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Unity’s Owners

Reality & Fact Check I


By:      George M. Sistrunk

Re:      Unity’s Owners Reality Check I

For:     Unity’s Personnel & Leaders


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
Now You Can Lead The Way To The Future

In order to put an end to myths and misunderstandings, this fact check and reality check is necessary.  When Unity began in 1996, George Sistrunk and Edward C. Graham paid all the bills, provided the office, all the supplies and equipment until Unity was self sufficient. Therefore, after Unity became self sufficient, in May of 1996, the first order of business was re-imbursing or paying George and Ed for the money spent.  Therefore, it is extremely important for Unity’s owners to know the reality and facts in which and of which they are an integral part.


Reality & Fact Check #1:  Unity is a “C” Corporation. A C” corporation, under United States federal income tax law, refers to any corporation that is taxed separately from its owners. A “C” corporation is distinguished from a Subchapter S corporation because an “S” corporation is generally not taxed separately from its owners.


Reality & Fact Check #2: On August 3, 2015, Dorothy P. Waymer, Edward C. Graham, Otis Harrison (the Great One) and George M. Sistrunk, successfully returned a “C” Corporation, still intact, back to its rightful owners who did not realize for 18 years that they collectively owned a world class “C” Corporation. This is analogous to returning the Enterprise (a Galaxy Class Starship) back to Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame, the Death Star (a Moon Size Starship) back to Darth Vader of Star Wars fame and Israel back to the Jews. Returning Israel back to the Jews, is an absolute and undeniable fact that is recorded in world history.


Reality & Fact Check #3: In 18 years, not one of Unity’s 100 Shareholders could lose any money and did not lose any money. 5 years after startup, all the Shareholders had every opportunity to write off their $600.00 acquisition fee as an ordinary loss on their income taxes; thus...reducing their income taxes by $600.00 and without losing any ownership interest in Unity.  


Reality & Fact Check #4:  All 96 of Unity’s remaining shareholders, 4 are deceased, were transitioned from General Partners into Unity’s 1244 Stock. Unity was never dissolved. Section 1244 of the tax code allows losses from the sale of shares of small, domestic corporations to be deducted as ordinary losses instead of as capital losses up to a maximum of $50,000 for individual tax returns or $100,000 for joint returns. Reality & Fact Check #5: This fact, that their stock was Section 1244 was told to every General Partner and Shareholder in 1996. {Click here to see minutes from April 16, 1996}


Reality & Fact Check #6: After 18 years, Unity’s owners still cannot sell unregistered securities to 99.5% of the World’s Black population. In fact, the numbers are worst today, in 2015, than they were in 1996. This includes, all of Unity’s past, current.. or any future Board of Directors....as well as....current Shareholders. Now do you understand why George Sistrunk calls Otis Harrison, “The Great One”.  In 20 years, he never wavered once, in his belief that Black people could capitalize and own a world class major corporation, by...“many paying a little”. All we had to do was find a way to do it. Otis Harrison lived to see his vision of a world class Black owned corporation that is headquartered in Orangeburg, South Carolina become a reality in 1996 and his vision is still an absolute reality....in real time... in the real world...in 2015.


  Reality & Fact Check #7: Fully 99.9% of Unity International’s current Shareholders, including “the Great One” – Otis Harrison and his immediate friends and family... still do not realize they own a world class..debt free...“C” Corporation that can capitalize to $550,000,000.00 in 36 months or less and all they need to do is keep it, protect it and let the people in Orangeburg, South Carolina, America and the world know.....what they have accomplished against unthinkable odds. This is the most capitalization potential for any Black owned corporation in 150 years after slavery was officially abolished in1865.


Reality & Fact Check #8: Unity Shareholders have done something no one else has ever done...for...or...in the Black community in over 200 years.  This includes, but is not limited to the following individuals (living or deceased), groups and organizations....


    1.  President George Washington

    2.  President Thomas Jefferson

    3.  President James Monroe (Resettled  slaves in Liberia)

    4.  President Abraham Lincoln

    5.  Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad (Not an objective)

    6.  Abolitionist Sojourner Truth (Not an objective)

    7.  George Washington Carver – (Tried to do something)

    8.  Benjamin Banneker (Tried to do something to end slavery)

    9.  Fredrick Douglas – (Tried to do something)

  10.  W.E.B. Dubois – (Talked, but did nothing)

  11.  Marcus Garvey (Tried to do something)

  12.  Elijah Muhammad (Tried to do something)

  13.  Stokley Carmichael (Black power, not economic power)

  14.  Louis Farrakhan  (Still trying to do something)

  15.  Martin Luther King, Jr., (Marched for Civil Rights, not economic


  16.  Whitney Young, (Never discussed economic self determination)

  17.  Ralph J. Abernathy (All he wanted was civil rights to eat in a

         white restaurant)
  18.  Democrat Representative Shirley Chisholm – (Tried to do something)

  19.  Democrat Representative Barbara Jordan – (Tried to do something)

  20.  Huey P. Newton & Bobby Seale – (Tried to do something)

  21.  Roy Innis,  (More education was the solution)

  22.  Carter G. Woodson, (Wrote about the mis-education)

  23.  Evangelist Billy Graham (Not an objective)

  24.  Evangelist Oral Roberts (Not an objective)

  25.  Dr. Henry Clarke, (Not an objective)

  26.  James Baldwin, (Utterly opposed to integration)

  27.  Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis (Civil rights, not economic empowerment)

  28.  Creflo Dollar, (A  minister that is prospering while his supporters are not)

  29.  T.D. Jakes (A minister that is prospering but his supporters are not)

  30.  Beyonce,

  31.  Magic Johnson,

              32.  Michael Jordan,   

              33.  Mayor Andrew Young,

  34.  Tiger Woods,

  35.  Oprah Winfrey,

  36.  Bill Cosby,

  37.  Democrat Reverend Al Sharpton,

  38.  Democrat Mayor Maynard Jackson,

  39.  Republican Colin Powell,

  40.  Republican Adam West

  41.  Independent Armstrong Williams

  42.  Independent David Carroll

  43.  Independent E.T. Williams

  44.  Democrat Reverend Jessie Jackson,

  45.  Democrat Representative Maxine Waters,

  46.  Democrat Representative Adam Clayton Powell

  47.  Democratic Mayor of New York Bill de Balsio

  48.  Marxist Nelson Mandela of South Africa

  49.  Willie B. Owens

  50.  William Wilson

  51.  Dr. Clarence Joyner

  52.  Joseph Mugabe

  53.  Mahatma Gandhi

  54.  Former Democratic Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick

  55.  Democratic Mayor of Birmingham William A. Bell

  56.  Former Radical Joanne Chesimard

  57.  Democratic Mayor Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago

  58.  Democratic Representative James Clyburn

  59.  A. Philip Randolph

  60.  Democrat John W. Matthews, Jr.

  61.  Democrats Senator Hillary and President Bill Clinton,

  62.  President SC State College University Leroy Davis

  63.  Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson

  64.  Democrat President John F. Kennedy

  65.  Republican President Theodore  Roosevelt

  66.  Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt

  67.  Democrat President Harry S. Truman

  68.  Democrat President Jimmy Carter,

  69.  Republican President Ronald Reagan

  70.  Republican President George Bush

  71.  Democratic Governor & Senator Ernest Fritz Hollings

  72.  Democrat & Republican Senator Strom Thurmond

  73.  Democrat Senator John Edwards

  74.  Democrat SC Governor James Hodges

  75.  Republican Governor Nikki Haley

  76.  Democrat Governor Robert E. McNair

  77.  Democrats All the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus

  78.  Republican Ambassador Alan Keyes

  79.  Democrat Mayor Marion Berry

  80.  Democrat Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

  81.  Pastor Ray Hagins

  82.  Republican Condoleezza Rice

  83.  William Bill Smokey Robinson, Jr.

  84.  E. Franklin Frazier

  85.  Representative Charles Rangel

  86.  Muslim Malcolm X – (Tried to do something)

  87.  Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer

  88.  Democrat Senator Harry Reid

  89.  Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich

  90.  Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich

  91.  Democrat Senator Hubert Humphrey

  92.  Democrat Senator Patrick J. Moynihan

  93.  Republican President Ulysses S. Grant

  94.  Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower

  95.  NAACP

  96.  CORE


  98.  SCLC






104.  Democrat Representative Henry Waxman

105.  Justice Thurgood Marshall

106.  Democrat Representative John D. Dingell

107.  Democrat Representative John Conyers

108.  Travis Smiley

109.  Pastor Henry David Manning

110.  Apostle Frederick K. C. Price

111.  Pastor Leroy Thompson (A preacher that is all about the money.)

112.  Democrat Representative William J. Jefferson

113.  Democrat Representative James Traficant

114.  Dr. Claud Anderson – (Still trying to do something with Powernomics)

115.  Democrat Senator Carol Moseley Braun

116.  Republican Senator Edward William Brooke, III

117.  Democrat Senator Roland W. Burris

118.  Republican Senator Tim Scott

119.  Democrat Senator Cory Booker

120.  Democrat Senator Mo Cowan

121.  Warith Deen Muhammad (Still trying to do something)

122.  Finally; Barry Soetoro aka President Barack Obama..did nothing for us.


The undeniable facts speak for themselves, all of the movements, names, organizations and politicians have talked, and the ones still alive will continue to talk about the conditions in Black America. However, only a few have tried to do something. Rather than engage in useless and endless conversation about what Black people need to do or the government needs to do.... Unity’s Shareholders funded a C corporation and now occupy a unique position in world history.


Reality & Fact Check #8: Whenever a corporation has products, programs and/or concepts that will allow it to capitalize to $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars) it is considered to be capable of international or world class operations. Unity has programs and concepts that will allow it to capitalize to $550,000,000.00 ( Five hundred and fifty million dollars) [End of Discussion; As Well As, Any Debate With Any Other....‘Wanna Be’.... Unity International.]


Reality & Fact Check #9: Outside of Unity International, Every other so-called Black owned corporation in America is a small business, incapable of international operations, incapable of capitalizing to $550,000,000.00 or nonprofits that are virtually incapable of sustaining themselves (98% of Black owned nonprofit organizations are underfunded and on the verge of financial collapse and this includes many mega Black churches) or..they are managed and owned behind the scenes by “White” venture capitalist, this includes America’s “so called” top 10 Black corporations (there are only Black Executives), BET (Black Entertainment Network), All Black T.V. shows, Ebony, Jet, Oprah, Jay Z, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Tiger Woods, Beyonce, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordon, Michael Jackson (Sony Corporation - Japanese),  and the list goes on.


Reality & Fact Check #10: Look at your list of Principals/Owners and look in the mir-ror.  THERE ARE NO “WHITE” CAPITALIST PULLING ANY STRINGS BEHIND THE SCENES AT UNITY & UNITY IS A $550,000,000.00 DEBT FREE CORPORATION. All Unity might owe is any unpaid corporate taxes and/or sales taxes that might not have been paid.


 Reality & Fact Check #11: 99.99% of 30 million Black Americans still do not qualify financially to own a single share of Unity’s stock. In the United States, for an individual to be considered an accredited investor, they must have a net worth of at least one million US dollars, not including the value of their primary residence or have income of at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 together with their spouse if married).


Reality & Fact Check #12: You cannot give a C Corporation any money. Whatever  money received before and during startup in a "C" corporation is either loaned at interest, at the prime rate (or above) or exchanged for stock. If exchanged for stock, Unity is limited to 35 people or non accredited investors for which it can exchange stock for money..that is people earning less than $200,000.00 a year.


Reality & Fact Check #13 In 1996, Ed Graham and George Sistrunk had to wait until transitioning was complete for 100 General Partners.. and.. wait until Unity was operational before they could be re-imbursed for the money they spent to keep Unity afloat until income was generated. 18 years later, George Sistrunk and Edward C. Graham are still putting up the money and paying the expenses to re-instate Unity. It is time Unity’s owners come to an understanding and accept this undeniable fact...that they owe it to themselves; as pioneers of New Age Capitalism™, and New Age Corporations™, to their children, to the Black community in America and to the suffering masses in Africa that Black people of average means can own, manage and operate a world class corporate enterprise just like the Koreans, White people, Japanese and Chinese, etc.


Reality & Fact Check #14: From late 1996, throughout 1997, onward, Unity’s Board of Directors failed to read Unity’s Bylaws and/or failed to understand Unity’s Internal Operating Procedures. Unity capitalizes itself. General Partners that bring other General Partners to Unity, as well as, owners and Board members are paid 50% of the Administration Fee for doing so. The reason for this payment is simple: Without General Partners coming and going there is nothing to administer, no assets can be acquired and there would be no one to transition to Shareholder.


Reality & Fact Check #15 Under Unity’s procedures, if owners, Board members and General Partners would work, they would earn hundreds of dollars a week. The current 2015 payout is $50.00. For bringing 5 paying people that want to participate in acquiring grocery stores and gasoline stations that would be an income of $250.00 a week or $1,000.00 a month for building and funding a world class corporation. The administration fee, should be raised to $200.00 in light of new realities.......the cost of living and operations has gone up over the past 18 years. $100.00 x 5 = $500.00 a week or $2,000.00 a month in income, just for building.


Reality & Fact Check #16 In 1996, Unity went from 0 to 100 General Partners that were successfully transitioned to Shareholders in 45 days. All of Unity’s original General Partners collectively own a $550,000,000.00 world class corporation through the efforts of 5 people. Otis Harrison, Dorothy P. Waymer, Edward C. Graham, Lavern Washington and George Sistrunk. No other Board member brought in anyone else. After Lavern, Ed and George were fired and the Great One left, Unity’s growth came to a standstill.


Reality & Fact Check #17 When you own a business..your responsibility is to your business and your employees. That is your first priority to build your business so it can become your job. Whatever people are doing for a living now is their second job..not their first....With all Unity has going for itself, we will never build an empire..carrying the mail for someone else. Think about it.


Reality & Fact Check #18 Our collective responsibility is to build Unity International, into the largest and most successful Asset Acquisition Corporation, the World has ever seen. This requires dedication, a commitment to excellence, lifelong study and learning; especially, when we do not want to study or read, and mastering the protocols of corporate governance.


Reality & Fact Check #19 We will never build anything great cowering in fear, apathy and ignorance. Now is the time for Unity’s owners to bite the bullet, take the reins of leadership and step out on faith. The owners of Unity must take the helm and guide this ship to its destiny.


Reality & Fact Check #20 Unity’s first problem has always been its Board of Director’s disbelief in their accomplishment. Don’t let the owner’s disbelief in their accomplishments become the second problem.


Reality & Fact Check #21:  The members of Unity’s first and only Asset Acquisition Committee were President Dorothy P. Waymer, Otis Harrison and George Sistrunk. Now we need another Acquisition Committee to continue Unity’s growth.





Date Completed: August 15, 2015


Unity’s Owners

Reality & Fact Check II

The first rendition of “Unity’s Owners Reality & Fact Check” dealt with the factual reality of what the owners/Shareholders of Unity have collectively established and created – a world class corporate structure that is capable of capitalizing to $550,000,000.00. Fact Check II, is going to address the reality...that...with the exception of George Sistrunk and Otis Harrison... the Black community in Orangeburg; collectively and individually speaking, just might not have the will, the desire, interest or natural capability or talent to own and manage a world class corporate enterprise like Unity International. Accordingly, these possible realities will be addressed in this rendition. Reality & Fact Check #22: For over 20 years, Otis Harrison has been thoroughly schooling his friend from childhood, George Sistrunk, in the principles upon which Unity is built. Therefore, his childhood friend can write and articulate his concepts with clarity, precision and in great detail. Unity will be ready for dynamic growth when everyone in Unity is just as articulate.
Therefore, based on Otis Harrison’s principle of many paying a little to own a mega corporation, like Unity International, that is capable of capitalizing to unthinkable dollar levels and capable of worldwide operations beyond Orangeburg, South Carolina and the United States, Reality & Fact Check #23: A great corporation, like Unity International, must depend on its people, their ideas, their ability to accept responsibility to educate themselves and their ability to communicate concepts clearly, concisely and without exaggeration to the general public. A great corporation, like Unity International, also relies on the vision that can consistently create and develop desirable outcomes, i.e., New Age Capitalism™.
Reality & Fact Check #24: A great corporation, like Unity International is also built on hard work, clear objectives, solid business principles, cooperation, intelligent leadership and management; and is thoroughly grounded in its own policies, procedures and developmental growth philosophy, i.e., New Age Capitalism™ that promotes asset acquisition at meaningful levels. These characteristics; along with a few others, determine whether or not Unity will succeed or fail. However, what happens when the owners/Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the management team not only do not drive performance, they destroy it? What happens when the owners/Shareholders show no real interest in organizing themselves so they can collectively manage Unity’s corporate affairs and direct its continued development and growth?
As George Sistrunk stated at the meeting on August 17, 2015, “Unity is not based on America’s or the world’s corporate structures. Unity is a unique corporate concept that has never existed before. This must be clearly understood and articulated. Unity’s internal operations are completely unique, innovative and revolutionary. Unity is simply governed by and compliant with existing corporate law in South Carolina and the Free world.”
Reality & Fact Check #25: Therefore, there is no faster death of a great idea or corporation than dysfunctionality within the ranks of the owners/Shareholders, its Board of Directors and its management team. Accordingly, prudent steps must be taken to improve the situation before this collective toxicity, negative energy, poor attitudes and collective leadership failure impede Unity just like it did 18 years ago?
Reality & Fact Check #26: A dysfunctional group of owners and their Board of Directors have the ability to cause multiple headaches for leaders within the corporate structure. Not only will a dysfunctional group of owners and their Board of Directors fail to make decisions that are in the best interest of the corporation, this collective dysfunctionality has the potential to move outside the confines of the corporation and cause negative publicity, uncertainty and doubt.{Click here to read and learn about “Dysfunctional Boards of Directors and Corporate Owners}
Reality & Fact Check #27: Owners/Shareholders need to be on the same page when it comes to the future of the corporation and its initiatives. If owners have conflicting agendas, i.e., work, commitments or any other occupational or personal requirement or need that is more important than the corporation’s need/s, it will be hard for this group to make decisions. Any corporate specialist will tell you, conflicting agendas is a clear sign of dysfunctionality within an organization. {Go online to read and learn about “Dysfunctional Boards of Directors and Corporate Owners}
Reality & Fact Check #28: General meetings, operational meetings and governance meetings should function in an orderly manner. If meetings quickly jump from topic to topic and members argue with one another about... “we are not like you”... or.. “we cannot learn the same way as you do”... or fail to discuss the most important matters at hand, the owners and Board are dysfunctional.
Reality & Fact Check #29: Unity’s corporate policies do not duplicate people. Unity’s policies are designed to duplicate principles, procedures, goals and/or objectives; as well as, the best and most cost effective, efficient, proficient and expeditious means and/or methods to accomplish them. Therefore, all meetings should focus on coming to business decisions on the issues that are on the agenda. It is unthinkable, with all that must be done, that no meeting place, date or time was agreed to on August 17, 2015.
Reality & Fact Check #30: The authority already exist for George Sistrunk, Otis Harrison and Edward C. Graham to be spokesmen for Unity, the corporation. The Board and owners/ Shareholders must realize Unity International is a corporate entity that exists in law and was created by law. Therefore, Unity, the corporation, cannot act or speak in person. It can only act or speak through its agents or representatives. Unity’s agents are its Accommodating Directors that were selected in 1996 and cannot be dismissed without a 2/3 vote of the owners/Shareholders.

Reality & Fact Check #31:  As Accommodating Directors, these men must always act in the best interest of the corporation, the legal entity, that is Unity International.  Therefore, they cannot accept the reasons that have been put forth for the failure of owners/Shareholders not to be knowledgeable about the Bylaws and governing philosophy of Unity. To date, no evidence has been presented to substantiate, verify or even support the reasons that have been given for the collective failure of the owners/Shareholders that were on the former Board of Directors.


Reality & Fact Check #32: No verifiable evidence has been presented to any Accommodating Director that the owners/Shareholders were prevented from reading, studying and knowing Unity’s policies, procedures, governing philosophy and Bylaws by a natural disaster or men and/or women with guns. 
Reality & Fact Check #33: No verifiable evidence has been presented to any Accommodating Director that current owners/Shareholders are being prevented from organizing themselves into an effective management group by an epidemic, a natural disaster or men and/or women with guns.  

Excuses Not Reasons And/Or Conditions


Reality & Fact Check #34: It is important for Unity’s family to realize, no one is putting forth any real reasons.What everyone is constantly hearing from each other are excuses. The penchant for Black Americans to make excuses is endemic and is no more or less than a psychological crutch the Black community has used for over 150 years to explain away a collective failure and blame it on others or our slave heritage and/or America’s Jim Crow policies; especially, when it comes to our failure to own, operate and manage multimillion dollar corporate enterprises. 


Vietnam is a classic example of what happens when a nation of people gets serious about change. The Vietnamese people were at war with Western powers for over 30 years. They were bombed, napalmed, murdered and butchered by America and France. After they defeated America in 1975, these people have completely rebuilt their country and are now a developing and growing economic force in the Far East. Foreign aid help from China, Japan, Australia, Europe, England and Ireland..just to name a few..have contributed greatly to Vietnam’s transition from communism to a free market economy


Vietnam is one of the better-performing economies in the world, at least by the normal metrics of real GDP and export growth, poverty reduction, and improving social indicators. The economy grew at 8-9% a year from 1991 to 1997, and since then, the official GDP growth has been a consistent 6% a year. Because of the success of their business enterprises, the Vietnamese people are reducing their reliance on foreign aid and programs and are becoming self sufficient in every aspect of their lives. New Age Corporations™ like Unity, will allow Black America to do the same.... and.... take the same path to economic freedom.... and.... self determination.


Solution To The Problem


Reality & Fact Check #35: All Black Americans living today between the ages of 30 and 80 are recipients and beneficiaries of the expansion that “Christian White” America imposed on the country from 1965 to 1985 and was renewed annually to 2008. That expansion is over and America is moving toward right to work. The Bottom Line is this: Liberal “White” America is in charge and they are simply telling Black people you have had your Black representatives and you have had your Black President..Obama. Now... it is over.


Reality & Fact Check #36: What Black people have consistently failed to realize and understand, is the philosophy of Liberal White America is the philosophy of the Political Left. This is the same philosophy that gave the world, Nazism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Racism, Skin Heads, the White Aryan Nation, Stalinism, Moaism, Leninism, Marxism, Progressism, the Democratic Party and the Klu Klux Klan. When it comes to the far, far, left...Communism, why do think its supporters are consistently called useful idiots and/or useful fools.


Reality & Fact Check #37: Right to work is simply a code for “White” America and everyone else to look out for your own. This means Black people are going to be fired from jobs in private industry and are not going to be rehired in large numbers in government. Reality & Fact Check #38: This means your children that are in their 30s and 40s do not have a future in corporate America or in government and only a few, if any, of our grandchildren will have any kind of standard of living......in America.....30 years from now.

Reality & Fact Check #39: New Age Corporations™ like Unity International, that are based on Otis Harrison’s concept of many paying a little to own a major corporate enterprise will all the difference in the world to millions of Black Americans and Africa in general. Therefore, as Accommodating Directors, Edward Graham; who is also now Vice President, and George M. Sistrunk propose the following solution to the problems currently confronting Unity, the corporation, that is the legal entity created by law, that is separate from Unity’s owners/Shareholders
Reality & Fact Check #40: The apathy, indifference and failure to realize the magnitude and the historical significance of what has already been accomplished is a disturbing and puzzling development. This level of indifference; by so many, that have been given an opportunity of a lifetime is not only debilitating, it is also stifling productivity. Therefore, in order to increase productivity and put Unity back on track for explosive and dynamic growth, consider the following:
1. Since Unity’s shares are generational, turn the ownership over to your adult children, so they can be trained in the fundamentals of corporate governance.
2. If your adult children have no interest...and/or...are not in the Orangeburg area, then return control of Unity back to a Board of Directors that is committed to accomplishing objectives.
Completed: May 18, 2015 - By: George M. Sistrunk

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