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Discussion Outline: 

Meeting With John H.  Yow

Administrator For City Of Orangeburg

How New Age Capitalism™ And New Age

Corporations™ Will Benefit The City Of Orangeburg


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
Now You Can Lead The Way To The Future

   The following outline has been edited and revised from the original outline that was prepared for the Highly Esteemed, John H. Yow, City Administrator for Orangeburg, South Carolina for a September 9, 2015 meeting at 2 pm EDST.


The changes are necessary for public dissemination because the concepts that were used at the meeting are the product of UICI®'s Standing Committee that was officially established on August 28, 2015 and George M. Sistrunk. These concepts are now the registered property of UICI™'s Standing Committee and George M. Sistrunk. Otis Harrison's original concept did not have New Age Thinking, New Age Corporations™ or New Age Capitalism™.


I.       New Age Capitalism™ & New Age Corporations™


What is New Age Capitalism™? New Age Capitalism™ is a capitalization or funding model that is based on Otis Harrison’s concept of many paying a little to fund or capitalize a corporate enterprise in which those that put up the money collectively own the corporation and its assets rather than a small group or a few individuals. A Board of Directors works for those that put up the money – the owners – the shareholders or an entire community or an entire city.


Who invented, created or developed New Age Capitalism™? New Capitalism™ was developed by George Sistrunk & UICI™'s Standing Committee, all natives and residents of Orangeburg or North, South Carolina.


What is a New Age Corporation™? A New Age Corporation™ is any legal corporate entity, that is established pursuant to law that is based on George Sistrunk's & UICI™'s Standing Committee's principles of New Age Capitalism™ that are as follows.


1.         There must be a genuine potential for profit or gain.

2.         The upside profit or gain must be high.

3.         The downside risk must be low.

4.         A profit or gain must be based on sound moral principles.

5.         A profit or gain must be based on sound ethical principles.

6.         There must be tangible or intangible benefits for all involved. Finally,

7.         There must be tangible or intangible benefits for others;

             especially, the owners – the shareholders.


These principles are the original priciples that were envisioned by Otis Harrison. Therefore, the primary purpose, goal and/or objective of a New Age Corporation™'s Phase I - Acquisition program is to acquire businesses at reasonable prices that can provide immediate benefits for the owners/ shareholders, i.e., restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, gasoline stations, convenience stores, jewelry stores, shoe stores, appliance stores, automotive service centers, etc.. Owners/shareholders purchase items from their own stores at cost and eat out at cost.


    Revitalizing a downtown area is virtually assured because businesses acquired by a New Age Corporation™ are based on diversification and not consolidation. This means the department store business model is done away with. Jewelry stores sell jewelry not belts, scarves and handkerchiefs. This means more business owners or managers and more variety in each store relative to the merchandise and/or inventory being sold.  


As a direct result of buying at cost, New Age Corporations™ basically cycle inventory. This aids and drives the overall economy. Instead of buying a little, buying at cost, basically allows owners/shareholders to purchase what they need when they shop. Naturally, all stores and businesses are opened to the general public. However, shoppers from the general public must pay retail prices for any item purchased and/or for services used.


II.      Benefits of New Age Capitalism™


           New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking effectively ends the mythology that is rampant in the Black community and is now rapidly spreading in the Hispanic community. That philosophy or mythology is simply this: Huge segments of America’s Black Hispanic population; including many in Orangeburg, really believe it is White America’s responsibility to provide them with everything from education to transportation, health-care and welfare to daycare and from apples to zoos, while they sit home, watch TV, sell illegal drugs, engage in other forms of criminal activity and/or unproductive behavior, rob or pillage and do virtually nothing to help themselves, improve themselves or develop themselves.


The social and economic cost of maintaining such a dysfunctional system of public assistance is staggering and dangerous to law enforcement personnel, the people that are promoting it and to those directly benefitting from it. The Reason: No one will ever know when this criminally inclined culture will turn on the promoters that made the programs possible when they leave their gated communities or suburban homes. No one will ever know when this same criminally inclined culture will start victimizing recipients in the community that are being supported by the same public assistant programs that are sustaining the criminally inclined.


            Irrefutable Facts #1: For 700 years, Black people have been brutalized, demoralized, enslaved, butchered, murdered, massacred, hung from trees and forced to watch in horror as White men bayoneted babies in the womb of their mothers, killing both. Black people also were forced to watch in horror as wombs were cut that killed the mother while the babies were shot or their heads bashed against walls or a brick hard ground. After these horrors, Black people were relegated to second class citizenship, menial jobs, denigrated, humiliated and imprisoned in poverty stricken enclaves or ghettoes by White people all over this planet. Anyone can Google these topics or the subject matter online for additional verification of the aforementioned facts.


             Irrefutable Facts #2: In 1948; primarily, Christian Europe, and in the 1960s, Christian America, decided to do something to compensate for past horrors inflicted on indigenous peoples as a result of colonialism, war, the need for natural resources and just plain barbarism by so called civilized Europeans and Englishmen. Internationally, in 1948, Universal Human Rights were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and Civil Rights and Voting Rights were instituted in the United States; along with Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity starting in the 1960s. Legal structures were put in place to enforce these new mandates. Therefore, for this effort to rectify the White community’s past abuses, Black America should have been grateful. Instead of showing gratitude, demands on the White community became even more outrageous. Hollering racism has become a national past time for many.


             Irrefutable Facts #3: To write like this in Black America, one is immediately labeled an Uncle Tom, a Coon or an Oreo. However, the verifiable and documentable facts must be spoken and/or written. Black people still owe the White Community an accounting for this magnanimous gesture that collectively cost them trillions of dollars. Instead of improving over this 67 year plus period to show appreciation, Black people worldwide have gotten worst, and this is after the White community has spent trillions of dollars in undeclared reparations and/or retributions that they placed on themselves to fund programs to facilitate improvement.


New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™ are the physical embodiment of that improvement and appreciation that should have been instituted in the 1970s. New Age Capitalism™ is the first ever and only economic development engine ever devised by a Black American. Not even Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association of the early 1900s can equal it. It requires no government subsidies, no government set asides, no special legislation and no political pandering. All it requires is a level playing field and for the Black community to take advantage of it and utilize its principles.


III.     Benefits of New Age Corporations™ for Orangeburg


            The most important benefit for Orangeburg is a New Age Corporation™ is not a profit enterprise, it is benefits driven. Therefore, Phase II Acquisition programs will benefit Orangeburg and any other town, or city. A New Age Corporation™'s Phase II Acquisition is committed to acquiring abandoned properties. This effectively ends blight. A New Age Corporation™ acquires properties to hold for value not profit. The taxes paid on the properties is a source of revenue for the county and/or city. Therefore, abandoned office buildings, retail stores, factories & plants do not have to decay, they can be converted, renovated or demolished.


            Beyond Orangeburg and in the larger world community, a New Age Corporation™ is resource driven. This effectively ends the need for hydroelectric plants in third world countries; especially in Africa, the primary continent from which the overwhelmingm majority of Black people in America are descendents of the indigenous population. Solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy are plentiful in Africa and in many countries at, near or below the equator. This allows New Age Corporations™ to build clean energy facilities to power plants, factories, distribution hubs and provide electrical energy to millions at pennies on the dollar.


A New Age Corporation™ provides real hope and genuine opportunities for African American young adults in Orangeburg county; especially in technology driven industries, the sciences and engineering. These new developments within a predominantly minority community provide undeclared and unwritten incentives for young adults to stay in school, learn while in school and continue educating themselves once they leave Orangeburg High, S.C. State and Claflin behind. A New Age Corporation™


            A New Age Corporation™ can drive economic performance. This is the first time in South Carolina’s history that Black people can drive productivity and economic development at all levels of society. This is also the first time in South Carolina’s history that Black people are creating meaningful career opportunities in corporate America, rather than standing in line, with hat in hand, hoping for an opportunity to work in a White owned and controlled corporate enterprise. In addition, Black MBAs can gain real experience operating a corporation, rather than, soliciting White corporations to support and maintain their MBA, nonprofit organization, i.e., the NBMBAA.


            New Age Corporations™ also enhance and support Orangeburg’s economy. As already stated in the last paragraph, on page 1, New Age Corporations™ cycle inventory at cost to owner/shareholders, rather than seek profits. This allows New Age Corporations™ to revitalize the downtown area with businesses that cater to the needs of owners. Like the jewelry store example, our clothing stores do not have to sell shoes, handbags or perfumes. This expands the need for retail space for additional specialty stores that can meet the buying needs of owners.


            New Age Corporations™ effectively neutralize and lower demands for government sponsored services. Welfare and unemployment rolls in Orangeburg can be lowered because of the need for qualified personnel for maintenance, renovation, demolition (if needed) and to operate stores, manage LLCs, distribution centers and warehouses, just to name a few. Wherever a New Age Corporation™ establishes a headquarters, the corporation will need executives, staff, maintenance personnel, managers and employees.


            Orangeburg’s Police Department will be glad to hear this. A New Age Corporation™ that is owned, managed and operated by Orangeburg’s Black community can effectively lower the crime rate. The Reason: Whenever a community owns the businesses, shops and stores, the children of the owners are also owners of the stores, shops and businesses. Therefore, rather than breaking and entering and robbing, they will be the ones protecting their assets. In addition, the City of Orangeburg will not have to pay for this policing. Owners have a legitimate right to safeguard and protect their income producing or money saving assets. Consequently, looting, rioting and burning are effectively eliminated and racial tensions lowered to manageable levels.


           A New Age Corporation™ effectively neutralizes and reverses all the negative trends that have been festering in the Black community for over 50 years that are detrimental, debilitating and unproductive. The brilliance of New Age Corporations™ is the guidance and direction of a multi-million dollar C corporation is placed in the hands of ordinary people, many of whom will have no business experience. Therefore, the mere fact that they can own the corporation together, forces potential owners to study and learn about corporations, the laws governing corpoate activities and the responsibilities of owners and their Board of Directors.


            Irrefutable Fact #4: Currently; in 2015 and for 400 years prior to 2015, African Americans as a collective ethnic group, own no major banks, industries, distribution facilities, factories or plants, no research and development facilities, companies or corporations, no competitive institutions, no competitive technology companies or corporations and no major companies involved in discovering new natural resources or raw material/s for industrial development or for maintaining a technologically oriented and advanced modern, post industrial, and/or industrial society, country or civilization.


A New Age Corporation™ effectively eliminates the need for Black people in Orangeburg to blame White people or our slave heritage for this collective failure to own corporate enterprises. The blame game is unproductive, self-limiting and intellectually destructive. New Age Corporations™ can mobilize financial resources on a massive scale, at competitive levels and have the innate ability to economically and politically empower the entire Black community in Orangeburg for the first time in our history in South Carolina.


New Age Corporations™ use existing laws that have been here since 1933 and the financial resources that currently exist within the Black community in Orangeburg. In 2014, 507 billion dollars flowed into and out of the hands of Black Americans.


New Age Capitalism™ can trace its roots and implementational strategy to the first Million Man March of 1995. The problem in the Black community in Orangeburg and everywhere else in America is not a lack of resources, it is massive mismanagement of available resources, inept leadership, misguided alliances, unproductive and detrimental philosophical belief systems and a persistent lack of vision. Based on the verifiable fact that Black America spent 507 billion in 2014 with virtually nothing spent on asset acquisition; if properly managed, 100 or more New Age Corporations™ can be fully funded and operational in a single year after startup by using New Age Capitalism™ and George Sistrunk's ©Transitional Documents.


Marching in the streets of America for more government programs for Black America is a waste of time. America is already heavily in debt. More government programs will increase the ignorance levels and dependency of Black America on government and will not solve Black America’s economic woes. In fact, more government dependency will slowly but surely hasten the demise of what is left of America’s predominately Black communities, including the Black community in Orangeburg. Rioting, looting and burning down the only businesses in the Black community in Orangeburg would be unproductive, destructive and barbaric.


Rather than participate in another unproductive Million Man March, it is far better and wiser for Orangeburg’s Black population to have thousands or millions of shareholders owning their own New Age Corporations™. The bravery and courage of the Black community in Orangeburg must be duplicated over and over and become the standard for corporate growth and development in Black America, rather than the exception. Rioting, looting, burning and millions of African Americans perpetually living on government programs will eventually lead to a backlash with devastating and perhaps violent and/or deadly results.


Unlike Black Capitalism that is a myth, a sophisticated welfare program and a pipe dream because there is no genuine infrastructure to support it or sustain it and there is no real political incentive to subsidize failing Black owned enterprises, a New Age Corporation™ is not a myth or a pipe dream. Funding for a New Age Corporation™ is based on verifiable African American economic reality and not on any “I have dream.” What little financial resources that exist in the Black community in Orangeburg can best be utilized by combining them for asset acquisition by a Black owned New Age Corporation™. Therefore, a New Age Corporation™ will have the financial capacity to acquire assets in any competitive market environment from which, the Black community in Orangeburg, as a collective entity, can realize benefits or profits.


As financial resources grow from income producing assets from around the world, meaningful investments can now be made in our communities or in any other community, in which, rejuvenation and/or renovation can produce a potential for continued growth and development. With a community growing, instead of deteriorating and dying, the infrastructure to sustain long term viability can be firmly established. This facilitates the circulation of money within Orangeburg’s Black community, rather than out of it. The longer money circulates within a community the stronger and more viable that community becomes. I am sure anyone in Orangeburg with reasonable intelligence can readily see the difference a New Age Corporation™ can make and will make in the lives of America’s Black population, in Orangeburg, South Carolina or anywhere else in the country.


IV.     Responsibility of the City of Orangeburg


            Orangeburg, South Carolina is the birthplace of New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™ that are collectively owned by the people. Therefore, it is the duty and responsibility of the leaders of Orangeburg to examine this philosophy, monitor it and help it grow and survive, then write the books and manuals for its oversight and governance. New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™ exist nowhere else on earth and there are no schools, colleges or associations that can teach its principles. Therefore, the world must come to Orangeburg to learn about it and from Orangeburg the concept can be transplanted anywhere else in the State of South Carolina, America and the world; to empower predominantly Black communities; especially, in the Caribbean, England, Europe and Africa.


            The logistics of a New Age Corporation™ are staggering and costly; especially, in ink and paper. This is the primary reason why a New Age Corporation™ is dependent on technology and drives technology to higher levels of capability and competence. 100,000 active owners must know what their Board is doing. In addition to voting power, collective ownership also means a unified system of management and governance that must be developed and implemented. The leaders of Orangeburg can provide class room space for training and teaching; as well as, a liaison between the Mayor’s Office, City Council, County Council and the Board of the New Age Corporation™.


            With growth potential to 100,000 to 200,000 active owners for every New Age Corporation™, an entire city must be built to house them, a domed meeting facility that can seat 200,000 people must also be built and an international airport to land the jetliners just to hold the annual shareholder’s meeting. The number of jobs created just to manage the city is also considerable. Since South Carolina is the birthing state of this revolutionary concept, it makes sense to build the city and the facilities in South Carolina. Naturally, the world’s first New Age Corporation™ will erect the cellular towers that are needed for communication. After all, this is already written as a Phase III development and/or acquisition project.


            Everything relative to New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™ must be written as it is implemented, tested, proven, refined and developed. New Age Capitalism™ is a major Paradigm Shift in Black-White relations that cannot and will not erase past atrocities. However, the possibility now exists that such atrocities will never be repeated. It is time Black America burn the bridges of the past and march boldly into the future with the other races and ethnic groups living on this planet.


The Black community and the White community in a small rural town like Orangeburg South Carolina now have in their possession the most sophisticated economic development strategy ever devised by a Black American, i.e., Otis Harrison. Therefore, working together, this town and this state can lead the way to a future that was unthinkable just 5 years ago. There is an entire universe to be explored and developed, it is about time all of us, working together for the first time in the history of planet earth, be about the business of preparing ourselves to explore it and develop it.


Thank you                                                                                       


                                                                                                         George M. Sistrunk

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