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ACDNAC's Association
Rules 38-39 - Director Duties


Section 38

Duties & Responsibilities Of The Executive Director


38.1 The Executive Director (the “E.D.”) is the key management leader of ACDNAC (the Association For The Creation & Development Of New Age Corporations). The Executive Director is responsible for honoring personal and association commitments, maintaining high performance standards, overseeing administration, programs and strategic planning for the association. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The E.D., reports directly to the Management Committee and to the membership at Special or General Meetings.


38.2  The E.D., works with and consults with the Management Committee and advisers in order to fulfill the association’s mission. The E.D. is responsible----

(a) for leading the association in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission as defined by the Management Committee and the Mission Statement.

(b) for communicating effectively with the Management Committee, the membership and for providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Management Committee to function properly and to make informed decisions.


38.3 The E.D., develops resources, together with the Management Committee and advisers that are sufficient to ensure the financial health of the association. The E.D. is responsible----

(a) for the fiscal integrity of the association, to include submission to the Management Committee of a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements, that accurately reflect the financial condition of the association.

(b) for fiscal management, along with the Management Committee and advisers that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget(s), ensures maximum resource utilization, in order to maintain the association’s positive financial position.

(c) for fundraising and developing other resources necessary to support ACDNAC’s mission, along with advisers, members, staff and the Management Committee.


38.4 The E.D., works with the Management Committee, members, Adviser(s) and Staff to ensure ACDNAC’s mission is fulfilled through programs, strategic planning and community outreach. The E.D., is responsible----

(a) for implementing the association’s programs that carry out ACDNAC’s mission, together with staff, adviser(s), members and the Management Committee.

b) for strategic planning along with the Management Committee and Adviser(s) to ensure the association can successfully fulfill its Mission into the future.

(c) for the enhancement of ACDNAC’s image by being active and visible in the commu-nity and by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations.


38.5 The E.D., oversees and implements appropriate resources to ensure that the operations of the association are appropriate. The E.D., is responsible for----

(a)  effective administration of ACDNAC’s operations along with the Management Committee.

(b) hiring and retaining competent and qualified staff.

(c) for signing all notes, agreements, and other instruments made and entered into and on behalf of the association with the Co-Chair and Treasurer of ACDNAC.


38.6 The E.D. is required to have or acquire and maintain appropriate skill levels, either by a formal education or by self education in order to maintain----

(a) transparent and high integrity leadership,

(b)  budget management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making and reporting,

(c) strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation,

(d) an ability to convey a vision of ACDNAC’s strategic future to the staff, the Management Committee, the general public, members, volunteers and donors,

(e) professional level knowledge of fundraising strategies and donor relations unique to the nonprofit sector,

(f) sufficient skill levels to collaborate with and motivate members, volunteers and donors.

(g) strong writing and oral communication skills,

(h) an ability to interact with and engage diverse volunteer and donor groups,

(i) an ability to oversee and collaborate with staff, members, volunteers, donors, advisers and the Management Committee,

(j) strong public speaking ability.


38.7 The E.D.’s, duties and responsibilities also include, but are not limited to:

(a) overseeing planning and operation of the association’s annual budget.

(b) establishing employment and administrative policies and procedures for all functions and for the day-to-day operation of ACDNAC in consultation with the Management Committee.

(c) serving as ACDNAC’s primary spokesperson to the association’s constituents, the media and the general public.

(d) establishing and maintaining relationships with various organizations throughout the state and utilizing those relationships to strategically enhance ACDNAC’s Mission.

(e) reporting to and working closely with the Management Committee to seek their involvement in policy decisions, fundraising and to increase the overall visibility of ACDNAC throughout the State.

(f) supervising and collaborating with ACDNAC’s office staff, members, advisers, the Management Committee

(g) overseeing strategic planning and implementation of same to accomplish goals and/or objectives.

(h) overseeing ACDNAC’s committee meetings.

(i) overseeing marketing and other communications efforts along with the Management Committee, staff and advisers.

(j) Reviewing and approving contracts for services in consultation with the Management Committee and advisers.

(k) Other duties as assigned by the Management Committee or voted on by the members.


Section 39

Duties & Responsibilities Of The Associate Director


39.1  The Associate Director (the “A.D.”) manages and implements the fundraising plan with the assistance of the Executive Director, the Management Committee, advisers, volunteers (if any), participating members and staff. The A.D., ----

(a) Assists with the development of a strategic long-term fund-raising plan,

(b) Manages the fundraising plan on a day-to-day basis,

c) Participates in fundraising for general administration, programs, site development and maintenance, through grant writing, donor appeals, capital campaigns, special events and/or cash gifting programs,

(d) Assists the Executive Director in developing and maintaining excellent relationships with grant funders; as well as, private and corporate donors,

(e) Conducts grant research, writing, and reporting in collaboration with the Executive Director, the Management Committee and/or advisers.,

(f)  Manages fundraising events,

(g) Leads direct mail and community based fundraising efforts,

(h) Maintains complete and accurate fundraising records at all times


39.2 The A. D., has outreach responsibilities and works closely with the E. D. to present a strong, positive image of ACDNAC’s programs, products and/or services to donors and the general public. The A.D.,----

(a) Assists with the production of key communication tools such as newsletters, handouts, brochures, booklets and any educational and/or informative information that is produced by the association to further the associations goals and objectives.

(b) Assists with the production of outreach materials (displays, brochures, flyers, articles, press releases, website and background materials)

c) Serves as a spokesperson for ACDNAC at events, media interviews, etc., when the E.D. is not available.

(d)  Attends staff, Management Committee, and other relevant meetings as necessary.

e)  Coordinates the membership program including membership recruitment and membership drives or campaigns.

(f)  Handles various office duties that includes telephone, paper and email communication.

(g)  Assist with document review and editing,

(h) Handles additional tasks as directed by the E. D. or the Management Committee.


39.3 The A.D. is required to have or acquire and maintain appropriate skill levels, either by a formal education or by self education in order to maintain----

(a)  acceptable skill levels in nonprofit fundraising, including donor relations, grant writing and reporting.

(b) strong communication skills, including public speaking and writing.

(c) skills and knowledge to work with volunteers (if any), members, non-profits, and community-based organizations.

(d) An ability to work independently and as part of a team.

(e) Skills, knowledge and an ability to use computers, including learning and developing a proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access.

(f)  Excellent organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple demands.

(g) Skills, knowledge and experience to work with members of diverse backgrounds, including young adults 18 years or older and the elderly.


39.4 The A.D., is also required to study and learn the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director as outlined in Section 38 of these rules, so that, in the event the E.D., is----

(a) incapacitated for any reason,

(b) unable to perform for any reason,

(c) cannot be contacted for any reason,

(d) resigns for any reason,

(e) suspended for any reason,

(f) relieved of duties for any reason, or

( g) for any cause, reason, circumstance or event, not specifically stated in these rules,

(d) the A.D. directs the affairs of ACDNAC until the E.D. recovers, returns, or is restored to health.


39.5 In the event of death, suspension, termination or resignation, the A.D. automatically becomes acting Executive Director.

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