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August 17, 1996 

The Original Waiver Of Notice


The Opportunity African American Women Deserve
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
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August 13, 1996
Unity's Original Waiver of Notice

I/We, the undersigned, being a principal/owner or general partner of the above named corporation, hereby agree and consent that the special meeting be held on the date, at the time and place stated below, and hereby waive the need to be given additional notices, unless the special meeting is cancelled and/or re-scheduled.

I/We further agree that any and all lawful business may be transacted at the special meeting or at any adjournment/s thereof as may be deemed appropriate as determined by any principal or general partner present thereat.

Place of Meeting:    Southern Lodge
                                   Ellis Avenue & Chestnut Street
                                   Orangeburg, SC 29115
Date of Meeting:      August 28, 1996
Time of Meeting:      7:00 pm (Please be on time)

Pursuant to subsection (b) of Title 33, Section 33-6-101 SC Code of Laws, you are a principal/owner of Unity International, Inc., (hereafter called UII) if you have paid $500.00 to UII prior to the date of this notice or your share/s of stock in UII is/are fully validated and nonassessable for services rendered in the corporate register of shareholders.  Voting entitlements shall be in accordance with all relative statutes governing voting entitlement/s of Title 33, Chapters 1-20, SC Code of Laws, and UII's Articles of Incorporation and/or written agreements. {Click here to Review Section 33-41-30 SC Code of Laws}

Please sign here: _____________________________________________
                                   {Click here to review the August 28, 1996 Agenda}

Pursuant to Title 33, Chapter 41 SC Code of Laws, you are a general partner of Unity International, Inc. (hereafter called UII) if you have paid $250.00 to UII prior to the date of this notice or has rendered service as your general partnership consideration to UII pursuant to a signed agreement.

Please sign here: ______________________________________________
Note:  Please sign and return in the envelope provided - Thank you.


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