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5 Things ACDNAC Was Doing Wrong
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5 Things
ACDNAC Was Doing Wrong


1. Our call to action was weak.


We did not tell people what to do! And we did not lay it out in very specific words.

Now we give our donors the next step. Say: “Please fill out the Donor Card and send it in today.”

We now say, “ACDNAC needs you today. Please make a gift right now.”

We use the word “today.”

Now, we give donors a reason to act NOW.

Now we use the words “right now.”

This gives our letters a sense of urgency and a deadline.

The donor needed both – so he or she will take action and not set our letter aside to consider later.

MUST DO: Continue To Make Our Call To Action Completely Explicit.

2. We were not asking enough times in the letter.

Asking was not all over the place. Now our letters are full of asks.

This is what the letter is for, isn’t it?

We use the following types of asks.

1. Soft asks.

2. Implied asks. and... the

3. Hard asks.


MUST DO: Continue To Use All The Different Ways Of Asking In Our Letters, Such As:

  • “Please join . . . “
  • “We need you. the Black community needs you.”
  • “Can’t do it without you.”
  • “Take part.”
  • “Take these two steps. . . “
  • “Make your gift right now.” 

3. Our type font was too small.

Our new standard for appeal letters is 14 point type.

ACDNAC’s  likely donor is a woman or man who is over 50 years old.

MUST DO: ACDNAC Will Always Use 14 Point Type.

4. The word “you” did not show up enough.

You is the most important word in our letters!

“You” is an emotional trigger. It IMMEDIATELY pulls people in.

If we don’t have “you” and “your” showing up tons and tons in our letter, throw it out and start over!

MUST DO: We Must Keep Adding The Word “You” Wherever Possible.

5. We were not mailing often enough to donors.

We must keep mailing to donors until our funding goal of $5,000,000.00 (5 million dollars) is reached! That’s

$5,000,000 $14,000 =      358 Donors

$5,000,000 $  7,000 =      716 Donors

$5,000,000 $  3,500 =   1,432 Donors

$5,000,000 $  1,750 =   2,864 Donors

$5,000,000 $     875 =   5,728 Donors

$5,000,000 $     500 = 10,000 Donors


Note: $14,000.00 is the maximum gift tax exclusion for 2016.

By keeping ACDNAC’s message in front of  donors, ACDNAC can get a 40-60% response rate on our letters. Therefore, we must constantly put offers in front of donors asking them to join in and support ACDNAC financially.

MUST DO: You’ve got to stay after your wonderful donors with plenty of reminders to support ACDNAC with their gift!

Membership Drive


$25.00 Monthly x    100 members = $    2,500 Monthly or $     30,000 Annually

$25.00 Monthly x    500 members = $  12,500 Monthly or $   150,000 Annually

$25.00 Monthly x 1,000 members = $  25,000 Monthly or $   300,000 Annually

$25.00 Monthly x 2,000 members = $  50,000 Monthly or $   600,000 Annually

$25.00 Monthly x 5,000 members = $125,000 Monthly or $1,500,000 Annually


One Time Fee For Access To ADNAC’s Copyrighted Acquisition Programs


$50.00 x 2,000 Field Coordinators = $100,000.00

$50.00 x 5,000 Field Coordinators = $250,000.00

After Initial Fund Raising, ACDNAC is self supporting.

By: George M. Sistrunk - 4/27/16

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