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How To Approach People More Effectively
Setting The Stage To Tell Your Story
Approach means to come near to.  If you have a Home Business Shop Operation, it is an absolute necessity to develop and use effective Approaches to contact people you know and others in your town or city. 
This is not a requirement for an Internet Based Business or Business Group since these enterprises do not require interpersonal contact.  However, if you have limited financial resources, you can use this information to start building your Wealth Building team.  
If you are not too fearful, go offline and talk to people you know about your income opportunity.  In the early stages of your business growth, you will find it much easier to talk to people you know, rather than strangers.  Why?  Because of fear (ignorance & uncertainty). 
A stranger is someone you do not know and are not sure of.  To the stranger, you are someone he/she does not know and are not sure of.  Once you get to know the person, he /she is no longer a stranger.
If you have any close friends or associates, they were strangers at some point in time.  They are now people you know because you learned something about them.  Even your relatives were strangers to you before you knew they were kin.  Without giving it conscious thought, you replaced your fear (ignorance & uncertainty) with awareness and knowledge.
How do you get near someone?  You simply greet them in a friendly manner. Such standard greetings as, Hello, How are you doing?  Good to see you.  Good morning, Good evening, and Good afternoon will do.  When do you Approach someone?  Always make your Approach when circumstances and conditions are favorable.  For example:  Do not Approach anyone about a business opportunity at a funeral.
As simple as this is, there is a psychology involved, and Universal Laws and Principles.  By being friendly, your adult age family members, relatives, and people you know are likely to respond in a similar manner; unless he/she is in a bad mood.  If this is the case, turn (ignorance & uncertainty) into knowledge awareness by simply asking the person, What is wrong?
This simple process evokes 2 Universal Laws and Principles:  "The Law of Reciprocity" and The "Law of Attraction".  By being friendly (action).  You will more than likely receive a similar response (reaction), And.. "Likes calls to Like in the realm of the mind". 
Psychologically prepare yourself for this actuality of life:  Everyone you approach will not take advantage of your opportunity, buy your product or use the service you are offering.
There is a reason for this:  People are different, they have different wants, needs, and desires.  You can have the best approach in the world and some people will still say NO, even if what you are offering is free.  Besides, even though you have a great opportunity, it is not the only opportunity. 
Always be prepared mentally to move on to the next person.  If earning $10,000.00 a month were easy, every person in America would be successful, rich and happy.  You already know this is not the case.  Developing your skills to approaching people will have a dramatic impact on your income. 
Unless you can connect with a person on an emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or psychological level, you can not complete the buying process.  The Approach is your first step to building a winning team.
The Personal Approach to people you know can be broken down into 2 separate areas:
  • Approaching adult age family members, relatives, friends and associates you see often and have good relationship with.
  • Approaching adult age family members, relatives, friends and associates you seldom see, or have not seen for quite some time.

Approaching people you see often and have a good relationship with.     

Note: (WFA) means "Wait For Answer".

  1. Greet the person. (Be as friendly as possible)
  2. Say the person's name.
  3. (a) Ask how he/she is doing? (WFA), If there are events that have occurred in his/her life, talk about them. If the person is fine proceed.
  4. (b) Time check for availabilityby asking; Do you have time to speak on the phone?If no, call back at another time. If yes, proceed to:
  5. Engage in polite conversation.(This can be about anything. Polite conversation eases tensions and allows you to relax.)
  6.  After polite conversation, (a) ASK A LEAD IN QUESTION. Qualify by asking, (b) AN INTEREST QUESTION.  This question reveals desire and ambition.
  7. Set a date and time to present your opportunity or show your product or service.
  8. End the conversation by reconfirming the date and time.

The above Approach can be given in person, over the phone, or in a chat room online.  It is not the words that are important, but the 7 basic steps.  Integrated Economics is not only based on duplicatability, it is also based on adaptability.  Anyone can use this Approach.  Polite converstion will vary from person to person.

What makes this Approach so effective is the Lead-in Question.  A Lead-in Question sets the stage for your Interest Question.   A Lead-in Question respects your family member's, friend's, relative's, or associate's  individuality and his/her individual right to privacy.  Your Lead-in Question should always ask permission to proceed

Good Lead-in Questions could be any one of the following, or any question you devise.  

  • May I ask you a personal question? 
  • May I ask you something personal? 
  • Do I have your permission to speak frankly?  
  • May I show you something important?  If the person says No, do not proceed.

The important thing to remember is the principle behind the Lead-in Question.  Many times in this situation, an individual's natural curiosity will get the better of him/her, and he/she will give you permission to proceed by asking you a question.  What do want to ask?  If or when this happens, proceed immediately to your qualifying or Interest Question. 

An Interest Question can be: 

  • Can you use an extra $,500.00 a month?
  • How would you like to join me on a financial quest? 
  • Are you earning all the money you need? 
  • Do you have trouble sleeping at night? 
  • How would you like to lose 30 pounds? 
  • How would you like to get rid of your bald spot? 
  • Would you like to have longer hair? 
  • Would you like to have more qualified leads for your business?

There are literally thousands of Interest Questions you can ask someone you know that is tailored to your product service or income opportunity.  Always shutup after you ask your question and wait for an answer before proceeding.  In the next section, this Approach is modified for approaching people you seldom see or have not seen in a long time.

Approaching people you seldom see or have not seen in a long time
  1. Call first and ask to speak to the person.  (Be friendly)
  2. When the person answers the phone, say his/her first name and repeat your first name.  (If the person is someone that might not remember you, repeat your full name, and use memory joggers if necessary)
  3. (a) Ask how he/she is doing. (WFA) If the person has events that have taken place, discuss them.  If not, proceed to..  (b) Time Check for Available. (If the person is too busy, call back later.  If not, go to.. )
  4. Tell him/her why you are calling.
  5. Ask AN INTEREST QUESTION.  (WFA)  If the answer is no, politely end the conversation and thank the person for his/her time.  If yes, proceed to..
  6. Set a date and time to present your opportunity or show your product or service.
  7. Thank the person and reconfirm the date and time before saying good-bye and hanging up.   

Regardless of the Approach, your INTEREST QUESTION should always be stating the same basic information.  This makes your Approach easier to remember and gives you the freedom to be flexible.  Thus, you can change your tempo, word emphasis and add excitement and enthusiasm to your words.  In addition, you can adjust it for different personality types and situations.

During the Approach, it is not necessary to discuss the opportunity, product or service.  This is Presentation information and should not be discussed during the Approach.  Plus, giving Presentation information when you are not adequately prepared does more harm than good.  Stay in control of the information flow during the Approach by asking Closed-ended Questions.

A Close-ended Question is one that elicits a Yes or No answer.  Save Open-ended Questions for your appointment and ask them during the Presentation.  Open-ended Questions require elaboration.  The purpose of the Approach is twofold:

First:  The Approach qualifies the person you are talking to.  The Approach determines whether or not this individual has enough interest in your offer to hear more.  If an individual clearly has no interest, there is no need to waste your time trying to convince him/her is there?

Second:  The Approach sets a time and date to present your information under favorable conditions.  The person expects you and is willing to listen to what you have to say.  By asking a few simple questions during the Approach, you can determine the following:

  • The extent of an individual's interest.
  • His/her basic economic needs.
  • Whether or not an individual has real ambition.
  • Whether or not an individual is opened to new thoughts.

You can discover all this during your Approach.  An effective Approach saves you time, frustration, and wasted effort. 

Understanding The Approach
You need to thoroughly understand what you are doing in the Approach and your role and function. Whenever you Approach another human being for or about anything, you immediately evoke all the Natural and Univesal Laws that are relative to what you are doing. We have already discussed these laws and principles.  If you need a quick review, return to the information bin entitled: "Universal Laws and Principles".
During the Approach, you will evoke 5 Universal Laws, whether you know it or not; whether you understand it or not.  Natural and Universal Laws do not need your permission or knowledge to operate, nor do they care about your feelings or emotions; especially....
  • The Law of Cause and Effect - "Doing anything produces a physical result or manisfestation."
  • The Law of Reciprocity or Action and Reaction - "For every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction."
  • The Law of Attraction - "Like calls to like in the realm of the mind."
  • The Law of Applied Force - "If the right energy in sufficient amounts is applied to a point, the point will eventually give way."
  • The Law of Large Numbers - "If any energized and empowered thought is presented to sufficient numbers of a homogeneous population someone will adhere to it."  (Products, services, opportunities, programs, concepts, precepts, etc., are energized and empowered thoughts that have manifested themselves in the physical world in real time.)
If you do not understand this reality, your success in the Approach will be difficult, if not impossible to achieve.  Your role and function in your business is to find people who have wants, needs, desires or problematic situations your opportunity, product or service can help solve.  If you knew who these people were, you would already have millions of dollars. You would be one of the most sought after individuals on earth.
Your problem is you DO NOT know who these people are.  The best way to find the people you need is to Approach as many people as you possibly can with your opportunity, product, or service. Some people are never going to do very much in life, these people are called DUDS.  The fact that so many people live fairly well in America has nothing to do with them.  They are beneficiaries of the American Free Enterpise System. If these people lived anywhere else in the world, they would be in dire economic straits.
There are literally millions of people in America, and in other countries around the world, that sincerely want to improve their condition or better themselves. Out of all these millions of people, your role and function is to find one, then another one, and another one, and so on.  This is how you eventually assemble a Wealth Building team.  If you are in a Home Business Shop Operation that is primarily user based, your primary role and function is to find a buyer or distributor for your product or service, then another one, and another one, and so on.
As simple as this is, it is not easy to do.  However, if you succeed at it, you will, without question or doubt, become one of the wealthiest people in the world.  This entire process starts simply by opening your mouth and talking, something you do all the time without earning a penny.
All you are doing in the Approach is talking. All you are doing when you are explaining your product, service or opportunity is talking.  The only difference is you are talking with purpose and direction and providing useful life changing information.  Can you believe this?  If you can open your mouth and talk with purpose and direction, you can literally earn a fortune.
The millions of people that want to better themselves need this information.  There are many people that don't even realize your product, service, or opportunity exist. The reason why this happens is that most income based opportunities, products and/or services do not advertise during prime time.
The ones that do utilize television and cable, do infomercials and specials, and generally run them late at night or early in the morning.  Consequently, everything the general public finds out about these income based product and/or services is from the work of independent representatives like you.
Therefore, you need to Approach people about what you have to offer, so you can share your information with them.  As long as you continue sharing information, the more income you can earn.  Some of these people are your adult age family members, friends, relatives and associates.  You will be doing them a disservice by not approaching them with your offer.
Give every qualified prospect in your town or city the opportunity to say NO Don't say NO for them.  Otherwise, you are psychologically setting yourself up as their judge, jury and executioner; or their Lord and Master.  
The Mechanics Of The Approach
An individual may be looking for a way to better his/her condition; either economically or otherwise, but he/she might not know any available alternatives.  The only way someone will be able to make an intelligent decision about your offering is to present it to them.  In order to be of genuine service to these people, you will have to Approach them in a casual, yet, professional and business-like manner.
Fear of Rejection is the primary reason why you might not approach others, even people you know. 
Fear is something you do not know, or something you are not sure of.  We have already dealt a death blow to your fear, so it is no longer an issue.  Instead of concentrating on being rejected, concentrate on developing effective Approaches and getting Appointments.
Even though your Approach is given verbally and effortlessly, it is essentially a mechanical process.  Different pieces are assembled and put together in an orderly and organized manner.  The Approach is your tool that unlocks doors and gives you a chance to present your offering.
Each section of your Approach has meaning, value and purpose.  Your Approach  eventually beomes the means by which others are given the chance to understand why and how your offering will benefit them. The first element of the Approach is the Pre-approach.  In many cases this element is not needed or rarely used.  If you are working in a Cold Market, you will use this section of the Approach extensively.
Pre-approach:  The Pre-approach is only used to get you to an actual Approach.  IMG.Ws defines a Pre-approach as a method of contacting potential buyers or team members by sending them emails, letters, postcards, or personal notes to let them know you will be calling them sometimes in the future for an appointment or paying them a personal visit.
The Telephone Approach to People You Know or Seldom See is the most widely used, the most versatile, and the most adaptable of all the Personal Approaches.  It saves time, money, effort, and it allows anyone that uses it to work more efficiently.  Since this Approach can also be used for calling on prospects in person, it can consist of  7 - 15 separate sections depending on how it is used. 
Sections and usage are dependent upon the conditions, circumstances, factors or parameters that are present at the time you actually make your Approach.  Each section brings you closer to a solid appointment. 
IMG.Ws defines an Appointment as an opportunity to present your offering under favorable conditions.
Each section of the Telephone Approach to People You Know or Seldom See is designed to establish a relationship that begins with RESPECT, and gives you indications to proceed, call back at a more convenient time, or not call back at all.  No worthwhile relationship can exist between two people or groups of people if one disrespects the other. 
Every section of your Approach works with or against Natural or Universal Laws and Principles.  Maximum effectiveness comes from working with these laws. If you get through every section, an appointment is made.  3 out of 5 times; if you get an appointment, with time to present your offering, you will get a sale or a team member.  The sections are:
  1.  Greeting:  The Greeting allows you to "feel out" the other person.  It helps you determine the prospect's mood.  Believe it or not, you can actually detect a person's mood on the telephone.  Listen carefully to their voice intonations.  Your mood can also be detected by the other person. 
There's an old saying and it's true.  "You have only one chance to make a first impression".  Make it a good one.  A good, friendly, enthusiastic Greeting lowers a person's natural resistence and invites the person to be warm and cordial. 
The Laws of Attraction, Cause and Effect, Reciprocity, Large Numbers, Applied Force, and The Principles of Mind and Thought are all evoked simply by intiating the simple act of greeting someone over the telephone or in person.  Therefore, be calm, relaxed, professional, natural and friendly; but most importantly, be yourself. 
You:  "Good morning/evening/afternoon, hello, hi, or what's going on?"
These are all acceptable greetings and widely used.  Unless something extemely urgent has happened, about to happen, or the person is really busy, 99% of the time you will get pass this point without a problem. Therefore, proceed to your....
  2.  Introduction:  Introduce yourself with confidence and conviction.  State your name clearly and loud enough to be heard.  
You:  "I'm Arlene Dahl." 
Your introduction sets the tone, and helps determines how well you will be received. (Like calls to like in the realm of the mind)  If it's someone you know very well, this step is not needed, because  he/she already knows your first and last name. 
For others, depending on the degree of familiarity, state your first name or full name.  Say your name with confidence and authority.  A prospect in a hurry or clearly not interested will stop you here.  If the prospect does not stop you, proceed to make an...
  3.  Inquiry:  This step is only necessary if the person you wish to speak to does not answer the phone or comes to the door. 
Do not ever call someone's home and immediately get on a first name basis or use their full name without a title, unless you know him/her extemely well.  Knowing someone's first and last name is not enough. This is the height of disrespect, arrogance and insensitivity
This is the mistake every collection agency makes and every sales and marketing organization.  Always use a formal title or Mr., Mrs., Ms., even with people you know very well, if they don't pick up that phone or come to the door. 
You:  "Is Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Professor, Judge, Officer, or Attorney, etc., Jeremy Atwater in today/tonight/ this evening?" {WFA}
If the person is not home, politely end the conversation and call back later.  If the prospect is home, proceed to the...
  4.  Permission Question:  The Permission Question continues respecting the prospect's family, his/her time, and the person that answers the phone.  It lowers resistence and invites the other person to also be respectful and helpful if possible.  If the prospect is in, politely ask:  
You:  "May I speak to him please?"  {WFA}
Please is a common courtesy word that is used whenever you ask someone to do something they don't have to do.  It recognizes a person's right to refuse and respects his/her individuality. It establishes equal status and respects the other person's humanity. It lowers resistence and invites cooperation.  99% of the time, when done properly, the other person on the phone will respond favorably and get the prospect.  When the prospect comes to the phone, proceed to...
  5.  Name Recognition:  Saying a person's name with authority or conviction is the height of personal respect and recognition.  If done properly, personal resistence is lowered immediately, and the person begins connecting with you on an emotional and intellectual level. 
Name Recognition and the Greeting are usually combined in one sentence if the person answers the phone or comes to the door.  If you had to go through these steps, that means the person was not immediately available.  Therefore, you will have to combine Name Recognition, Greeting and Intoduction in one expression. 
You:  "Good afternoon Uncle Jeremy, I'm your niece...Arlene, Arlene Dahl. I'm Laura's Daughter." 
You have shown the prospect respect by greeting him with the proper title, you introduced yourself to lower resistence, and you lowered resistence even further informing him you are the daughter of his sister.  You can also enter the name of a referrer, or state a commonality, experience, or occupation if you are not a relative, family member, close friend, or associate.  After you have made the proper introduction, go to a...
  6.  Concern Question:  People don't care about what you know, until you demonstate how much you care.  IMG.Ws defines a Concern Question as any inquiry about health or well being of another human being.   A genuine expression of care opens the door to people's minds.  Simply ask..
You:  "How are you doing?"  {WFA}
This is the most widely used Concern Question that shows genuine interest in another person's situation.  The answer to your Concern Question opens the door for Polite Conversation.  IMG.Ws defines Polite Conversation as an informal spoken exchange of information or ideas between two or more people in a considerate and courteous manner.  Polite Conversation gives the prospect an opportunity to bring you up to date on events that have happened in his/her life prior to your call.  If events are shared, they may relate directly to your offering.  
The answer to your Concern Question will also give you insight into your prospect's mental and emotional state.  If the prospect is going to end the conversation, or send you home, it will be here.  If you are not stopped, proceed to...
  7.  Check for Time Availability:  This section of your Approach also shows respect for a person's time and the sanctity of his/her home.  Checking for time availability also gives the prospect another opportunity to end the conversation. 
You:  "Do you have time to speak on the phone?"  {WFA}
If you get pass this point, you have 2 available options depending on how well you know or don't know the prospect.  If you know the prospect well, a relative, or referred by someone, enter into Polite Conversation.  This relaxes you and the prospect. 
If the prospect is someone you seldom see, go to your Interest Question.  (Polite Conversation is optional with someone you seldom see.  You need to get right to the point.  This makes you appear more business-like and professional.)  If appropriate, enter into.... 
  8.  Polite Conversation:  In addition to relaxing you and the prospect, Polite Conversation lowers resistence and brings the prospect closer to you emotionally and intellectually.  End Polite Coversation by asking a Lead-in Question whenever you are conversing with a family member, relative, friend or associate that knows you very well. 
If you are conversing with anyone else, skip the Lead-in Question and go straight to your Interest Question.  In this example, you are talking with someone you seldom see, but you are a relative, therefore, if you like, proceed to your....
  9.  Lead-in Question:  This question has its greatest impact with people that know you very well.  We have already covered the benefits and value of this question in this information bin.  Scroll up this page for a quick review if you need it. 
You:  "Uncle Jeremy, may I ask you a personal question?"  {WFA}
How the question is answered will give you insight into how the prospect is thinking.  If the answer is a negative response, wait a few minutes before responding.  Many times a prospect will change his/her mind and ask you a question.  If this happens proceed to your Interest Question.  If the answer is positive, go immediately to an...
10.  Interest Question:  The answer to this question determines whether or not you have a potential sale or a potential team member.  The prospect's answer allows you to measure the intensity of his/her desire, want or need.  If the answer is No, politely end your conversation and thank the person for his/her time. 
You:  "Are you and Aunt Harriet interested in earning extra money?"  {WFA}
If the answer is what do we have to do, or what is this all about?  You must respond by stating a specific or Potential Benefit or reference an Information Source.  To regain control, you must...
11.  State A Potential Benefit or Information Source:  A Potential Benefit is an advantage someone will enjoy by doing something, buying something or participating in something.   An Information Source is a means or method by which the prospect can find out more information.  Many times you will be the Information Source.
You:  "You can earn up to $5,000.00 a month or more.  Or, I have all the information concerning this opportunity with me." 
If you use an Information Source proceed immediately to Appointment Date and Time.  If you state a benefit go to a...
12.  Closing Question:  Once a prospect ask you a question, you must respond and regain control of the conversation by asking him/her a Closing Question.  A Closing Question is any interrogative sentence that calls for an answer or action. 
You:  "Can you and Aunt Harriet use an extra $5,000.00 a month?"  {WFA}
If the answer is No, politely end the conversation and thank the prospect for his/her time.  If Yes, set the...
13.  Appointment Date and Time:  Many times if the prospect has an extremely high interest level, he/she will set the most convenient time to hear your Presentation.  Even at low and moderate levels of interest, a prospect will give the best time to present your offering.  If not, set a date and time that does not conflict with prior arrangements. 
You:  "Can we get together wednesday at 8:00 pm, or would Thursday at 7:00 pm suit you better?"  {WFA}
When setting appointments with someone you seldom see, or do not know very well, always give the person a choice of day and times. This re-engages the prospect and respects his/her right to choose.  Before hanging up...
14.  Reconfirm the Appointment Date and Time:  The reason why you take this additional step is something may suddenly come to your mind or the prospect's mind that might conflict with your appointment date and time.  Also, if the prospect is going to back out, this gives him/her another opportunity to do so.  If this does not happen....
You:  "Alright, I will see you and Aunt Harriet on Thursday night at 7:00 pm." 
If the date and time is confirmed, proceed to...
15.  Gratitude:  It is important at this point to thank the prospect for his/her time and for giving you an opportunity to present your offering. 
You:  "Thank you Uncle Jeremy for seeing me.  You are really going to enjoy what I have to show you.  Good-bye/day/night." 
Always thank your prospect before hanging up the telephone or leaving.  If you are working in a "Warm" or "Referral Market", when formalized into an actual Approach,  this Approach has a consistent 80% success rate for getting appointments if you are talking to a qualified buyer or potential team member. 
Getting Ready To Earn Money 
Now that you know how to Approach people, you need to get ready to earn some money.  The Approach techniques in the previous section are excellent and work extremely well for people you know or know about.  Even though you know these people very well and some fairly well, you must think and look at them as potential business associates.  This means maintaining a certain degree of professionalism when you are in their presence.
Whenever you are discussing business matters talk, look and think like the business professional you will become.  Setting and maintaining a standard of conduct is important to your future success.  If you have never seen yourself like this before, now is good time to start.
You are changing your life and your life's direction.  Let your family members, relatives, friends and associates see this change taking place in you.  You can do this very effectively by your words and actions.  Act like you are making changes and talk like it.  If you have never achieved major success, then you are going to have to Practice...Drill...Rehearse, until you become good at what you are doing.  Spectacular performance is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.
Practice your Approaches, Presentation, answering questions, and dealing with objections.  Practice...Drill...Rehearse daily on the fundamentals of your business.  Rehearse everything you are going to say and do.  Do this religiously and without fail.  This is the method that transforms ordinary people into high achievers.
If you are not doing this already, read to expand your intellect and knowledge base.  The more usable and reliable information you have at your disposal to achieve practical results, the better off you are in the industrialzed world.  You become poor in any modern society when your skills or knowledge can no longer provide you with a livelihood.  Therefore, it is almost a necessity to implement as many income streams as possible just to survive.
Organize yourself and your activities for maximum results.  Whether you have a Home Business Enterprise, Home Business Shop Operation or an Internet Based Business or Business Group, make a list of everyone you know how to reach; either in person, by phone, mail or email.  These are your Primary Prospects. 
Make another list of everyone you know in your same or similar line of work.  These are your Secondary Prospects.  Together these two lists constitute your Warm Market.  Make another list of all the people these individuals know.  This is your Tertiary or Referral Market.  By far, your Referral Market and Cold Market have the greatest earning potential.  
Establish your Enterprize Zone.  Begin with a 50 mile radius of your home or apartment.  Adopt the Scorched Earth Operational Model.  This model simply states that you will contact every qualified buyer or individual in a 50 mile radius of your home. No one will be missed.  No one will be left out.  No alibis.  No excuses.
Always, Always dress for success.  If you have never done this before, start doing it now.  If you are male, you don't have to wear a suit and tie.  However, you do need to wear dress slacks, dress shirt, shined shoes, neatly combed and trimmed hair, breard, or mustache.  Keep your breath fresh.  If you are female, dress slacks, dresses, or skirts, sheer stockings, and blouses, with pumps or strapped heels is the way to go.  Just like with males, keep your breath fresh. 
If you use tobacco products, do not smoke during Prime Selling, Sponsoring or Recruiting Time.  If you are working with employed men and women, Prime Selling, Sponsoring or Recruiting Time is from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday through Sunday.  If you are working with small business owners, shopkeepers, store managers, sales clerks, cashiers, professional services, or corporate managers, Prime Selling, Sponsoring and Recruiting Time is from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm., Monday - Thursday. 
If you get hungry, do not eat any foods with onions.  Ladies wear good quality colognes or perfumes, and good quality make up if you use it.  Men buy one bottle of the best cologne you can find.  Smell Good and Look Good whenever you go out on business.
Work from Monday to Thursday.  Work on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays by Appointment Only.  The only people that do well on the weekends or stores, night clubs, and entertainment outlets.  Use this time to relax, be with your family, entertain yourself, enjoy your life, and plan your business strategy.
Approaching People You Do Not Know
Everything happens in your life for a purpose and a reason.  Things happen in your life to serve you.  Every disadvantage has an equal or even greater advantage.  You must discover what the advantage is.  It is not what happens, it is what you do with what happens that matters.  In this section is a technique that will help you overcome your fear of rejection and your uncertainty about approaching people you don't know. 
The absolute best method to overcoming anxieties about prospecting and approaching people you don't know is to see yourself as a professional Pearl Hunter Now picture yourself sitting on an exotic beach, looking out over the Pacific Ocean on a clear and cool summer day.  The breeze is gentle on your face and the sand is cool under your feet.
Now picture people as being oysters, every hour IMG.Ws gives you 100 oysters to examine.  Within this group of 100 oysters are 5 valuable pearls.  The other 95 are empty.  Your job is to find the pearls.  Therefore, as a Pearl Hunter, you crack open an oyster and look inside.  If there is no pearl, you close up the shell, clasp your hands around it to keep it warm.  Then you will sit there on the beach for 100 years and wait for a pearl to grow.  Is this the action of a sane Pearl Hunter?  Absolutely Not.
What you will actually do, and any other sane Pearl Hunter, is close that oyster up, toss it back into the sea, and grab another oyster, and another, until you find the pearls.  Now transfer this concept to people.  You want pearls.  A pearl to you in Direct Sales, Sponsoring, or Recruiting is a Class "A" Prospect that will buy your product or service, or take advantage of your opportunity.
Instead of wasting your valuable time, trying to convince uninterested family members, friends, relatives, or associates, you toss them back into the ocean of uninterested people and continue your search for pearls.  After all, you only need five. 
Don't waste your time talking to the same people every week if they clearly have no interest.  The secret to being a great Pearl Hunter and successful in your business venture are exactly the same.  Success in building an organization or getting customers does not depend on convincing people, or growing pearls, it depends on sorting people, or finding pearls.
We know you want to help your family members, relatives, friends, or associates and the people you care about prosper.  If they are not interested leave them alone.  Don't plead, beg or feel guilty.  You fulfilled your role and function and gave them the opportunity to say Yes.  And.. They said No.  Now is the time to gear your mind up for activity, become a Pearl Hunter and start looking for oysters.  You can wear yourself out with the same empty oysters.
To fulfill your role and function, you must sort through more people until you find someone that will take advantage of your offer.  This work is 10 times easier and far more rewarding than trying to convince an unwilling and disinterested DUD to do any real work.
Sorting through people is the very essence of prospecting.  If someone is in an economic straight jacket, what you have to offer can get them out.  If a person is in the pit of poverty and despair, you can give them a ladder to climb out.  Out beyond your doors are people sinking in financial quicksand, your offering is the line to pull them free.  It does not matter where you are.  What really matters is where you are going and what you want to become.
The vast majority of people beyond your doors are strangers.  In the past, getting a list of names was a fairly easy matter.  Today this is not the case.  Even if you were able to use City Directories, Cross Reference Directories, Voter Registration Lists, newspapers, community papers and other publications to find names, addresses and phone numbers, you can still create problems for yourself.  Therefore, the best way to contact strangers you don't know is to advertise and use Centers of Influence
Centers of Influence
IMG.Ws defines Centers of Influence as people that have the respect of others.  Centers of  Influence can be doctors, lawyers, ministers, social workers, nurses, school teachers, college professors, community leaders, local politicians, merchants, barbers, beauticians, county or city employees, plumbers, carpenters, insurance salespeople, banktellers and the list goes on. 
A Center of Influence can be anyone in any profession or occupation.  The only prerequisite for being a Center of Influence is to know a lot of people and have their respect.  The best Approach to a Center of Influence is ask for help.
The Personal Approach to people you don't know
The best Approach to a Center of Influence, should closely parallel the following illustration:  (This is only an illustration.  Income is not typical.  Your results may vary.  The names are fictitious representations.  Any similarity between  real people with similar names is coincidental)
You:  "Dr. Markowitz thank you for seeing me and inviting me into your office.  The reason why I came to you is because you are the best Pediatrician in Lowesville and I need your help.  I'm Daniel Ortega.  I am an independent representative with Global Wealth Creators.  Are you familiar with our company sir?"  {WFA}
Dr. Markowitz:  "Can' t say that I am."
You:  "Global Wealth Creators has put together a tremendous program that will help any person of average means increase his/her monthly  income by as much as $500.00 to $36,000.00.   I have been with Global Wealth Creators for 8 months and I am earning $12,500.00 a month.  Here is a copy of my last bank statement.  I will personally work with the people you recommend, so they can earn the same income I am earning right now.  Who do you know in this community or in your circle of friends that can use an extra $12,500.00 a month?"  {WFA}
What makes this Approach so effective is sincerity, truth and integrity.  In order for this Approach to work for you, the following must be true.
1.  You must be an active representative with a cash flow from your opportunity.
2.  You must have a bank,statement or check proving income from your opportunity.
3.  You must visit the Center of Influence and get an appointment. 
4.  You must be business-like and get to the point during the appointment.
5.  If you get names and addresses thank the person. 
Before leaving ask the Center of Influence, would it be alright to use his/her name as a reference.  If the person says No, that's okay.  If he/she says Yes, use his/her name as your referrer.  All the Approaches in this information bin will work with someone, but not with everyone. 
 The important thing to remember is:  You need an arsenal of Approaches to use in any situation to interest people in your offering.  Many company marketing experts don't like this side of the business.  They are afraid it will scare people away.  They are right.  It will.  They prefer to deceive you into believing that their autoresponse system is all you need to earn money with their opportunity.  NOT SO!!
What happens to your income if none of these people sign up for the dreaded auto ship program?   What are you going to do?   What most people do is quit Wealth Building and return to living from paycheck to paycheck or hoping they hit the lottery.  No one ever taught them how to develop other potential target market groups.  99% of user based income opportunities provide  little, or no, training on how to Approach others effectively.
You don't have this problem.  Another mistake people make is equating networking or Wealth Building with sales.  95% of the American population are not sales types, but almost everyone wants a convenient way to increase his/her income.  There are many people that really don't know what to do. Wealth Building teams are the answer.  Almost anyone can put up with short term discomfort, if it means long term gain.  Wealth Building is the best way to earn long term profits for short term discomfort.
REMEMBER:  In order to find pearls, you must open oysters.  The Approaches in this bin are intended as guidelines so you can write your own.  Feel free to change them to fit your needs, personality and your own individual style. 

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