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Date:  March 19, 1996
Place: Inner Office - Unity International, Inc.
            198 Russell Street
            Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115
Time: 7:00 p.m.
The following minutes were taken from the notes of the fourth meeting that was held after filing the incorporation papers for Unity International, Inc..  The meeting was held on the date, at the place, and convened at the time stated above. Present were: {Click here for Robert's Rules Of Order} {Click here for the importance of minutes}
  1. Evangelist Dorothy P. Snider
  2. George M. Sistrunk
  3. Carolyn O. Stroman
  4. Rev. Dr. Clarence W. Joyner
  5. William H. Wilson
  6. Attorney Virgin Johnson
  7. Carl X. Wright
  8. Dr. Jesse Kinard
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by the Rev. Dr. Clarence W. Joyner, Jr.. Absent were:
  1. Rev. Calvin Alston 
After the invocation, Dr. Joyner proceeded to the first item of business which was the fax he had received from Fred Rohden concerning the Arthur Treacher's located in Richland Fashion Mall.  He had wanted to take the financial report sent with the faxc to the bank, but the numbers were not strong enough for him to secure a loan.
George Sistrunk informed the group of the agreement he had worked out with Fred Rohden.  The agreement was as follows:
1.  On March 21, 1996, Unity will pay a $5,000.00 deposit to secure the Aurthur Treacher's at Richland Fashion Mall.
2.  After the 21st, Unity would have 90 days to raise the remaining $19,000.00.  Even if Unity did not raise all the money, the corporation was to bring whatever it had.  This would secure the Richland Mall location.
3.  After the agreement was signed, Unity would have 6 months to raise $50,000.00 and could use whatever profits generated from the Richland Mall location toward the $50,000.00 final payout.
4.  In the event the total franchise fee of $69,000 had not been raised at the end of the 6 month period, the corporation would be given an additional 90 day extension.
George told the group that this was a good agreement and the corporation would have no problems raising the money.  He proceeded to distribute the General Partnership Program he had written to the members.  The program consisted of the following information:
  1. A release statement (1 page)
  2. A suitability of intent to become a General Partner (2 pages)
  3. Incorporation documents (4 pages)
  4. General Partnership Prospectus (10 pages)
  5. General Partnership Agreement (8 pages)
  6. IHOP information pack (15 pages)
  7. Central Park information pack (11 pages)
  8. Arthur Treacher's information pack (13 pages)
  9. Rule 501(e) (1 page)
  10. Rule 147 (1 page)
  11. 113-22 (1 page)
George told the group that with the General Partnership Program and a laser printer the corporation could triple revenues in less than 30 days.  He also said that all the money could be raised without going to a bank, if all the board members committed themselves to introducing people to the investment opportunity.
He aslo stated he had developed a 5 staged marketing plan that could raise over $4,000,000.00 dollars in less than 6 months if implemented. He outlined the plan as follows:
  1. Reintroduce the community to the Million Man March.
  2. Contact all the churches and hold meetings to update their memberships on the activities of the Orangeburg Chapter.
  3. Establish a mailout program to contact families in Orangeburg county and surrounding communities concerning Unity's opportunities.
  4. Hold meetings at a set location at least once a week.
  5. Present Unity's programs before large groups such as Fraternal organizations, clubs, civic groups, sororities, fraternities, conventions, etc.
After George outlined the program, he proceeded to handout copies of information sheets going to area churches and the community.  Carl X. Wright did not like some of the language in the letter. Dr. Kinard did not like the logo. George informed Carl, that what was written was already part of the public record, and he told Dr. Kinard that we had to use the current logo until the board officially approved the service association and that could not be done until the first official organizing meeting of the corporation.
Dr. Kinard insisted that their names had to be on the letter.  George responded by saying that was not required for sales and promotional pieces of for profit corporations, and he showed Dr. Kinard several examples of sales and promotional literature from other corporations.  He also showed the group examples of Unity's new logo, stationery and business cards. Dr. Joyner was very pleased with the design of Unity's new logo and authorized the work on it be completed.
After a lengthy discussion of the marketing program, Dr. Joyner decided to postpone implementing the plan until after the Florida trip. Dr. Kinard and attorney Johnson did not believe the program George had developed would work.  They decided that each member that will sit on the board of the corporation should invest $5,000.00 each, and if a member could not come up with the money they should be removed.  George told the group that would not be necessary.  He pointed out that any out of pocket money put in the corporation would have to be repaid at some point. He recommended that everyone worked to raise the money with the program as outlined.
Dr. Kinard insisted that he would not participate in raising money that way.  Carolyn Stroman interjected that the franchise program would work if everyone worked together.  Carl insisted that the letters be changed or rewritten before any mailouts take place.  Dr. Joyner realizing the meeting was getting out of hand, decided to adjourn the meeting until after he returned from Jacksonville Florida.
Let the minutes reflect that before adjourning tentative approval was given to proceed with the partnership program as written.  Let the minutes also reflect that approval as given for the "new look" stationery, business cards and envelopes for the corporation.  Then it was moved, seconded and unanimously carried that the meeting be adjourned until March 27, 1996, at 7:30 p.m., at Unity's corporate office located at 198 Russell Street.
Notation for the record: The above minutes were taken from the meeting notes of Nakeesa Davis - Recording Secretary.
Respectfully Submitted, 
George M. Sistrunk
Note: Even though minutes were accepted and approved at meetings, there is no current evidence the minutes were ever signed or sealed by the Joyner Administration. 


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