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Your Effective Sales, Sponsoring & Recruiting Market 
Finding The Right People Is Never An Easy Task
Effective Market development will always involve plans, strategies, persuasion techniques and using The Law of Large Numbers.  Marketing is normally defined as the method by which products and/or services get from sellers to buyers.  This method includes advertising, promotion, distribution, staging, shipping, storage and selling. 
IMG.Ws defines Marketing as the active process of selling you, your value systems and your products or services to the general public that includes advertising and promotion
Like the couple in the photograph, you are always engaged in the active process of selling yourself to others.  The word Market could mean different things to different people.  Let's examine some definitions. 
It is important to understand what IMG.Ws means when we discuss Markets and Marketing.  Understanding this process will help you become much more effective in the business venture you have chosen.
First:  A Market can be a place where merchandise is displayed for sale; specifically an open space or a large building in a town or city, generally with stalls or designated positions occupied by different dealers; such as a Farmer's Market or a Flea Market. 
Second:  A Market can be a private store for the sale of provisions or specific goods such as a Meat Market, Produce Market, Open-air Market, or a Furniture Market. 
Third:  A Market can also be described as the state of trade of investment instruments or commodities as determined by price, supply, demand, or traffic, such as the Stock Market, Bond Market or Futures Market.
Fourth:  A Market can be a locality or country where anything can be bought or sold, or a place where any commodity is in demand; such as the European Market, South American Market, or Midwesten Market.
Fifth:  A Market can be defined as a gathering of people that are buying and selling a particular commodity, such as the Wheat Market, Gold Market or Silver Market.
Finally:  A Market can be the value of a thing as determined by the price it will bring or its worth, such as the Used Car Market, Housing Market or Diamond Market.
As Reality Networkers and wealth builders, whenever we refer to a Market, we are referring to people.  The wants, needs, or desires of people is our concern and yours as they relate to the product/s or service/s we have to offer. 
IMG.Ws defines a Market as a meeting place for people engaged in buying and selling.  This meeting place can be anywhere.
Since Marketing is the active process of selling yourself, value systems and products or services to the general public, you are already engaged in Marketing whether you know it or not.  Currently, you are Marketing yourself, your thoughts, concepts, precepts, folkways and value systems to others.  Everyday you are also buying thoughts, concepts, value systems, products or services from others.  In order to earn income from your current marketing activities, you need a product or service and a formal approach.
It is unfortunate, that the vast majority of people have the mistaken belief that marketing strategies and techniques are only reserved for entertainment, professional sports, political parties and the sale of manufactured products.  Sales and Marketing is a total actuality. Television, motion pictures, radio, newspapers, magazines, and all other forms of print and audio visual media, are contantly selling you the thoughts, ideas, concepts and precepts of others. 
Market Development is the active process of finding buyers or customers for your product/s or service/s.  If you are engaged in sponsoring others to grow a Home Business Shop Operation, Market Development for you, "is the active process of finding like-minded others".
This process is highly focused and organized.  Market Development uses advertising and promotion as its primary and secondary cultivating tools or methods.   As a Reality Networker, you are going to use these same tools and methods; plus, word-of-mouth to inform the general public of your products and/or services.
Your Sales, Sponsoring Or Recruiting Market
Your Effective Market is the people in an Enterprise Zone that will be sponsored,  recruited, or actually buy a product or service from you.  Whether you are selling a product or service, sponsoring or recruiting these customers or independent representatives are yours.  Even though these are your designated customers or representatives, you must go through the process in order to get them.
Your Potential Sales, Sponsoring, or Recruiting Market is formed by dividing the people in an Enterprise Zone by the number of vendors selling a similar product or service, or the number of people actively engaged in sponsoring or recruiting. 
On the Internet, your Enterprise Zone is any region on the planet, where large numbers of people have access to the Internet.  If you are building an Internet Based Business Group, your Potential Market is anyone with an email address.  The following information is relative to Associates that have a Stand Alone business or a Home Business Shop Operation.
Independent Marketing Group developed the Enterprise Zone concept to sell insurance products during the middle 80s. This concept can be utilized to sell any product or service; or sponsor or recruit for any business enterprise. 
IMG.Ws defines an Enterprise Zone as the actual number of households in any given locality or region. 
If there are 50,000 people in your town or city, divide by 3 to determine the average number of households.  A household is a physical location where people actually reside.  This can be any habitable dwelling; including RV campsites, apartments, manufactured housing, or site-built homes.
A traditional household consist of at least 2 adults and a child.  In this example, the census population count is 50,000.  Divide by 3, which =s approximately 16,667 households.
If you are the only person in this Enterprise Zone selling air or water purifiers, or any other comsumable or usable product or service, that's 16,667 potential sales.  If there are 20 people in this locality involved in similar business activities, (including you) divide 16,667 by 20.  In this example that's 16,667 divided by 20, which =s 833 households.  
Therefore, your potential sales market is 833 households.  Unfortunately, this is not your Actual Sales Market or your Effective Sales Market.  In order to determine your Effective Sales Market, we need to return to The Law of Large NumbersWhenever a sufficiently large number of people exist in a market environment, you will have a 50% chance of persuading someone to do something you want him/her to do. 
It doesn't matter whether you are trying to persuade them to use your service, buy your product, or take advantage of your opportunity.  This percentage is one of the Postulates that is used when applying the Law of Large Numbers.
A Postulate is no more or less than a basic principle or fundamental element used as the basis of an argument.  Many times Postulates are self-evident, even though there is no scientific way to prove or disprove what is being proposed is... or... is not true. 
In Sales and Marketing, Postulates are used to measure your performance, or to determine your actual or effective sales market when applying The Law of Large Numbers.  Postulates rarely change.  Therefore, you must always use them when you are projecting your probable sales, sponsoring, or recruiting market share, or you will unintentionally mislead yourself. 
The other sales people or independent represenatives operating in an Enterprise Zone have the same opportunity to sell their product or service, sponsor or recruit as you do.  Their chances of persuading someone to do something are the same as yours.  Therefore, take 833 households and multiply by .50 or divide by 2.  833 divided by 2 =s 417 households.  This is your Actual Sales Market. 
An Actual Sales Market is the number of potential customers that can buy a product or service based on the persuasive skills of the seller.  This Market is all yours.  The other vendors also have an Actual Sales Market of 417 potential customers. The following are sales Postulates that are extremely accurate if you are offering a product or service in a stable economic environment.  In a cross section of 100 people in the adult age population in an Actual Sales Market....
 1.   Approximately 10% of the adult age population market inhabitants (18 years or older) will not buy a product or use a service sold by an individual.  These people prefer buying from an established commercial outlet, store, or shop.  This same percentage also will not take advantage of any income opportunity. 

When it comes to sponsoring or recruiting, your Potential Market always starts at 90% of the adult age population.

2.   Approximately 20% will buy anything and everything that will improve their condition, health, or lifestyle.  This same percentage is true for sponsoring or recruiting.
3.  Approximately 40% will only buy a product or use a service, if they can be shown how using it will benefit them.  You can expect the same percentage for sponsoring or recruiting.
4.  Approximately 10% will not have the financial means at the time the product or service is offered for sale.  This is also true for sponsoring or recruiting.
5.  Approximately 10% are not capable of making a buying decision because of  a variety of reasons, i.e. unemployed, too much debt, bad credit, no discretionary income, etc.  This percentage does not hold true for sponsoring or recruiting.  It depends on the nature of the income opportunity that is offered.
6.  Approximately 10% will only buy a product or use a service from an individual after it has been around for awhile or they see others using it.  This is another variable when you are sponsoring or recruiting for an income opportunity that can actually increase your percentages.
When it comes to the sale of a product or service, your Effective Market Percentage is 60% of your Actual Sales Market.  This is the 20% that will buy anything and everything that will improve their condition, health, or lifestyle, and the 40% that will buy a product or use a service that will benefit them.  To determine your Effective Sales Market, multiply 417 X .60 which =s 250. 
Therefore, your Effective Sales Market is 250 sales.  In this Enterprise Zone, 250 customers are yours, if you go out and get them.  What you don't know is who these customers are, where they live, when they can be seen, or how to contact them. When it comes to getting your customers, or your sponsored or recruited representatives in an Enterprise Zone, you have 4 objectives:
  • Get all the customers, or sponsored or recruited representatives that are yours.
  • Get as many customers, or sponsored or recruited representatives as you can from the other guy's market.
  • Always work on improving your percentages.  An additional 1% of a Market can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.
  • Periodically go back to the remaining 40% in your zone because time and circumstances can change a person's attitude, concepts, folkways, precepts and ideology.
When it comes to sponsoring or recruiting, your Effective Market Percentage can be much higher because of variables that exist in an Enterprise Zone.  In addition, there are other factors and parameters involved in sponsoring or recruiting that do not apply to the sale of a product or service.   
Too much debt might prevent an individual from buying a product or service, but it could be the very reason why they will take advantage of your income opportunity. The same is true for unemployment, bad credit, no discretionary income, or low income. 
Having sufficient discretionary income might be great for selling products or services, but, could be the very reason why individuals will pass on an income opportunity.  The only variables that apply to sales, sponsoring and recruiting are mental incompetence, physical incapacitation, and imprisonment.
Failing to understand the numbers is the single greatest reason why thousands are driven out of sales, marketing and networking every year.  Psychologically prepare yourself with the Law of Large Numbers or you will not succeed.
Understanding Enterprise Zones & Ratios
It is absolutely imperative that you understand sales, sponsoring or recruiting is a business of numbers.  The more qualified people you see or contact, the more advertising and promotion you do, the more The Law of Large Numbers works for you.  If you are building an Internet Based Business Group, the same is true.  The only difference is, instead of seeing people, you are sending out emails.
Understanding an Enterprise Zone and your ratios will dramatically improve your effectiveness.  Thus, increasing your income.  Your Ratios are totally dependent on the size of your zone and you determine how big your Enterprise Zone will be. 
A Ratio is no more or less than an activity expressed as a mathematical relationship.  The Ratios you want to keep up with are:
Contacts to Suspects:  Contacts are the people you actually talk to about your product or service:  If you have an Internet Based Business Group, your contacts are people that you sent an email.  If you have a website, your contacts are hits on your web page/s.  Suspects are people that have expressed an interest in your product, service or income opportunity.  At this point you don't know whether they are qualified buyers or qualified potential representatives for your Wealth Building team.
Suspects to Prospects:  A Prospect is a qualified buyer or potential member of your Wealth Building team.  The more Prospects you find, the bigger your team becomes.
Prospects to Sales or Recruits or Sponsored Team Members:  A sale is a person that has actually purchased your product or service, or is now a member of your Wealth Building team.
Keeping up with these Ratios will let you know how effective your Market Development strategies or activities are working.  Discard ineffective strategies and expand the ones that are producing results.
Your zone starts from where you are located and extends outward as far as you like.  Normally, an Enterprise Zone is expressed in square miles or miles per radius.  Therefore, if you have a Home Business Enterprise or a Home Business Shop Operation, your initial zone could be 100 square miles from your home, or a 50 mile radius around your home.  Systematically and methodically work your zone, until you have exhausted its potential to deliver customers or team members, then you expand it or establish another zone.
The earning potential that is contained in an Enterprise Zone is dependent upon the product, service or income opportunity you are offering.  The higher the price, the fewer the prospects.  The lower the price, the greater the number of potential prospects.  Some products like televisions, ceiling fans, candles, or phones, etc., will allow you to place more than one in a household.  Others like security services, water purification systems, workout equipment, or vacuum cleaners, generally, only one can be placed.
Sponsoring or recruiting is usually limited to one person per household.  However, this depends on the nature of the opportunity.  The more product or services you can place per household, the greater your earning potential becomes.  The more team members you get per household, the bigger your effective market becomes.
The Internet allows you to expand your physical linitations to anywhere in the industrialized world.  However, the size of the Internet community as an Enterprise Zone can be misleading.  For example, there may be 200 million or 600 million web addresses or mailboxes, but unfortunately many of these people might not be potential prospects for your product, service or opportunity. 
Their countries, political systems, or economies might be too unstable or unreliable.  These factors dramatically reduce your Market potential.  Therefore, in lieu of these realities, it is best to establish your Enterprize Zone in the larger cities, and then get as much out of the smaller cities and communities as you can.  The important thing to remember is work your zone until you have exhausted its earning potential.
The Importance Of Finding The Right People For Your Offering
There are a lot of reasons why people fail in home businesses and in Internet sales, marketing and recruiting.  The primary reason has nothing to do with training, support systems, products, services or the market environment.  Over 95% of all the people involved in home businesses fail because they spend most of their time, money and effort chasing the WRONG PEOPLE.
Internet Gurus rob the masses blind, by deceiving them, and perhaps you, that you can do little or nothing and amass great wealth.  It is not going to happen... at least not on planet earth. You are going to have to work, discipline yourself and find the courage to succeed.
The overwhelming majority of income opportunities on and off the Internet are not designed for timid, lazy, cowardly, faint hearted, egocentric, status conscious, self-conscious and undisciplined people.  They are not designed for those wanting great rewards for little or no effort, the fearful or anyone who is comfortable hiding out on the Internet. 
These people are the WRONG PEOPLE for any income opportunity beyond a 9-5 job, get-rich-quick-scheme, overnight millions or an Internet junk program.  These are not bad people. In fact, the vast majority are hard working, law abiding, decent, honest people.  They are just the WRONG PEOPLE for an income opportunity unless they are willing to change.
This does not mean that one or two people with any one of the above mentioned  character traits can't succeed with some of the stuff circulating on the Net.  The odds are stacked against the vast majority.  The vast majority, if you didn't know know it now.  That's the group you are in. That's why the failure rate is over 98%. 
Every Enterprise Zone will have its fair share of Right People.  Your objective as an affiliate, independent representative, contractor or independent distributor is to find them before the other guy does.  
If you are trying to recruit or sponsor someone that has any one of the above mentioned character traits, that person won't earn any real money with you...or anybody else, unless he/she is willing to grow and change.  There is no such reality as something for nothing and no pies float in the sky.
In 6,000 years of recorded history no lazy, cowardly, fainted hearted, timid, or fearful person has ever amassed great wealth or ever had any great accomplishment.  When you combine this actuality with what you have already discovered about Wealth Building and with the reasons why many people will never earn any real money in their lifetime, you begin to realize Right People are hard to find.  Go back and review "Why You Need Continuous Income" and "Integrated Economics & Wealth Building".
Now for the faint hearted:  Courageous people don't mind you spending your time, money and effort chasing the WRONG PEOPLE; hiding out on the Net, or waiting for your Internet ship or whatever ship you got sailing out there to come in.  All this means is more money for them.  And...who knows...your ship just might come in someday.  Just maybe... Joe Guru's latest Internet Marketing Secrets Thriller might get you a million signups.  Who...Knows???
However, while you are checking out your latest opt-in list and loading up the automailer, you need to understand this reality of business, sales & marketing and sponsoring & recruiting, everybody is not going to buy your product, use your service or signup in your program... That's not going to happen either.  Finding the Right People increases the probability that more people will.
To help our team members increase their earnings or build their organizations more effectively, IMG.Ws developed the RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY Sales And Marketing Method.  You can learn the RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY Sales and Marketing Method in 20 minutes or less.   Then.... Never Forget It.... And.... Always Use It!
For Reality Networkers Only:  Since this Warehouse is now opened to the general public, if you are a legitimate Reality Networker team member, we will email you a copy of our RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY Sales and Marketing Method.  To get your FREE copy, all a Reality Networker team member has to do is send us an email with Reality Networker in the Subject Line. Email to: No Minimum Payout

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