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Proposed Miniature

Bill Board #2 Marketing Material


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
You Wanted It..Now You Have It!

By:      George M. Sistrunk

Re:      Miniature Billboards; i.e., Business cards, handouts, postcards, flyers, mailers  

For:     Unity’s Personnel 




In the United States of America


The financial and social condition

of African Americans are getting worse not better.


More African American men are in jails and prisons than any other ethnic group,

More African American children live in poverty than any other ethnic group,

The median net worth of single African American females is $5.00,

& our communities are becoming cesspools of ganstaism, violence & death.


It’s About Time We Permanently Change the Economic and Social Condition

of African Americans Individually and Collectively!!




$800.00 Up Front For An Ownership Interest In Acquiring Income Producing Assets Worldwide

For Community & Economic Development Or Improvement At Home & Abroad, 

& $5.00 A Month To Maintain It.




Therefore, Start Saving What Little Money You Do Have Now &

Begin The Process Of Educating Yourself About Assets – All Kinds & Types.

Then, Go Online to Find Out How All of Us, As A People, Will Do It!!




Earn Income To Build & Implement As An Independent Contractor!

We Will Need Thousands Of Field Coordinators From All Over African America For This Project.


Date Completed:  August 20, 2015



Miniature Bill Board #2

As stated in the previous module, a miniature bill board is information material in pocket size form that will allow UICI™'s personnel, i.e., owners, general partners, field coordinators, board members and/or affiliates to basically educate the public without violating any state or federal law relative to capitalizing Unity. {Click here to review the SEC's Regulation D - Rule 506}
Like miniature bill board #1, miniature bill board #2 also addresses genuine issues in African America and it also states undeniable facts. However, the purpose of bill board #2 is to encourage the recipient of the information to go to UII's INVITEE ONLY, website in order to effectively continue the educational process. As you already know, ingnorance levels and backwardness are exceptionally high in Africa and in the world's African communities in America and everywhere else. This unfortunate state of affairs has three primary causes.
First: When you study the history of Alkebulan (Dr. Yosef Ben- Jochannan), aka Africa, that is written primarily by Europeans and Asians, Black men are basically warriors. Even though they constantly warred among themselves and killed themselves off (the same way they are doing now), they never had to struggle to survive. Nature provided everything for our people. Therefore, there was no need to develop machinery or engage in technological innovation in order to meet the necessities of life. Whenever nature stopped providing, they simply starved and died. The same way they are doing now in Chad, the Sudan, Tanzania and many other colonized African countries. {Click here to read the news release: "Black Women in the Americas Launch Decade of Struggle"}
Since nature was constantly providing to take care of them and their families, it made Black males ... the perfect slaves. In slavery, the plantation owner had to provide housing, medical care, food and clothing for his/her slave laborers. After slavery was officially abolished in 1865, the government became the new master that constantly provided. From the 1860s to the 1950s it was the Republican Party that Black males looked to for programs. From the 1950s to the present, it has been the Democratic Party. In European countries, it was and still is a king, dictator, strong man or woman or a socialist; and in many cases a communist political party. {Click here to read the article: "Why Black Women Are More Ambitious Than White Women - But Have A Harder Time Getting Ahead"}
Second:  The idea of self determination is foreign to millions of modern day African males, just like it is foreign to millions of African American males. For centuries, the "White" Europeans and/or "White" Americans made all the decisions and provided the technical expertise to build all the cities, manage the society, write the history and the language. Despite the horrors of colonization and slavery, Black males simply decided to endure it. Since the Europeans needed lower level functionaries, many African males were educated in English and European colleges and universities. The same thing happened in America. Therefore, Black males are schooled and educated to maintain the "White" political, economic and social structures and they never learned how...or developed the courage to create one of their own. {Click here to watch Videos That Will Help You Understand The Magnitude Of The Problem}
Third: When educated Africans and educated African American males gained political power, they immediately decided to rid themselves of their "White" overlords. However, because& Black political leaders; especially the males, were schooled in management and not in creative development, their countries and communities quickly deteriorated. Therefore, instead of growing and developing, African countries and African communities worldwide began dying and descending into savagery and/or barbarism. Decay and death became the norm and not the exception. This new cycle of decaying and dying Black communities is currently happening in inner cities all around the world wherever a large population of Black males is found.
Therefore, the reason why Black males are so cowardly, except when it comes to killing each other off, is because for the last 700 years they have depended on White and Asian men for everything, including their own self respect. This is the ugly truth that Black females and Black women have had to live with everyday for over 700 years. 90% of the world's Black male population are incapable of sustaining a society, without a "White" or "Asian" man looking over their shoulder and telling them what to do, what to think, when to do it and how to do it. {Click here to read the article: "We Trust Black Women To Stand Up, Speak Out & Lead"} 
Black men have always sought self determination and independence while Black males need continued reliance on Black women, Black females, and White and/or Asian men for their livlihood, thus, increasing dependency. For over 700 years, Black males have consistently demonstrated their inability to accept responsibility for themselves and their families. When White or Asian men tell Black males they need to do more for themselves, they are called racist. Therefore, whenever White or Asian men refuse to provide, Black males become violent and destructive. In America, whenever Black males engage in destructive behavior such as rioting, looting and burning, they blame the White man for their aberrant behavior. If the refusal continues, Black males in Europe and America simply starve and die, the same way they are starving and dying in Africa.
When confronted with these realities, Black women have a choice, starve and die with them or survive on their own with little or no support. In 1996 all this changed. New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™ will give Black men and Black women the means to acquire assets on a worldwide scale for the first time in history.  Therefore, since there are so few good Black men, these mega corporations will end up being owned and managed by Black women. Instead of enduring the humilation of seeing their sons and husbands kicked about and called "boy", Black women now have the economic means to bring them into a powerhouse corporate structure, where the males can be taught how to become men and the men that are there can become more competent, more courageous and more organized so that community objectives and goals can be accomplished. {Click here to read the article: "And Still I Rise"}
By: George M. Sistrunk - 803-347-6638

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2015 - George M. Sistrunk - All Rights Reserved. 

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