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Let's Talk About Money - Why You Need Continuous Income
Income Is What You Need.. Not Just Cash Or Credit
Now that you realize it's possible to increase your income in a relatively short period of time, let's talk about money.  Suppose you had a million dollars in the bank.  Let's assume the bank was willing to pay 5% interest on their time deposits known as "CDs". 
5% on one million dollars is $50,000.00 a year; which is approximately $4,166.00 a month.  Sure, you might be able to get a higher interest rate in various bonds, mutual funds, stocks, or other investment instruments; but not much more, and even so, your risk of losing your million rises proportionately.
So, How are you ever going to stop working?  A million after taxes gets you $4,166.00 a month, and that's not taking inflation into account.  10 years from now, that $4,166.00 will seem like nothing at the current rate of inflation, which is much higher than the government says it is.  Social Security and company pensions might not last.  Medical expenses can eat up whatever savings you do manage to accumulate.
Even if you are lucky enough to have insurance, it might not be enough to cover all your medical needs.  What do most people end up doing to protect themselves?  Absolutely Nothing!  Do you really want to know the truth.  After 30 years of studies, 95% of working people still end up dead, or dead broke. 
This is the hard core reality of living and working with the 40-40-40 Plan.  40 hours a week, 40 years of work, and $40.00 in a savings account when you retire.  What are you going to do to prevent this from happening to you?  Don't think you are too young not to think about this.  There are really only 2 things that are going to happen.  You are either going to live, or you are going to die, and that's a fact. 
How old are you right now?  Are you saving any money?  If you are, how long will it take you to save a million after tax dollars?  What  will a million dollars be worth at that point in time?  Let me tell you.  If you manage to save $1,000.00 a month, it will take you 83 years to save $1,000,000.00.  The interest on the money while you are saving it will be eaten up completely by taxes and inflation.
The reason why you need to earn more money is because making large amounts of money is not enough.  Your income must be continuous and come from several different sources if you want real financial security.  Why?  No matter how much you earn, you have to keep on working, or the money stops coming in. 
Continuous Income is What You Need:  You see, what we are really discussing is continuous income aren't we?  You want the million in the bank because of the income it represents.  A single mother on welfare in some states, gets $1,139.00 monthly in the form of a check, food stamps and other benefits. 
Working people, like us, would have to save $273,000.00, after taxes, at 5% interest to receive $1,139.00 a month in interest payments. mean... you don't have $273,000.00 in the bank? haven't saved up enough money yet, to reproduce the non-working income that a welfare mother gets from the government?
Please understand, this section in this storage bin was not written to pick on welfare mothers.  They are going to have enough problems surviving welfare reform.  This section was written to illustrate how much money you would have to save to have a welfare class income.
As you earn more money, unless you are just into having status symbols, the cars you drive become more expensive; as well as the clothes you wear, your home, and the food you eat.  The vast majority of people that earn more money, spend more money.  Even if you do manage to save a million after tax dollars, and live off the interest, your new lifestyle requirements will eat it up.
Remember:  We are not talking about getting rich.  This is just an illustration to demonstrate how rapidly you can run through a retirement income of $4,166.00 a month.  If you don't believe you can run through this income in a relatively short period of time, ask any good doctor, lawyer, college president, or small business owner.  Most of these professionals earn about this much a month or more.  And while you are at it, ask them what would happen to their lifestyle and quality of life if the money suddenly stopped coming in? 
What Is Money?
This section is also for Reality Networkers in other countries that have different currencies and monetary systems.  Whether you call it afghani, baht, balboa, bolivar, cedi, colon, cordoba, cruzeiro, dalasi, deutsche mark, dinar, dirham, dollar, dong, drachma, escudo, florin, forint, franc, gourde, guarani, gulden, kip, koruna, krona, krone, kwacha, kyat, lek, lempira, leone, leu, lev, lira, mark, markka, naira, pa'anga, pataca, peseta, peso, piaster, pound, quetzal, rand, rial, riel, riyal, ruble, rupee, rupiah, schillingi, shilling, sol, sucre, taka, tala, tical, tugrik, won, yen, yuan, zaire, or zloty, it's all the same thing, MONEY.
What is money?  Money is merely a convenient medium of exchange - nothing more, nothing less.  It is the most practical method to pay for goods, services, and human productivity.  Money' s true value is a matter of public belief, confidence, faith, and trust in your country's government.  Money's real value is an entirely different matter. 
The primary reason why the vast majority of the world's population cannot acquire or amass great wealth, is because they do not fully comprehend money's real value, role or importance.
What is Money's Real Value?  Whenever the overwhelming majority of the world's population get into a discussion about money, they have a tendency to confuse price, cost, worth, and value.  Price is a one time thing. You pay it once and you are done with it. Cost can last a lifetime.  Worth is whatever you, someone else, an agency, a court, or your government says it is.  Value is the actual benefit and advantage you receive or derive by having access or ownership. 
Therefore, the real value of money lies in what it can do for you and others in the form of benefits and advantages.  The real value of money also lies in its ability to satisfy your needs, wants, and desires.  Money is the car you drive, the clothes you wear. The medical services you receive if you are injured or ill and the medication you need to restore your health.  
The real value of money is the means by which you maintain your health.  Money is the food you eat and the amount of exposure you have to the world around you.  You can experience the value of money in the places you go, the trips you take, and the recreation and vacations you enjoy.
The value of money is a cool home on a hot summer day, or a warm home and comfortable bed when it's 20 below.  Money is the television, the appliances, the phone, the furniture, and the very floor you walk on every day.  Money is also the taxes and fees you pay.  Money is how society defines and categorizes who and what you are.  It is the driver's license and credit card in your wallet or purse, your title at work, your profession, trade or career.
Money's value can be seen in your military forces, public services, and national defense.  Money's value can be seen in the roads, streets, highways and bridges you use everyday.  It is also your legal system, police protection, civil society, social order and your penal system. The value of money extends to the government agencies or businesses that employ you, the schools that educate you and even to the undertaker that cremates or buries you. 
The value of money can be seen in the public programs and services that benefit millions.  In the arts, sciences, humanities, culture and space exploration.  Money's value is all around you, yet the vast majority rarely ever recognize the relationship between money and the advantages and benefits having money brings to them. 
What is Money's Real Role?  It's so unfortunate, that millions see and understand money's role in their lives as only a means to acquire things and pay their bills.  They fail to comprehend money's real role, just like they fail to realize money's real value.  The real role of money in your life is to empower you and free you from the drudgery and toil of life. 
Money gives you power and freedom.  Power to help yourself, live your life, and help others.  Money gives you the freedom to live your life on your terms.  Without money's power, governments and the socio-economic structures that maintain them can not exist, and neither can you.  Like money's value, money's power is all around you. The power and freedom you have to help yourself and others is directly related to the amount of money you have in all its forms and manifestations. 
Without money you are powerless and imprisoned.  You cannot contribute to your community, the arts, sciences, culture or charities.  You can not even pay your bills or your debts and maintain a good name.  Money gives you the power to change your life and your circumstances.  Money gives you the freedom to choose your lifestyle and your destiny.  Without money, you are at the mercy of fate and others. 
Everything you now have, if you have anything, would not exist without the power of money to acquire it.  This includes your business, job, profession, trade or career.  All that you see and sometimes don't see around you, from the sewer systems, to jets overhead, and everything in between, would not exist without the power of money to establish it, and maintain it.
The Real Importance Of Money In Your Life
Unless you change your attitude about money, you will never understand money's real importance in your life.  In addition to money's real value and role, the real importance of money in your life is:  Money is also the single greatest contributor to your happiness and the happiness of others.  Those who "bug out" on life, and try to live their lives without money, are really selfish, self-centered people.  They are so wrapped up in themselves, until they can not see or realize, money contributes to the happiness of others. Money is a lot more than  materialistic acquisition. 
You hear it all the time.  Money can't buy happiness.  This is true.  But, it is also true that money will buy products and services that will positively contribute to your happiness and the happiness of others.  Granted, there are some rich people that are very unhappy and depressed.  But all the available evidence points to the poor, and those that don't have enough money as being the most unhappy, miserable, and depressed.
There are millions of people that still believe a desire for money is wrong and sinful.  These people, unfortunately, have an incorrect attitude based on an erroneous point of view.  They really believe money is the root of all evil; which they claim comes from biblical scripture. This is only partially true.  The correct quote is: "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil" (1st Timothy, vi 10).  Money is not evil.  Money is only a medium of exchange.
You don't have to love money in order to have it, but, a desire for it is absolutely necessary if you are going to acquire more than enough to get by on. People who think about money, who understand money's real role, value, and power, realize its advantages and benefits, and appreciate it, are far more like to attract money, acquire money, and have more money, than those that do not.  The more you know about money, your moneymaking potential and the more you change your attitude about money, the better off you become.
Why Some People Will Never Earn Any Real Money
Strangely enough, there are still millions of people in the 21st Century, that believe it is noble and necessary to be poor, or struggle your entire life to make ends meet. You will encounter these people if you are sponsoring or recruiting to build a Home Business Shop Operation. If you are building an Internet Based Business or Business Group you will encounter them also, you just won't know it.  The number one problem of 90% of the world's population is our lack of money. The number one reason why most of us will never earn any real money is our limited thinking on how to get it
Mediocre people:  These are people that live mediocre lives, live in mediocre communities, surround themselves with other mediocre people, and think in mediocre terms.  Mediocre simply means low quality or average.  The advantage of dealing with mediocre people is they can and will change, if you take them "under your wing" and work with them one-on-one.  Finding mediocre people can be a recruiting or sponsoring gold mine, and you should make it your business to look for this group of people. 
After being shown the light, mediocre people can become great crusaders for a product, service, or even a cause.  After changing their mentality and attitude about money, mediocre people become very productive and prosperous.  The vast majority of the world's self-made millionaires come from this group of people. Unless they change, mediocre people will never, ever earn any real money.
Poverty conscious people:  These people are worse than mediocre people.  They would rather live in poverty, think poverty, and talk in poverty laden language.  They will even try to convince you that a poverty stricken, or a life of struggle is better than having a life free from material want.  There is nothing you can do to help these people.  So leave them alone.  Their affliction is mental, psychological, and spiritual.  Poverty conscious people will never, ever earn any real money.  
Fantasy seekers:  This is the most outrageous bunch of all.  These people live in pure fantasy.  You see them all the time.  Fantasy seekers buy all the symbols of wealth, from cars to "pinky" rings, and parade themselves before you like they have made it.  In actuality, 99% of these people are deeply in debt, live under stress, are a pay check away from bankruptcy, and are virtually no better off than their mediocre counterparts.  Unlike their mediocre counterparts that can, will, and do change if shown a better way, fantasy seekers hardly ever change.  Therefore,  fantasy seekers will never, ever earn any real money.
Reality Networkers involved in building a Home Business Shop Operation, will encounter other types of people as well; such as, doubtful, fearful, backward, or ignorant. You can spot these people very easily.  If you are actively involved in building your distributor network or downline organization by interactive personal marketing, you will encounter other groups that are far more difficult to spot, and they will waste your time and money.  Prepare yourself to encounter Phony People, Pretentious People, Lazy People, and Gamers.
Phony People:  Phony people are liars and deceivers.  They lie to you all the time about how great they are doing and what they have going for themselves.   In actuality, they are not doing all that great, and rarely have what they claim to possess.  Phony people generally don't have as much as you, and more often than not, they have considerably less. 
Phony people are almost always deeply in debt, living on credit, and spend most of their available time trying to convince you that they have all the money they need.  Very few people on the entire planet have all the money they need.  Phony people rarely ever take advantage of any income opportunity.  To do so would be an admission that they are not doing as well as they claim. 
Don't waste your precious time with them.  They will lead you on, and never join your organization.  If you do manage to sponsor or recruit a phony person, he/she will become one long complaint and a thorn in your side.  Just like fantasy seekers and mediocre people, phony people will never ever, earn any real money.
Pretentious People:  Like phony people, pretentious people are a waste of good sponsoring or recruiting time.  These are people who lay claim to false status.  They generally consider themselves above you because of their job title, believed social position, or material acquisition.  Pretentious people rarely take advantage of income opportunities, or amass great wealth.  They sincerely believe that earning money by any means that does not contribute to their status or position is beneath them. 
These people almost always have titles, jobs or position in government.  You find a few in private industry, but not nearly as many.  Pretentious people wrongly transfer the power, status, and position that government or their company might represent to the average person to themselves.  Pretentious people and fantasy seekers have one trait in common, they almost always have all the symbols of wealth, power, status and social position, and never have any real money.  Pretentious people are another group that will never, ever earn any real money.
Lazy people:  The vast majority of people you know are lazy.  They go to work, do little, if any, real physical activity, and they are always telling you how tired they are.  Laziness, not only destroys earning potential in the traditional job market, it also destroys your earning potential in an income opportunity.  These people will never do what is necessary to change their lives or circumstances.  It doesn't matter whether they are on the job, or in an income opportunity. 
Lazy people are very good at camouflaguing their laziness by always claiming to need more information, details or time before they can act.  They must see you achieve success first, before they will get involved.  Lazy people always, no exceptions, resist putting forth any real effort to achieve anything.  They want you to do all the work for them, while they enjoy all the rewards, advantages or benefits.
All lazy people, no exceptions, want to be rich, without putting forth the effort to get rich.  All lazy people, no exceptions, are dysfunctional thinkers.  They are totally and completely consumed by getting something for nothing.  They can and will "dog you out" if you let them.  The key phrases of the lazy are: "If only you could..", "I would do it, if..", "All I need is...", "When you make it, I'll...", "I just need more time to....".  Lazy people will never, ever earn any real money.
Gamers:  These are people that talk all the time about what they are going to do, and never do it.  Believe it or not, the vast majority of people you will sponsor or recruit for your organization will be gamers.  They really do talk a good game.  They are so convincing, that it takes a seasoned recruiter or sponsor to spot them.  You can always discover them by listening closely.  They will always have a story to tell about why they didn't do it. 
Gamers blame everyone except themselves for their lack of money or their position in life.  There is nothing wrong with losing.  Every champion has lost, and knows what it means to lose.  Gamers never lose, because it is never their fault.  It is always the product, the company, their boss, spouse, someone else, or fate that causes their lack of performance.  In reality, gamers hardly ever put forth any real effort to accomplish anything.  They are very good at convincing you that they will.  Gamers are another group that will never, ever earn any real money. 
Now, do understand why networking and multi-level marketing is failure prone.  There are only so many good people.  If you don't get to them first someone else will.  The best people are always individuals, no exceptions, who are ready and willing to change their lives or circumstances. 
As you can plainly see, the solution to your money problem and the money problems of others depends a great deal on personal honesty.  If you honestly desire to change your circumstances and will diligently apply yourself to a goal of more abundance, it can be yours.  Realistically, the only obstacles standing in the way of millions of people having more money are:
1.  Their lack of knowledge about money.
2.  Their attitude about money.
3.  Their unwillingness to learn more.
4.  Their unwillingness to do more.
5.  Their unwillingness to change.
6.  Their current mind-set.
If you honestly desire to improve your circumstances and acquire more money, and you are willing to work at it with persistence and determination, it will come.  Be absolutely assured of this.
The Hard Core Reality Of Earning More Money
The first thing you must fully understand is no individual can print unauthorized currency or mint coins in any industrialized country without going to prison, and in some countries executed if caught and convicted of counterfeiting.  Therefore, earning more money by this means is eliminated as a viable option for the vast majority.  Other options can be eliminated as well. You can't steal it, because someone must have it before you can steal it from them.  Before you can earn interest payments, you must have money to invest. 
You can't borrow it, because you must be receiving it consistently before you can borrow it.  You can't just receive it, because someone must have it before they can give it to you. You can't get it by allocation or appropriation.  Only government can do that.  Therefore, the only way the vast majority will ever get any money is by earning it.  It is unfortunate, but that's the way it is.  Earning money always, directly or indirectly, involves some type of selling.
There are only 3 classifications of things that can be bought or sold - Information, Products or Services.  The question now becomes, what precisely do you have to sell?  Before you became an IMG.Ws Associate, all you were probably selling was your time.  Your talents and skills are the services you are providing, while you are being paid for your time.  The level of your talent or skill determines how much you are paid.
You receive no pay for what you might do or what you are capable of doing.  What precisely is your time worth?  For many, it's minimum wage.  Is your time worth $10.00 an hour, $50.00 an hour, $100.00 an hour, or thousands of dollars an hour?  Since you can not create more hours in a day, only 3 possibilities exist if you sincerely desire to earn more money.
  1. Increase the value of your time by getting more education or increasing your skills.
  2. Take advantage of investment opportunities such as real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment instruments.
  3. Take advantage of income opportunities that allow you become a member of a group or team or build a networking organization.

Combining 2 and 3 is the absolute best alternative.  Even if you got more education or increased your skill/s, you would still have to find an employer who is willing to pay you for the increased cost of your time.  And.., You still would be working by yourself.  Taking advantage of investment opportunities requires discretionary income over and above what you need to maintain your lifestyle.  You can earn far more discretionary income by joining others in an income opportunity than you could ever earn by working alone.

Don't go around telling people what you won't do, because what you are really saying is; "I am limiting the number of employers to whom I am willing to sell my time".  There are some legitimate reasons why you should not or might not sell your time to some employers such as individuals involved in criminal or nefarious activities.  Otherwise, be very careful or you will end up limiting yourself, your desires, and your aspirations.
The minute you start down the road of limitation, you become a limited being with a limited mentality.  Your options become limited, and as a result you become a closed-minded or narrow-minded person.  The personal services you are offering for sale are totally dependent on the marketplace.  Buyers must be in the marketplace actively seeking sellers.  These buyers are your potential employers.
Buyers tell you what they are willing to pay for your time, while you are providing your service/s.  The amount you are paid is totally based on the demand for your services, and the difficulty of finding another individual with the same or comparable level of skill, knowledge, or talent.
The hard core reality of earning money is this:  It is never going to be easy.  It will always take some intelligence, time, effort, persistent and determination on the Internet or off.  You must prepare yourself for this challenge mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and even spiritually.  Amassing great income is not for the weak or the weak-minded.  You must be tough and tough minded in order to survive and succeed.

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