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Membership Benefits




What will ACDNAC members get in exchange for  their $25.00 a month membership?


A.        Community Services


1.    Elderly transportation services for groceries, doctors, pharmacy, etc., this is a private service operated by members. (Similar to Uber Cab Service)


2.    After hour services for auto repairs.


3.    Minor home repairs.


4.    Counseling services.


5.    Educational programs, training programs and tutoring.


6.    24 hour adult daycare within our child daycare center.


7.   Etiquette Classes


8.   Jewelry Making


B.        Discount Services On


       1.  Beauty and barber supplies.


2.  Movies and recreation; i.e., parks, amusements and vacation.


3.  Restaurants and fast foods.


4.  Travel, planes, trains and/or buses.


5.  Car rental.


6.  Hotel and motel room rates.


7.  Ocean cruises.


8.  Coupons for grocery shopping.


9.  DVDs, books and magazine.


10.  Clothing, shoes, jewelry, house ware, furniture, appliances and more.


11.  Tax preparation.


12.  Lawn and garden.


13.  Automobile parts and/or supplies.


14.  Haircuts, weaves, extensions, perms, twisting, braiding and wash and sets.


The above is just a few of many services to come including sharing advertising revenue.

By: George M. Sistrunk - 4/15/16

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