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A Permanent Network
Understanding The Goal & Purpose
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Phase II Income Development Plan
Implementing Phase II IDP - Part A: GDI
How To Implement Phase II IDP - Part A: GDI
How To Effectively
Implement Phase II IDP - Part A: GDI
Implementing Phase II IDP
 Part A: GDI For Maximum Financial Benefit
All income generation begins with "Group Leaders" for reasons that have already been covered.  Church members and the remaining Church Leadership's duty, role and responsibility are to support the Ministers, Pastors, Missionaries and/or Evangelist in the work GOD (YHVH) has called him/her to do. The same is true for everyone that GOD (YHVH) has given a ministry and/or "Outreach Service" to perform. 
Consequently, these men and women that are  called by GOD (YHVH), need the support of the remaining "Body of Christ" that has not been called into a particular ministry to the general public. Every Christian has a duty and responsibility to spread the Gospel.  Consequently, ......
Christians Need As Much Income &
Wealth As Possible For A Variety Of Different Reasons 
Never forget this fact:  Churches and Ministries need money and financial support to operate effectively.  The overwhelming majority of this revenue comes from the membership.  Consequently... 
Christians, as a group, have far more financial obligations than any other group and have more reasons to increase their income and acquire wealth than non Christians. The wise use of financial wealth in the service of others and the work of the "Church" brings the blessings of GOD (YHVH).  {See Proverbs 28:20 KJV}
Because Christians need more income and wealth and for more earthly reasons, therefore, except where an income program and/or opportunity has already been entered into by a "Group Leader" all income programs will be entered into first by the Bishop or Pastor and then the remaining Church Leadership and membership will join him or follow him. 
This insures income for Church leaders and helps eliminate or reduce the need for salaries and/or wages to be solely dependent on Church donations or contributions. The same will be true for all other Churches and their Leadership that need additional financial support to teach and preach GOD'S (YHVH's) Word and the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. {See Romans 1:16 and 15:19 KJV}
Understanding Biblical Numerics
 Can Help You Develop An Effective Income Matrix
In order to completely understand why Phase II IDP - Part A: GDI will be implemented in its current form, method and manner for maximum financial benefit, you will need a working knowledge of key numbers in scripture or the Biblical text. 
  1 is the Biblical number for Beginning & Unity
  3 is the Biblical number for Resurrection - Divine Completeness - Perfection
  5 is the Biblical number for Grace
  7 is the Biblical number for Completeness - Spiritual - Perfection
  9 is the Biblical number for Fruit of the Spirit & Divine Completeness From the Lord
10 is the Biblical number for Testimony - Law & Responsibility
25 is the Biblical number for Forgiveness Of Sin
40 is the Biblical number for Trials - Probation & Testing
50 is the Biblical number for The Holy Spirit & Pentecost
Consequently, business development strategies will proceed according to the above numbers. The entire Church Body will be basically working within GOD's (YHVH's) numerical system. This simply means networks can be established using numbers for easier understanding and implementation. 
Therefore, any person or group can network effectively and numerically by using matrices (plural for matrix). For example: A matrix can be a 3x5 (3 across and 5 levels deep). A 5x6 is 5 across and 6 levels deep. Income from each level is added together. You can also have unlimited first level or a set number for first level growth. Every level in a matrix is someone's first level.
In Phase II IDP - Part A: GDI, every person that has a ministry will join first, then network with other ministries until he/she reaches 50 - the number for the Holy Spirit & Pentecost.  By the time this process is complete, there will be a fully funded and complete worldwide network for information; as well as, individual and/or group spiritual growth and development.
Remember:  Every Church Leader or individual that has a ministry should have his/her own website that explains and describes the work he/she is doing for "The Body of Christ" and the general public. These sites should link together to establish and maintain a comprehensive online information network. Like in Reality Networkers, this process of enrolling others is ongoing and continuous.
What Are The Reasons
& Purpose Behind This Enrollment Strategy?
There is a single purpose and several reasons for this particular enrollment strategy. The purpose of this particular enrollment process is to insure Church Leaders and/or individuals with "Outreach Ministries" maximize earnings from Phase II IDP - Part A: GDI.
The first reason:  This particular enrollment method will help re-allocate financial resources away from businesses and organizations that do not support Churches or Church ministries to those that do.
The second reason:  This procedure will also allow Church members to capture a larger share of the Christian market for domains and hosting on the Internet. If a Church must have an online presence, then..., why not earn income from it and use that income to pay tithes and increase offerings? {See Malachi 3:10; Luke 18:12; and Hebrews 7:9 KJV}
The third reason:  The more Christian oriented websites that are on the Internet, the more people will see the Gospel message and have access to Spiritual Consuling and Resource Material.
The fourth reason:  This unique enrollment process effectively organizes the income flow to the Church, Church Leaders and to Church members from a specific market group that is spending billions annually on obtaining, maintaining and promoting websites.
Finally, more Church members will have home businesses that will allow them to reduce their personal tax burdens.  As stated previously, tax savings may be limited and short term, but, a dollar saved is a dollar earned that can be used to pay tithes and offerings. 
In addition, more Church members will be earning supplemental income to reduce or eliminate financial debt burdens. Therefore, more Church members will be able to pay their tithes and increase their offering. 
Now that you have read the reasons why these companies were chosen and if you can find better companies, methods or systems to develop and put in place a secularly based permanent income network (not religious or connected to a "Church") that already exist, is not dependent on a product or service, pays you for organizing it, has more flexibility and can operate in every country at minimal cost, contact us:

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