Why Christians Need A Permanent Income Network
A Permanent Network
Understanding The Goal & Purpose
Operating Within The IDP
Phase II Income Development Plan
Implementing Phase II IDP - Part A: GDI
Operating Within The IDP
Operating Within The IDP
The Income Development Plan
In order to maximize earnings effectively, individually and collectively, across a broad range of income possibilities, it was necessary to organize our efforts to increase our efficiency, save money, save time and avoid unnecessary duplication. This organized effort to increase our overall income for Church Leaders and members is called the Income Development Plan or simply, the IDP.
The Bottom Line Is: 
Christians need as much income & wealth as possible for a variety of different reasons. 
Never forget this fact:  Churches and Ministries need money and financial support to operate effectively.  The overwhelming majority of this revenue comes from the membership.  Consequently... 
Christians, as a group, have far more financial obligations than any other group and have more reasons to increase their income and acquire wealth than non Christians.  The wise use of financial wealth in the service of others and the work of the "Church" brings the blessings of GOD (YHVH). 
Because Christians need more income and wealth and for more earthly reasons, it is far more important to our collective and individual success that we implement and operate within the Income Development Plan with a willingness to communicate with each other and others, help each other and others and work with each other and others legally, professionally and with brotherly and sisterly love.  By doing this, we will establish and maintain a support system within the network itself. Therefore, any person or group will have access to information and/or assistance whenever needed. 


Compliance With Rules, Laws & Standards
As we begin implementing the Income Development Plan, we must make sure we are complying with all the legal rules and regulations of the State of South Carolina and the United States of America and its territories, while fulfilling our obligations to the Church, our families, vendors, customers, corporate sponsors and program participants.
All of us live by rules that are written in the Biblical text, the legal language of the law and, more often than not, those unwritten rules of courtesy, kindness and fairness.  Rules ensure our physical safety, assure us of fair and equal treatment, point the way to the achievement of our goals and replace friction with good will in social interaction.
Because we will be growing continuously, we must make a special effort to ensure our conduct is consistant with the best interests of our Church/es, vendors, customers and the community that will look to us for leadership and guidance relative to the Income Development Plan. Our personal behavior must; at all times, be morally responsible, ethical, socially acceptable and of the highest possible standard. 

As we grow and develop, we will have a unique relationship with the Christian community, the general& public, government/s, the business community/ies and the customers we will be serving.  Our continued existence depends on their confidence in us.  We must earn that confidence every day through the integrity, discretion and care with which all of us respond to their needs. 

We must also be aware of the socio-economic needs of the various publics that can benefit from implementing the Income Devlopment Plan, now commonly and hereafter called the IDP.  As stated on our Home Page, when government (local, state and/or federal), corporations and/or small businesses can no longer provide adequate employment for Church members, it is up to the Church Leadership and the Church Membership to do something. 
The IDP is the first step in that direction.  By taking this bold step, working men and women or anyone that desires to improve his/her socio-economic condition in life can do so through productive enterprise, education and personal development, rather than succumb to the corrupting influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, crime and/or violence.
In addition, we must never forget the debt of gratitude we owe to the vendors whose products and services we will be marketing.  Without their continued support, the IDP  would not be possible.  It is important to remember, that the skills and efforts of Church Leaders and Church members are essential to the continued success of the IDP.  Every person that enters into a contractural or voluntary relationship with us, is important to us.
Therefore, every Christian should always be the best he/she can be, by striving for excellence in our Christian Walk, personal life and in our business endeavors. Every Christian is encouraged to acquire new knowledge and skills, so he/she and the IDP can grow together.  Let us never forget our purpose for being, who we serve (GOD Almighty {YHVH} and the Lord Jesus the Christ) and why we are here.  Therefore, it is important that all involved and all the time promote the proper image of the IDP to the public.
Therefore, when you go out as a representative of the IDP, be neat, professional and conservatively attired, especially when you are actively engaged in marketing or selling goods and/or services to the general public or approaching someone about the IDP or introducing the IDP to others.
What The IDP Is Not
Even though it is very important to know what the IDP is, it is just as important to know what the IDP is not.  The IDP is not a company, small business, corporation, ad hoc committee, club or a mutual benevolent society.  The IDP is not an employment agency, job service, job bank, a Church ministry or a non profit organization, even though any Church ministry or non profit organization can use its concepts to increase income for its members or anyone that desires to increase his/her income from personal effort.  
The IDP does not pay salaries or wages, hires or fires, nor does it have officers.  The IDP is exactly what it is being described as being - A Plan - that allows Church leaders and Church members to organize around and within to effectively increase income for Church members so that they will be able to pay their tithes, increase offerings and improve their financial situation.
Because the IDP is secular in nature (not religious or connected to a "Church"), anyone, anywhere in the world can participate in it for reasons other than those mentioned.  Therefore, it is important to remember all income earned within the IDP is earned from individual effort, intelligent organization, personal commitment and GOD'S (YHVH'S) blessings. 


A Review - The Two Secular Companies
That Can Make A Permanent Income Network Possible
The two secular (not religious or connected to a "Church") companies that will greatly facilitate the development and implementation of a "Permanent Income Network" in the shortest possible period of time are:
1.  Reality Networkers.
2.  Global Domains, Inc (GDI)
You have already discovered the primary reason why Reality Networkers was chosen is because of its online organizational structure that is free of products, services and denominationalism.  In Phase II IDP, you will learn why Global Domains, Inc. / GDI, was chosen.  They key advantages to remember about GDI as you read and study Phase II IDP are:
A.  GDI has income generating capability, and....
B.  GDI also gives us the means by which an effective online information network can be established for all Church and/or Christian oriented Ministries by Church Leaders, Pastors and/or Ministers.  In many cases, tax benefits and savings for Church Leaders and members or anyone that chooses to participate can be realized for participants that live in the USA.  
To learn more about Phase II IDP, click the link in this paragraph or click "Next" at the bottom of this page.  As soon as groups are of sufficient size, and Group Leaders have emerged within Reality Networkers, then we can proceed to Phase III Income Development
Remember:  If you can find better methods or systems to develop and put in place a secularly based permanent income network (not religious or connected to a "Church") that already exist, is not dependent on a product or service, pays you for organizing it, has more flexibility and can operate in every country at minimal cost, and can accomplish every concept outlined on this page, contact us. 

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