In fact, empirical choice is the only known method to achieve lasting happiness and prosperity. The choice between exerting effort or defaulting to laziness determines the course of all important human actions. There are 3 choices constantly confronting every human being.
1.  Exert effort
2.  Default to laziness
3.  Act somewhere in between
The choice to exert effort or default to camouflaged laziness is the key choice that determines the character, competence, and future of every human being. These crucial choices must be made by every intelligent living person throughtout his/her entire lifetime. 
This same "Freedom to Choose", determines the direction of every known human institution. This includes the movement of entire nations of people, and the ideologies they value as true and sacred. Unlike animals whose survival instincts and mechanisms work automatically, human beings can choose to exert effort, default to laziness, or act somewhere in between.
By exerting effort, you can acquire the ability to reason. Reasoning is the very foundation of intelligent life. This single ability to reason elevates human life above all other forms. Reasoning, thinking, and using your mind with "Freedom to Choose" is your only true survival mechanism and is the very foundation upon which Integrated Economics is based.
The vast majority of people have replaced reason and rationality with dysfunctional non-integrated thinking. Therefore, it is impossible for the vast majority to grow and develop or acquire great wealth. You can choose the course your life will take wisely, foolishly, or not at all.  
You can choose to participate in Wealth Building strategies and moneymaking systems or not at all. The choice is yours to make. You have chosen to participate, and you have taken 2 major steps toward reaching your goal. Now that have you chosen the correct mind-set, a successful life is virtually assured, even if don't acquire great wealth. Now that you have been exposed to "Life Science"....
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Everything in this Warehouse is here to help you complete your "Step-By-Step Financial Success Program".  Even though our approach to financial success is smple and practical, each step forward is more difficult than the preceding step.  Step 2 was a very difficult step to take.  It took real courage and faith in yourself to complete it. You didn't get to this Warehouse by accident. 
Note:  From May 31, 2009  until August 21, 2009, the language in the Warehouse changed. IMG.Ws Associate or Associate was replaced with Reality Networker.  This change reflects our commitment to building a network within Reality Networkers.
Why These Changes Were Necessary
Since our change from [dot com (.com)] to [dot ws (.ws)] over five years ago, our goal was, and still is to build a networking organization that could participate in genuine multiple streams of income.  In order for this to occur,  an organized system was needed that focused on building teams or networks and not promoting products, services or income opportunities.
Reality Networkers is that organized system. 
Reality Networkers is the SMART CHOICE & the BEST CHOICE for the vast majority to achieve online or offline success as a marketer or networker.  Reality Networkers currently has over  3,000,000 members looking for opportunities to join and reliable people to work with. This could be you and your opportunity, product, program, service or information.
If you are currently marketing an income program, product or service, and if Reality's current membership of over 3,000,000 people took advantage of your offer today, "you would have a multi-million dollar business and be a cash multi-millionaire." Wouldn't you agree?  You see, having access to more than 3,000,000 people is a huge and definite advantage for any seriously minded person, whether you operate a home business or not and regardless of your current status, situation, income or level of success.
Reality Networkers can put more people into income programs and put more money into the hands of marketers and networkers than any one company, individual, software program, organization or group on or off the Internet. This also includes your job or career if you have one.  
Why The Above Statements Are True
The Reason:  Reality Networkers is the only organized structure that can accommodate everything you are doing now and might be doing in the future, and do it all at once. You do not have to abandon one business for another, one product or service for another or limit your business or income earning interest.  One structured format does it all.
A Reality Networkers' long term goal is to build a team of active like-minded individuals.
And then, takes, his/her team, as a unit, into every legitimate income opportunity they can find online or off.  With over 3,000,000 marketers in the network already and growing everyday, there are bound to be hundreds or thousands that will be interested in your product, service, information or opportunity inside the network.
Of course there are minimum requirements that must be met before you can access the entire membership.  If you are an active networker or marketer, meeting these minimum requirements should not be a problem for you and it certainly beats clicking ads, surfing for credits, paying for advertisement that rarely works, buying leads, joining safelists, opt-in lists or emailing to other networkers, marketers or work-from-homers that are busy selling their own products, services or opportunities, and it is definitely better than beating the proverbial bushes for sign ups, referrals or sales for the rest of your life.  
Naturally, some promotional activity is necessary in the beginning to build your teams.  Unless you are helping members on your team advertise and promote, your promotional activity is short-term, not lifetime.  Reality Networkers is what the overwhelming majority of people need in order to have a realistic chance to have long term financial security and multiple streams of income in the truest sense of the words.
Why The Above Statement Are Also True
The Reason:  Reality Networkers is inclusive, not exclusive, you do not have to stop what you are doing and work with someone on his/her opportunity or work part time on your opportunity, while you jump to another program to earn income there. 
Reality Networkers is truly win-win for anyone that desires significant monthly income. Why not pay Reality Networkers a visit and examine what they have to offer?  Click the following link to get to Reality Networkers - The Future of Network, Referral & Affiliate Marketing. Click on the link or the arrow below to continue to the remaining steps in your Step-By-Step Financial Success Program.

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