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How To Use Universal Laws & Principles To Your Advantage
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Universal Laws and Principles have been with humanity from the beginning of our existence on Earth.  Yet, very few people know of their presence or how they impact our lives. 
Since we will only cover the factors, parameters, principles and laws that are relative to wealth building in this information bin, you should know the exact meaning of the words, Factor, Parameter, Principle, Law, and Universal.
A Factor is one of several elements or causes that produce a result.  For example:  How you pay your bills is a factor that determines your credit rating  
A Parameter is simply a fixed limit or guideline.  A Parameter can also be any given constant or element whose value characterize one or more variables entering into a system of expression or function.  For example:  A sales parameter is the market in which you are selling your product or service.
A Principle is a general truth or law that is basic to all other truths that is inherent in anything that determines its nature, essential character, or essence.  The key words here are, ALL and ANYTHING.
A Law is a rule of conduct or procedure recognized by custom or formal enactment, which a community considers as binding on its members.  The key word here is, RECOGNIZEDUniversal Laws and Principles are seldom recognized by the vast majority, because the vast majority do not realize they exist.
Universal can be defined as being prevalent or common everywhere or among all things or persons, specified or implied, and in all cases.
Hence, a Univeral Law or Principle is a general truth or rule that applies to all things anywhere they might be that is binding on anything that exist and are factors and parameters governing all creation.  You absolutely and positively can not break a Universal Law or Principle, either consciously or unconsciously.  Any attempt to do so will break you, and you will be destroyed in the process.
Universal Laws and Principles are Immutable.   Immutable simply means unchanging.  Therefore, it is in your best interest to find out what these laws and principles are so you can work with them, rather than against them.  Using these laws and principles in your daily activities, not only allows you to grow and develop at a much faster rate, they also allow your business enterprise to grow and develop as well.  
Since there are thousands of Universal Laws and Principles, we will limit our discussion to key Laws and Principles governing Wealth BuildingAs an IMG.Ws Associate or a Reality Networker, it is important to realize and understand an important Precept:  A Precept is simply a prescribed rule of conduct, action, instruction or direction regarding a given course or action. 
Never Forget This Reality of Life:  You can do everything right....and still lose. 
How is this possible?  Conditions, circumstances, or factors can enter into a situation that are unforeseen and beyond your control.  For example:  You are winning a rally sports car race, but your engine blows up 1/2 mile before you reach the finish line and you lose. 
As you can see, being right and doing the right things do not always guarantee victory, nor do they always guarantee success.  However, your chances of winning without unforseen events occurring is far more likely than not. Consequently, it is always better to work with Universal Laws and Principles, rather than against them.
The Principle Of Mind
The Principle of Mind simply stated is this:  All that a human being is, will be, or hope to become is directly related to how well he/she uses his/her mind.  All animals have what can be characterized as some sort of brain. 
Only human beings have minds.  A Mind can be described as the aggregate of all conscious and unconscious processes originating in and associated with the brain; especially those pertaining to cognition, intelligence, and intellect.  How well are you using your mind? 
What are you doing to develop or improve your decision-making processes? When it comes to creating wealth and Wealth Building, there should be no doubt or question that your success will depend on how well you use your mind.  The mind exist to integrate reality.  It does not exist to create it.  Trying to use your mind to create reality would be in direct violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics.
The First Law of Thermodynamics deals with energy conservation and tells us that matter cannot be created nor destroyed.  Matter merely changes its form, and all the matter in the universe has already been created.  Hence, trying to use your mind to create reality, which is the essence of matter, will destroy you. 
Everyone's reality on planet Earth is exactly the same.  You live on this planet in this universe, with these elements, with these living plants and creatures, and with the sun, moon and stars above.  You are birthed, have an actual existence as a fleshly being for a period of time, and then you pass on into another reality.
Everyone's actuality, or the state of their actual existence, varies considerably from second to second, from region to region and person to person.  The vast majority, unfortunately, confuse reality with actuality.  We have already discussed this issue of Mind Created Reality in "Life Science", please return this section in the Home page information bin for a quick review, if you need it.
It is sad, but true, the vast majority of human problems during their existence as a living fleshly beings are directly related to the poor use of their minds.  It is difficult to determine how many people fail to understand or have never been informed of the actual power of their minds.  Your mind has the power to develop or produce ideas and thoughts that can manifest themselves into actual products or services, entire cities, and even nations. 
Your mind can combine, integrate, fabricate, process information and arrive at conclusions or decisions.  By using deductive and inductive reasoning, your mind will help you find ways, means, and/or methods to deal with your actuality on a daily basis, or accomplish your goals or objectives.
This process of finding ways, means, and or methods is vitally important to building wealth, because Wealth Building is the active process of finding ways, means, and/or methods to increase your income.  You accomplish this objective by actively seeking out information, systems, or processes from other minds that will help you complete or succeed in completing your project. 
If useful and verifiable information, ideas, thoughts, precepts, concepts, or methods, programs, products, or services do not exist in other minds, then you have a duty, and indeed an obligation, to use your mind to develop and produce them by using the scientific method.  Every man-made thing you see around you is the direct result of an individual or a group of individuals using their minds and following this course of action. 
Every known accomplishment of human society follows this exact same process. Now you can use it to achieve your Wealth Building goals or objectives, individual or collective, large or small, involving a few dollars or billions.  Your aim is to use your mind wisely.
The Principle Of Thought
The Principle of Thought simply stated is this:  Thoughts are the building blocks of human existence.  Many authors state it this way:  "You become what you think about", or "you become the sum total of your thoughts."  
Even though these statements have some merit, and sound great in motivational speeches and sound bites, they are absolutely not true.  The Universal Principle that led the authors to write these statements, is absolutely true.  You can sit around all day thinking about being a millionaire and you'll still be broke. 
You can sit around all day, year after year, writing and meditating on starting a business and never start one.  Why?  Even though you are thinking, writing or meditating about it, the active process of building or putting the pieces into place that will transform your thoughts into an actual manifestation is not being done.  A thought is an active process that also involves doing or an intention to do something specific.
Thought, To Think, and Thinking are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle and important differences.  In standard english, thought is even the past tense and past participle of think.
Thought is the act or process of using the mind actively and deliberately with the intention of doing something.  Thought can also be described as intellectual activity of a specific nature.
To Think or Thinking means to form in the mind, conceive mentally, meditate upon, or determine by reasoning.  To think or thinking can also be described as using the mind or intellect to exercise judgement or form ideas.  Thinking can even be mental preoccupation. 
The end product of an energized thought is action and activity (the key word is energized), whereas thinking can be just that...thinking, where nothing ever happens.  However, thinking is the process by which ideas are conceived.  Ideas become thoughts.  Energized thoughts inspire you to take action.  It is the action inspired by an energized thought that produces the end result or manifestation. 
Faith without works is dead.  Thoughts without action is just as dead.  Without action, Wealth Creation is dead.  Therefore, in order to have wealth or create wealth, not only must you think about it, you must also take decisive action.  Since you are an IMG.Ws Associate or a Reality Networker you already have the means, methods, and a workable system to begin the Wealth Building process.  In the physical world, thoughts are empowered and energized by a Universal Law - The Law of Excluded Alternatives.
The Law Of Excluded Alternatives
The Law of Excluded Alternatives, in its simplest form, is the process by which a single thought becomes empowered, energized and given life. Once a living being decides or chooses a particular course of action, all other options and alternatives are eliminated or excluded. 
Inaction is also a choice.  As a result, you can also become empowered to do nothing.  Whenever a thought is chosen, it becomes an empowering mechanism in your life. 
The catalyst that triggers your ability to be moved or inspired to act or not act is your decision to choose.  You absolutely and positively must make a decision.  Unless a decision is made, nothing can happen.  Making a decision eliminates all other thoughts that come into your mind.  E Pluribus Unum - one out of many.  By selecting one, your course of action or inaction is determined and empowered.
This is the decision-making process that is the very essence of thinking.  This is the process that gives an idea its form and substance and transforms it into a thought.  A single empowered thought will become impregnated with energy that allows it to generate similar thoughts and activate your physical body to take decisive and specific actions.
The Law of Excluded Alternatives empowers you to use your natural talents, abilities, capabilities, knowledge, skill or experience to follow a chosen course.  If you do not presently have these personal assets, thoughts will come to your mind as to how, where, or from whom to get them.  Once this process is initiated, the only thoughts that should be considered are those that will propel you in the direction you have chosen or toward the goal you wish to achieve. 
Once the mind goes into deliberate activity and determines a course of action, a series of events is set into motion by other natural laws and principles that will direct you toward an eventual outcome.  It is up to you to examine your thoughts and the data being used to empower other thoughts along this course you have chosen to follow.
If you fail to examine your thoughts or use comparative analysis to make sure you are on the right course, and the outcome of your actions will be beneficial to you and others, your thoughts and the ensuing actions from them can have devastating consequences.  Like the subconscious mind, Natural and Universal Laws and Principles do not decide what is positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad, productive or unproductive, beneficial or malevolent.  They perform what they were created to do. 
It is up to the individual and the social order to which he/she belongs to set moral standards, rules, regulations, legal statutes, ordinances, or guidelines to direct human behavior, actions, and activities that emanate from empowered thoughts. The same process that empowers the thoughts of merchants, bankers, industrialist and scientist can and will empower the thoughts of mass murderers, terrorists, criminals and deviants of every kind and sort.  
Once thoughts become empowered within an individual's mind, there are other unpleasant consequences that can also manifest themselves in the physical world in real time.  Emotional instability, psychological instability, addictions of all kinds and sorts, poverty stricken mentalities, doubts, fears, inhibitions, mental incompetence, sickness and even disease can emanate from empowered thoughts.
Properly used The Law of Excluded Alternatives will lead you toward a rich, productive, and fulfilling life. Your life can be a source of inspiration and enrichment for others.  As an IMG.Ws Associate our collective goal is to increase our income by developing and maintaining continuous streams of revenue to ensure our personal financial future, our families, relatives and friends.  If we have extra, then it becomes our duty and responsibility to help others.
In order to make it happen for you, your energized thoughts and actions must become one and the same.  This unification or synchronization of thought and action is the embodiment of the Unity Principle.
The Unity Principle
The Unity Principle simply stated is this: "Living beings become their thoughts and actions, and thoughts and actions determine the nature of a living being."  You become your energized thoughts and your energized thoughts become you. 
Your thoughts become actions and your actions determine what you will become.  The Unity Principle is the mechanism by which energized thoughts and actions are synchronized. 
When your energized thoughts and actions become one and the same, not only are you empowered to act or not act, your actions will have purpose and direction.  With these newly acquired powers, you can initiate activities that will propel you toward an eventual outcome that must be realized in the physical world.  
Unless your thoughts are energized, you can have all the thoughts you want and nothing will happen, nor can you change your life's direction.  Building wealth is no more or less than deliberately and actively using your mind to develop a wealth consciousness.  Wealth consciousness will compel you to take the necessary steps that will cause the wealth you seek to manifest itself in the physical world in real time. 
Empowered and energized thoughts eventually evolve into a Force.  The more energy a thought has, the more powerful it becomes, and the more Force it exerts.  Force gives you the ability to overcome resistence and change the state of rest or motion of a body.  In this case, we are talking about, and referring to your physical body.  You physically must do things in order to acquire wealth or generate continuous income streams. 
Resistence is an inhibition, mind-set, or what you think, feel, fear (do not know), or doubt (something you are not sure of) If your emotions and feelings counter your desire to build wealth, limit what you do to acquire wealth, or, are greater than your desire to build wealth, then significant wealth creation is not possible.  In many cases, building wealth is not possible.  These resistive elements exist within the vast majority and they are factors and parameters that limit Wealth Building. Hence, the statement:  "The fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain."
The energies that give your thoughts Power and Force come from several sources within you.  They come from faith, belief and the confidence you have in your thoughts and course of action.  The more faith, belief and confidence you have in your thoughts and what you are doing, the more powerful and forceful your thoughts and your actions become. 
Not only can you feel this Force within you, it can also be felt by others.  Often times this Power and Force is called Enthusiasm; which literally means GOD within.  When it is felt by others it is often characterized as Charisma; which literally means GOD's favored.
As an IMG.Ws Associate, you should realize empowered thoughts and the actions that emanate from them are vital to successfully achieving your financial goals or objectives, and you should be ready and willing to take action.  Use the Power and Force that comes from belief, faith, and the confidence you have in your thoughts and what you are doing to overcome the resistive elements within you. 
Your feelings and emotions are also thoughts, and far too often, these feelings and emotions can be negative and unproductive.  Negative and unproductive feelings and emotions can also become empowered, energized, and permeate your mind and physical being.  These thoughts are liabilities not assets.  Without the Force, that germinates from empowered and energized thoughts, these resistive elements or liabilities cannot be overcomed. 
Step 7 in your Financial Success Program involves planning and implementation. Planning is the active mental process of making decisions as to how and what you are going to do.  You need the Force from empowered and energized thoughts in order to implement and follow plans.  
You must absolutely and positively overcome your negative tendencies and your tendency to return to your original state of rest.  If you fail, personal achievement of any kind is not possible.  Force is necessary to succeed in this endeavor, and it is the only know way to overcome the Law of Inertia.
The Law Of Inertia
The Law of Inertia simply states:  "A body at rest has a tendency to remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force; and a body in motion has tendency to remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force."  The external force needed to create wealth are empowered and energized thoughts. 
Empowerment produces energy.  Energy gives a thought its Power.  The more energy a thought has the more powerful it becomes.  When a thought is impregnated with energy, it has sufficient power to evolve into a Force. 
This additional energy comes from from faith, belief, and confidence.  This Force of mind is necessary and needed to overcome inertia.  Unless you overcome inertia or the natural resistence within, successful wealth creation can not be achieved.
Movement of any kind always triggers resistence.  This resistence is the embodiment of The Law of Reciprocity.  This Univeral Law is often called The Law of Action and Reaction and some authors refer to it as The Law of Compensation.
The Law Of Reciprocity
The Law of Reciprocity states:  "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."  Many authors call this law, The Law of Action and Reaction, or The Law of Compensation
When it is expressed as The Law of Compensation it states:  "For every action given, taken, or done, there will be an equal and just compensation."  In laymans language, this same law is commonly stated as:  "What goes around comes around". 
The Law of Reciprocity closely parallels The Law of Cause and Effect.  These two laws are the most fluid of all the Universal Laws and Principles.  The reason for this fluidity is this:  The outcome is not predetermined and is totally dependent upon the nature of the action that takes place.  For example:  In human relations, if you treat a person with love, kindness, and respect (action), you are far more likely than not to get love, kindness, and respect in return (reaction).
However, when it coms to physical reality, an entirely different set of factors and paramenters come into play.  For example:  If you push against a wall (action), the wall literally pushes back (reaction) with an equal amount of Force.  When it comes to forward movement (action), natural Forces  will create an equal amount of resistence (reaction).  Hence, a body at rest has a tendency to remain at rest, unless acted upon by an external Force. 
In order to move a body forward, enough Force must be applied to overcome The Law of Reciprocity or natural resistence.  This external Force must be able to apply continuous pressure to move the body, or the body will return to its state of rest. Therefore, in order to initiate movement or activity, Force must have a continuous or steady supply of energy.  Otherwise, movement cannot be realized or maintained.  If you have sufficient and consistent energy, movement becomes  motion.  
Once motion is achieved, a body will continue in motion unless acted upon by an external Force. This is The Second Law of Inertia.  The external Force in this case is gravity or friction.  Like movement, motion also requires a steady supply of energy in order to be maintained.  When it comes to human endeavors, nature erects a unique barrier. This barrier is erected to test your worthiness for what you seek.  If nature determines you are not worthy, then the goal, desire, aspiration, longing and even your needs will not be realized.
However, nature is fair and just.  Nature leaves it up to the individual to determine whether or not he/she is worthy to achieve his/her goals, or accomplish his/her objectives. You prove your worthiness by overcoming The First Law of Inertia or your tendency to remain the way you are, and The Law of Reciprocity or natural resistence.  The moment you decided on a specific goal that would requirement movement from your present state (action), nature immediately calls forth an equal amount of resistence (reaction).
Physical movement and motion always seek the path of least resistence.  When it comes to building wealth, the path of least resistence for the vast majority is to find employment, or do whatever is necessary to become employable.  As stated previously in Why Your Employment, Career or Profession Is Important, this process generally involves selling time and service to an employer.  Review this information bin if you need it.  
Government officials realize this fact.  Hence, a lot of time and money is spent on giving people enough education so they can become employable and not be a burden on society's or government's resources.  Very little time, money or resources is spent on teaching you how to amass wealth.  Government planners sincerely believe, amassing wealth is not possible for the vast majority because of the obstacles that must be overcomed.
What is totally unknown to the vast majority is this:  Their employer is someone or a group of individuals or their offspring that has conquered The First Law of Inertia and The Law of Reciprocity.  Now do you understand why millions have and need employment in order to survive?  Unless you can conquer these two laws, amassing wealth, or developing a productive enterprise is not possible. 
The Law of Reciprocity or natural resistence is all around you and within you.  It includes the people you meet or come in contact with on a daily basis and the influence/s they exert upon you.  It also includes and is not limited to your community, state or province, your nation, government, laws, rules, regulations, culture, heritage, education and belief systems.  Natural resistence even includes and is not limited to your every thought, feeling, emotion, concept, and precept that is apart of your psychology state of mind and your physical anatomy. 
Fortunately for you and everybody else on this planet, The Law of Reciprocity or natural resistence is a constant.  This means it is not going to increase or match you Force for Force. 
If this were not the case, nothing man-made you see around could exist and human beings would not be able to build buildings, manufacture products, or produce services.  Civilization would still be in the Stone Age. 
Your objective is to acquire enough Force to overcome The First Law of Inertia and The Law of Reciprocity or natural resistence. 
Just like machines and gadgets of all kinds need a continuous supply of energy to maintain enough Power and Force to operate, you need Power and Force to overcome The First Law of Inertia, or your tendency to remain the way you are, and The Law of Reciprocity or natural resistence, in order to build wealth. 
This is in keeping with the First Law of Nature:  "As is the Macrocosm, so is the Microcosm", and The Common Law of Business Balance:  "There is no such thing as something for nothing".  Overcoming these laws and using this knowledge to your advantage, involves mental energy in the form of empowered thoughts and physical energy in the form of physical activity.  When these two  factors are synchronized, you will have much more Power and Force to defeat the obstacles that will be placed before you.
Unlike machines and gadgets that can used fuel, water, wind, or electrical power as a source of energy to maintain operational efficiency and oils or grease to  lower resistence, your energy resource is your own belief, faith and confidence.  To maintain your operational efficiency requires visualization, affirmation and a supportive, nurturing, environment. 
Your supportive and nurturing environment is the oil or grease to lower resistence, the outside energy you need to compliment your own supply, and the nutrients you need to maintain your strength.  This is an important relationship because strength plus power can equal a Force.  Never forget, people and their attitudes, belief systems, and mind-set can be just as toxic as nuclear waste.  Therefore, you must physically remove yourself from the presence of negative or toxic others, guard yourself against them and surround yourself with people that are more supportive.
Once you have overcomed The First Law of Inertia or your tendency to stay the way you are, you can use the Second Law of Inertia to your advantage - A body in motion has a tendency to remain in motion unless acted upon by an external Force.  Continuous motion, deviod of external influences, establishes Momemtum or the ability to gain velocity.  It is this velocity that propels you toward your goal and its achievement in the shortest possible period of time.
Once you have gained Momentum,by overcoming The Law of Inertia and The Law of Reciprocity, nature unleashes two Universal Laws that work as a tandem to help you accomplish your objective - The Law of Attraction and The Law of Applied Force.
The Law Of Attraction & The Law Of Applied Force
The Law of Attraction simply states:  "Like calls to like in the realm of the mind."  In laymans language this same law is stated as:  "Birds of a feather flock together."  
In motivational speech it is often expressed like this:  You cannot soar with eagles if you hang around with turkeys.  Some authors even state it as: "Pigs don't know pigs stink."  These renditions, though colorful, will not attract anyone or anything. 
The Law of Applied Force simply states:  Force directed and focused at a specific point has a much greater impact than that same Force dispersed over a wide area. Applying sufficient Force will cause any point to give way.  The Law of Attraction and The Law of Applied Force come together so closely, they  almost work as a tandem.  Since nature calls forth these laws in such rapid succession, it is difficult to discuss one without including or mentioning the other.
In the early stages of your development, you will have to physically find people that are more or less like you.  This might not be possible depending on where you are, and your basic personality.  The Law of Attraction only works when all the conditions have been met.  Then and only then, will you have the ability to attract people, circumstances, conditions, and even wealth to you.  The Law of Applied Force comes into play almost immediately after you have acquired these additional attributes. 
In the beginning of your quest for wealth or increased income, your mind is still basically in a confused state.  Decisions are being made as to what to do and how to do it.  Your ideas or still infants.  They have not matured into thoughts.  Even if you do have thoughts, they have no energy.  You don't have any Power or Force to overcome The First Law of Inertia or The Law of Reciprocity.  In short, you are still basically a mess.
In this early stage, because you are still basically a mess, you run out and try a few things and nothing happens.  You talk to others around you and your ideas or rejected.  Discouragement begins to set in, so you seek out help from others.  These others are individuals that have succeeded.  You buy their books, attend their seminars, and still nothing is happening for you.  Why is this happening to you?  What happened to all the thousands you were suppose to be earning?
Harry is earning $5,000.00 a month after 2 months.  Jill is at $10,000.00 after only a month in the business, but nothing is happening for you.  What is going on?  This is what is going on, either your personal growth is not sufficient, or you do not have enough Enthusiasm or Charisma, or you might not be a center of influence, or have enough people in your immediate environment that are like-minded.  Some people are simply fortunate enough to have all this going for them when they get involved in an income opportunity. 
In order for The Law of Attraction to work for the vast majority, they must proceed step-by-step through all the Universal Laws and Principles we have outlined in this information bin, or all they will do is call forth and attract the same negative impulses from others that are within them. 
You must have Momentum working for you in order to amass great wealth, and you can only get it by conquering the First Law of Inertia and The Law of Reciprocity or natural resistence.  By this process you are able use the Second Law of Inertia to your advantage and establish and maintain your Momentum.  Then and only then can you take advantage of The Law of Attraction.
In order to have Momentum, you must be in control of your mind, your physical body and your environment.  You must be free from doubts, fears, inhibitions, negative influences, personal ignorance, and sometimes toxic people.  You have to acquire knowledge and skill.  If you don't have knowledge or skill initially, you will have to acquire it. 
The more personal attributes you have in the beginning, the faster the process proceeds because you call forth more from others.  The fewer attributes you have in the beginning of your quest, the less you can call forth from others.   Therefore, the process takes longer. 
Unhindered and unhibited motion, combined with sufficient energy and power is the only way to establish and maintain Momentum.  The Law of Attraction can not work for you unless you have some degree of freedom from external influences and inhibitions.  This freedom is the very essence of Enthusiasm and Charisma.  Physical attractiveness can work to your advantage as a means to attract others, but it is generally short lived, if other personal assets and attributes are not present.
In other words, you have to grow and develop into the person you wish to become.  This process takes time and effort.  This is why Wealth Building is not a get-rich-quick proposition.  There has never been any documented evidence, in any age, in any culture, in any nation or kingdom, nor in any race or creed, of an individual that had absolutely nothing going for himself/herself ever acquiring or amassing great wealth, power or influence. 
The reason why this is not possible is because whatever dominant thought you have in your own mind is exactly what you will bring forth from another individual.  If you are filled with doubts and fears, this is what you will bring forth form someone else.  Therefore, if you have nothing going for yourself, you have nothing within; hence, you will bring forth nothing from someone else.  Enthusiasm brings forth enthusiasm.  Confidence brings forth confidence.
Every rags to riches success story, is told or written from the person's lack of money, not his/her lack of personal attributes, knowledge, abilities, capabilities, talents or skill.  Nor are they written or told from a person's courage, faith, belief, convictions, self confidence, or perserverance.  Any one of these attributes can help you acquire wealth, even if you didn't have any wealth initially. 
The Law of Attraction draws people to you that have like minds or similar needs, or you bring forth from others what is within you.  Natural law makes this possible.  The moment you begin attracting people to you and circumstances and conditions begin to work in your favor, natural forces come to your aid once again and give you the ability to take advantage of The Law of Applied Forced.
However, because nature is fair and just.  You don't need a great deal of Momentum to initiate The Law of Attraction or use The Law of Applied Force.  The Law of Applied Force is the power that literally evaporates obstacles standing between you and goal.  Because natural forces must be involved in your eventual success; hence, the statement:  "GOD gives you the power and ability to succeed and acquire wealth".  This statement is absolutely true. 
As a matter of fact, you don't need a great deal of anything in order for any Natural or Universal Law or Principle to work for you.  All you essentially need is the desire.  You don't even need a burning desire like many "so-called" motivational or success experts claim.  And.. You need to get started.  If you desire wealth and begin taking the physical steps to acquire wealth, nature will do most of the work for you. 
This is absolutely true and an infallible fact because of the most widely known, and yet the most poorly understood Universal Law - The Law of Cause and Effect.
The Law Of Cause And Effect
The Law of Cause and Effect simply states:  "For every agent doing any thing there will be a result or manifestation."  In layman's language:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  This expression is often referred to as the "Golden Rule". 
The Law of Cause and Effect makes it possible for every person, to live a life of abundance.  Why is this possible?  Anything you do can produce a physical manifestation.
All you need to do is control and direct what you do.  Do means physical action.  An idea can't do anything until it becomes a thought.  A thought can't do anything even after it becomes empowered.  It only empowers you to take physical action.  Physical action and activity produces a result or manifestation.
The physical activity the vast majority are involved in to generate income, is employment.  Complimenting or supplementing what they are currently doing is all they need to do to increase their income.  How simple can it get?  Yet it is just that simple.  Once they take physical steps to do this, all the Natural and Universal Laws and Principles relative this activity are activated to produce a result or manifestation.
The degree of natural or universal involvement in your quest is determined by the amount of money or the height of success you seek.  The more you want, the more you have to do and the more growth you will need to accomplish your goal or objective.  The Law of Cause and Effect is also a direct relationship.  Good Cause, Good Effect.  Bad Cause, Bad Effect.
Any human being can trigger Natural and Universal Laws and Principles to his/her aid simply by desiring and doing.  How do know this is true?  The law says so.  For every agent or everybody doing anything, there will be a result or manisfestation.  If acquiring wealth is such a simple process, why aren't more people acquiring wealth?   Three reasons:
1.  The vast majority don't realize these laws exist to help them, and the vast majority are basically lazy.  They work because they have to and need to.
2.  They physically have to find the means to acquire the wealth and do something to make it happen for them.  Their laziness prevents this.
3.  They must first become dissatisfied with their current situation, before any action can take place.
Natural and Universal Laws and Principles are flawless.  They do not discriminate.  They will work for anyone anywhere on the planet; at anytime, regardless or your current circumstances or condition.  However, before they can be activated, another Universal Principle must be encountered - The Principle of Dissatisfaction. 
The Principle Of Dissatisfaction
The Principle of Dissatisfaction simply states:  "Discontent brings about a change".  Discontent is a state of existence where one's wants, needs, or desires are not being met or fulfilled. 
Believe it or not, the average person in an industrialized society wants, needs or desires are being met. The average person has a home, some degree of comfort, entertainment, and recreation.  He/she has food, clothing, transportation and available healthcare. 
Discontent can only take place if these needs are not being met, they are having difficulty maintaining a lifestyle, their income stops or drops, they want a better lifestyle, or greater degrees of financial security.  If these desires, wants, or needs are not present, an individual has little or no need to change.  This is the primary reason why income opportunities that require building an organization to increase your income has such high dropout rates.  Independent representatives don't fully understand these dynamics or Natural and Universal Laws and Principles or how to take advantage of them.
As a Reality Networker and wealth builder you must come to realize millions of people are content with the way their lives are, even if they are having financial difficulties.  All they feel they need to do is pay off some bills and everything will be okay.  For many this is true.  Since you don't have the power to attract at this point in your personal development, you must find the people that are dissatified.  These are the people that are ready and willing to listen to your offer.
If a person is dissatisfied and does not decided to work with you, it only means they are not interested in your offer.  What you have to offer is not what they want to do.  Since there are many opportunities to choose from, give them time to look around.  Your goal is to present your offer to as many people as possible.  This is the only known way to find the right people.  You must have sufficient physical activity in order for The Law of Large Numbers to work for you. 
The Law Of Large Numbers
The Law of Large Numbers simple states:  "If the benefit of an opportunity, product or service is offered to a large enough number of people in a homogenous population group, there will be an acceptance."  
The Law of Large Numbers is the concept on which the sale of every idea, opportunity, product, service, thought, concept, precept is based.  If  you have a product, someone will buy it.  If it is a service, someone will use.  If it is a poltical party, someone will support it. 
If it is an opportunity someone will take advantage of it.  If it is a moral position, someone will advocate it.  If it is a religion, someone will join it.  The only requirement you need to make this law work for you is be the person presenting the opportunity, product or service to the public.
During the course of presenting your offer, you will be persuading people to buy it, use it, join it, advocate it, support it, or take advantage of it.  This entire process depends solely on what you have to offer.  You persuade people by explaining the features and benefits of your opportunity, product or service.  The benefits that the people are buying should be realized now or at some point in the future. Whenever someone says yes to your offer a sale is made, or a person has been sponsored or recruited into your Wealth Building team.  
How well your market grows or declines depends on the quality of your offering.  Only the threat of force, enticement, inducement, misrepresentation, lies, or false claims can make a person buy a bad product, use a worthless service, or take advantage of a phony opportunity.  In a market environment where more than one vendor is offering a similar product, service, or opportunity, persuasion methods and techniques must be highly developed.
This is what advertsing is all about.  You must advertise, either by word-of-mouth, personal effort, the electronic media, or the print media to increase awareness, so that the buying public will realize you have something to offer.  Understanding The Law of Large Numbers is vital to your success in any business venture/s.  Whenever a sufficiently large number of people exist in a market environment, you will have a 50% chance to persuade them to use your service, buy your product, or take advantage of your opportunity.
If there is more than one vendor or offering in your market environment, the number of people that can take advantage of your offering decreases because of The Law of Diminishing Returns.   
The Law Of Diminishing Returns 
The Law of Diminishing Returns is essentially a maxim that states:  "The more a living being partakes of any thing the less satisfaction it brings".  In sales and marketing the maxim is stated this way: 
"The more sales that are made in a particular market environment, the more difficult it becomes to make a sale".  The same holds true for recruiting or sponsoring.  The more people you sponsor or recruit, the more difficult it becomes to sponsor or recruit. 
The reason this maxim exist is because there are mathematical limitations to the number of sales that can be made in any given market environment.  There are only so many qualified buyers, just like there are only so many qualified recruits or people to sponsor.  Every sale reduces the market by one.  Every sponsored or recruited person reduces the market by one.  When 80% or more of the qualified buyers have purchased a particular product or service, a market is considered saturated.
The more vendors that exist in the same market environment, the more rapidly the market saturates.  Therefore, as a Reality Networker and wealth builder, you must present your opportunity, product, or service to as many people as possible on a daily basis.  Otherwise, large scale success in the business venture/s you have chosen is not possible.  Be success conscious, not failure conscious.  Plan your work and work your plan.

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