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Why You Need Prospects
Finding The Right Match
This is the reason why you need Prospects.  Without an ongoing supply of new prospects or people that you can turn into customers or team members, your business or your organization will eventually die!
As a Reality Networker your overall Market is broad with millions of prospects.  There is not a single individual, or groups of individuals  involved in government, trade, commerce, or any income producing activity anywhere on planet Earth that is not a potential prospect for your income opportunity, product or service.  Every household where people live is a potential customer or Wealth Building team member.
Regardless of which business format you have chosen, finding qualified prospects is the life blood of your business; especially if you have chosen a Home Business Enterprise, Home Business Shop Operation or a Stand Alone business.  Even an Internet Based Business or Business Group can begin with people that you alreay know and have a relationship with.
IMG.Ws defines a Prospect as an individual or groups of individuals that want or need and can afford to take advantage of your offering.  You must develop an understanding of the needs and desires of people in order to be effective.
If a person doesn't need, want or can afford your offering, he/she is not a prospect. There are 4 general categories of qualified Prospects that can or will take advantage of your offer, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Cold.
Primary prospects:  Primary prospects are qualified people you know that you already have an established relationship with.  This includes parents, adult age family members, relatives, friends, associates, neighbors, church  members,  or anyone you know that you speak to on a more or less regular basis.  Your primary prospects also include anyone that you are comfortable around.  Every sale or marketing organization always sends their new representatives to these prospects first because of the high comfort level.
Secondary prospects:  Secondary prospects are people you may or may not know, but you do have something in common with them.  It could be members of the same club, organization, trade, profession, vocation, or occupation.  Secondary prospects are any group of people that have similar needs, concerns, desires, or related experiences.  Anything you have in common with another person, other than race or ethnicity automatically transforms an individual or groups of individuals into secondary prospects.  In some cases race, ethnicity, national origin, or common heritage can be used as an identification factor.  This  can be used to approach individuals in this category with a high degree of comfort.
Referred or Tertiary Prospects:  Tertiary means third.  Your third group of prospects are people that you do not know.  However, these people are known by others. This group also includes shared or mutual acquaintances or relationships.  These prospects are commonly called referrals.  These prospects also include the people they know, and the people they know, and the people they know in an almost endless procession.  This group of people can be extremely large and can also give you a high degree of comfort.  People that have been referred to you by others can be a source of tremendous income.
Cold Prospects:  Cold prospects are people you do not know and have never seen before, nor do you or anyone that you know, knows them.  This is by far the largest group, but it also has the lowest degree of comfort for the average person.  Developing this group of people into customers or team members has the most earning potential.  Because babies must be taken care of by someone, every living being on planet Earth is known by somebody.  Your cold prospects are someone else's primary, secondary or tertiary prospects.
Collectively, your Primary and Secondary Prospects, are commonly referred to as your Warm Market.  Your Tertiary Prospects are grouped in a separate category and called; your Referral Market.  Cold Prospects are often called; your Cold Market. These 3 Prospecting Markets and 4 Prospect Categories include all the living people in the world.  Every living being that you do or do not know is in one of these categories or one of these Markets. 
Since your business, sales, sponsoring or recruiting success depends on finding people, prospecting is approximately 90% or more of your actual business activity.  Every business needs new customers in order to survive.  Every organization needs new members in order to grow.
Prospecting is the most important activity you can engage in to increase your income.  If you have a business venture that requires sponsoring, your Prospecting activities will focus like a laser beam on finding like-minded others
If you have an Internet Based Business or Business Group, your prospecting activities will focus on getting people to come to your website.  Your objective is to get Unique Hits.  Unique Hits are people that visit your website and actually read the information.  The vast majority of Traffic Exchanges are frequented by professional surfers and sellers, not buyers.  A professional surfer is an individual that spends a good deal of time looking at web pages for personal pleasure or benefit. 
Professional surfers are probably not good prospects for you, unless you are promoting another Traffic Exchange or surfing website. The means and methods to get hits to your website is covered in the information bin entirled: How to Grow Your Home Or Internet Based Business Rapidly.  Please return there now for a quick review. 
If you have a Home Business Enterprise or a Home Business Shop Operation your prospecting activities will focus on developing "Warm Markets" and "Referral Markets" of people with a similar mind-set.  A Warm Market is any person or group of people that you or your team member can approach with a high degree of comfort.  These are your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prospects.  
A Referral Market is any person or group of people that may or may not be known by you or your team member, but they are known by people in your town or city.  Even though an Internet Based Business or Business Group is not based on personal contact, it will be in your best interest to start with your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prospects also.  A good Warm and Referral Market can be an instant source for customers or team members.
If your Home Business Shop Operation is a user based product or service, your prospecting activities will focus on getting samples of your product in people's hands.  If  it is a service, you need to find ways to have people utilize the service on a trial basis.  
If you can not setup a trial service for potential customers, then start developing your Warm and Referral Markets.  Establish your Enterprise Zone and start working your zone.  Developing Enterprise Zones is in the information bin entitled: Your Effective Sales, Sponsoring or Recruiting Market Go there now for a quick review if you need it.
A Cold Market is any person or group of people not known by you or anyone that you know.  Turning Cold Prospects into customers or recruits will require talent, skill, financial resources, and far too often, professional expertise.  You will have to initiate promotions and ad campaigns across a wide spectrum of venues.  You may not have the financial means to undertake such a campaign at this time. 
Hence, the best course of action is to start locally, establish an Enterprise Zone and grow from there.  All that is really required to begin your prospecting activities in your zone is opening your mouth and talking in an organized and informative manner. 
Profiling Prospects
Practically all the income opportunities in our main Showcase require selling,  building, sponsoring, or recruiting in order to earn significant income. Therefore,  you need a system or method that will help you find the right people. 
Profiling prospects is the process of establishing basic guidelines to identify characteristics and traits that people have in common.
If you are selling a product or service, you need to find the most likely people that will buy your product or use your service.  Your customer profile might not include any character or personality traits.  It can be a simple questionnaire or survey to identify problems or personal situations your product or service can solve.
A Reality Networker became the number one salesman for a large advanced consumer electronic store.  He accomplished this feat by taping a survey flyer on front doors in his city.  The survey asked simple questions about product needs and wants.  People filled out the survey and mailed it back to him.  At the end of the survey was a question.  If you want or need this product why haven't you purchased it?  The number one answer was credit problems.
Therefore, he concentrated on finding ways to improve or repair people's credit, as a result, his sales soared.  Over 20 years have passed, and his sales record has not been broken.
If you have a Stand Alone business, a Home Business Enterprise or an Internet Based Business or Business Group, this information bin may not be necessary.  However, if you have chosen a Home Business Shop Operation, you will need a standard profile of the kinds of people you want to work with.  Years of research has consistently shown that the best people to work with in any organization or business will have some or all of the following attributes:  (These same attributes should be in your recruiting or sponsoring profile.)
  • Values and beliefs
  • Maturity (Between the ages of 25 and 70)
  • Some form of steady income
  • Concern for themselves, their families, and others
  • Ambitious
  • Teachable
  • Good morals
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledgeable and articulate
  • Desire
  • Concerned about their financial future
  • A sense of commitment
  • A sense of responsibility for themselves and others
  • Self respect for themselves and others
  • Self esteem
  • Work well by themselves and with others
  • Self love and love for others
  • Openmindedness
  • Honesty with themselves and with others
  • Personal integrity in their work and relationships 
  • Reliable and dependable

Individuals that possess some are all of these qualities are consistently high achievers or the most successful people in their town or city. If you noticed these are the same characteristics and traits found in Empirical Thinkers.  Success breeds success, just like failure breeds failure.  Therefore, your objective is to develop a profile of the people you would like to have on your team.  There are people in every town and city. 

Remember:  You are not looking for perfect people, good people, or bad people, you are looking for the right people!  All you have to do is find them.

Overcoming Doubts And Fears
How will it benefit you to have all this knowledge about sales, sponsoring, recruiting, prospecting, profiling prospects and Wealth Building, if you are too fearful to act on it?  In fact, nothing we can tell you in these information bins will help your financial situation if you are too doubtful and fearful to act. 
However, you are not alone.  The vast majority of people on planet Earth are beset with doubts, fears, and lack the knowledge or skill that will improve their economic condition.  Far too many have little or no real confidence.  And.. So many people have become accustomed to selling their time and service for salaries or wages, until it is difficult for them to change or change their mind-set.
Establishing Enterprise Zones and taking control of your economic destiny will be a new occurrence for many of our new Associates.  Like all new things it will take some time to get used to.  At first, it will seem a little strange to you, so you might be a little timid.  Taking personal control of your economic destiny can be unsettling, but you'll survive these feelings.  In fact, you must, or will not succeed in any business venture. 
Wealth Building is just like going to school, or doing anything for the first time.  Even though your personal confidence is high, you are still timid because you don't have the skills to be good at what you are doing.  At least, not yet.  Once you acquire the knowledge and skill, your self confidence really grows and you get better and better.  Establishing your Enterpise Zone, working your zone, and prospecting works the same way.  It's a learning and growing process.
Once you realize the unseen forces of doubt and fear are impacting your life and your decision-making process, you will take the necessary steps to overcome them.  After you have overcomed your personal doubts and fears, you can help your team members overcome theirs. 
This is important to your overall prospecting efforts, because you will have to  teach your team members how to prospect for good people.  It is also important to note, good people almost always know other good people. This is no accident.  It is a living actuality of The Law of Attraction.  "Like calls to like in the realm of the mind".
How can you be absolutely certain you can overcome your personal doubts and fears?  Fear is a learned response.  If you learned it, it only stands to reason that you can learn other more appropriate responses that will replace your fear.  
This is in accordance with another Univeral Law - The Law of Displacement"Whenever new knowledge enters the mind of a living being that is more beneficial, the previous knowledge is displaced".  In the physical world, this same law is expressed as:  "An object will displace its mass and weight when placed in a liquid."
Hence, you can be absolutely certain you can overcome your doubts and fears by learning new responses.  Whatever you have already learned will be displaced by the mass and weight of the new and beneficial knowledge you will acquire.  Fear is an intellectual killer.  It closes your mouth when you wish to speak, it fills you with anxiety and inhibitions.  Fear fills you with stress and worry.  It makes you incompetent and destroys your initiative, dreams, hopes, desires and ambitions.  Fear enslaves and imprisons the very essence of your being.
Fear will stop you from prospecting and approaching people, even your own family, relatives, friends and associates...and definitely not strangers.  The first step in conquering fear is to define it.  Just what is fear?  IMG.Ws defines Fear as an emotional state of being afraid..  
Afraid means having an uneasy feeling or idea.  These can be real or imagined.  These uneasy feelings and ideas are caused by ignorance and uncertainty. Ignorance means not knowing and Uncertainty means not being sure.
Therefore, after breaking the words down, you can easily see that Fear is an emotional state that comes about when you are faced with something you do not know, or something you are not sure of.  In almost every instance, you can accurately determine what you do not know, and what you are not sure of.  You can eradicate your Fears by asking yourself two questions:
1.  What is it that I do not know? 
2.  What is it that I am not sure of? 
Seek the answers to these questions and you will replace ignorance with knowledge and uncertainty with awareness.  Doubt literally means lack of knowledge.  Acquiring knowledge also eradicates doubt. 
Knowledge means having facts, information, understanding or experience.  Awareness is a state of knowing.  Replacing fear (ignorance & uncertainty) and doubt (lack of knowledge) with knowledge and awareness is a learning process.  Instead of being doubtful and fearful, start learning more appropriate responses to overcome them. Your future success depends on the decisions you make today.  Don't let doubt and fear control your ability to choose, overcome them with decisive action.
Wherever you find fear, ignorance is there also and uncertainty will be close at hand.  Wherever you find doubt, lack of knowledge is nearby. Doubt and fear can not exist without lack of knowledge and ignorance and uncertainty.

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