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Unity International, Inc.’s

Accommodating Directors & Their Future


By:  George M. Sistrunk

        National Sales Director & Accommodating Director


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Accommodating Directors are unique to Unity International. It is the Accommodating Director's responsibility to ensure the corporation is run efficiently. Any problems are quickly rectified and it is the responsibility, obligation and duty of Unity’s Accommodating Directors to ensure corporate standards of professionalism, governance and the commitment to excellence are maintained. Accomplishing the goals of Unity’s General Partners, Affiliates and/or Shareholders is the primary function of the Board of Directors.   

Unity’s Accommodating Directors also ensure budgets are controlled,  profit margins are met, businesses remain competitive and staffs are well trained; as well as, properly managed. In the event of malfeasance, breach of trust or any violation of Unity’s commitment to its General Partners, Affiliates and/or Shareholders by any member(s) of Unity’s Board of Directors, it is the Accommodating Director’s responsibility and duty to notify General Partners, Affiliates and/or Shareholders of the breach so that action can be taken that includes, but is not limited to the resignation of any or all Board of Directors that may be involved in any breach of trust.

Under Unity’s Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, Accommodating Directors are the eyes and ears of Unity’s General Partners and/or Shareholders during Board Meetings and they have the authority to contact shareholders directly and must always act in the best interest of Unity’s General Partners and/or Shareholders.

When Unity was officially incorporated on February 20, 1996, Unity International, Inc., became the first corporation ever formed in the African American segment of America’s corporate business structure to have Accommodating Directors that monitor board room activity and/or agendas to ensure compliance with Unity’s Articles of Incorporation, goals, objectives and/or mandates of Unity’s General Partners and/or Shareholders.

Finally, it is the responsibility and duty of Unity’s Accommodating Directors to provide access to Unity’s Records and/or Accounting Books to any General Partner, Affiliate and/or Shareholder that may desire to see them during normal business hours and by appointment from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday – Friday and from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. on Saturdays. 


Why Unity Needs Accommodating Directors?


            To answer the question asked in the title of this section, Unity needs Accommodating Directors to oversee Boardroom activity and to insure the Board of Directors work for the shareholders and not themselves.  A Board of Directors is composed of human beings, and like all human beings they have all the weaknesses that are inherent in all humans. Therefore, a Board of Directors can willfully and knowingly act in their own self interest and not in the best interest of Unity’s Shareholders.  Unity’s Board of Directors can lose sight of the fact that they work for Unity's Shareholders and have a duty and responsibility to manage corporate affairs so that all Shareholders benefit financially, not just the Board members.


Unity also needs Accommodating Directors to maintain open lines of communication between Unity's Shareholders and the Board. Therefore, when Board members cannot be reached, to address a Shareholder/s concern/s, Unity’s Shareholders can always contact an Accommodating Director. It was and still is, the Accommodating Directors responsibility and duty to make sure Shareholder concerns are addressed at Board meetings and not cast aside, ignored or delayed to some future date. Corporate malfeasance can happen in any corporation, and at anytime. Unlike many corporations, Unity has the added advantage of having Directors that monitor Boardroom activity so that Unity’s Bylaws and State and Federal laws; relative to corporate governance, are followed to the letter.



Accommodating Directors Efforts to Save Unity in 1996


In 1996, when Unity’s former Board began operating outside of Unity’s Bylaws and South Carolina’s statues governing corporate operations; as well as, ignoring shareholders concerns, Unity’s Accommodating Directors notified the shareholders of the breach of trust. On August 28, 1996, pursuant to South Carolina’s Code of Laws, and Unity’s Bylaws, a Special Meeting was called for and held at the Southern Lodge at the corner of Ellis Avenue and Chestnut Street in Orangeburg, South Carolina. {Click here to study & review SECTION 33-7-102(a)-(d) SC Code of Laws.}


At the August 28, 1996, meeting, Dr. Joyner, his supporters and followers were voted out and asked to submit their resignations, so that another Board of Directors could be elected. In the event a Board was not elected, Unity’s Shareholders, by agreement could have continued Unity by themselves. It was after this meeting, that the renegade administration of Dr. Clarence Joyner began in earnest. The Registered Agent’s Office was moved in violation of Unity’s Bylaws and South Carolina law.  {Click here to review and study SECTION 33-5-102 SC Code of Laws.}


Documents that had to be filed with SEC for non registered securities were not filed, corporate taxes were not paid and Unity lost the Arthur Treacher’s multi-franchise opportunity to own all the Arthur Treacher's and keep them open or sell them to Shoney's. In order to complete the multi-franchise agreement with Arthur Treacher’s, Unity had to acquire a second franchise by the end of December 1996. This is a standard procedure in multi-franchise agreements.  Unity's multi-franchise agreement with Arthur Treacher's was based on George Sistrunk's capitalization model that is based on Otis Harrison's concept of "many paying a little" that was approved and accepted by Arthur Treacher’s President, Board of Directors, Corporate Attorneys and Chief Financial Officer. {Click here to learn more about multi-franchise agreements.} {Click here to learn more about the advantages of multi-franchise development and ownership.}


Unity’s capitalization model is still based on Otis Harrison’s concept of "many paying a little"; and George Sistrunk’s ©Transition Documents that makes Otis Harrison’s concept a functioning reality that substantially complies with Federal law, South Carolina law and the Uniform Commercial Code. Since Unity is frozen in time, when Unity is re-instated by the Secretary of State, Unity will still have its Accommodating Directors. {Click here to review Unity's Private Placement Memorandum.} {Click here & scroll down the page to review & study Why Unity Can Be Franchised, But Never Duplicated.}



Are Accommodating Directors Needed in 2015?


The answer is NO.  New technologies such as Webinars, Video Streaming, Podcasts, Cell Phones with recording capabilities and Internet Channels that were not available in 1996, now render the position of Accommodating Director obsolete. New technology now makes it possible for every Board meeting to be televised to every shareholder that has a cell phone and/or a computer. This will be a live telecast as it is happening. {Click here to learn more about web conferencing.} {Click here to learn the definition of Webinar.}


These technological breakthroughs that were pioneered by the English in 1979, the Germans in 1987 and perfected in 1997, and Apple in 2001 will save Unity hundreds of thousands of dollars in staffing, recordkeeping, mailing, paper and printing cost. Votes can be entered by clicking a mouse or tapping on a cell phone’s keypad and entered on Unity’s website instantaneously. Therefore, any shareholder can review the meeting at any time. Shareholder concerns can also be entered simultaneously for the Board's consideration during the meetings and these concerns can also be saved to any computer file. {Click here to learn more about podcasting.} {Click here learn more about Internet Channels.}


New technologies now make it possible to save millions in travel expenses for shareholders. When Unity maximizes growth to 200,000 Shareholders, Unity must bear the cost of meals, travel to and from meetings, lodgings and logistics for 200,000 people every year. Naturally, Shareholders must bear the travel expenses for spouses, guest, relatives, friends and children. Remember: Shareholders own Unity and its assets, this is why these expenses must be paid from corporate earnings. In addition, there are not very many facilities that can house 200,000 people under one roof.  With the advent of these new technologies, Unity is poised to reach its growth potential and capitalization potential in 36 months or less, after re-instatement. {Click here to discover how to get Unity's own TV Station to televise shareholder meetings to 200,000 shareholders.} {Click here to review South Carolina Law SECTIONS 33-14-210 to 230 relative to Administrative Dissolution & Re-instatement Requirements.}


Therefore, based on verifiable facts and Black America's historical reality, it is in the best financial interest of Black people living in South Carolina and anywhere else in America, to stop wasting what little financial resources we do have and to start saving our money now; so we can collectively fund, build and own as many corporations as possible, as fast as possible and acquire as many income producing assets as soon as possible. If not for ourselves, then for our children and their future.



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