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How To Close More Effectively
Closing Is Helping People Make A Beneficial Buying Decision
The two most important skills you need to learn if you have a Home Business Enterprise or a Home Business Shop Operation are approaching people and closing people.  A Close is simply an organized way of asking a person to buy your product, use your service, or take avantage of your opportunity. 
A team member in a Home Business Enterprise, Home Business Shop Operation or an Internet Based Business or Business Group can be an independent representative or a distributor. 
It's important to realize this fact:  You absolutely and positively can not sell another human being anything.  Every human being makes a Buying Decision.  A Buying Decision can be made by seeing merchandise on display in a shop, market or department store. It can be made from reading or seeing persuasive and informative written or visual material.  A Buying Decision can also be made by listening to information from a radio, tape, or audio visual disc.
You can not sell, but you can inform and persuade by a variety of different methods and means.  Whenever IMG.Ws uses the word sold, we are referring to a completed offer and acceptance process; in which, an individual has actually taken control of a product or service for his/her personal benefit by exhanging a valuable consideration.  99% of the time a valuable consideration is money.
Therefore; as a salesperson, sponsor or recruiter, you are not trying to sell anyone anything because this can not be done.  What you are doing is presenting an offer for consideration to another human being.  The act of presenting your offer, gives the person the opportunity to accept your offer and make a Buying Decision.  A Close is basically verbally asking another human being to accept your offer.  The manner in which you present your offer helps an individual arrive at a Buying Decision.
Every Close in this information bin has sponsored, recruited or sold someone a product or service.  You will discover as you encounter more and more closing situations that certain personality types respond to some Closes and not to others.  However, in thousands of sales and marketing situations, Independent Marketing Group has discovered the Final Question Close is the most effective method to end your Presentation or ask another individual to accept your offering.
Go to the Close whenever an individual gives you a Buying Signal or a Ready Signal.  IMG.Ws defines a Buying Signal as any indication a person gives that he/she has made a decision to purchase that is not overtly stated.  For example:  An individual asks in the middle of your Presentation, how soon can I get the product?  Or, He/she pulls out his/her checkbook or credit card.  These are Buying Signals.
IMG.Ws defines a Ready Signal as any indication a person gives that he/she has made a decision to join your company that is not overtly stated.  For instance:  During the middle of your Presentation an individual asks, "Can I sign up a club?"  This is a Ready Signal.  Whenever you receive a Buying Signal or a Ready Signal, go immediately to your Close. 
There is no set time or place to Close.  Your Close should be smooth, effortless and reflect a person's needs, wants or desire.  To gain this level of competency requires a great deal of practice, drills and rehearsing.  Your Close should be a natural extension of your Presentation, not a cumbersome addition.
Close as early and as often as you can.  Some products, services, and income opportunities require a complete Presentation before you attempt a Close.  Others have much more flexibility.  This is why it is extremely important to really know the most important features and benefits of your offering and how they can be used to satisfy wants, needs and/or desires.
When an offering has built-in flexiblity that allows you to Close at any place or time, you need a good Opening Statement.  IMG.Ws defines an Opening Statement as anything you say or do that is designed to get a positive reaction from an individual, or increase interest in your offering.  Even if your product or service requires a detailed explanation before attempting a Close, it is still in your best interest to have an effective Opening Statement.
If you have air or water purifers, set one up.  For cosmetics, wellness, and skin care products give the person a sample.  If it is a diet product, health drink, food supplement, or vitamins give the person a sample to take or drink.  If you don't have an actual product to see, feel, or touch, then proceed to your Opening Statement.
Never ever give an Opening Statement before you have Warmed-up the individual and moved to the location in his/her home or office where your Presentation will be given.  To do so is sponsoring, recruiting or sales suicide.  You can not establish control until you have reached this location. 
Do not give any Presentation to anyone in any environment in which you can not or do not control the flow of information or activity.  This includes family, relatives, friends and associates.  Even though you know these people well, you are no longer an ordinary person or someone from the office, you are a professional business person that has an offer that will benefit them and you.  Therefore, you need their undivided attention, and you must be able to present your offering in a professional and business-like manner.
You absolutely and positively can not be effective or at your best if you can not control the information environment.  You must establish control and have the individual's undivided attention before proceeding.  In any situation where you can not establish control, cancel the appointment and return at a more convenient time when you can establish control.  If you have reached the Presentation location, and you have sufficient control of the environment, go into your Opening Statement.  You can develop one of your own, or use one of the proven and effective Opening Statements in the next section.
Proven And Effective Opening Statements
After everyone is seated comfortably, your Opening Statement can begin with a Closed-ended Question or an Opened-ended Question.  A vebal Opening Statement should always begin with a question or a series of questions.  3 or 4 in a series is all you need.
Whenever you are in sales, sponsoring or recruiting situation.  It does not help you to give empty statements or ramble.  Grab the person's attention, get him/her involved and moving in a favorable direction toward accepting your offer.  For the vast majority, asking a question or a series of questions is one the best methods to accomplish this objective.  Other methods are drama, provocation, exciting demonstrations, an explosive event or an electrifying promotion.  If you are skilled in staging these type events,set them up and ask questions when the event is over.
Examples of Closed-ended Questions
You:  "Mark, if I saw gas leaking from your car, wouldn't you want me to tell you about it?"  {WFA}
"If I saw you had fallen into a deep hole, wouldn't you want me to pull you out?"  {WFA}
"If I saw you needed help real bad, wouldn't you want me to help you?"  {WFA}  SFI
Examples of Opened-ended Questions
You:  "Mark, how do you feel about losing money?"  {WFA}
"How do you feel about earning more money?"  {WFA}  Cognigen
"What do you think about health care today?"  {WFA}   Advanced Cell Theraphy
"Why do you think losing weight is so difficult for so many people?"  {WFA}
These questions are designed to get yes answers or detect the mood, state of mind, psychological disposition or attitude of the person you are talking to.  After you have received an answer to your last question, proceed to the Close Before You Start the Presentation.  You can also use The Goal Method Opening Statements.
The Goal Method Opening Statements
Take out 3 sheets of clean and ruled "white paper".  Do not use any other color. The reason:  The average person is already predisposed to information written in black ink on white paper.  Hand the individual one sheet of paper and an ink pen with black ink.  Continue by saying:
You:  "Mark, on this sheet of paper I want you to write down all the things in life you still want or wanted to have." 
[Hand the person the second sheet of paper.] 
You:  "On this sheet of paper, write down the amount of money you would like to have in a savings account, how much money you would like to earn, how much you would like to have in productive assets such as real estate, bonds, mutual funds or other short term or long term investments,  and how much money you would like to retire on."
[Hand the person the last sheet of paper.] 
You:  "On this third sheet of paper, write down everything you still want to do before you die."
After the person as completed writing on all three sheets of paper, continue by saying: 
You:  "Mark, what you just completed was all the goals you had or still have in life.  The company I represent, the products/services we have to offer and our income opportunity can help you achieve them if you still want them.  Are the items you have just written on those sheets of paper still important to you?"  {WFA}
[If the person says Yes,]
You:  "I'm glad to hear that Mark, that's what tonight is all about, and that's why I am so excited to be here with you.  This company, these products and this income opportunity can make it happen for you, just like it is doing for me." 
Proceed to The Close Before You Start the Presentation.
If the person says No,  You:  "Then what is important Mark?"  {WFA}
(Regardless of what the person reveals as important to him or her, continue by saying....)
You:  "I'm glad to hear that Mark, that's what tonight is all about, that's why I am so excited to be here with you.  This company, these products and this income opportunity can make it happen for you, just like it is doing for me."   Global Domains
Proceed to The Close Before You Start the Presentation.
The Close Before You Start The Presentation
The Close Before You Start the Presentation is the most effective series of 3 sentences and a single question you will ever speak in a sponsoring or recruiting Presentation.  The reason why these words are so effective is because they answer the most important question every person is asking himself/herself.
When you are involved in sales, sponsoring or recruiting situation; either openly or subconsciously, the person you are talking to is asking himself/herself;  What's In It For Me?   You are firmly stating with confidence and conviction, here's what's in it for you.  You are either going to lose weight, breath cleaner air, have healthier skin, improve your health, have more energy, improve a present situation, save money, and/or earn more money.
You:  "Mark there are only 2 parts to our program...saving money and earning money.  If you don't want to save money, there is nothing our program can do for you.  If you don't want to earn more money, there is nothing we can do.  So which would you rather do, save money, earn more money, or both?"  {WFA}  Cognigen
You:  "Mark there are only 2 parts to our products for you and family and earning money.  If you don't want to save money, there is nothing our program can do for you.  If you  don't want to earn more money, there is nothing we can do.  So which would you rather do, save money, earn more money, or both?"  {WFA}  Free Club Store
You:  "Mark there are only 2 parts to our program...better health for you and family and earning money.  If you don't want better health, there is nothing our program can do for you.  If you don't want to earn more money, there is nothing we can do.  So which would you rather do, have better health, earn more money, or both?"  {WFA}  GreenSmoke
You:  "Mark there are only 2 parts to our program...gaining more knowledge to become more successful and earning money.  If you don't want to be more successful, there is nothing our program can do for you.  If you don't want to earn more money, there is nothing we can do.  So which would you rather do, be more successful, earn more money, or both?"  {WFA}  Step By Step Guide To Promotion In 14 Days
You:  "Mark there are only 2 parts to our program...lowering the cost of family entertainment and earning money.  If you don't want to save money there is nothing our program can do for you.  If you don't want to earn more money, there is nothing we can do.  So which would you rather do, save money, earn more money, or both?"  {WFA}  VMC Satellite
You:  "I am glad to hear that Mark, now do you understand why I am so excited about this company, our products and this opportunity?  And you know what else?  Saving money is the same reason why so many people have joined our company. After all it's only $19.99 a month to have VMC Satellite and take advantage of this great opportunity.  Plus, get up to $200.00 for signing up."
"As a matter of fact, there are only 2 reasons why people DON'T have VMC Satellite, or take advantage of the opportunity.  One...they really DON'T believe how good it is, or Two... they can't afford the $99.00 initial investment right away.  And get up to $200.00 just for signing up."
"Long before I'm done, you'll see and understand why so many people from all walks of life are using VMC Satellite and have taken advantage of the opportunity like I have done.  I'm going to give you the facts and you can decide for yourself.  Is that fair enough?" {WFA}
"Mark, you want a product/service that works...right?" {WFA}
"And you want what's best for you and your family...right?" {WFA}
"You want a money back guarantee...right?" {WFA}
"You also want an income opportunity that's solid...right?" {WFA}
"If I can show you how VMC Satellite will save you money, how easy it is to earn more money, and get a $200.00 signup there any reason why you can't have VMC Satellite and start earning more money tonight?" {WFA} 
Let's examine why The Close Before You Start the Presentation is so effective.
First:  You have already set the stage for your Presentation, by the Approach you used to get the appointment. This allows you to Close at any point after the closing statements.
Second:  You and the individual got to talk and know each other better, during your Warm up.  Plus, you have consistently shown this person respect.  Many times after the closing statement, the person will sign up.  This saves you the trouble of giving your entire Presentation. 
Third:  You are seated in the kitchen, the most informal and relaxing area in any home other than the bedroom.  Even if you don't know the person very well, this relaxing and comfortable environment, allows the individual to see you as someone that clearly wants to help him/her.  If you are in his/her office or conference room, these are his/her power locations.  You can only get there by expressed or implied consent and by having something of value to offer.
Fourth:  You have stated the primary benefits of your program, the reason why you are excited, a representative, and why so many others are involved.  This lets the person know your product or service has appeal, acceptance by many, and must be genuine.  Otherwise, all these people would not be using it, or taking advantage of the opportunity.  These are unwritten and unspoken testimonials.
Fifth:  The person already knows the price, and by Questioning Down, you have already prepared the individual for the Final Closing Question.
Finally:  If you changed your Closing Question to the Final Closing Question;  Why not give this a try?.. you are in a position to take an application.  At this point, if you need to expand upon what you have already stated, every piece of additional information you provide, strengthens your closing position. 
IMG.Ws has many Opening Statements that you can use prior to giving your actual Presentation.  However, these Opening Statements are for sales situations, not sponsoring or recruiting situations.  As a sponsor or recruiter, your role and function is to consult, inform, evaluate the human condition and situation and offer a workable solution/s.  
Remember:  You can not sell a person anything.  The terms sales and selling are used to simplify the offer and acceptance process for practical usage and understanding.  The popular mental image most people have of sales and selling does not accurately depict the process.  This inaccurate mental image is why so  many people claim they are not good at selling anything, when, in actuality, they are engaged in buying and selling all the time.
Unlike sales, where the offer and acceptance of the product or service is the process, as a sponsor or recruiter, your product or service is offered and accepted as a by-product of sponsoring or recruiting.  Even when your goal is a customer base, the eventual by-product or outcome of building your customer base is producing and developing a distributor network.   
To become more effective in your role and function requires that you develop your ability to persuade others.  To accomplish this, learn how to ask the right questions.  Selling, sponsoring and recruiting is asking the right questions, not telling or selling.  The more you develop these skills, the more people you will sponsor or recruit.
The End Of The Presentation Close
The End of the Presentation Close is no more or less than a brief summary of all the advantages and benefits you covered in your Presentation.  At this point in your professional relationship, the individual does not realize the actual benefits of your product, service or income opportunity.  
If the individual did know, he/she would be giving a Presentation to you.  Once the individual starts using the product/s or enjoying the service/s, he/she will be glad you came along.  However, your prospect does not realize this yet.  Therefore, it is your responsibility and, indeed, your duty to help him/her make a Buying Decision that will improve his/her condition.  Not doing this is the greatest disservice you can render.  Since what you are offering is good.. why would you hesitate, or stop short of helping him/her come to this realization?
This is what closing is all about.  IMG.Ws defines Closing as the active process of helping people make Buying Decisions that will benefit them and you.  You will benefit by earning a commission check.  The individual will benefit by having a useful product or service, or by having the same opportunity to increase his/her income that you have.  Since the fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain, you must help the individual overcome his/her fear.
In a previous information bin that dealt with your own personal fears, you discovered that fear is an undesireable state of mind caused by ignorance and uncertainty.  To overcome fear, more knowledge is needed.  The knowledge the individual needs is more information.  Therefore, psychologically prepare yourself to expect stalls or objections at the end of your Presentation.  Thus, you will be prepared to deal with them when they occur.
Before you ask your Final Closing Question, summarize the key benefits you covered in the Presentation and ask a question after each one.  This is your standard closing procedure and your first closing attempt.  Use this procedure with every person when you complete your Presentation.  There are an arsenal of other Closes you can use if the person stalls or objects to buying the product, using the service, or taking advantage of your opportunity.  Begin the closing sequence by saying:
You:  "Mark, tonight we have talked about the company, the industry, our support services and training, our product/service, and our compensation plan.  Is this essentially what we covered?"  {WFA}
"Earlier tonight you said you were interested in saving money on family entertainment and earning more this still true?" {WFA}
"Well then everything we have talked about tonight comes down to you like the product?" {WFA}
"You want to save money...right?" {WFA}
"You like the money back guarantee...right?" {WFA}
"And you want to increase your income...right?" {WFA}
"Then why not give VMC Satellite a try?" {WFA}
The End of the Presentation Close II
Like the previous Close, this Close is more effective when you use The Close Before you Start the Presentation.
You:  "Mark, earlier tonight, I said I would give you the facts and you could decide for yourself.  Do you remember me saying that?"  {WFA}
"I also asked you which benefit would you enjoy the most..  saving money or earning more money and you said both.  Is that about right?"  {WFA}
"You also said you liked our money back guarantee...right?"  {WFA}
"Based on everything that has already been said and agreed on, why not give VMC Satellite a try?"  {WFA}
Regardless of which Close you use, if the individual says yes, enroll him/her in your program.  If the individual says no, I want to think about, or any other common objection, you will need to use the Second Sale Technique and Bridge to your second closing attempt.
The Second Sale Technique
The Second Sale Technique is exactly what the name implies.  Once again you are going to present your offer for acceptance to the individual.  You are going to briefly cover your industry, company, products/service, support and training, and your compensation plan. 
However, in the second sale, all you are going to do is highlight key areas or benefits until you uncover or discover the specific issue a person has with your offer.  In many cases, a person may have more than one issue.  An issue can be a direct concern or an indirect concern.
When an individual stalls or objects, he/she is really asking for more information to deal with an issue, he/she has raised.  What he/she is really saying is, "I am fearful, please help me overcome my fears.  I want this, but I am scared to death of making the wrong decision.  Please give me more informaion so I will know I am making the right decision." 
This disguised plea for more information is why you must present your offer for a second, and sometimes a 3rd, 4th or even 5th time before a person is comfortable enough to make a Buying Decision.  The Second Sale Technique is the best method to help the individual overcome his/her fears by giving him/her more information.  When you enter the second sale, don't get heavily involved in details.  You covered enough details in your first Presentation.  The Second Sale Technique works best with the most common stalls or objections such as:
1.  I want to think it over.
2.  I can' t afford it, or it cost too much money.
3.  I want to talk it over with my wife/husband.
4.  I never buy or join anything the first time I see it.
5.  I can't make a decision now. (Use The Ben Franklin Close.)
6.  I have too many bills, debts, or obligations.
7.  I need to pray over it.
8.  I need my attorney/accountant to look this over first.
9.  I need more time.
And...with the most common reasons people won't take advantage of the income opportunity.  These reasons are:
1.  I don't have the time.
2.  I don't know enough people to make this work.
3.  I'm just not good at selling products/services.
4.  I'm already involved in something else.
5.  I was in MLM before and lost money.
6.  I know someone who was in MLM and they didn't earn any money.
7.  You need too many people to make any real money.
If the person gives you any one of the common objections listed above, use his/her objection in your first sentence.  In this example, "I want to think about it", is the objection.   Start your second sale by saying:
You:  "Mark just to clarify my thinking what is it that you need to think about?" 
"Is it the industry you'll be in?" (Give a brief highlight of the industry, then WFA)
"Is it the company you'll be representing?" (Give a brief highlight of the company, then WFA)
"Is it the support and training?" (Give a brief highlight of the support and training, then WFA)
"Is it the product/service?" (Cover all the key features and benefits of your product/service, then WFA)
"Is it the compensation plan?" (Go over the key features and benefits of your compensation plan, then WFA)
Bridge to your second closing attempt after you complete the second sale.  IMG.Ws defines a Bridge as a statement, phrase or story that smoothly lets you go from one Close to the next.  Use the following steps to Bridge between Closes.
1.  Apologize.  (This reduces resistence and softens moods.)
2.  Summarize the benefits again.  (This restates information the person may have forgotten,overlooked, or confused with something else.)
3.  Tell a closing story or make a statement that is tailored to the person's objection.  (This helps a person focus on benefits rather than cost, and reduces the fear factor even more.)
4.  Ask Closed-ended thought provoking questions.  (This challenges the prospect to think more of his/her needs, wants, or desires and how your offer can improve his/her situation.)
5.  End with a Final Closing Question. (Verbally ask the person to accept your offer in a nonthreatening and friendly manner.)
You:  "Mark, please accept my apology if I seem to be pushing you to do something you don't want to do right now.  I'm just so excited about your future and mine.  Why don't we summarize the benefits and advantages once again."  "We agreed VMC Satellite cost less than cable service...right?"  {WFA}
"We also agreed this is a great way to earn part time income...right? {WFA}
"Then why not give VMC Satellite a try?" {WFA}
You can repeat your Final Closing Question at this point, or use an additional Close for more impact, and then state your Final Closing Question.  Like the previous Closes you have learned, every one of the following Closes has also sponsored or recruited someone.
The Million Dollar Close
You:  "Mark, if I gave you a million dollars tonight, and told you to spend it any way you wanted...what would be the first thing you would do or buy?" {WFA}
"What we are discussing right now is like a million dollars, not in dollars and cents but in opportunity.  You have an opportunity to save money and earn money too.  Even if we don't get the whole million, wouldn't 1/10th be a great start?" {WFA}
"So why not give VMC Satellite a try?"  {WFA}
The Monkey Off Your Back Close
You:  "Mark, it's not my desire to get you invloved in something that will cost you more money than you can receive.  I'm not here to put a monkey on your back, my goal is to take him off.  We've already agreed this product/service will do that.  So why not give VMC Satellite a try?" {WFA}
The Which One Close
You:  "Mark earlier tonight I said there are only 2 reasons why people DON'T use this product/service, or take adantage of the opportunity.  They really DON'T believe it is as good as we say it is, or they can't afford it.  Which one of these reasons is holding you back?" {WFA}
The Three Question Close
You:  "Mark, can you see how using our product will help you lose weight {WFA}
"Do you want to lose the weight?" {WFA}
"If you were going to start losing weight, when would be the best time to start?" {WFA}
The Change Places Close
You:  "Mark, play along with me, if you will, and change places with me.  Imagine you are me for just showed me how to save hundreds annually on family entertainment and one of the best income opportunities.  You not only know VMC Satellite Service will save me money, you also know I can earn excellent part time income by introducing this service to others."  
"You know this, but I don't know this yet, because I am not using the product regularly and I am not a distributor.  You have done your best to show me all the advantages and benefits, and I still insist on saying (Repeat the person's objection).  If you were me, what would you do to help me take advantage of VMC Satellite?"  {WFA}
"Mark isn't that what I have already done?"  {WFA}
"Then why not give VMC Satellite a try?" {WFA} 
The Say No Close
You:  "Mark, there are many people out here today offering a variety of products and services...and all of these people have good and persuasive reasons for you to invest your money with them or join their organization...don't they?"  {WFA}
"You can say no to any and all of them....can't you?"  {WFA}
"Tell me Mark, how can I accept a no, to saving money and excellent part time income?"   {WFA}
"If you were me would you let me say no, when you know how great these vitamins make you feel, and how much money you were earning part time helping people feel better and live longer.  Would you let me say no to better health and more income?"  {WFA}
"I can't either, so why not give Drink A.C.T. a try?"  {WFA}
The Door Knob Close
In order for this close to work you must be at the door with your hand on the door knob.  Thank the person for inviting you into his/her home and for giving you the opportunity to tell your story.  Turn the door knob, and just before stepping out the door, turn to the individual and say....
You:  "Mark, I know our air purifier will give you clean, fresh and healthy air to breathe.  And...I know our opportunity can earn you over $5,000.00 a month...what would make you take it?"  {WFA}
"You mean if I could lower the price you would take it now/tonight?"  {WFA}
Come back into the house, and work out a strategy to close the sale.  
Like Approaches, all the Closes in this information bin will work with someone, but not with everyone.  There are only 2 legitimate reasons you can accept for someone not buying your product, using your service, or taking advantade of the income opportunity...
1.   As far as you can determine, the individual absolutely can not afford the sign up fee at this time. 
2.  There is a Condition that he/she can not overcome. 
IMG.Ws defines a Condition as a valid reason an individual can not proceed.  Some Conditions are losing a home, employment, or under legal age.  In the event an individual gives you a unique objection that is not a Condition, you will have to use the Objection Procedure.

Help Us Serve You Better
Thank you for choosing IMG.Ws as your sponsor.  If there is a topic or subject you would like IMG.Ws to investigate, discuss, and add to the Information Warehouse, please mail a postcard with your request to:
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Please Note:  The information in this module can change without notice.

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