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Links Library & Glossary Of Terms For GPs, Affiliates, Associates, Coordinators, Board & Owners
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Links Library & Glossary Of Terms Affiliates,
Associates & Field Coordinators, Need To Know


Report: To GPs, Affiliates, Associates, Field Coordinators, the Board and Owners


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Glossary Of Terms Affiliates,
Associates & Field Coordinators, Need To Know
  1.   Acquisition – An income or benefits producing property or asset that has been acquired or obtained by UICI™.
  2.   Acquisition Committee – An elected, selected or a volunteer group of two or more individuals that investigate the properties, businesses, franchises and/or any other asset UICI™ plans to acquire. Currently this is Dorothy Parker and George Sistrunk.
  3.   Acquisition Package – The income or benefits producing properties or other forms and/or kinds and/or types of assets that are included in UICI™'s Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). {Click here to review Phase II Acquisitions}
  4.   Ad hoc Committee – An organizing strategy used by the men and/or women of an existing organization or group and/or a well known personality, celebrity or public figure to establish a New Age Corporation™ like Unity International Company, Inc.™ that is disbanded after the corporation is operational.
  5.   Administration Fee – A nonrefundable required sum of money that is paid to UICI™ that allows a natural person or entity to participate in an Asset Acquisition Program (AAP), if he/she/it is not an accredited investor. Note: Administration Fees are subject to change without notice.
  6.   Affiliate – A natural person or entity that is officially connected to or works with or for UICI™ that abides by the policies and is subject to the policy decisions of the Board of Directors.
  7.   Asset Acquisition – The process by which UICI™ obtains or acquires income or benefit producing assets; i.e., franchises, stores, factories, manufacturing facilities, banks, mines, land, commercial and/or residential rental properties and/or other forms and/or categories of businesses, etc.
  8.   Associate – A natural person of entity that is legally joined or connected with UICI™ by contract or agreement.
  9.  Base Infrastructure Creation, Development, Management & Maintenance – A term used to describe the manner in which UICI™ creates and develops its own support systems by establishing its own infrastructure for long term viability as the corporation grows. All infrastructure subsystems will have a manager and assistant manager that report to the Chair or Co-chair of the Standing Committee. 
10.   Benefits Driven – A term used to describe the manner in which UICI™ supplies products and/or services to shareholders/owners at cost instead of profit.
11.   Blue Sky Laws – A statute that requires brokers, brokerage firms and investment professionals to register with the state in order to provide transparency of financial offerings and protect investors from investment fraud. Each state has its own blue sky law. Source http://www.investing answers. com /  financial-dictionary 09/26/15
12.   Business Model – A plan implemented by the Board of Directors to generate revenue and earn profits from operations that are not benefits driven. The model includes the components and functions of the business that was acquired as a for profit operation, as well as, the revenues it generates and the expenses it incurs. Supporting Source: http://www.investopedia.com 9/26/15
13.   Bylaws – The written rules and agreement made by UICI™'s shareholders/owners that control and govern the actions and/or activities of the shareholders/owners and the Board of Directors.
14.   Corporate Social Responsibility – A term used to describe UICI™'s continuing commitment to contribute to the economic development of the community in which its headquarters are located. This includes improving the quality of life of the staff and/or employees and their families; as well as, of the Black community and the society at large. Note: All American corporations may have the same or similar responsibilities.
15.   Field Coordinator – An individual that is an independent contractor and organizer for UICI™ who for contacts people to determine whether or not they would like to participate in asset acquisition as a General Partner (GP). Field Coordinators are paid 1/2 of the the nonrefundable Administration Fee as a commission. Currently, the Administration Fee is $200.00.
16.   General Meeting – An assembly of UICI™'s shareholders/owners to hear and/or discuss reports from the Board of Directors on the progress they are making on accomplishing UICI™'s goals and objectives. General Meetings can be held monthly, quarterly or semiannually or whenever the owners decide they need to know the state of corporate affairs.
17.   General Partner (GP) – An individual or entity that enters a joint business venture with UICI™ for profit or benefits, in which he/she has no responsibility for the management, profits or liability for any debts Unity might incur by written agreement. General Partners are transitioned into shareholder/owners by copyrighted Transitional Documents® after they have participated in an acquisition program.
18.  Immediate Acquisition – An asset that is approved and acquired by UICI™'s owners from personal funds for instant inclusion in an Acquisition Package. UICI™ buys an immediate acquisition back from the owners so that an immediate acquisition will belong to the corporation and not to an individual owner or group of owners.
19.   Internal Operating Procedures (IOP) – A set of policies, principles or rules that govern the day-to-day activities of UICI™.
20.  Investment Committee – An elected group of men and/or women that investigate securities offered by other corporations and/or investment firms that are of interest to the Board of Directors or of interest to UICI™'s shareholders/owners.
21. New Age Capitalism™ – The term; New Age Capitalism™, was created by George Sistrunk on May 13, 2015 to explain and describe Otis Harrison's method that will fund, pay for or capitalize a corporate entity. Unity and UICI™ are living proof, New Age Capitalism™ will work for any group of people. Therefore, UICI™ is based on Otis Harrison’s principle of many paying a little in which those that put up the money own the corporation and its assets. The Board of Directors work for the shareholders – the owners.
22.   New Age Capitalist™ – Another term that was created by George Sistrunk on May 13, 2015, that explains and describes any natural person or entity that is utilizing or using Otis Harrison’s 7 principles for profit or gain; whereby there must a genuine possibility for profit or gain, the upside profit or gain must be high, the downside risk must be low, the profit or gain must be governed by sound moral principles, sound ethical principles and there must be tangible and/or intangible benefits for the person and tangible and/or intangible benefits for others.
23.  New Age Corporation™ – Another term that was created and developed by George Sistrunk on May 13, 2015 that explains and describes any corporation that is established pursuant to state and/or federal law that is based on New Age Capitalism™.
24.   Participation Fee (PF) – A sum of money that is paid to UICI™ in order for an individual to have an ownership interest in the assets that are acquired by UICI™. In addition, for $500.00, an individual is transitioned to shareholder/owner for life. Note: The PF and the share price or identical - $500.00.
25.   Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) – A PPM is a legal document that describes the assets UICI™ intends to acquire or obtain for the shareholder/owners by many paying a little - $800.00 (The Processing Fee + Administratiom Fee + Participation Fee). UICI™'s stock can only be offered to accredited investors (Worth 1 million dollars or earned $200,000.00 individually or $300,000.00 jointly with a spouse) when the securities will not be registered with the Securities Exchange Commission. Therefore, UICI™'s PPM must explain the process by an individual can become a shareholder/owner of UICI™. In addition to listing, describing and explaining the acquisitions, UICI™’s PPM also lays out for members of the Black community or anyone else that desires to participate in asset acquisition (UICI™ cannot discriminate), all the details and potential risks to the participant. UICI™'s PPM also identifies the nature and purpose of the corporation in great detail.
26.   Processing Fee – A nonrefundable sum of money that is paid to UICI™ to begin a series of actions that will maintain files, track progress and maintain the records of a participation in an Asset Acquisition Program. Note: Currently, the Processing Fee is $100.00 and it is subject to change without notice by a resolution from the Standing Committee.
27.  Quarterly Acquisition Report – A verbal and/or written account of assets that are being investigated by the Acquisition Committee that is presented to the Board of Directors every 90 days or every 3 months.
28.   Renegade Administration – A Board of Directors that refuses to abide by Unity's bylaws.
29.  Resource Driven – A term used to describe the manner in which UICI™ allocates materials, money, staff, and other assets necessary for effective operations in foreign countries to maximize benefits and/or profits for the corporation and for the inhabitants and government a foreign country, while protecting the environment and fragile ecosystems.
30.  Standing Committee – An elected group of men and/or women with continued existence that work closely with the Board of Directors to govern Unity's affairs for the shareholders/owners on an ongoing basis. The power and authority of UICI™ is vested in the Chair and Co-chair of the Standing Committee who report directly to the shareholder/owners.
31.  Stupid - Slow of mind, given to unintelligent decisions or acts, acting in an unintelligent or careless manner, lacking intelligence or reason, dulled in feeling or sensation, slow to learn or understand; obtuse, tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes, marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting, lacking interest or point, marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless. A stupid person doesn’t have much intelligence or imagination, and they go through life making decisions that seem to lack all common sense. If you’ve got a brain but you don’t use it, you might be a bit stupid.
32.  ©Transition Document – A copyrighted piece of written, printed, or electronic matter that provides information or evidence or that serves as an official record that UICI™ uses to change a natural person’s or entity’s legal status from one position to another.
33.  Transitional Process – The actual method, means or procedure that UICI™ uses to officially and legally change a natural person’s or entity’s legal status from one position to another. The Transitional Process is how a General Partner becomes a lifelong shareholder/owner of UICI™ and all the assets UICI™ will acquire from one generation to the next as long as America and the world exist.
By: George M. Sistrunk - 803-347-6638

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