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Report To The Board On Phase I Restaurant & Grocery Store Acquisitions
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Report To The Board On Phase I

 Grocery Store & Restaurant Acquisitions  


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This report to the Board by the Acquisition Committee that is Chaired by Mrs. Dorothy Parker and Co-Chaired by George M. Sistrunk, is presented to notify the Board of the progress being made on the Phase I Acquisition of restaurants and/or grocery stores. As the current owner/shareholders should know, Unity's asset acquisition interests are not limited to Orangeburg, South Carolina or to the United States of America. The acquisitions on this page are international in scope and indicative of Unity's national and international asset acquisition interests. {Click here for Grocery Supply} {Click here for SupperValu, Inc}


Possible Former Ryans Acquisition @
1707 Charleston Hwy, West Columbia, SC USA
For Sale or Lease (Empty for 2 yrs with equipment & furnishing inside)


Possible Piggly Wiggly Acquisition In Orangeburg USA

Possible Acquisition Drummond Grocery Store In Montana USA

Possible Acquisition Grocery & Deli In Tasmania Australia

Possible Restaurant Acquisition In Orlando, Florida (USA)

Possible Restaurant Acquisition In Amsterdam  (Netherlands)

In August of 2015, based on a rumor, the Vice President, Edward C. Graham and the Co-chair of the Acquisition Committee, George M. Sistrunk, made discrete inquiries at the Biddie Banquet, to determine whether or not it was for sale. After talking with a gentleman that claimed he was one of the owners, we discovered it was not for sale. In addition, the old Dukes Barbeque has been gutted. The Chair of the owner's committee; Dorothy H. Sistrunk, reported the Piggly Wiggly in North, South Carolina is gutted and Reed's on Chestnut Street, in Orangeburg is also gutted. In the future, grocery store acquisitions will be handled by Unity Grocery Association, LLC.


The Vice President also reports the Spinaker in Santee has also been gutted. Reportedly, a church acquired the building, but as of the date of this report, the church has not occupied it. During the same trip to Santee, the Vice President also discovered the grocery store that was closed some years ago has been gutted. It is in Unity's best financial interest to acquire businesses that are in reasonably good condition with the necessary equipment or merchandise still inside. This concludes the Acquisition Committee's report as of September 4, 2015. In the future, restaurant and franchise acquisitions will be handled by Unity Restaurant Development, Acquisition & Management, LLC.

By: George M. Sistrunk - 803-347-6638

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