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Steps 3-7 Of Your Step-By-Step Financial Success Program
Success Is A Simple Process, But Not An Easy Process
Before you proceed to Steps 3 - 7, it's important to note that our immediate goal in the Information Warehouse is to help you earn $500.00 - $1,000.00 a month.
Regardless of which business structure you have already chosen, Home Business Enterprise, Home Business Shop Operation or an Internet Based Business or Business Group, this income goal is the most realistic and attainable for the vast majority.
IMG.Ws wants every team member to succeed. The best way to accomplish this objective is to implement a phased growth strategy. We want every team member to grow his/her income in an intelligent, affordable and consistent manner.  Therefore, your individual monthly income growth strategy should look like this:
Phase  1:  $        500.00-$     10,000.00 (Millions of people are here) 
Phase  2:  $  10,001.00-$     20,000.00 (Some manage to get here.)
Phase  3:  $  20,001.00-$     50,000.00 (A few get here.)
Phase  4:  $  50,001.00-$  100,000.00 (Even fewer get here.)
Phase  5:  $100,001.00-$1,000,000.00 (Less than 1% ever get here.)
Whenever you reach an income level, you are already into the next phase.  You can stop your income growth at anytime or continue into the next phase.  However, if you feel you have the financial resources, knowledge, and skill to skip phases, please do so.  
IMG.Ws is a marketing organization.  Therefore, we must always consider the needs of the vast majority. Your "Step-By-Step Financial Success Program" allows you start at any level you choose. The information in the Warehouse will help you accomplish your objective in any phase.
Steps 3 - 7:
The remaining steps in your "Step-By-Step Financial Success Program" were placed in the Information Warehouse for a very good reason.  Unlike Step 1 and Step 2, that can be monitored for completion, these remaining steps cannot. There is no way of knowing whether or not you will complete the remaining steps, or when you complete them.  These steps are vital to any worthwhile achievement. 
Many people have stumbled upon Steps 3 - 7 on their own.  Without them, success in any endeavor is virtually impossible.  Some discover them with consciousness awareness, others by accident. The rest discovered and used them without any knowledge of what they were doing or why.  All they knew was something was working for them and propelling them toward their goal.
Completing these steps will not guarantee that you personally will succeed in your quest. However, completion guarantees to increase the probability that you will. Many well known motivational speakers, authors, and soothsayers from around the globe are very fond of saying, "Success comes to those that are prepared to meet it." NOT SO!! 
Success only comes to those who have done what is necessary to have it, paid the price to get it, and only when all the parameters, circumstances and factors have aligned themselves in accordance with achieving that particular goal or quest.
This might sound harsh and unfair, but, unfortunately, that's how it works. Let's go through the steps and you'll come to understand what we mean.  And...while we are at it, we might as well, expose and destroy all the other myths surrounding personal, or corporate success, or achievement.
Step 3:  Define What You Mean By Success   
This is the Definition Step:  Basically, what you are doing at this step is firmly and finally deciding and defining your goal or quest. How much monthly income do you need? This should be a specific dollar amount. Clearly and specifically defining your goal or meaning of success is crucial to whatever you want to accomplish. This is one of the few steps that sooner or later, everyone that succeeds at something gets right.
Your definition of success might be different from Ed's and Ed's is probably different from George's. Your definition is what success means to you...and this is a good thing. You might not need to live in a mansion, or earn a million a month to be happy with yourself.
Since we are only concerned with increasing your income, we will limit further discussion to this specific topic.  Increasing your income and improving your lifestyle are attainable and realistic goals. Defining clearly and specifically what you mean by more income is a major break through. More income to you might be $3,000.00 a month.  For Michelle, more income is a new Ford Expedition, for Tanya, more income is a new 5,000 square foot home.
What is your definition of more income?  Or..How much money do you need to earn per month to reach your financial goal? 
Think about this long and hard.  Be very specific, then write it down.  There is a reason for this:  Unless you can state clearly and specifically how much money you need, or what your income goal is, you will never achievement it.  Why? Unless you know where you are going, you will never get there.
Writing and/or typing your goal on paper, or your computer screen helps clarify your thinking, focus your energies, and helps you formulate a comprehensive vision of....
 1.  What you have to do..
 2.  When you have to do it...
 3.  How it must be done...
 4.  Where it must be done...
 5.  Who to contact to start getting it done...
 6.  Why it must be...and...
 7.  Now is the time to start getting it done....
When you achieve one goal, you can always set a new one.  Living a life of setting and achieving goals is a very productive way to live.
Step 4: Determine The Price You Must Pay 
This is the Payment Step: Motivational and self-help material rarely ever mention this important step.  The reason:  This is purely a personal matter that has little or no mass appeal. No one really wants to hear about paying a "nasty", "ugly", price for his/her success. Just like the vast majority of overweight people don't like paying the price to lose weight, the people that want or need additional income, don't like paying the price to get it.
Until you can come to terms with the inherent cost of  reaching your goal, your goal cannot be reached.  You are the only person that will know the price, because it's your price, and you are the only person that must pay it.
The amount of sacrifice, what is sacrificed in terms of personal assets and resources, and sometimes who is sacrificed, (literally and figuratively) how often you make that sacrifice, the time allocations for reading, studying, investigating, experimenting, preparing, growing, developing, practicing-rehearsing-practicing, and delaying your satisfaction and gratification are just a few elements involved in the price you will pay. What's even worse, every goal has a different price.
If you cannot or will not pay the necessary price for your achievement, then you absoulutely and positively cannot have it.  However, there is always the possibility that luck, fate, or good fortune will send a favor or two your way.  Afterall, this is the primary method by which dysfunctional thinkers acquire wealth, and it is the only way, by which, they can stumble upon a fortune.  Lottery and sweepstakes winners can attest to this fact.
The "so-called" role of luck, fate, or good fortune covers everything from games of chance, to meeting the right person, or being in the right place at the right time.  Even though these happenstances have their role to play in life, they are unreliable as a means to prosperity for the overwhelming majority.  When it comes to an income opportunity, they have no role to play at all.  No one will ever know the price you really paid for your achievement, not even those closest to you.  
Return to "The Common Law of Business Balance" for a moment.  This law prohibits getting something for nothing, paying a little and getting a lot, and doing a little and receiving huge rewards.  Embodied in the law is the reality that you must pay for what you want.  Genuine success, requires a genuine price.  This is why it is not wise to be envious of another's success.  Unless he/she was born or married into it, you have no idea what price was really paid, or the circumstances that were involved in achieving it.
This is why it is critical to find an occupation, profession, career or an income opportunity that you will enjoy doing.  As you progress toward your goal, the price you are paying will not seem like a price at all.  In fact, you wake up every morning looking forward to the process.  Whenever reaching a goal becomes toil and drudgery, achievement is either non-existent, substandard or marginal at best. 
Don't ever participate in an income opportunity just for the money, find something about what you are doing that brings you joy, happiness, or a feeling of fullfilment or accomplishment.  Otherwise, your ability to succeed at it will be slim and none. 
This brings us back to you.  What is the price you are willing to pay to reach your income goal?  Think about this as deeply and profoundly as you possibly can.  Your final decision will determine whether you succeed or fail.
Step 5:  Determine What You Are Willing To Do 
This is the Reality Step:  This is another area rarely covered by motivational professionals or success gurus.  It is not profitable to tell the teeming masses that there are many things they cannot have or will never succeed at, regardless of how motivated, enthusiastic, positive, persistent and determined they are to have it.  Before you decide upon what you are willing to do, first determine, whether or not the goal you want to reach is attainable or right for you.
A positive mental attitude can be dangerous and unhealthy if it is not firmly rooted in actuality and reality.  You can be as positive as like about jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet without a parachute.  You can do it, but you won't live to tell about it.
For example:  If you are a male or female, that is 4' 2" tall and weigh 80 pounds, chances are excellent you won't be playing basketball for the L.A. Lakers, football for the Dallas Cowboys, baseball for the New York Yankees or be considered for any other high profile professional sports team.
The price you are willing to pay, and what you are willing to do to accomplish this goal become irrevalent considerations. It is simply not going to happen in your lifetime.  On the other hand, if you pinned your hopes and aspirations on riding the winning horse in the Belmont Stakes or the Kentucky Derby, you might have a better than average chance of making this dream a reality because of your height, weight and size.
The same holds true for income opportunities.  Marvin's goal is an Internet Based  Business Group that generates $70,000.00 a month.  Is this goal attainable or right for him? Presently, Marvin can't afford to invest heavily in advertising, or afford to find others that are also willing to invest heavily in advertising.  He can not afford to go offline and bring people online.  At this point in his planning, Marvin's goal is not realistic or attainable, regardless of what he is willing to do or how badly he wants to achieve it.
Setting and achieving goals require a heavy dose of reality. This heavy reality dose will always have a positive impact on your life and your plans for personal achievement.  The diminutive male or female in our first example, could realize his/her dream as professional athletes in an entirely different sport.  If Marvin paced his growth and expanded his business ventures over an extended period his goal becomes more realistic and more attainable.
In order to establish realistic and attainable financial goals, give yourself a heavy dose of reality. This will always improve your thinking and planning. Now that you know setting attainable goals based on actuality and reality is an important step in your fiancial success program, what are you willing to do to achieve your income goal?
Step 6:  Assess Your Strengths & Weaknesses
This is the Personal Assessment Step:  Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know who you are and what you are.  Know your talents, personal assets, abilities, and capabilities.  The more you know about yourself, the easier it becomes to select an income opportunity that is right for you.  The income opportunity you select should cater to the areas in your life in which you are the strongest. 
For example:  If you are not good at demonstrating products, don't select an income opportunity that requires in-home product demonstrations.  If you are mechanically inclined, an opportunity of this type might be perfect for you.  If you are a good conversationalist, then programs that require people skills would be a good choice. 
If you don't know very many people, and prefer to live your life in isolation, then an Internet Based Business or Business Group would suit your lifestyle preference much better, than an opportunity that requires frequent personal contact. You want to be comfortable with what you are doing. Knowing what you can do well or cannot do at all is a very important consideration. The bottom line is find an income opportunity that is best suited for you, the way you are right now.
Since knowing yourself is important to reaching your financial goals, what are your strengths and weaknesses?   What abilities, capabilities or talents that you currently possess will help you reach your income goal?   What liabilities can hinder you? 
Step 7:  Develop An Action Plan & Implement Your Plan
This is the Planning & Implementation Step:  The reason why this step is called "Planning & Implementation" is because:  "There is no need spending time, energy, and/or resources developing plans if they are not going to be implemented".  To reach your income goal, you must implement your plan. Even a bad plan is better than no plan at all. Besides, all human endeavors proceed much better with plans than without them. 
In this module we are going to help you outline key aspects of your action plan, but before we do, let's review and recap what you have accomplished so far.  By now, you should have a clear understanding of your particular mind-set. 
You should know whether you are an "Empirical Thinker" or a "Dysfunctional Thinker".  If you are an "Empirical Thinker", you will proceed through these steps with little or no difficulty, come to your own conclusions, do your own investigations, make your own plans, and go on to earn the monthly income you need with little or no additional help or support.
If you are a Dysfunctional Thinker, you can change your mind-set at anytime.  Go back to the Life Science section on our Home page and review the characteristics of an Empirical Thinker.  Begin adding these characteristics to your life.  Otherwise, you might not be able to overcome doubts, inhibitions, and fears.  You are probably still not sure of  who you are, what you are, or where you are going. 
Even though you have upgraded to Associate, and have access to this Warehouse, you are still not sure what to do.  You still lack confidence in your choices, our methods, and inwardly, you still long for an income method, system or program that will get you rich quick with little or no real effort on your part.  If this is you, the only way to help you is to build your confidence as you proceed through the steps.  Your confidence should be growing because of the positive steps you have already taken.  You have already:
 1.  Selected an opportunity
 2.  Upgraded to Associate
 3.  Decided on your income goal
 4.  Decided on a price you are willing to pay to reach your income goal.
 5.  Decided on what you are willing to do to achieve your income goal
 6.  Assessed your strengths and weaknesses
These are all major accomplishments from where you were.  You are now at a critical point in your "Step-By-Step Financial Success Program".  If you cannot find the courage to act on what you have decided for yourself, have faith in yourself, believe in yourself and your ablility to reach your income goal, then your income goal cannot be reached. 
Developing and implementing plans is not as difficult as you think.  All planning follows the same basic outline and have the same basic elements. 
1.  The first thing you want to do is give your income project a name.  (This will help you stay focused on what you have to do, and it will help you explain your actions and activities to others.) 
2.  Establish a start date.  (This is the day you will actively start working on your project.  For the sake of this example, your start date is July 7, 2011.)
3.  Establish a realistic completion date.  This is important.  Give yourself enough time to work your plan effectively.  (In this same example, your ending date is July 7, 2013.)
4.  Re-state your goal with your starting time and ending time and how you will accomplish it.  (For Example:  Starting July 7, 2011 my goal is to earn 10,000.00 a month from my Core Business Group by July 7, 2013.  I will accomplish my goal by sponsoring 1,000 people over the next 5 years at the rate of 2 new Associates per month into xyz company and I will teach them how to do the same.) 
5.  Devise an overall operational strategy of what you will do and how you will do it in a timely and consistent manner.  (This will help you stay on course and direct your ongoing daily or weekly activities.) 
Your operational strategy might include, but not be limited to the following: 
  • Going to your online back or virtual office for your business/es and learning all you can about the company/ies you are working with.
  • Thoroughly examing the support services your company/ies provide that will help you develop your business.
  • Coming to the Warehouse on a periodic basis for supplemental support when you feel you need it.
  • Setting target dates for specific activities.
  • Analyzing your local market for potential prospects.

Your overall operational strategy is your blueprint for completing your objectives and reaching your goal.  Give this strategy serious thought. Revise it when needed to compensate for situations and circumstances you encounter that you did not foresee occuring.

6.  Establish a work schedule.  (Set aside time on a daily or weekly basis to work on your project.) 

7.  List the objectives that must be completed in order to make your goal a reality or complete your project.  To complete your objectives as quickly as possible, it would be helpful to have a daily or weekly do list. Set a deadline to complete each objective.  (Objectives are the activities and actions that must be completed in order to reach your goal or complete a project.)
        Your objectives list may include but not be limited to the following:
                                 Decide on a name for your business
                                 Get an Employer Identification Number
                                 Establish a business bank account, if you need one
                                 Decide on a legal structure (sole proprietor, corp, etc)
                                 Set an advertising budget
                                 Get a prospects or opt-in list
                                 Find a hosting company
                                 Decide on a website
                                 Sponsor my first person or complete my first sale
Establishing and completing objectives is an ongoing never ending process that involves, your spiritual, business, personal and family life.  It can also help you improve yourself and how you relate and interact with others.  Self management by objectives is also a useful method to enhance your personal strengths and improve your weaknesses.
Use the following formula to manage and complete your objectives
Start Date>>>Your Objective>>>State the Method Needed to Complete It>>>End Date
Below is an example of how this self management system works: 
Start date:   July 7, 2011
Your objective:   Get 10,000 hits on your website.
The method you will use:   Leads from Lead Companies A, B & C. Completion date for this objective:  November 21, 2011
  • Since objectives are relative and specific to a particular plan, and plans are specific to goals or projects.  It is difficult to give you any real help with specific objectives in this section. We don't know how you have organized your business venture/s, or what your current lifestyle requirements are.  Therefore, if you need help with your action plan.
  • Tell us about the income opportunity/ies you have chosen in the comment section at the end of this page.  Be sure to state your income goal. We will email an effective objectives outline for your particular income project. 

8.  Divide your income goal or project into 30, 60 or 90 day intervals.  (This  will  help you monitor your progress and measure your effectiveness on a regular basis.) 

9.   Reward yourself at periodic intervals when specific activities or objectives have been completed.  (This is necessary to deal with the ups and downs of daily life.)

If you like, you can write down the benefits you will receive from reaching your income goal.  We prefer not to include this as a step, because we believe you already know the benefits, otherwise, you would not be invloved in Wealth Building.  Some success gurus like to include "indentify obstacles" in their success programs.  However, IMG.Ws would rather call obstacles, objectives. 

There are other elements you can add to your plans as well, but these are the ones you need to reach your income goal.  Therefore, any steps, procedures, or guidelines that do not directly relate to accomplishing your goal are not needed, and should be discarded.  

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Please Note:  The information in this module can change without notice.

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