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How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Your Books
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As all of you probably know, George Sistrunk has been encouraging everyone in Unity or associated with Unity to write a How To Book or a How To Manual to sell and/or market to the general public.  The reason for this insistence is because Unity International, Inc., is the world’s first and only corporation that is based on New Age Capitalism™. Many paying a little, to fund or capitalize a world class “C” corporation, that has the ability to capitalize to hundreds of millions of dollars. This is not a pipe dream.... it is an absolute fact. All of us are the living proof of this fact. New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™ are the only economic engines that have ever been developed by Black people in over 200 years of living in America and in over 600 hundred years of being slaves and the descendents of slaves in Western civilization.


Unity is the mother and father of all New Age Corporations™ that will come after us. Therefore, we have more than a duty and responsibility, we have a moral obligation to our families, the Black community living now and to generations that have yet to be born. You now have an opportunity to be a part of something great. You now have an opportunity to create a real future for our children for the first time in world history. You now have an opportunity to do something only a fortunate few have ever had..and that is to live history, rather than read about it in a book.


Everything relative to New Age Capitalism™ and its mandated New Age Corporations™ must be written as it is implemented, tested, proven, refined and developed. There are no schools, colleges, universities, online courses, home study courses, webinars, educational seminars, business opportunity courses, conference calls or anything else you can consult about New Age Capitalism™ or New Age Corporations™. The world must come to Unity and Unity's owners.


The only guidance we have are the corporate laws, rules and regulations that govern all corporations, beyond that, there is absolutely nothing. Everything we do, learn or discover through trial and error or by devine insight will help others utilize this corporate concept and system to grow and develop. There is no one else to rely on to do this. All of us have been sucked into the vortex of history. We are living the history of a new concept and a new reality that has never existed before.. and we are living this reality as it is happening; therefore, we are the only people qualified to write the books and the manuals to manage it, operate it and govern it.


The best way to start is to use a title that is indicative of what you have to do. For Example: The Chair of the Owners Standing Committee book title is; How To Be A Chairwoman Of A New Corporation™'s Standing Committee. The Corporate Secretary's book title is: How To Be A Corporate Secretary In A New Age Corporation™. The title of a board member's book is; How To Be A Board Member In A New Age Corporation™. I am sure by now, you have a general idea how to begin the process. Since job descriptions, duties and responsibilities are similar around the world, there are books upon books for resource material, including the philosophy book that is nearing completion. Like George Sistrunk said at the meeting on August 10, 2015, "Unity is the only corporation in the world that can make everyone in this room millionaires." 


Then there are publications that we all must write together such as, How To Write The Bylaws of a New Age Corporation™, The Internal Operating Procedures Of A New Age Corporation™, The Policy Manual Of A New Age Corporation™, The Procedural Manual Of A New Age Corporation™. How To Organize A Standing Committee For A New Age Corporation™. How To Be A Chairwoman Of The Acquisition Committee In A New Age Corporation™. Therefore, when we have to use other sources for information it is best to follow the guidelines so none of us will be guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism can best be described as taking someone else's ideas and making them your own without giving any credit, citation or acknowledgement to the individual or source from which or from whom the idea was taken. Therefore.. {Click here to learn the 6 ways to avoid plagiarism} {Click here for Harvard University's Guide to Using Sources} {Click here for the University of Wisconsin's - The Writer's Handbook}


In case anyone needs help writing his/her book, there is nothing wrong with having a co-author that is not an owner. In fact, finding co-authors is encouraged. After all, there are few, if any, among us that has ever written a best selling book or manual. Again, there are sources online and in Orangeburg's, Claflin's and SC State University's library, that can help you... and.... guess what.... they will be How To Books or Steps or Insights as to what to do.  {Click here to review Tim Ferris's How To Get Published} {Click here to review the 8 things start up founders should know before writing the book} {Click here if you need help finding a publisher} {Click here for more help finding a publisher}



How To Write The Opening Chapters


The opening chapter of every book that is published by an owner, co-author with an owner, board member, field coordinator, general partner or someone from the general public that wants to write a book about Unity, should follow the outline below.

  1. The definition and explanation of New Age Capitalism™.
  2. The definition and explanation of a New Age Corporation™.
  3. Who developed or invented the concept. "Hint" - Otis Harrison.
  4. The benefits of New Age Capitalism™ for the Black Community.
  5. The benefits of New Age Corporations™ to the Black Community.

After the opening chapter/s then you write in your own words how your role, duties and/or responsibilities will help New Age Corporations™ survive and thrive. It would also be beneficial to include a chapter on the history of Black corporations in America. Why so many of them failed in the past and why they will continue to fail without an understanding of Western economics and the income sources in the Black community.  Much of this information can be taken directly from our websites and from the Philosophy Book that is nearing completion.

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