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More People Fail In These Business Formats Than Any Other
Some of this information in this section was covered at our main sponsoring website in IMG.Ws Advantages. Therefore, it will be a repeat of material you have already seen. 
The Integrated Economics concept is designed and formulated to build networks and downline organizations by connecting with people. No business venture is more suited for Integrated Economics than a Home Business Shop Operation. 
If you have an Internet based business, you will rarely encounter the problems associated with a Home Business Shop Operation. Your problem is sales, marketing, recruiting or sponsoring if this is an aspect of the business you have chosen.
This information bin is written primarily for MLMers and networkers, if this does not apply to your situation, feel free to click on the title and enter Your Effective Sales, Sponsoring or Recruiting Market.
IMG.Ws defines a Home Business Shop Operation as a business enterprise, or income opportunity that requires interactive personal marketing, selling products and/or services, sponsoring and/or recruiting in order to grow and develop succcessfully.
IMG.Ws defines a Home Business Enterprise as a for profit venture that may or may not require recruiting, sponsoring or inventoring products, but does require sales and/or marketing in order to be successful. Sales success does not necessarily depend on interactive personal marketing skills.
IMG.Ws created and developed the term; "Interactive Personal Marketing", to describe the relationships and activities involved in selling or marketing a product or service, or sponsoring or recruiting another individual by one-on-one personal, or group contact.
The following products and services are better suited for a Home Based Shop Operation, rather than an internet based or home based enterprise.
  • Health, wellness, and diet products. 
  • Water and air purifiers. 
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care.  
  • Home Care Products.  
  • Car Care Proucts.
There are many products and services that are better suited for a Home Business Enterprise rather than an Internet based business or business group or a home business shop operation such as...
The biggest mistake the vast majority make is trying to run a Home Business Enterprise as a Home Business Shop Operation or vice versa or as an Internet based enterprise.  This does not mean these products or services can not be sold successfully using the Internet, nor does it mean you can not sponsor or recruit using the Internet. 
A Home Business Shop Operation differs from every other opportunity, because it is one of the few income opportunities that require the participant to develop two very different aspects of his/her business at the same time.  In addition, a Home Business Shop Operation is the only business venture where a distributor never has to use the product or service.  For example:  You are 5' 11" tall and weigh 110 lbs. Yet, you are a distributor for a diet product.  Your skin is crystal clear and blemish free, but you are a distributor for an acne product.
Finally, products or services that are suited for a Home Business Shop Operation have a tendency to cater to people's fears or conditions such as; over weight, illnesses, water quality, air quality or personal situations.  Because of the nature of this format and the various marketing schemes associated with it, a Home Business Shop Operation is the most difficult of all the income opportunity formats to build and realize large scale success.  There are several reasons for this:
1.  The vast majority of Home Business Shop Operation involve building a customer network; as well as a distributor network.  Most people have trouble just making sales on a regular basis.  When you include a distribution network as well, the system overloads an average person's abilities.  The vast majority of people that join these companies did not or do not fully understand this aspect of their business venture. 
2.  To accomplish these twin building objectives in the shortest possible period of time, networkers need a concept that can adapt to these special needs and requirements.  If a workable concept is absent, they need to utilize their innate talents, skills, capabilities, abilities, knowledge, intelligence, and resource base.  It's unfortunate, but, the vast majority of people in Home Business Shop Operations have few or none of these attributes going for them when they sign up.
3.  Most people that join a Home Business Shop Operation opportunity don't even realize they have a unique operational, developmental, and marketing format on their hands when they get involved. 
The lure of a Home Business Shop Operation is the potential income.  The earning potential of this opportunity can be huge.  Not only do you earn income from your personal sales, you also earn income from the sales of people in your organization.  In many cases, you can earn exponential income in the form of overrides. You can also earn additional income from pools, and/or bonuses.
The income you can earn in these moneymaking systems is considerably more than you could ever earn by working alone or in the vast majority of income opportunities you could choose to join.  And.... This does not include company perks like trips, vacations, cars, awards, recognition or retreats.  
With all the advantages and income potential associated with a Home Business Shop Operation, more people should succeed.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true.  Home Business Shop Operations have the highest attrition, dropout, and turn over rate of any income opportunity format.  In fact, the failure rate is so high, this particular format is responsible for Multi-Level Marketing having a bad name. 
On the other hand, many Home Business Enterprises are simple to operate and maintain.  The vast majority do not require warehousing products or maintaining inventories.  Recruiting or sponsoring others into your business is generally not a requirement for your personal success or the growth of your business.  However, in many cases, these income opportunities do require that you develop your sales and marketing skills.
Why So Many People Fail In Home Business Shop Operations
There are several reasons for this extremely high failure rate that includes, but is not limited to the following:
Since the advent of the Internet and the Worldwide Web, the biggest mistake traditional networkers make is trying to run a Home Business Shop Operation as an Internet enterprise.  This does not mean they can't sell their products or services successfully using the Internet.
Nor does it mean they can't sponsor or recruit using the Internet.  It means they are going to have to develop their own customer base in order to earn any real money, and work one-on-one with the people they do manage to sponsor or recruit.  Many companies and organizations deal with this reality by developing mentor or training programs, or using conference calls.  Unfortunately, these methods did not and do not help the vast majority.
Many people that get involved in a Home Business Shop Operation get confused.  They don't know whether to concentrate on sales and build their customer base, or on sponsoring or recruiting to build their distribution network.  If more than one product is available to offer, there is confusion as to which product to start with first.  Then too, new distributors are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to absorb.  Many never get through the start up kit.
Many networkers also don't understand succeeding in a Home Business Shop Operation requires developing or improving one-on-one communications and people skills.  Far too many have problems with developing a personal sales and marketing system that compliments what the company provides with their own creative ability.  In addition, they must develop a personal management philosophy.
Succeeding in a Home Business Shop Operation also requires you to genuinely care about and love people, I mean really care about and love them.  Besides your family, the most important people in your life or your customers and the people in your organization. 
A Home Business Shop Operation requires extremely high levels of personal growth, commitment, product knowledge, and understanding how your products or services benefit others.  You must also love what you are doing and have high levels of self confidence, faith, belief and personal conviction.
When you add to these reasons, personality differences, background, education, folkways, communities, localities, idiosyncracies, ideological differences, and a host of other intangibles and actualities, it's absolutely amazing that anyone succeeds at all for any appreciable period of time, but some do.  And.. Those that do are almost always the ones that got in the earliest.  Hence, the rush to get in on the Ground Floor or during Prelaunch.
Running An Effective Home Business Shop Operation
The first thing you need to do in order to run an effective Home Business Shop Operation is understand these 3 facts.    
Fact Number One:  It doesn't matter whether you are selling life or health insurance, dental plans, eyecare, diet or wellness products, air or water purifiers,  vitamins, acne creams, lotions or potions.  99% of all Home Business Shop Operations are user based opportunities.
What does this mean?  It means your objective is to find customers, not distributors.   Your most successful distributors will come from your customers, not from the want ads. 
This process takes time, effort, intelligence, persistence, and determination to follow up effectively and follow through.  Internet sales and marketing geared toward getting distributors by forced auto shipments is a losing proposition in the long term.  Products start piling up and people start dropping out. The same is true of "Power Leg" sales and marketing based on product sales.  
99% of the companies that have user based opportunities actively try to turn opportunity seekers into distributors into customers.  Does this mean they won't succeed at it?  No it doesn't.  The Law of Large Numbers will work for anybody.  In fact, the more financial resoures and expertise you bring to bear in the general market arena, the more effective the Law of Large Numbers becomes.
The opportunity seeker-into-distributor-into-customer concept works great for program developers and those informed individuals that get in early.  The reason.  In order for the average opportunity seeker or work-from-homer to take advantage of the program, he/she absolutely must sign up with one of them.  As for Tom, Jane, Dick and Harry, they are forking over X number of dollars per month on an auto-ship program, and are barely breaking even. 
The distributors that do start making serious money, suddenly realize their objective is to find customers not distributors.  When customers realize they can buy the product at wholesale, rather than retail, by becoming a distributor, the transition to distributor becomes a logical next step.  Not only do you have a loyal customer, you also have an excited, enthusiastic, and thoroughly convinced distributor.  The best salesperson for a product or service is a dedicated, committed, excited, enthusiastic, and thoroughly convinced user.
Fact Number Two:  Your Home Business Shop Operation is exactly what the name implies. Your enterprise operates from its base, which is generally your home or office.  You are not going to get very far unless you start treating an area of your home like a business location or shop.  A shop is a place that has products or services for sale at retail.  It is also a place for your craft or business. 
You need to set aside time on regular basis, like every other shopkeeper, to run your business.  Everything relative to your business should be in the area of your home that becomes your business location or shop.  Do all the work relative to your business in this location.  The more you follow this routine, the more this area of your home becomes a functional operational base to build your business.
Fact Number Three:  If you don't:
  • Identify your goal...
  • Establish a realistic deadline for achievement...
  • Identify the objectives needed to reach your goals..
  • Identify the people you must work with or meet..
  • Identify the knowledge and skill you need to succeed....
  • Take the necesary steps to complete your objectives...
  • Develop a plan of action..
  • Implement a target marketing strategy to find customers in your marketing area....

You absolutely and positively will not succeed.  There is no other way to run an effective Home Business Shop Operation.  With the exception being, "Implement a target marketing strategy to find customers in your marketing area", this is essentially the same information in Steps 3-7 of Your Step-By-By Program to Financial Success.  If need to review this material, click on the link.  If you fail to complete any one of the steps outlined above, your failure is as certain as the night follows day. 

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