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Date:  March 27, 1996
Place: Inner Office - Unity International, Inc.
            198 Russell Street
            Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115
Time: 7:30 p.m.
The following minutes were taken from the notes of the fifth meeting that was held after filing the incorporation papers for Unity International, Inc..  The meeting was held on the date, at the place, and convened at the time stated above. Present were: {Click here for Robert's Rules Of Order}{Click here for the importance of minutes}
  1. Evangelist Dorothy P. Snider
  2. George M. Sistrunk
  3. Carolyn O. Stroman
  4. Rev. Dr. Clarence W. Joyner
  5. William H. Wilson
  6. Attorney Virgin Johnson
  7. Carl X. Wright 
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m., by the Rev. Dr. Clarence W. Joyner, Jr.. Absent were:
  1. Rev. Calvin Alston
  2. Dr. Jesse Kinard
  3. Attorney Virgin Johnson 
After the invocation, Dr. Joyner proceeded to the first item of business which was an update on the trip to Jacksonville, Florida. It was agreed that corporation would proceed with the purchase of the Arthur Treacher's in Columbia, South Carolina at Fashion Mall.  The Franchise fee would be nineteen thousand five hundred dollars ($19,500.00).
George Sistrunk informed the board that he and Ed Graham had stamped and stuffed 183 envelopes for the first stage of the of the five stage marketing program to raise four million dollars ($4,000,000.00) for the corporation.  Mailing labels had also been printed and two hundred additional promotional letters were ready for mailing. Seventy packs were also ready for distribution to area churches.
Carolyn Stroman informed the group that the 20 info packs left at Lurline Dantzler's on the 22nd of March, had led to a meeting that was held on Tuesday night - March 26, 1996, and 5 people signed up to become general partners. The program that was approved on the 19th of March, was working. Evangelist Snider, Edward Graham, George Sistrunk and Otis Harrison also attended the meeting. The meeting atmosphere was so successful, that it was agreed that the corporation would introduce individuals to Unity's opportunity, via informal house or group meetings.
The next item of business was approving the letterhead proofs that came from Sir Speedy Printing. It was moved, seconed, and unanimously carried that the logo design from Sir Speedy Printing would be the one the corporation would use on all its literature.
The next item of business was the approval of Nakeesa Davis as the Recording Secretary and Executive Secretary to the Board of Directors.  It was moved, seconded, and unanimously carried that Nakeesa Davis would become an independent contractor with the corporation at the rate of five dollars and fifty cents ($5.50) per hour. Nakeesa was to assume her duties after her contracts were signed and approved.
The next item of business was company stocks. George Sistrunk informed the board that the corporate documents from Kitco had not arrived. Therefore, the corporation still could not technically hold its first official organizing meeting or its first official meeting of the Board of Directors. In order for those meetings to be official the corporation would need a seal, and before the seal could be used ot would have to be approved. George told the group, he would call Kitco and get a status report on the stocks and the corporate seal.
The next item of business was the termination of Rev. Calvin Alston who had not been to a meeting since he was elected to assume a seat on the board once the official organizing meeting was held.  It was moved, seconded, and unanimously carried that Rev. Alston be terminated and his seat assigned to someone else.  Nakeesa was directed to send Rev. Alston a termination letter, effective March 27, 1996.
Dr. Joyner then proceeded to the next item of business which was rescinding the notion that board members had to pay $5,000.00 to the corporation or be removed.  It was moved, seconded and unanimously carried that the board members minimize out of pocket payments to the corporation to avoid being accused of hidden dividend payments.
The next item of business was the application to Palmetto Office Supply.  George Sistrunk informed the group that the application to open an account at Palmetto Office Supply had been approved on March 23, 1996 and the corporation could its office supplies from there.  He also told the group that the folders from Quill had also arrived and the corporation had to reimburse Madam Vice President for the folders and other supplies she purchased before the account was opened. He also reminded the group that Dr. Joyner had to be reimbursed for the 100 folders he ordered from Quill.
Dr. Joyner told the group that from now on he wanted an agenda prepared prior to every meeting after the 27th of March.  He also informed the group that he would be giving them assignments in the very near and he expected those assignements to be carried out.
The next item of business was the consumer benefits services program. George informed the group that the contracts he had received on March 25, 1996 were not satisfactory, because the corporation was not earning one dollar ($1.00) per enrolled member. He told the group that page sixteen (16) which normally carried the rate schedule was blank.  He also informed the group that the contract did provide adequate compensation for the independent marketing associates.
 It was agreed that the CBS, Inc., contract would not be approved.  Dr. Joyner directed George Sistrunk to call David Carlson and arrange a meeting as soon as possible to negotiate a new contract. 
The next item of business was finding another board member to replace Rev. Calvin Alston.  William Wilson said he would contact Willie B. Owens.  He said Willie B. Owens was instrumental in organizing the Orangeburg contingent to the Million Man March and would be an ideal person to approach.
Evangelist Snider and Carolyn O. Stroman told the group that they had interview Lillian L. Green at a special meeting on March 16th and she would be an ideal member for the board.  George Sistrunk also agreed Lillian Green would be the best person for the seventh board member. It was agreed that Willie B. Owens and Lillian L. Green should be invited to a special meeting to be interviewed for the position.
Dr. Joyner then informed the group that they were considering two board members, Lillian L. Green and Willie B. Owens.  Therefore, the group had to decide to increase the number by nine (9) or leave it at seven (7).  Evangelist Snider moved to expand the board from seven (7) to nine (9).  It was seconded by Carl X. Wright, and unanimously carried that the board be expanded to nine (9) members.
The next item of business was the allocation of shares.  Evangelist Snider moved that Unity International, Inc., allocate 100 shares for the Million March participants.  The share allocation shall be be distributed from the controlling shares owned by the Board of Directors.  The Executive Secretary to the Board shall also be considered for a share of stock out this special allocation.  It was seconded, and unanimously carried that this share allocation be instituted.
The final item of business was election of new officers.  Before any motions were entertained, Dr. Joyner noted that both Attorney Johnson and Dr. Kinard were offered the position of president of the corporation and both had to decline for personal reasons.  William Wilson then moved that Evangelist Snider assume the position of president by order of succession and Carolyn O. Stroman be nominated for Vice President.  The dual motion was seconded by Carl X. Wright and unanimously carried.  At the official meeting of the Board of Directors after the organizing meeting the officers will assume their positions.
Let the minutes reflect that before adjourning, final approval was given to the partnership program, and approval was given to George Sistrunk's 5 stage plan to raise four million dollars ($4,000,000.00) for the corporation.  Let the minutes also reflect that it was agreed that a copy of the minutes and the agenda be sent to each board member, present or absent.  It was moved, seconded, and unanimously carried that the meeting be adjourned to until April 2, 1996, at 6:30 p.m., at Unity's corporate office located at 198 Russell Street.
Notation for the record: The above minutes were taken from the meeting notes of Nakeesa Davis - Recording Secretary.
Respectfully Submitted, 
George M. Sistrunk
Note: Even though minutes were accepted and approved at meetings, there is no current evidence the minutes were ever signed or sealed by the Joyner Administration. 


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