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The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
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Now You Can Lead The Way To The Future

In 1996, there was no Obamacare or an Affordable Care Act, that essentially gave America’s largest health insurers a monopoly on health insurance in America. America’s major health insurers that wrote the legislation for the Democratic Party to pass, that no one actually saw or read until after it became law, are not going to give up their Trillion Dollar monopoly easily. There is nothing affordable about Obamacare to Unity's Shareholders, General Partners, Affiliates or our employees. Since Unity’s franchises are businesses that must comply with the Affordable Care Act; and if Obamacare is not modified or repealed, this additional cost must be considered and included as an operational expense, not an operational benefit. {Click here to learn more about the hidden cost of Obamacare.} {Click here to learn more about Obamacare's hidden cost for businesses and employees.}


In 1996, Unity’s Administration Fee of $75.00, Processing Fee of $25.00 and Finder’s Fee of $37.50 were more than adequate to meet Unity’s operational needs of office maintenance, finding new General Partners for acquisition participation, getting supplies, paying rent or lease payments, paying utilities, maintaining telephone service, paying office personnel, paying salaries and/or wages for employees, meeting contract obligations; as well as, maintaining General Partner and owner records. This was possible because the Arthur Treacher’s franchise Unity acquired in the Fashion Mall was operating at a 3% profit margin after taxes and expenses. Therefore, these unexpected profits were used to offset and/or supplement Unity’s cost of operations. {Click here to learn more about restaurant profit margins.} {Click here to learn more about the average profit margins for restaurants.}


In 2016, UICI™ (hereafter also called Unity) will not have a franchise that is operating at a 3% profit margin. Every franchise or non-franchise business Unity will acquire will cost money to maintain.. until profits are achieved and every new expense and/or government regulation will add to the cost of maintaining and operating Unity's businesses before profits are achieved. The reports from Obamacare supporters that are cited on national TV are not based on actual dollars and cents. They are based on tax credits and they are from political advocates that have never owned or operated a business.{Click here for a report from Obamacare supporters that do not understand tax credits are not real dollars and cents.


Unfortunately, for Obamacare’s uninformed supporters from the academic community and all other communities that supported Obama's(Unaffordable Care Act, tax credits are not real dollars and never will be real dollars. Tax credits will not add real dollars to Unity's profit margins or lower the cost of paying real wages to real people that are Unity's employees. Tax credits simply lower the taxes paid from profits at the end of the year; not during the year. In addition, if there are no profits from which to deduct Obamacare’s tax credits, all Unity ends up with is more cost to Unity’s bottomline that will reduce whatever profits Unity has earned for our owners and reduce the number of people Unity can afford to employ. {Click here for a report from actual business owners that do understand tax credits are not real dollars and cents.}  {Click here for CNBC's report on Obamacare's impact on jobs & job creation.}           


Contrary to widely held beliefs, there are many decisions Unity’s owners must make that are simply smart business decisions that have nothing to do with race or politics. The major impact of Unity in the Black community and to its Board of Directors, General Partners, Affiliates and owners, is this: Unity transforms Black Americans that have been wage earners for most of their natural lives into business owners by the hundreds. Therefore, when you are in Unity’s organizational structure, you can now see America’s economic and political system through the eyes of business owners, rather than as workers or recipients of government sponsored programs and/or handouts that cater to Black Americans. {Click here to learn why government sponsored programs don't work.}


As a business owner, you can understand why small manufacturing plants that Unity may acquire might have to close stateside and be moved to China, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh, or why Unity may have to close a plant in a unionized state and move it to a right to work state. As a business owner you can understand why Unity’s franchises must be located in high traffic areas or in the suburbs so our employees will have a much higher degree of safety from the criminally minded and street thugs that prey on businesses in low traffic areas or when traffic slows late at night to early in the morning. As a business owner, you can understand why Unity might have to contract, subcontract and/or outsource some corporate functions and/or services to reduce operational cost and expenses. {Click here to learn more about outsourcing}{Click here to learn more about right to work states.}


In 2015, 19 years after Unity’s initial successes, and as business owners, in addition to the abovementioned decisions that Shareholders will have to make, Unity’s shareholders will also have the unpleasant task of increasing Administration and Processing Fees to keep pace with the rising cost of doing business in America. The $100.00 in 1996, and $150.00 in 2015, are not sustainable or adequate and with the increased cost of Obamacare, these low fees are detrimental to Unity’s profitability and solvency as a corporate entity. Unity's current owners must decide on the new non refundable Processing Fee and Administration Fee.


Only the $500.00 General Partnership fee in Franchise Acquisition that is 1244 Stock can be used for operational expenses. {Click here to review Section 1244(c)(1)(B)} The $5,000.00 Affiliate fee cannot be used for operational expenses because it is not 1244 and Unity is still obligated to pay the finder’s fee that must also be increased to meet the economic realities of 2015. In 1996, hardship program participants had to pay $175.00 administration and processing fee. Unity’s administrative cost for the hardship program was much higher than the $175.00 fee because of the additional record keeping that had to be done and the additional paperwork that was needed to track the program, its participants and their monthly payments. However, since Arthur Treacher’s profit margin provided additional resources, Unity could absorb the cost. This is not the case in 2015. In addition, in 1996, Founders saved $75.00 by simply saving their money until they reached the General Partner total participation fee of $600.00.


One of the primary reasons why Unity’s ©Transition Documents were also written to comply with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC); that is used worldwide, is because for the first time since the enslavement of our ancestors, Black Americans can be competitive in other markets and/or countries besides the United States. Unity is truly an international company and with our ability to capitalize, Black America is no longer dependent on government handouts or the Democratic Party’s poverty programs that have virtually destroyed the Black Community. {Click here to review the global cost of doing business.} {Click here to review the devastating impact of poverty programs on the Black community.} {More documentation on the devastating impact of poverty programs on the Black community.}


Accordingly, Unity’s owners must realize Unity’s continued growth must be divided into 3 stages.


Stage #1: Founders: New founders must pay $300.00 in non refundable fees, instead of $100.00 that was available in 1996 to acquire section 1244 stock. In 1996, Unity's office rent was only $500.00 a month including utilities. That may not be the case in 2015. In 2015, hardship cases must pay $350.00. Remember: Only the 2,000 founders can received 1244 stock and IRS protection. Once this number is reached, new participants in our acquisition programs cannot be issued 1244 stock. {Click here to review Understanding Unity’s Capital Stock.}


Stage #2: New Owners: New Unity owners that are not founders must pay the new non refundable fees of $300.00 plus the $500.00 General Partner fee. {Click here to review Phase I, Franchise Acquisition.}


Stage #3: Affiliates: Fees for Unity’s Affiliate Program must also be set by the owners. The non refundable fees for residential property acquisition, primarily manufactured housing due to their lower acquisition cost, especially for singlewides and small doublewides plus the Affiliate Acquisition Participation fee of $5,000.00, must also be approved by Unity’s current owners if this additional 100,000 shares is not authorized. {Click here to see George Sistrunk’s 2002 Advantage Housing reports that are still viable because the industry has not changed in 13 years.} {Click here to review the report on clubs that will fund Unity’s Phase IV property acquisition and development.}        

By: George M. Sistrunk - 803-347-6638

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