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How To Recruit Or Sponsor Effectively
Sponsoring Is Not Recruiting.... And... Recruiting Is Not Sponsoring
The first thing you need to understand about sponsoring or recruiting is that effective sponsoring or recruiting has nothing to do with sponsoring or recruiting.  An entirely different process is at work, online or offline. 
Effective sponsoring is no more or less than successfully connecting with people emotionally and intellectually, and in some cases spiritually.  The primary reason so many people have difficulty sponsoring others is they confuse sponsoring with recruiting, or use the terms interchangeably. 
The Difference Between Sponsoring And Recruiting
Sponsoring is not recruiting and recruiting is not sponsoring, yet, so many well meaning people fail to comprehend the differences between these two activities.  In order to completely understand why so many people fail at this critical aspect of their business, you must know the difference between sponsor, sponsoring, recruit and recruiting.
Recruit:  A recruit (other than a newly enlisted man or woman in the military) is any new disciple or follower of a cause or organization.
Recruiting:  Recruiting is the active process of finding followers or disciples for a cause or organization; whereas, the organization can be a commercial enterprise.  
Sponsor:  A Sponsor is anyone that literally accepts responsibility for another.  This includes, but is not limited to, his/her debts, statements, obligations, actions, and activities.
Sponsoring:  Sponsoring is the active process of finding people that will be responsible or accept reponsibility for others.
Accepting the responsibility for another human being is a solemn obligation that should not be taken lightly.  Recruiting is basically finding bodies to fill quotas.  The language of networkers that are trying to build an organization by recruiting  is:  "You get 5, and they get 5, and so on down the line."  The language of a sponsor is entirely different.  When a sponsor speaks, it is always what we are going to do and what we are going to accomplish.  We are going to work together.  My income is dependent on how well I fulfill my obligation to you.
Therefore, my role and function is not only to help you increase your income, I must also teach you how to accept responsibility for someone else.  Hence, I must teach you how to sponsor Bill, so you can teach Bill how to sponsor or accept responsibility for Sally.  What happened to so many MLM companies is this:  Thousands of people in these business organizations stopped sponsoring and started recruiting.
When you decide to join a commercial enterprise or organization that requires sponsoring others in order to grow, 99% of the support these people will receive will come from you.  The remaining 1% comes from the company, organization or your upline.  When you join a commercial enterprise or organization that requires recruiting, 0%, or none of the support these people receive comes from you.  Once an individual has been recruited, your role and function is over.  All the support an individual will.., or will not receive.. comes from the organization or commercial enterprise.
Every Home Business Enterprise or Home Business Shop Operation that has a user based product or service; whereby, the product must be consumed or used in order to earn income, and growth is realized by developing a distributor network is a sponsor oriented commercial venture.
Every Internet Based Business or Business Group is a recruiting oriented business venture.  The very nature of an Internet based enterprise prohibits sponsoring as a means to grow.  This covers all affiliate based enterprises and cash flow commercial ventures that market or sell education or self improvement products or services.  Stand Alone business ventures can be recruiting oriented, but not a Home Business Shop Operation.  To succeed in a Home Business Shop Operation will require sponsoring, not recruiting.
What Does It Take To Be A Good Recruiter?
The first thing you need to do to recruit more effectively is accurately determine the nature of your business venture.  If you have a user based product or service, you need to develop your sponsoring skills. 
If you are not up to improving your one-on-one people skills, then becoming a more effective sponsorer is not likely. 
You might as well leave that venture, and find one that is bettered suited for your personality type.  If you have been a smuck, deadbeat, jerk, nerdy, argumentative, loner, don't like people, selfish, rude, insensitive, self centered, braggart, boastful, dope fiend, drug addict, criminal, cheat, liar, get-over artist, prostitute, child molester, or anyone of a host of other undesirable character traits, that include dysfunctional thinking, your chances of sponsoring someone is next to none. 
This is what it will take for you to become more effective:  You must first make major improvements and changes in your life, lifestyle, attitudes, concepts, and precepts if you want to work and build offline. 
However, as an online recruiter for an affiliate based commercial enterprise or an Internet Based Business or Business Group, you can become very successful, because no one will ever have to meet you or know you.  Your overall effectiveness will be determined by the extent and potency of your advertising, and how well you organize yourself and business activities. Your problems are offline, not online
If you do not have excessive character flaws and want to work online, the same method that works for smucks, nerds or jerks will work for you.  However, unlike those with serious character issues, you can recruit offline. This is what it will take to recruit more effectively: 
First:  You need to dramatically improve your communication skills, one-on-one people skills, and develop your ability to persuade others.  The best persuasion technique to use is Questioning Down.  Questioning Down is a sales method that involves using a series of 6 or 7 carefully crafted Closed-ended Questions, to which, the answer is always Yes
What you are essentially doing is Questioning Down to the Closing Question.  A no answer, or negative response to any one of the questions in the series would indicate the person answering the questions is either a dysfunctional thinker, an idiot, or an absolute fool.  For example:
Is having a safe home important to you?
Is clean fresh air better than dirty stale air?
Is fresh water, better than polluted water?
Is new cloth, better than dry rotting cloth?
Are your wife and children important to you?
If I saw gas leaking from your car, would you want me to tell you?
If I saw a person trying to burn down your house, would you want me to stop them or call the police?
If I saw you sinking in quicksand, would you want me to pull you out?
If I knew the bridge was out, would you want me tell you?
Would you like to earn $1,000.00 a week?
Is having more money important to you?
Do you want your children to have a better education?
Do you want better health care for you and your family?
Would you like to retire in comfort?
Would you like to pay off all your bills?
After 6 or 7 yes answers in a row, 95% of the time, the answer to the final Closing Question is also Yes.  This technique works for anyone that does not have serious character flaws.  It is extremely effective in "Warm Markets" and "Referral Markets", and with family members. If you are offering a product, service, or income opportunity, the final Closing Question is always:  Why not give my product, service or income opportunity a try?  For example:

You can also use Questioning Down with your family. The final Closing Question always relates to what you want your family member to do.  For instance:

  • Why not clean up your room? 
  • Why not mow the lawn? 
  • Why not get an education? 
  • Why not improve your grades? 
  • Why not go to Church? 
  • Why not clean your clothes? 
  • Why not take me out to dinner? etc.  Then shut up!!
Second:  Develop an offline advertising campaign as well. The advertising venues you can use have already been covered in:  "How To Grow Your Home Or Internet Based Business Rapidly".  Return to that information bin if you need a quick review.
As for the rest of humanity, the same advertising methods that will help the "Good, Bad and the Ugly" recruit more effectively online will work for you.  Working offline depends on a lot of different factors because of visual imagery and direct personal interaction.  It's hard to believe, but there are some people that just don't like you. There are people that you don't like.  Physically attractive people will always have a visual advantage over those that aren't.  Tall people will have an advantage over short people. 
Thin people will have an advantage over overweight people unless you are selling diet or weight loss products.  People with no physical handicaps, will have an advantage over those that have them unless you are selling rehab equipment.  However, whatever you lack physically, you can compensate with your other attributes and, believe it or not, become even more effective and successful than you physically advantaged counterparts.
What Does It Take To Sponsor More Effectively?
Your first step to sponsoring more effectively is re-evaluate what you have been doing.  If you are in a recruiting oriented commercial venture, have you been trying to sponsor? 
If you are in a sponsor oriented business venture, have you been trying to recruit?  The second thing you need to do is accurately determine the nature of your current business venture.  
Are you in a Home Business Enterprise or a Home Business Shop Operation that requires use or consumption of a product to generate income; whereby, growth involves building a distributor network?  If the answer is Yes,  In order to sponsor more effectively, you need to develop or improve one-on-one communications and your people skills. 
You need to develop a personal sales and marketing system that compliments what the company provides with your own creative ability.  In addition, you must develop a personal management philosophy and management system.  There are a number of different aspects you need to improve and it begins with analyzing your personal assets and liabilities.
Sponsoring more effectively also requires you to genuinely care about and love people, I mean really care about and love them. This is the only way you can comfortably accept responsibility for them, teach them, work with them, and help them succeed.  You are their support and training system.  Besides your family, the most important people in your life or your customers and the people in your organization. 
You need to have extremely high levels of personal growth, commitment, product knowledge, and understanding of how your products or service benefit others.  You must also love what you are doing and have high levels of self confidence, faith, belief and personal conviction.
If you haven't realized it yet, the same activities and personal attributes needed to run an effective Home Business Shop Operation, are the same activities and personal attributes you need to sponsor more effectively.  Now do you understand why you can't just get bodies and build a successful Home Business Shop Operation.  You absolutely must connect with people in order to achieve large scale success.  A good sponsor will always be an effective recruiter.  However, a good recruiter must grow and develop before he/she can become an effective sponsorer.
The Importance Of PMI And PMA
It is not possible to sponsor or recruit more effectively without PMI and PMA.  PMI is an abbreviation for Personal Mental Image PMA is an abbreviation for Personal Mental AttitudeYou absolutely can not have one without the other and without either, success in any business venture, or any endeavor period is not possible. Why is this so?  Before you can do something, you must first be something, before you can be something, you must first believe that being something is possible for you.
In short, before you can do anything consistently, you must have enough belief and faith in yourself that you can do it.  This is your Personal Mental Attitude.  Your Personal Mental Attitude can be positive, negative, based on fantasy and illusion or on actuality and reality.
In order for your Personal Mental Attitude to have any impact in your life, you must bring the visualized you into sync with it. The visualized you is how you see yourself psychologically. Like the model in the photograph in this section, you can be one of the prettiest and most desirable women in the world; but, if you psychologically see yourself as an ugly duckling, to yourself, you are unattractive. Nothing anyone can say or do will change your psychological image.  You have to change it. 
Chanting and repeating positive statements will not help you. This is the primary reason why "Think and Grow Rich" and other success oriented courses, books, tapes, and seminars have failed to help millions.  The reason, either the mental image never changed, the attitude and image never got in sync, or one or both went off the deep end.  In this case, if one of the world's prettiest and most desirable women can not bring her mental image in sync with her mental attitude and her physical actuality, she needs professional therapy from a trained psychiatrist.
The same is true for success.  Repeating over and over in endless self-talk or affirmations about what you are going to do or accomplish means nothing, unless you can visualize or see yourself doing it.  If the psychological image you have of yourself is a loser.  Guess what?  Right!  You are going to lose.  All the success training in the world will not help you until you bring your psychological image in line with your mental attitude.  
Like PMA, your Personal Mental Image can be positive, negative, based on fantasy and illusion or on actuality and reality.  You see, the other side of the triangle can be just as bad. 
For example: You are a 54 year old male, 4' 11" tall, weighing 275 lbs, balding on top, no front teeth, and always dress like Elmer Fudd.  However, your psychological image is that of Tom Cruise, the actor.  As a result, you think, act, talk and believe that you are Tom Cruise. 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with using Tom Cruise or anyone else as a role model.  However, when an individual takes it to this level of personal involvement, like the world's prettiest and most desirable woman, he needs professional therapy.
These examples have been used to illustrate the importance of controlling your mental attitude and your mental image.  Going to either extreme can be dangerous.  As a recruiter or sponsor, your PMA and PMI should be firmly rooted in actuality and reality, and the genuine possibilities that exist for personal growth and personal achievement.  You don't need phony realism or phony attitudes.  Everything about you can and should be authentic. 
Unrealistic Positive Mental Attitudes and Positive Mental Images can be just as damaging to your health as negative ones.  Consequently, IMG.Ws believes a healthy Personal Mental Attitude and Mental Image, based on actuality and reality, is far more beneficial and profitable, than any positive or negative attitude or image you can create for yourself.  Mind created subjectivity should always be rejected in favor of objective reality and actuality.  
In order to be more effective as a sponsor or recruiter, you need facts, usable and reliable information, and a heavy dose of reality. These are the elements you need to improve, understand, or alter what you are doing in order to build a successful Stand Alone business, Home Business Shop Operation, Internet Based Business or Business Group or a Home Business Enterprise.
How To Use Fire Under To Build An Off line  Organization
Fire Under is a sponsoring technique that was developed by Independent Marketing Group in the 1980s.  It was used to build insurance organizations for 2 of America's premiere life insurance companies.  In order to receive commissions or sell insurance products in the State of South Carolina, an individual must be a licensed insurance agent.  You have to take and pass a State sponsored exam.
Since newly sponsored agents could not receive commissions or actually sell an insurance product until they were licensed, the Fire Under sponsoring system was developed, tested and implemented to keep new agents excited and enthusiastic about their new careers.  The system worked and still works like this:
During the 1980s, every newly sponsored agent had to supply his/her sponsor with a minimum of 3 names.  An experienced agent would go out and call on these referrals at a convenient time. The actual mechanics of this process have been excluded and only the actual sales script is included in this section.  The names used in this re-enactment are fictitious and are used as illustrations.  They are not intended to represent any person/s that may have the same names either living or deceased.
Agent:  "Mr. Horowitz, my name is Nicholas Bremmer, how are you feeling today sir?"  {WFA} 
"Mr. Horowitz can you give me 30 minutes of your time today?" {WFA}
"Your brother, Jaime Horowitz, decided to join our agency, and he gave me your name, address and phone number.  It is our policy to personally follow up on every referral we receive from a new agent to make sure we have the names and addresses of real people.  Since phones can be out of service for a number of reasons, we always make these calls in person.  I hope you don't mind.  I promise this won't take more than 30 minutes unless you want me to stay longer."
"Thank you Mr. Horowitz.  All I'm doing today is confirming Jaime's referrals.  I promise you, I won't try to sell you a life insurance policy today.  Before I continue, I just want you to know I am a licensed insurance agent with the Prospectus Agency.  Prospectus is an Insurance Marketing Company that represents Mountain Valley Indemnity Life Insurance Company.  Your brother Jaime will be in the same agency."
"Mr. Horowitz the primary reason I am here confirming Jaime's referrals is this:   Every new agent in our agency must give us the names of 3 people they feel would like to save money on life insurance or earn part time income.  Which one of these 2 benefits would interest you the most.  Saving money or earning money?" {WFA}
"Thank you Mr. Horowitz.  Jaime will be glad to hear that." 
"Do you currently have a life insurance policy?" {WFA}
"Is your present coverage $100,000 or more?" {WFA}
"Are you paying more than $50.00 a month in premiums?" {WFA}
"If Jaime could show you how to take that same $50.00 a month and give you more coverage, or give you the same coverage for less money would that interest you?" {WFA}
"Would you like to see your brother succeed as an agent?" {WFA}
"Would you like to help your brother succeed?" {WFA}
"Do you know 3 other people that would like to save money on life insurance or earn part time income?"  {WFA}
"Would it be a problem for you to write their names, addresses and phone numbers in Jaime's contact book?" {WFA}
"Mr. Horowitz, since you are interested in having more coverage for the same money, and part time income I will return with Jaime to go over our insurance programs and our opportunity.  If for any reason I can't be here with him, I will send another agent.  Since Jaime is new, he needs time to learn all our products.  Can you see how having me explain our products and opportunity would be beneficial for him?" {WFA}
"Thank you Mr. Horowitz, Jaime should be licensed within a few days and we will be calling on you sometimes after that.  Have a great day sir,  and thank you for your time."
Did you recognize the Questioning Down sequence in the above Presentation?  In this re-enactment of Fire Under, Jaime Horowitz would have 81 confirmed appointments by the time he got licensed.  With his referrals and appointments confirmed, he is excited and confident.  His early sales will be with his sponsor.  Therefore, Jaime would see first hand, how working with the people he sponsored would be beneficial for them and him. The people he sponsored would learn the same system, and the people they sponsored, and so on.  
In the event Jaime failed the exam, his sponsor would return to all the referrals, close the sales, and place the commissions the agent would have earned had he passed the exam in an escrow account in a local bank.  A copy of the deposit slip would be given to the sponsored agent.  Many times these accounts would total several thousand dollars.  With money in the bank, the new agent now had a real incentive to pass his exam the next time. This is the essence of Fire Under.
Agents that successfully passed their exams went on the appointments with their sponsor and got paid.  Unlike the phony, pre-enrollment systems used my many companies today, Fire Under was genuine.  It is still the most effective sponsoring system ever devised.  When an agent in our agency told a newly sponsored indvidual he/she had money coming, it was authentic.  The proof was in the bank. 
If you are in a Home Business Shop Operation, this same system will excite newly sponsored independent reps just like it has been doing for over 20 years. Simply adapt or modify the Presentation to fit your particular product, service or income opportunity.  Why not give Fire Under a try? 

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