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Understanding The Goal & Purpose
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Understanding The Goal & Purpose

Understanding The Goal & Purpose

Christians Need As Much Income &
Wealth As Possible For A Variety Of Different Reasons
In Yeshua Ha Machiach's name, goodness and mercy shall follow Bishop Prophet Earl J. Johnson, Jr., all the days of his life.
Remember:  Churches and Ministries need money and financial support to operate effectively.  The overwhelming majority of this revenue comes from the membership.  Consequently...  Christians, as a group, have far more financial obligations than any other group and have more reasons to increase their income and acquire wealth than non Christians. 
Therefore, our collective goal is to put in place a "Permanent Income Network" that will benefit the members and institutions within "The Body of Christ" [hereafter called Church members] and the various publics we serve, i.e., the homeless, elderly, sick, depressed, lost, orphans, widows, those experiencing family crisis, missionary services, education, addictions, destructive personal and/or group behaviors of all kinds and outreach programs, just to mention a few.
Our primary purpose is to increase our income, individually and collectively to pay tithes and offerings so that we can contribute more financially to spread the Gospel and support the work of the "Church" and various ministries.  By doing this, the love and goodness manifested in Christ can be seen within us and by the deeds we do in the service of others. 
The two secular (not religious or connected with a "Church") companies that have been identified as having the operational structure needed for such a massive undertaking like putting in place a permanent income network are Reality Networkers and Global Domains, Inc. / GDI.  
On this page we will discuss the benefits and advantages of becoming a Reality Networker. Later, we will go into more detail and outline why these two companies were chosen to begin the process.
Can Church Members
Earn Money Within Reality Networkers?
Answer:  Yes... While we are in the process of building the "Permanent Income Network", we can also earn money within Reality Networkers.  This is accomplished by helping others become active.  Active means an individual has paid his/her onetime $25.00 membership fee. Reality rewards individuals that help others become active by paying a commission for this work when a task is completed.  This is a tremendous benefit to Church leaders and members.
Your first task is to pay your $25.00 membership fee.  This can be paid before, during or after you have 5 people or team members in your group.  When this task is completed, you will be a Confirmed Level 1 Member.
You + $25.00 Membership Fee = A Level 1 Member
Your second task is to help at least 5 people besides yourself become active. When you have completed this task, you will earn a commission of $40.00. Your organizational growth will look like the following illustrations. 
You + 5 Active Members = $40.00 - You will be a Level 2 Member
Your third task is to help these five help 5 others become active. When you have completed this task, you will earn a commission of $100.00.
You + 5 + 25 Active Members = $100.00 - You will be a Level 3 Member
Your fourth task will be to help the 25 repeat the process of finding 5 people each that they can help become active. When you complete this task you will earn a commission of $500.00. 
You + 5 + 25 + 125 Active Members = $500.00 - You will be a Level 4 Member
This is the $640.00 that is reserved for you when you join and how it is earned. This process of helping others become active can be done very quickly or very slowly depending on the individual and individual financial situations. 
Since Reality Networkers limits commission payments to completed 5x6 matrices, your total earnings within Reality for this work is $3,120.00. This income is earned from a onetime membership fee of $25.00. 
As stated on our Home Page, this process of helping others become active is ongoing and continuous until the network is completely developed.  For the remaining levels, earnings and additional information, go to your Compensation Page when you join.  It will be on the Menu in the Members Area. Remember: To become a Reality Networker is free.
A Review Of The Primary Goal & Purpose?
Our primary goal is to develop and put in place a "Permanent Income Network".  Our primary purpose is to increase our income, individually and collectively, so that all of us will be able to pay our tithes and offerings, take care of our personal and family needs and increase our financial capacity to support the work of the "Church" in spreading the Gospel, so that more people can be saved and served. Never before in the history of the Christian Church has a network been organized by Church members solely and expressly for this purpose.
Why Was Reality Networkers Chosen?
1.  It is a secular (not religious or connected to a "Church") organization with high standards, open entry, no product or service affiliation and no religious affiliation.  This allows Church members to organize a viable, permanent, functioning income generating network in the secular business community free of denominationalism.  
2.  Reality Networkers has the structure already in place that can handle the growth of a permanent comprehensive network involving millions of people.  The $25.00 onetime membership fee is small when compared to the advantages having access to this state of the art technology affords.  In time, we will be able to design and establish our own state of the art information and communication system.
3.  Reality Networkers is the only organized structure on the Internet that can accommodate everything we are doing now and might be doing in the future to raise money for Church ministries, members and community outreach programs. This can now be done simultaneously.
4.  We do not have to abandon one concept for another, one program for another, one product or service for another, divide our financial resources, divide our attention or limit income opportunities or fund raising interest. Since one structured format does it all, this reduces limitations and broadens and expands the income opportunity selection process. 
5.  Our long term goal is for Church members to take advantage of every legitimate income opportunity Group Leaders can find online and off. When we complete this process, our network organization can dominate every conceivable income opportunity GOD has blessed the human mind to create now and in the future. 
6.  With over 4,000,000 people already in place and growing daily, there are bound to be hundreds or thousands that will be interested in our products, services, information or income opportunities as long as they have genuine value; such as saving money, earning money or enhancing or improving an individual's or company's current financial position. It is not difficult to visualize the short term and long term financial implications of this becoming a reality.
As stated previously, if every member of "The Body of Christ" sent each other $1.00, we would all be millionaires. The cash and wealth within such a network would stagger the mind. 

7.  Networking is the most viable, cost effective and practical method available to Church Members by which we can organize ourselves effectively and permanently across denominational lines to receive income from more than one income source. This is a major fund raising; as well as, business building advantage that has maximum flexibility.
8.  Reality Networkers also assigns people to our groups from many countries. These individuals are technically called a downline.  Having members in our groups from different countries dramatically increases our overall effectiveness, growth and income earning potential, not only in America, but around the world. However; this is not always beneficial or even desired.
What Are The Advantages
 Of Organizing A Permanent Income Network?
The first advantage:  Unlike 99% of income opportunities in the world today, we are not organizing ourselves around a product or service.  Therefore, our organizational structure is not an either-or proposition or win-lose.  We do not have to stop what we are currently doing to raise money for Church programs and outreach services.
The second advantage:  Organizing within Reality is a win-win actuality for all involved including our families, friends, relatives, neighbors, associates and other Churches because it is much easier to discuss the advantages of being in a "Permanent Income Network" with anyone that needs or desires more discretionary (extra) income compared to not being in one.  Individual help or assistance within a "Permanent Income Network" is rapid and immediate.  There is no waiting period or forms to fill out.
The third advantage:  In today's high-tech industrialized economies, it is very difficult for governments, corporations, institutions and small businesses to find jobs and/or employ hundreds of thousands.  A network can easily accommodate and benefit millions.  Our long term goal is to build a  permanent functioning income generating network of 40,000,000 people worldwide. The income from this network staggers the imagination. We will be the largest Christian organization of it's kind in the world.
The fourth advantage:  Church members will not only be able to market products, programs, services and/or opportunities to the general public, we can also work within the network itself. We will accomplish our objective one person or group at a time and grow one level at a time. In the early stages of our growth and development, our sole responsibility will be to build the network.
Why Is Building A Permanent Network First So Important?
First:  In traditional networking opportunities, you can spend a lot of time, energy and resources trying to build a network with and around a single product or service; or at best, 2 or 3 products and/or services. Even though a few people do manage to earn excellent incomes using this method, this approach limits income potential because the vast majority rarely succeed. 
Second:  Inside Reality, Church members can build the network first and earn some income during this building phase. After the building phase is complete or depending on the financial needs of Church members, Group Leaders can introduce products, services or opportunities to the network for sale to the general public. This process can be accelerated at anytime.  Currently no Church or Church organization can offer products or services effectively to the general public.
Third:  Building a permanent network first, allows Church members to market hundreds of products and services simultaneously, thus enhancing maximum earning potential and securing a dominating position wherever we go. Therefore, members do not have to jump from product to product, service to service, program to program or opportunity to opportunity or limit their earning capacity. Having the advantage of one organized structure, not only saves time and financial resources, it also promotes rapid growth and implementation.
Fourth:  Establishing a "Permanent Income Network" eliminates being dependent on any single company and its products or services. If any company goes out of business for any reason, our network stays intact.  In the past, when a company went out of business, the entire network was lost. A "Permanent Income  Network" prevents this from happening.
Finally:  Having a permanent intact network means companies and advertisers will eventually come to us.  We will not have to go to them.  The same is true for people in our communities.  You will not have to contact them, they will eventually be contacting you.
Is Reality Networkers The Only Source Of Additional Income?
Answer:  No... In fact, the income Church members can earn by completing task within Reality Networkers is very small and is not continuous, nor is it an integral part of our larger income earning strategy. As Group Leaders emerge within the network, their responsibility will be to find income opportunities, products, services and even viable business and invest instruments for Church members to participate in.  Group leaders will be anyone that has an organization of 125 active members within Reality Networkers. As stated earlier, this process can be accelerated, which would allow for smaller groups and more Group Leaders.
Who Initiated The Income Development Plan For Church Members?
Bishop Earl J. Johnson, Jr. - Founder of Bible Believers.
Why Is All This Being Done?
1.  We have a duty, obligation and responsibility to spread the Gospel (The Good News; Glad Tidings; The teachings of Jesus the Christ and the Apostles concerning salvation and eternal life). Church members will have the financial means necessary to effectively support Pastors and Ministers as they go forth to preach and teach GOD'S (YHVH'S) word.  This can be anywhere in the world or wherever the Holy Spirit leads or directs.  
2.  Developing multiple income sources can supplement or create additional income for Church members so that Church revenues can be stabilized for the long term from tithes and offerings. Therefore, Pastors and Ministers can devote more time to prayer and worship during the actual service. Paying tithes and increasing offerings, will also allow Church leaders, Pastors and/or Ministers to take care of their families and do the work GOD (YHVH) called them to do without financial pressures or stresses.  
3.  In addition, Pastors and Ministers can devote more time and resources to attending to the needs of their respective congregations. The role and function of the Church membership is to provide the support systems and structures; financial and otherwise, that will allow the men and women called by GOD (YHVH) to function more effectively. In the event the current economic crisis continues or worsens, Church members will have the financial resources not only to help themselves, they will have much more financial capacity to assist others, other Churches and/or community based groups.
4.  Even if the world's economy does improve, Church members will be in a much stronger financial position not only to maintain their respective Church/es, they will also have the financial means to sustain programs and/or support services for the needy anywhere in the world. 
5.  Having more income individually will also allow more Church members to free themselves from the debilitating impact of being in debt and not having enough discretionary (extra) income.
6.  Increasing personal income allows the Church membership; collectively, to fund and maintain current and future outreach programs and missionary services wherever they are needed and as needed.
7.  And the most important reason of all:  By our commitment to GOD'S (YHVH'S) work, we will let the people in our communities, state, nation and the world see Christ in all of us. The Church as a body of believers are ambassadors for Christ and GOD'S (YHVH'S) Kingdom. {See 2 Corinthians 5:20 KJV}
If anyone wants to know why you are joining a "Permanet Income Network" and the nature, goal and purpose of the work you are doing or other Church members, please direct them to this website. The temporary online address is:
Please make sure those you inform type this address in a browser window and not a search box. Your browser window is normally at the top of the page when you go online.  Because this site is temporary, until a permanent site can be constructed, it will not be indexed on Yahoo, Bing, Google, MetaCrawler, Excite or any major search engine.  Information concerning the hosting of this website is at the bottom of the page.
Remember:  If you can find a better method or system to develop and put in place a secularly based "Permanent Income Network" (not religious or connected to a "Church") that already exist, is not dependent on a product or service, pays you for organizing it, has more flexibility and can operate in every country at minimal cost, or if you have any additional questions concening this phase of the Income Development Plan for Church members contact us:  
IDP is an abbreviation for Income Development Plan. All individuals involved in crafting the Income Developmet Plan concepts, implementation and operational strategy will report directly to his/her "Group Leader". Now that you have a much broader understanding of the overall goal and purpose, it should not be a problem to build Phase I of the "Permanent Income Network" for Church members.
Phase II IDP For Church Leaders
The Phase II Income Development Plan (IDP) for Church Leaders is being developed to increase the income of Church leaders; that is, the Bishop, Pastors, Ministers, Members of the Deacon Board, Board of Directors, Leaders of Outreach Services and Field and Church Ministries, Church Officials, Department Heads, Missionary Services, Secretaries, Usher Boards and anyone that has a leadership role or position so they will also be able to receive blessings by paying tithes and increasing the size of their offering for GOD's work.  The difference, they also have leadership responsibilities within the Church. 
The focus of our attention is to grow and expand beyond Orangeburg, South Carolina to include the State of South Carolina, America and communities around the world.  The objective of Phase II IDP is not only to increase income, but also to improve and expand overall operational efficiency for more effective ministerial work within the Church and the various publics the Church serves. Information will be availabe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the various websites that will be constructed.  
The overall goal and purpose is to create and implement an effective and interconnected information network of online information, Biblical Teaching, Consulting, Beneficial Resources and Support Services for Church members and the general public. 
The Phase II IDP website was written and developed specifically for Church Leaders. However, any Church member can have access. The above link has been provided for your convenience. This bi-level strategy was devised so that Church members can operate effectively in their respective ministries and Church Leaders can operate effectively in theirs without duplication.  This increases efficiency, proficiency and overall effectiveness.    
In order to develop a comprehensive, effective and long term permanent income network for Church members, all income opportunities will be decided by "Group Leaders" from within the Network to insure maximum benefit to Church members. If you have an income opportunity, business concept, idea or any value oriented program from which legitimate, sustainable income can be realized, please contact your "Group Leader". 
To learn more about how to operate within the IDP click here.

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