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What The Board

Needs To Know About Gasoline Stations



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Acquiring Gasoline stations is a major priority for the Acquisition Committe that is Chaired by Ms. Dorothy Parker and Co-Chaired by George M. Sistrunk. In the committee's recent investigation for possible sites to purchase or to build gasoline stations on existing sites, the co-chair noticed monitoring wells in several locations around the sites. These monitoring wells are there to test for ground water contamination. Therefore, the last business Unity needs to acquire is a gasoline station that has a leaking UST (Underground Storage Tank). {Click here to learn more about USTs} {Click here for a leading manufacturer of USTs}{Click here for information on above ground storage}{Click here for more examples of above ground tanks}

Example of Above
Ground Fuel System From Envirosafe™

Example of Under Ground Storage Tanks & Requirements


1800 Old Edisto Dr., Orangeburg, SC 29115 - $139,500



Example of  Acquifer Contamination From Leaking UST


Therefore, based on the number of testing wells, that were discovered, there is a strong possibility that many of the stations visited for acquisition, may have metal tanks that may be corroded or have already deteriorated that would necessitate removal and replacement. There is also the possibility of environmental damage that would cost Unity thousands of dollars to repair. Therefore, the following videos; are not only supplements to our report, they will also help the board and owners know and understand why the Acquisition Committee must procede with caution concerning this particular acquisition project. {Click here to learn more about gasoline stations and groundwater contamination}{Click here for tips & ideas for opening a gas station}

For Your Consideration Report Supplement #1

For Your Consideration Report Supplement #2

For Your Consideration Report Supplement #3

For Your Consideration Report Supplement #4

For Your Consideration Report Supplement #5

Available Gasoline

Stations For Purchase 


Now that the Board and the owners have a working knowledge of the risk involved in acquiring gasoline stations, there are stations available for purchase in other states. The following are a few of the stations that have been found. Since gasoline stations are a Phase I Acquisition that must provide immediate benefits to owners; i.e., purchasing gasoline at cost, these stations, if purchased, must be operated for profit, until Unity establishes a presence in the city/ies. Naturally, Ms. Parker will need authorization to continue the committee's investigation into acquiring these stations if the board desires to add a gasoline station to the PPM (Private Placement Memorandum).  {Click here for aryaCommercial.com's listings}

Possible Acquisitions In North Carolina USA

Possible Acquisition In California USA

Possible Acquisition In Michigan USA

On September 4, 2015, the Chair of the owner's committee, reported the gasoline station in Branchville, South Carolina is no longer a viable consideration, concrete has been poured into the ground to prevent it from ever being a gasoline station again. This concludes the Acquisition Committee's Preliminary Report on gasoline stations. {Click here for Petroleum Realty Group's website} {Click here for ReMax Commercial's website} This concludes the Acquisition Committee's report as of September 4, 2015. In the future, gasoline station acquisition will be handled by Unity Petroleum, LLC.

By: George M. Sistrunk - 803-347-6638

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