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September 14, 2015 


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Agenda for Owner’s Standing Committee

Special Meeting of Unity International, Incorporated Minutes


Date of Special Meeting pursuant to 33-7-102(a)-(d):  9/14/2015

Members Present: Dorothy Harley-Sistrunk, Cynthia T. Davis, Lillie Brown, James Brown, Dorothy Carter, Marcella Albert-Duckson, Edward C. Graham, Dorothy Parker, Stanley S. Wakefield, Ruth Bowman, Lurline Dantzler-Higgitt, Rosalyn Jackson-James, and Annie Jackson.

I.                    Call to Order

         Call to order at 6:36 pm.

II.                 Invocation

         Prayer was given by Stanley Wakefield

III.               Greetings from the Chair and/or Co-chair of the Owner’s Committee

         Dorothy Carter, Co-chair, did greetings.

IV.              Purpose of Special Meeting

         The purpose of this meeting is to address personal issues presented at meetings before guests and to discuss resolutions to resolve issues.

         Resolutions – Action taken:

o   That every Board member of Unity International Inc., should be present at all meetings unless there is a valid excuse.  Board members that are unable to attend a meeting shall inform the Corporate Secretary at least two (2) hours prior to the meeting time.  Board members that miss three consecutive meeting without a valid excuse (see below) will be removed from the Board.  It was properly moved and seconded that the resolution be accepted as read.

Discussion: The law is that Board members does not have to be at all meetings in person – may be on a conference call.  Motion passed.

Valid Excuses: Death of loved ones (immediate family), sickness/illness, transportation problems, work related issues, vacations, or any unforeseen issues that is out of one’s control.

o   That all problems, issues or concerns governing the operation/function of Unity International Inc., shall be address in an emergency meeting and not during the General Meeting especially when guests are present.  All problems, issues or concerns shall be directed through the proper chain of command for a solution. It was properly moved and seconded that the resolution be accepted as read.  Motion passed.

o   That it is the Board member’s responsibility of Unity International Inc., to contact the Corporate Secretary for updates due to missing a meeting.  It was properly moved and seconded that the resolution be accepted as read.  Motion passed.

o   That every Board member as well as the Owner’s/Shareholders of Unity International Inc., familiarize themselves with the By-Laws, policy and procedures that govern the operation of the corporation.  It was properly moved and seconded that the resolution be accepted as read.  Motion passed.

V.                 Old Business (If Any)

VI.               New Business (If Any)

         Dorothy Harley-Sistrunk, Chair, discussed how to write resolutions and what language is to be used.  Any owner has a right to write resolutions.  Any owner may call a special or emergency meeting at any time when necessary.

         Edward Graham stated that he has been voted in as registered agent but we need a resolution that the Board (President and Vice President) the authority to act on behalf of the Owners/Shareholders to complete the necessary paperwork for the purpose of reinstatement.  Resolution passed.

VII.            New Ideas, Concepts or Projects for Consideration by Board or Committee

         Some suggestions for ventures: Movie theater, Chuck E. Cheese’s

VIII.         Benediction

IX.              Adjournment – Chair or Co-chair officially ends the Special General Meeting

         Meeting adjourned at 7:36 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cynthia T. Davis

Cynthia T. Davis, Secretary



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