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Tea N' Talk


Proposed Format, Guidelines,

Operational Procedures & Policies For The Radio & TV Show


Date:  March 30, 2016


I.          The Purpose Of “Leigh’s “Tea N’ Talk” Radio & TV Show Is To:


A.    Locate and identify the most dynamic and controversial personalities that are impacting, influencing or creating news and/or headlines wherever they go and let her radio audience hear their side of the story for public exposure, information and education relative to the events and/or circumstances that propelled them into the local, statewide, national and/or international spotlight.


                        1.         On College Campuses

                        2.         Local Communities

                        3.         Online

                        4.         Anywhere in the world (Note: When syndicated)


B.    Provide a forum and audience for controversial and interesting personalities to explain what happened, when it happened, how it happened, where it happened, who else might be involved and why it happened and in the process solicit their views on Black economic empowerment..


C.    Provide a platform for in-depth discussions relative to local, statewide, national and/or international events with insider information, astounding never heard before facts and earth shaking revelations..


II.         Mission Statement & Strategic Vision  


A.    The mission of Leigh’s Tea N’ Talk is to break the mold of Black talk radio and TV shows and to work in partnership with ordinary people that found themselves in extraordinary circumstances, situations and life changing events. This will help increate a more informed public by increasing understanding and promoting the appreciation of different world views, concepts, ideologies and/or lifestyles. To accomplish the show’s mission, New Age Production Company (NAPC) will produce, acquire, and distribute programming that meets the highest standards of public service in journalism and cultural expression;


B.    NAPC Strategic Vision - On March 29, 2016, George M. Sistrunk and Leigh T. Browne formally established the New Age Production Company (NAPC)  and agreed to work together to make Leigh’s Tea N’ Talk a successful venture capable of syndication on any national television network, cable network, radio network, podcast, RSS feed, Youtube channel or any other viable mass media network, electronic and/or otherwise.


III.        Show Format


            A.         On Air Personnel


          1.       Host (Leigh T. Browne) 


            B.         On Air Outline


                        1.         Theme Music

                        2.         Introduction of the Tea being served on the show

                        3.         Discussions with Guest

                        4.         Periodic breaks for advertisers every 5 minutes.

                                    (a)        15 seconds (4 spots per minute)

                                    (b)        30 seconds (2 spots per minute)


IV.       Long Term Objective – National & International Syndication


            A.         Best possible strategy to accomplish the objective.

            B.         Possible help or assistance from existing publics.

            C.        Cost analysis to accomplish objective.

            D.        Timeline and deadline or accomplishment


V.        Target date to begin broadcast?  (TBD)


            A.         Less than one year

            B.         After studio are built

            C.        ASAP

            D.        Research and acquire the equipment for the radio show.

            E.         Look for building to house the radio show

            F.         Contractor to build the studio


VI.       Sponsors, Patrons and/or Advertisers


            A.         Tea Companies

            B.         Professionals

            C.        Contractors

            D.        Entrepreneurs

            E.         Organizations

            F.         Institutions


VII.      Parallel Development


            A.         Online Channel for the Radio & TV Show

            B.         Podcast

            C.        Cable Broadcast TV for the Radio and/or TV Show

            D.        Commercial Broadcast TV for the Radio and/or TV Show

            E.         Online Broadcast of the Radio and/or Show

            F.         Public Broadcast of the Radio and/or TV Show.

By: George M. Sistrunk - 3/30/16

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