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Proposed Miniature

Bill Board #1 Marketing Material


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
You Wanted It..Now You Have It!

By:      George M. Sistrunk

Re:      Miniature Billboards; i.e., Business cards, handouts, postcards, flyers, mailers  

For:     Unity’s Personnel & Owners 


For Dissemination To People of African Descent

In America & Around The World




In the United States of America & Everywhere else


The financial and social condition

of Africans & African Americans are getting worse not better.


More African American men are in jails and prisons than any other ethnic group,

More African American children live in poverty than any other ethnic group,

The median net worth of single African American females is only $5.00,

& our communities are becoming cesspools of ganstaism, violence & death.


It’s About Time We Permanently Change the Economic and Social Condition

of Africa & African Americans Individually and Collectively!!




$800.00 In 9 Months Or Less

So You Can Have An Ownership Interest And A Vote In A New Age Corporation™

That Will Acquire Income Producing Assets...

That Will Provide Immediate Benefits For Owners And

Additional Income For Community & Economic Development Or Improvement. 

You will need $25.00 Now... To Explain It & $5.00 A Month After That To Maintain It.




Therefore, Start Saving What Little Money You Do Have Now &

Begin The Process Of Educating Yourself About Assets – All Kinds & Types.

Now:  Order Your Copy Of:  

New Age Capitalism™ – The Real Salvation Of African America...


That Will Thoroughly Explain How, All of Us, Working Together, As A People, Will Do It!!

(Postal Money Orders Only Please)


Send:  $25.00 along with your Name & Mailing Address

               To:  George Sistrunk • POB 217 • Orangeburg, SC 29116  


You Can Also Earn Thousands of Dollars

To Build & Implement As An Independent Contractor!

We Will Need Hundreds Of Field Coordinators From All Over Africa & African America For This Project.


And...You Can Earn More Income

As A Distributor of This Publication To Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Churches,

Online on Facebook and Anywhere Else; Especially In Africa, Haiti, Europe, England, etc.

Date Completed:  August 20, 2015 



Miniature Bill Board #1

A miniature bill board is information material in pocket size form that will allow Unity's personnel, i.e., owners, general partners, field coordinators, board members and/or affiliates to basically educate the public without violating any state or federal law relative to capitalizing Unity. {Click here to review the SEC's Regulation D - Rule 506}
The bill board addresses genuine issues in African American and states undeniable facts. Everyone at Unity must never forget Black America has within it exceptionally high levels of ignorance, backwardness and in many cases, downright stupidity about a great many things. Nor can anyone overlook the irrefutable fact that the overwhelming majority of Black males are cowardly and fearful. When it comes to Black males, their courage generally comes from a Bible, Quran or some other spiritual or religious belief, the bottle, a needle, a knife or a gun or a weapon of any size, shape or form. Courage rarely; if ever, comes from education, perception, research and/or from an indepth scientic investigation and/or analysis.
Therefore, to instill courage where none currently exists requires exposure to undeniable facts. Secondly, a plan of action must be included that is clearly explained in an understandable step by step sequence. When this is done, levels of participation will increase because there is a reason to act... and act decisively. To paraphrase Amy Jacques Garvey, the second wife of the legendary Marcus Garvey and editor of the Negro World Newspaper in 1918 in her Our Women And What They Think, "Negro men have been promising for years to do something about our situation in America and around the world and have not done anything to improve our situation to date. Therefore, they should get out of our way so the women can move our people forward." Therefore, as you can see Black women...not Black females, have been noticing this cowardice within Black males for quite sometime. {Click here to learn more about Marcus Garvey} {Click Here To Learn More About Amy Jacques Garvey} {Click here to learn more about the Negro World Newspaper} & {Click here to see a video - The Life & Death of Marcus Garvey}
Just like all Black males have never earned the right to be called a man, all Black females have never earned the right to be called a woman. There is a distinct and recognizable difference between a Black woman and a Black female. Black females; like Black males, are basically childish and child like when it comes to their attitudes and decision-making processes.  Therefore, they constantly need something and/or someone to "Pimp", to live off or to take care of them.  This is why so many Black males and females "Pimp" their children, the welfare system and government programs. They will never ever grow or develop to the point where they can take care of themselves or anyone else or anything else.
However, when confronted with undeniable facts and/or an irrefutable reality, many can and will change. As incorporators in Black America, we must never forget..., to paraphrase, Dr. Umar Johnson..., "The American Negro is a unique creation of "White" America, the likes of which, does not exist anywhere else on earth." As brilliant as he is, Dr. Johnson neglected to mention or has failed to analyze the equally undeniable reality... that.. the African Negro is a unique creation of "White" Europeans the likes of which does not exist anywhere else on earth. In the next information segment at this website the reason for this dysfunctional reality state of African America and Africans will be explained, so that anyone of reasonable intelligence can easily prove it to himself or herself.
With this understanding in mind, the Negro mentality is an artifical mentality, you can now effectively create and develop programs and/or literature that will appeal to the natural mind that has always existed, but, never addressed or approached in an organized and systematic manner. Therefore, what sells the book is not New Age Capitalism® or New Age Corporations™ these concepts are too new. What sells the book is the possibility of income and the resurrection of African Manhood with New Age Capitalism™ and within a New Age Corporation™. Unfortunately for men, in the short term the vast majority of New Age Corporations™, just like UICI™, will be owned, managed and operated by Black women with the support of a few, if any, good men. {Click to learn more about Black women and their desire to own businesses}
By: George M. Sistrunk - 803-347-6638

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