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An Idea Seed Shall Be Planted In Someone Today
If you are one of the fortunate few that is being "Called" or "Summoned Forth" an idea seed shall be planted in your mind and heart to do something that has never been done before in world history. {See Habakkuk 2:2 KJV}  And that is... to begin the process of developing and implementing a "Permanent Income Network" for Christians that can be passed on from generation to generation.
There is no other website in the world with this message. What you are about to read at this website are the reasons why Christians need a "Permanent Income Network" to feed the sheep {John 21:17 KJV} and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. {Matthew 24:14 KJV}  Even in these uncertain economic times, the resources, technology and the infrastructure are already in place that can make this a reality in a relatively short period of time. {Scripture References are from the King James Bible Online}
Christians Need A Permanent Income Network
For 4 Very Important Reasons:
1.  To have more than enough income to pay our tithes and offerings.  {See  Malachi 3:8-12 KJV} In fact, this is the most important reason why "Christians"  need to establish a "Permanent Income Network" for "The Body of Christ".
2.  To have more than enough income to take care of ourselves, families, members of "The Body of Christ" {See 1 Timothy 5:8 KJV} and to provide financial support for ministries, outreach and just and righteous causes.
3.  To have more than enough income in order to give to those in need. {See Luke 6:38 and Ephesians 4:28 KJV}
4.  Finallywhen local job markets are not able to create enough jobs to employ members of "The Body of Christ", "Christians" or members of the "Church" or "Congregation", or... provide part time income... it is up to Church Leaders and members of "The Body of Christ" to do something.  What can we do?  We can build a "Permanent Income Network" so we can earn income on and off the Internet.
"True Christians" all over the world are members of "The Body Of Christ"  "The Body of Christ" is the "Ecclesia", from the Greek word "Ekklesia", from "Ekkalein" which literally means to "Summon Forth". In modern times, an "Ecclesia" is called and considered a "Church" or "Congregation".  
Churches and Ministries need money and financial support to operate effectively.  The overwhelming majority of this revenue comes from the membership. Consequently... 
Christians Need As Much Income &
Wealth As Possible For A Variety Of Different Reasons 
Never forget this fact: Christians, as a group, have far more financial obligations than any other group and have more reasons to increase their income and acquire wealth than non Christians. The wise use of financial wealth in the service of others and obedience to the role, reason and purpose of the "Church" brings the blessings of GOD (YHVH). {See Deuteronomy 28:1-14 KJV
Because Christians need more income and wealth and for more earthly reasons, what would happen if members of "The Body of Christ", "Christians" or the "Church" in every country united and became a "Permanent Income Network"? The cash flow and wealth in such a network would be staggering. Contrary to popular belief, the "Christian Church" as it is known, called, identified and established today did not always exist. {Acts 11:26 KJV}
In fact, many early members of "The Body of Christ", "Christians" or the "Church" were persecuted, some were burned alive and others butchered by the thousands. Yet, "The Body of Christ" survived.  How?  The modern "Church" was developed and put into place by Disciples, Apostles, men and women inspired by GOD (YHVH), Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit; as well as lay members of "The Body of Christ" networking from person to person, house to house, community to community and establishing and maintaining permanent networks of converts and believers. Not only does the Bible verify this fact, so does world history specifically and generally. {See Acts - Jude KJV}
Has A Worldwide Permanent
 Income Network Ever Been Established Before?
Even though networks can be classified and identified by different names; such as affiliations, corporations, societies, associations, alliances, pacts, etc., there is no written record that a worldwide economic network was ever established or presented to "The Body of Christ", that is.. until now.  If you are a "Christian" and reading this.. it is not by chance.
What Is The Purpose Of The Permanent Income Network?
The purpose is simple: To have, develop and operate the largest independent financial structure the world has ever seen. There are more scriptures in the Biblical Text on Earthly Finances / Money than on Salvation
The Reason:  We have the opportunity for Salvation because of the finished work of Jesus the Christ on the Cross.  Hence, Salvation is by Grace.  {See The 4 Gospels: Matthew - John and Acts - Jude KJV}
Can Such A Network Be Established?
Nothing is too hard for GOD (YHVH).  In the real world, two companies already exist that have the structure, the software, the technical expertise and the operational format that will make building a secular, viable, functioning and permanent network possible. 
What Are The Major Benefits To The "Body Of Christ"?
1.  Once in place, many manufacturers and companies will come to our network with their products or services for sales and distribution.
2.  With the income earned from this activity, we can dramatically increase our financial capacity individually and collectively.
3.  With our increased personal income and overall economic influence, we can impact the lives of others in ways that have never been done before. GOD (YHVH) will help us but we must act. {See Genesis - Malachi and Matthew - Jude KJV}
Why Do "Christians" Need To Do This?
1.  We are to Occupy (carry on a business, to carry on the business of a banker or trader) Strong's #G4231, {Luke 19:11-28 KJV} We are also the light of world {Matthew 5:14-16 KJV}. During this period of economic turmoil, doubt and uncertainty, it is time Christians turned on the light. {Luke 8:16 KJV}
2.  Churches and Ministries need money and financial support to operate effectively. The overwhelming majority of this revenue comes from the membership. Consequently... Christians need more income and wealth to support Churches, ministries, missionary work, outreach programs and spread the Gospel (Glad Tidings). {See Acts - Jude KJV}
3.  Finally, Christians are the "salt" of the earth. What happens to salt when it loses its savor [distinctive quality]?  It is thrown out and trodden [walked on or trampled] under the feet of men. {See Matthew 5:13 KJV}  Does this sound familiar?  When Christians have financial problems or can barely pay their bills or feed themselves and family, who can they really help? No One or Very Few!!  
The True GOD, YHVH, is a GOD of plenty... not scarcity.  Try counting the number of water droplets it takes to make an ocean.  In addition, the three Great Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, were all wealthy men. {See Genesis Chapters 13-50 KJVSolomon is still the richest man that ever lived. {See I Kings Chapters 2-11 KJV
Far too many Christians spend too much time hoping and praying for more money rather than using their ordained power, available systems and methods. Effectively utilizing what already exist, will allow the overwhelming majority of Christians to increase their income and, in the process, acquire more wealth and blessings. Since these systems and methods already exist to obtain great wealth, individually and collectively, why not take advantage of them for practical reasons? 
After all, as heirs of Abraham and fellow heirs with Christ via the Gospel, Christians are entitled to GOD'S (YHVH'S) promises and blessings.  This includes the power to acquire wealth. {See Deuteronomy 8:18 Galatians 3:29 and Ephesians 3:6 KJV}
What Would Happen To Our Income If Every Christian In The
 "Body Of Christ" Decided To Give Each Other $1.00 In An Organized Manner? 
The Answer: We would all be cash millionaires. Think of the impact this would have on your life, your family, various ministries and the lives of others. Jesus the Christ did not come to Earth and was crucified so that "The Body of Christ" [hereafter called the Church and members of the Church] could live in poverty or live in perpetual economic fear. {See John 10:10 KJV}
Is This Much Income Possible?
The Answer: Yes.. but only if we can organize ourselves into a large enough group of people. This is the major advantage of being in a permament "Christian Income Network". Fortunately, a secular (not religious or connected to a "Church") online company already exist that can make this possible in a relatively short period of time. 
This group is called Reality Networkers.  Church leaders, members and groups should seriously consider using Reality's system to build the permanent network.  Remember:  We are to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  {See Matthew 10:16 KJV}  Using a system that is already in place saves time, money and effort.  Doing this will also allow many in "The Body of Christ" to generate genuine streams of multiple income.
Streams of multiple income means earning income from more than one or two sources. Using Reality as the organizational structure will not interfere with what you are doing now to earn a living, additional income or raise money for Church projects.  However, once in place, it will dramatically increase the amount of money available for projects, outreach and to spread the Gospel.  
In fact, this group of over 4,000,000 Networkers has the inherent capacity to give more people the opportunity to participate in income programs and allow more people to increase their income than any one company, individual, software program or organization and this includes your job or career if you have one.
Taking advantage of Reality Networkers resources and operational format levels the playing field and dramatically improves our ability to earn significant income on or off the Internet.  Even though there is no cost to become a Reality Networker, (technically speaking, that's what we will be) there are requirements that must be met before you can start earning income within this group.
This includes a onetime fee of $25.00 to become an active member and helping 5 others become active. This process of helping others become active is ongoing and continuous and is the same process by which all functioning and viable networks are established. 
Active members are eligible for earnings from other active members.  However, meeting these requirements should not be a problem for anyone 18 years or older. We all know people that can use additional income and the vast majority of people with jobs or income spend $25.00 or more on fast foods and/or snack items every year.
Therefore, anyone with regular income, regardless of the source, should be able to save the $25.00 membership fee over a 1 to 3 month period. You can learn more about the importance and benefits of being an active member after you join.
Do Better Methods Or Systems Exist?
If you can find better methods or systems than Reality Networkers to develop and put in place a secularly based permanent income network (not religious or connected to a "Church") that already exist, is not dependent on a product or service, pays you for organizing it, has more flexibility and can operate in every country simultaneously (at the same time) and at minimal effort and cost, contact us at: 
IDP is an abbreviation for Income Development Plan. All individuals involved in crafting the Income Developmet Plan concepts, implementation and operational strategy will report directly to their "Group Leaders".  "Group Leaders" will network with other Leaders around the world. If you follow our instructions you will avoid the errors others have made.  This is critical to your "Network's" long term growth and financial success and to overal success of the project.  EVERY NETWORK MUST SUCCEED.
Remember: To join this group and become an active member in a "Permanent Income Network" is absolutely free.  Click on our referral link and examine or investigate Reality Networkers for yourself. If you like what you see, join today. For the cost, accessibility, practicality and advantages, you won't find a better secular system to organize a functioning, viable and Permanent Christian Income Network that can be passed on from generation to generation.
Now.... How Much Income Do You Need
 To Earn To Support Yourself, Family & "The Body Of Christ"?
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