Why Christians Need A Permanent Income Network
A Permanent Network
Understanding The Goal & Purpose
Operating Within The IDP
Phase II Income Development Plan
Implementing Phase II IDP - Part A: GDI
Phase II IDP For Church Leaders
Phase II IDP For Church Leaders
Phase II Income Development Plan
The Phase II Income Development Plan (IDP) for Church Leaders is being developed to increase the income of Church leaders; that is, Bishops, Pastors, Ministers, Members of the Deacon Board, Board of Directors, Leaders of Outreach Services and Field and Church Ministries, Church Officials, Department Heads, Missionary Services, Secretaries, Usher Boards and anyone that has a leadership role or position in the Church.  This allows you to receive blessings from paying tithes and increasing the size of your offering to and for GOD'S (YHVH'S) work.    
The IDP is being developed so that every Church and/or non profit and/or Christian organization in America or anywhere in the world can use our developmental concepts and take advantage of our financial support. Greater income for Church members will be realized as the IDP is introduced to more Churches and/or non profit and/or Christian groups.
Christians Need As Much Income &
Wealth As Possible For A Variety Of Different Reasons  
Never forget this fact:  Churches and Ministries need money and financial support to operate effectively.  The overwhelming majority of this revenue comes from the membership.  Consequently...  Christians, as a group, have far more financial obligations than any other group and have more reasons to increase their income and acquire wealth than non Christians.
Therefore, the objective of Phase II IDP is not only to increase the income of Church Leaders, but also to improve and expand overall operational efficiency for more effective ministerial work within the Church and to the various publics the Church serves.  An effective ministerial network will have Information availabe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the various websites that will be constructed.  
The overall goal and purpose is to create and implement an effective and interconnected online information network of Biblical Teaching, Consulting, Beneficial Resources and Support Services for Church members and the general public. As stated previously, the focus of our attention is to grow and expand beyond Orangeburg, South Carolina to include the State of South Carolina, America and communities around the world.
This bi-level strategy was devised so that Church members can operate effectively in their respective ministries and Church Leaders can operate effectively in theirs without duplication.  Also, as previously stated, this bi-level approach increases efficiency, proficiency and overall effectiveness.    
Using Global Domains, Inc / Website.Ws
As An Income Source & Hosting & Domain Registration
This information module is written for Church Leaders because every Church Leader or Leadership Group should have an individual website explaining or describing the ministry within the Church and to the various publics their particular ministry serves. These minisitries should be interconnected with online links to other Church ministries as well as information sources. Using Global Domains, Inc., (hereafter called GDI) as the source for hosting and domain registration creates an additional income stream for Church Leaders.
How Does Using GDI Create
An Additional Income Stream For Church Members & Leaders?
GDI pays a 10% commission on the monthly registration fee while providing excellent hosting and registration services.  The monthly fee for maintaining and hosting a website is only $10.00. Therefore, using this company  will return 10% or $1.00 every month - this is the same percentage as the tithe. 
This is not a large amount of income when considered by itself.  However, when viewed in the context of thousands of Churches, Ministries, Church Leadership Groups, Businesses and individuals needing online information capability and/or Internet exposure, the income from the GDI aspect of  Phase II IDP can easily, collectively speaking, run into millions of dollars.  Having a home business based on a needed service also provides an unexpected tax advantage and benefit for Church Leaders or any Church member that desires to participate in the IDP.
The Tax Advantages & Benefits Of A Home Business 
In order to increase the amount of personal income to pay tithes and increase offerings, the IDP not only focuses on earning income, it also focuses on saving money.  Both are an integral part of the plan.  Money saved is the same as income earned.  Therefore, saving $500.00 a month is the same as earning $500.00 a month, and a portion of these additional savings can now be used to pay tithes and increase offerings.
The following information applies to USA residents ONLY!  The advantages and benefits of a home business for Church Leaders and members that desire to participate are based on current tax codes.  Since politicians can change tax laws virtually at will, it will always be wise and prudent to check with a tax consultant, a tax attorney or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to make sure you are meeting the guidelines and requirements for the tax deductions during any tax year.
When you have a home business you are blessed with a variety of tax deductions. Not only can you claim almost every penny spent, you can also deduct the expenses you incur.   Additional possible deductions include the business portion of your home. Business portion means that percentage of your home you are using for business purposes.   Again, check with a tax consultant to see if there is a maximum limit for the area of your home you can claim as a business portion in South Carolina.  If you do not live in South Carolina, check for limitations in your state.  
The best way to calculate the home business area is, first calculate the square footage of the entire house.  In this example, we will use a 3 bedroom that is 24 feet x 76 feet. This equals 1,824 square feet.
Let's assume for the sake of this example, that the room you are using for your home business is 12 feet x 14 feet.  This equals 168 square feet. 
Divide the total square footage of the house into the space you are using for your home business to calculate the area used for business purposes.  In this example, that will be 168 square feet divided by 1,824 square feet (168 \ 1,824).  This equals (.09).  .09 x 100 = 9%.
Therefore, in this example, you can claim 9% of your home for business use.  This 9% can be used to calculate and claim a 9% tax deduction for heating and cooling your business area. 
Let's assume your utility bill is $200.00 a month.  This is $200.00 a month times 12 months.  This equals $2,400.00 a year.
$2,400.00 x 9% or (.09) = $216.00 that is tax deductible.  Apart from claiming the 9% or (.09) for your heating and cooling, you may be able to use the same percentage to calculate and claim a tax deduction for the following:
  • Mortgage Interest
  • Rent
  • Home Telephone (If there is only one phone)
  • Internet
  • Expenses for maintenance and repair
  • Property Taxes
  • Home Insurance
If you have a separate phone for Internet business use and Internet access, this entire expense is tax deductible, including the cost of maintaining your website/s, domain and registration.  In addition to the above, you also may be able to deduct the indirect expenses incurred with regard to your home business. They are:
  • Meals and entertainment for business related reasons.
  • Business travel expenses.
  • Office supplies such as printer, cartridges, paper etc.
  • Advertising costs.
  • Equipment you purchase for use in your business, such as a computer.
You can also deduct spouse and children for your home business if you employ them. You can even set up a pension plan while operating a home business and you can also deduct any losses you have incurred based on the circumstances.
Certain restrictions apply as to who can use this benefit,
as per IRS the following applies:

“To deduct expenses related to the business use of part of your home, you must meet specific requirements.  Even then, your deduction may be limited.

Your use of the business part of your home must be:

1.  Exclusive 
2.  Regular,
3.  For your trade or business, and........

The business part of your home must be one of the following:

1.  Your principal place of business,
2.  A place where you meet or deal with patients, clients, or customers in the normal course of your trade or business, or
3.  A separate structure (not attached to your home) you use in connection with your trade or business.

Since tax laws and codes are subject to change and there may be limitations as to how much you can legally deduct, be sure to check first, before filing your tax returns.  In addition, donations and contributions to Churches and Church related Ministries, Maintenance, Support Services, Outreach Programs, Missionary Services and Online Information Services are tax deductible.
Is GDI The Only Source
Of Addditional Income For Church Leaders?
Answer:  No... Like Reality Networkers, the income Church Leaders and/or members can earn from tax savings is very small when compared to the larger income objective.  Since tax savings are subject to the whim of politicians, it is not a long term consideration or an integral part of our larger income earning strategy.  These savings may be temporary at best, even though they are available today.
The other and most notable difference between Reality Networkers and GDI is income from GDI is more or less continuous and is not limited to $3,120.00.  Income from GDI can be huge.  Reality Networkers is only the organizing means by which the permanent income network is established and the means by which Group Leaders are determined and selected.
When fully implemented and completed, Church income from the GDI portion of Phase II IDP can be over $500,000.00 a month.  For more information concerning how GDI is integrated into Phase II IDP, contact us:
Remember:  If you can find a better methods or systems to develop and put in place a secularly based permanent income network (not religious or connected to a "Church") that already exist, is not dependent on a product or service, pays you for organizing it, has more flexibility and can operate in every country at minimal cost, contact us by using the above referenced email address.

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