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Fundraising Methods


ACDNAC will be involved in the following fundraising methods. Mail solicitations, email solicitation, personal solicitation, foundation grant solicitations, vehicles, accept donations on our website, silent auctions and other. {Click here to study 26 USC 102(a) & 102(c)(1)} {Click here to study 26 USC 274(b)}


Mail Solicitations


We will be sending fundraising letters to businesses and individuals at least annually to request that they donate funds to support ACDNAC or to be cordially invited to attend our  fundraising events and/or auctions.


Phone Solicitation


We will be fundraising by telephone solicitation. It involves calling prospective or existing donors and asking for support.


Email Solicitation

We will be utilizing internet solicitation methods, including but not limited to email, social media contacts and other mediums.

Personal Solicitation


We will be fundraising by approaching a broad spectrum of entities and individuals in person to share the mission of ACDNAC and seek public support.


Government Contracts


We will be applying for private or public contracts for education and training. We have no current contracts at this time.


Vehicle, Boat, Plane, or Similar Donations


We will solicit and accept in-kind donations with the intent of using the vehicles for the corporation’s mission such as our ambassador program.


Accept Donations on Your Website


We do accept donations on our website. This function will be accessible through “donate” tab on the website of the corporation. The payments are processed by PayPal, Inc. and are directed to the corporation’s bank account.




Slideshows and Lectures. We will be accepting donations during our lectures and slideshow program and expeditions. (Please see the Narrative of our Activities for further information regarding this activity.)

Small Scale Fundraising Events. At times we will be holding road-side small-scale fundraising events. The work performed for such events shall be “Volunteer Labor” and without compensation. The material used for such events shall only come from the gifts or contributed products. Volunteer charity lemonade or cookie sale would be an example.

Banquet and Auctions. We will also be holding at least one fundraising banquet and auction annually. All auction items will be from the gifts or contributed merchandise.

Web-related Donations. We may make arrangements with commercial organizations for donations based on sales referrals. For example, some web sites (such as allow nonprofit organizations to receive donations for sales which were referred from their web site. Some local businesses in our area might also make such offers to non-profit organizations. We would only consider this for items and services related to our organization's activities and topics (e.g. books on economic empowerment). We currently have no specific plans or contracts, but it's prudent to mention the possibility.


Sale of Merchandise. We will have shirts, hats, mugs and similar items available through our website or locally which will bear our logo and mission statement. We are only considering the sale of donated and contributed products at this time. The revenue from this activity is anticipated to be insubstantial and we have no current arrangement or contract for this.


Additional Fundraising Policies


ACDNAC do not fundraise for any specific organization and ACDNAC is not organized solely to contribute or fundraise for any specific entity. However, at the discretion of the Executive Director and the Management Committee, we may at times, choose to contribute to other 501 (c)(3) organizations which share a similar mission. (Please see the Narrative of our Activities for more information regarding how we contribute to other organizations.)


ACDNAC is primarily based in the state of South Carolina, however, we will engage in fundraising in all 50 states of the United States whether via internet solicitation, mail-outs, banquets or activities such as our ambassador program or slide-shows and presentations. For more information about these activities please refer to the Narrative of Our Activities.


ACDNAC will not raise funds for other organizations; No other organization will raise funds for us and we will only fundraise for ourselves. This rule holds true for all 50 States of the United States.


ACDNAC does not anticipate soliciting contributions where the donor has the right to advise how to use or distribute the funds. However, we will comply with and recognize special requests, notes, terms and conditions which are specified by contributors and will maintain a separate account for that specific donation. An example of this rule is a contract. There may be situations whereby we may contract for a specific purpose; (e.g. education) and in those cases the money paid, if awarded, will probably have restrictions on the activities. Honoring those terms is inherent in the contract application process.


ACDNAC may accept contributions of: real property; closely held securities; intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights; works of music or art; licenses; royalties; automobiles, boats, planes, or other vehicles; or collectibles of any type if said contributions further the purposes of this corporation. We will not accept donations if any conditions imposed by the donor on the contribution limit the corporation’s ability to achieve its purposes or force this corporation to conduct activities that are not in furtherance of ACDNAC’s purpose and mission. We will ensure that donations are accepted in accordance with state and federal regulations and we will properly determine fair market value according to IRS Publication 561. We currently have no specific plans, but it's prudent to mention the possibility.


It is the mission, duty and purpose of ACDNAC to address, promote, educate, coordinate, facilitate and help create community funded, owned, managed and operated New Age Corporations that have the innate ability and capability to economically empower entire communities regardless of its geographical position. Therefore ACDNAC may operate in any country and any region in any country around the world where we may fulfill our mission.


ACDNAC will obtain any required permits or permissions from the respective governments of any country we may operate in as required by law. This includes complying with the sanctions, embargoes, and other restrictions imposed by the United Sates government to such countries. For detailed information regarding our foreign activities please refer to the section of our Narrative of our Activities titled: Foreign activities. We may work closely with other non-profit and non-governmental organizations who are active participants in the same field.

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