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Economic empowerment is the legal means by which large groups of people or populations control their financial destiny. African American people are the only ethnic group in the United States that has no control over their economic destiny. African American people are totally dependent on other races for our very survival and even our self image and/or self perceptions.


Whenever you say the words Black empowerment or African American empowerment, you are identifying and referring to a large group of people and not to an individual, or a few individuals within the group. Real Economic Empowerment can only come from the ownership and control or participation in the wealth creation process. The more people that participate in the process, the more stable, productive and vibrant a community, state or nation becomes. Currently, African Americans own and control nothing significant or major on planet earth.




ACDNAC is a nonprofit association that is organized under the laws of the State of South Carolina whose mission is genuine economic empowerment of Black America by official means.




ACDNAC educates, advocates, facilitates and helps African American communities create community based, funded, owned, operated, managed & controlled New Age Corporations by using New Age Capitalism and encouraging the use of New Age Thinking. The purpose of which is to establish some degree of control over our financial destiny. According to the NAACP....


      A dollar circulates:

  • 6 hours in the Black community
  • 17 days in the white community
  • 20 days in the Jewish community
  • 30 days in the Asian community 



A corporation is a legal entity or person that is established pursuant to; by or under, the authority of state law that exists to carry on any lawful business activity for the benefit of its shareholders. With this definition in mind, a New Age Corporation is a legally established entity or person that engages in lawful business activities in order to benefit its owners; i.e., the shareholders; i.e., the people living in the Black community that have an ownership interest.


Therefore, New Age Corporations are the means by which any Black community can empower itself economically and legally worldwide. ACDNAC realizes in order to have genuine economic empowerment, the African American community; as a collective body; that includes the majority of Black people, must own, operate and control corporate enterprises. In a corporate body, the owners control with their votes. Genuine economic empowerment is a collective reality.


Genuine economic empowerment also has never been...nor will it ever be..designed for a few or one or two. An entertainer’s or athlete’s big house and income benefits him or a few, it does not benefit the vast majority. Promoting Black Dollar Projects, 50 Billion Dollar Empowerment Tours, Enterprise Zones, Rural Development Projects and the Support Black Business Movements have all failed to empower the Black community. WHY? None of these movements had the capacity or the ability to empower thousands or millions of people. The best they could do was put a few dollars more in the pockets of the promoters and not in the pockets of the people. A New Age Corporation can have millions of owners, not just a few or one or two. 




New Age Capitalism is an asset acquisition philosophy and strategy based on the concept of "many paying a little" to capitalize, fund or provide money for a corporate entity that members of the community collectively own, manage and operate. This concept came into existence because  of the failure of government policies, as it relates to all people of color living in America. In addition, there is rampant; as well as, deeply entrenched ignorance as to the limitations and the devastating impact of all government welfare programs on Black people.


A new concept was needed because of the absence of the psychological and intellectual importance of community directed economic development and empowerment. The mindsets that currently exist; on a massive scale, within the Black community and in many of the Black community's institutional structures are self-defeating, self-limiting, debilitating, unproductive, regressive, oppressive, too dictatorial and in many cases, downright reprehensible.


New Age Capitalism’s bottom up capitalization model is based on verifiable African American economic reality that is no myth or a pipe dream. What little financial resources that exist in the African American community can best be utilized by combining them for asset acquisition by Black owned New Age Corporations that are funded, operated, managed, owned and controlled by the Black community that create their own infrastructure and substructures.


New Age capitalists; like those that will be funding and owning New Age Corporations, did not create Black America’s economic nightmare of total dependency on the White community for education, jobs or careers, credibility and/or self worth, opportunities, community repairs welfare and/or child care. New Age Capitalism has simply discovered effective methods and means that will reverse this trend and replace it with self education, self realization, self actualization and self determination. For the first time in the history of Black America, Black people can be participants, innovators and beneficiaries of technological advances, rather than the only ethnic group that is always marginalized, victimized and/or demoralized by advanced technological innovation.




New Age Thinking is the absolute rejection of the obsolete mindset of the Jim Crow and Civil Rights generations that are infested with intellectual dishonesty, intellectual hypocrisy, dishonest communication and petrifying psychological fear that ignored the facts and the evidence, and replacing it with genuine value and value systems that are based on objective reality, New Age Thinking, scientific analysis and verifiable information. This is the essence of futuristic thinking.


Instead of millions of Black young men and women specializing in Thugology, Black Youths need to be learning how to develop new technology. New Age Thinking is based on multi-dimensional reality concepts that have the capability to change the course of an entire planet and its inhabitants. The more the Black community comes to the realization that Gangstaism, Thugism and Corrupt Spiritualism are detrimental to the aspirations of an entire race, the sooner the Black community will rid itself of these destructive mindsets and replace them with mindsets that are more constructive and productive; as it relates to economic development and empowerment. New Age Thinking promotes creative ingenuity, rather than the docile acceptance of a circumstance of race or birth. This effectively neutralizes the destructive, self defeating and genocidal Black ‘Gangsta Mentality’ by transforming it from a dysfunctionality to a developmental intellectuality.


The evidence is also undeniable, huge segments of America's Black population have become experts at their own enslavement, self exploitation, self denigration and self annihilation. These are simply additional reasons why New Age Thinking is needed and why Black America and Africa are not going anywhere without it.




In 2016, African Americans; as an ethnic group, own no major banks, industries, distribution facilities, factories or plants, no research and development facilities, companies or corporations, no competitive financial institutions, no competitive technology companies or corporations and no major companies involved in discovering new natural resources or raw material/s for industrial development or for maintaining a technologically oriented and advanced modern, post industrial, and/or industrial civilization. These are facts, not suppositions.


ACDNAC’s community organizing is the process by which genuine economic empowerment can be established in the Black community by encouraging Black people to fund, own and operate class “C” corporate enterprises that have the financial capacity to solve problems that they desire. This involves identifying the people and structures that can make these solutions possible and enlisting the support of influential people, if necessary, to help build corporate structures that are demographically controlled by Black people so we can develop the capacity to take on additional  problems that are in the best interest of the Black community to solve as soon as possible.




The current group of establishment Black politicians have no comprehensive plan or strategy to reverse the dismal financial state of the Black community. To date, not a single elected Black politician has demonstrated individually or collectively, he/she has a comprehensive economic plan or vision. In fact, in the 50 years since Civil Rights, no one else has put forth a comprehensive economic vision either. ACDNAC is the only African American organization with a plan and vision that can answer both the what if question and the what next question. If real change is going to happen, then, Black people must utilize the principles of New Age Capitalism, its mandated New Age Corporations and the laws governing corporate enterprises.


When this is done, then New Age Corporations can and will allow Black people to take control of their political and economic destiny, insure their continued development as a people, insure their mutual protection under American and international law, give purpose and direction to their collective efforts and give the Black community the incentive and financial means to resurrect and rebuild their neighborhoods, communities, institutions in America and anywhere else on the planet.




First: New Age Capitalism’s grass roots or bottom up capitalization model  is based on verifiable African American economic reality that is not a myth or a pipe dream. Corporate laws are real. What little financial resources that exist in the African American community can best be utilized by combining them for asset acquisition by Black owned New Age Corporations that benefit the many not the few.


Second: With a self created infrastructure, New Age Corporations will have the financial capacity to acquire assets in any competitive market environment from which, the Black community, as a collective entity, can realize financial benefits. New Age Capitalism does not need or rely on any government subsidy or grant program and the only political and/or legislative support it needs is a level playing field that applies to any and all corporate entities. This frees the Black community from "Goose Stepping" with political platforms and philosophies that have been proven to be detrimental and devastating for millions in the Black community.


Third: New Age Capitalism makes it possible, with its mandated New Age Corporations, for millions of Black Americans to participate in the real ownership and control of a percentage of the means of production. New Age Capitalism’s concept of collective corporate ownership that is jointly held by a community is real and not a fantasy. New Age Capitalism is based on bottom up financing and ownership where there are many, rather than, top town financing where there are few.


Fourth: Every major ethnic group in America has a nation that can provide additional political leverage and support. The Chinese have China, the Japanese have Japan, the Koreans have South and/or North Korea, the Irish have Ireland, the Jews have Israel and the list goes on. Even native Americans can rely on political leverage and support from their respective nations. There is no nation Black America can rely on  for additional leverage and/or political support. New Age Capitalism creates genuine hope and opportunity where none currently exist.




A New Age Corporation gives the Black community; as a collective body; and especially to Black women, the authority to empower themselves economically via a state authorized legal entity. It is madness for the vast majority of Black males to expect others to give them jobs, careers and self respect, while they sit around and refuse to create jobs, hope, opportunity and/or careers for themselves and their children; especially when the legal authority exists to do so. Black males must end their mismanagement and waste of what little financial resources they do have; if not for their own sake, then, at least end the waste for their children’s sake. 


By saving as little as 10% of their earned income and pooling or combining it with others in a legal corporate structure, in which large numbers of people have a voice and a vote, African American women; with a few good men, can begin changing their future, their children's and the Black community's future forever. This is genuine economic empowerment that is not a fantasy. Corporate laws are real. When you consider the fact that $500.00 or $800.00 will not buy any significant asset in the world, it becomes a no brainer, to pool or combine your financial resources with others in a corporation that can. Every intelligent person understands this. 


From 1910-1932, some of the greatest minds in Black history were alive at the same time; i.e., A. Philip Randolph, W.E.B. Du Bois, Marcus and Amy Garvey, Garrett Morgan, Annie Malone and many more that never made the history books. From 1910-1932, there was no Security Act. The opportunity to grow, develop and expand was never greater and Black support was never greater. Garvey had millions of followers worldwide and the NAACP had thousands of members and no one considered corporations as empowerment tools.


Based on the evidence and the facts that anyone can find online or in library books, if African Americans and Africans in general; are ever going to experience genuine social, economic and political empowerment, women of African heritage will have to do it. If Black America is going to be saved, Black women will have to do it. Whatever excuses Black males like to make for themselves is not supported by the evidence or the facts. Who empowered the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Persian, European or English males? The Answer! No one. They empowered themselves. As soon as Black women, worldwide, understand and accept these facts, it is just a matter of time before Black people are empowered economically, socially and politically... worldwide... for REAL...


By: George M. Sistrunk - 4/6/2016 

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